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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Shootings cost Chicago $2.5 billion annually

Over time, a Democrat mayor will turn a city into garbage because that is where the money is. I offer New York City as proof. Republican Rudy Giuliani reversed the polarity on crime. To Mini Mike's credit, he kept crime down. Crime Incorporated got fed up and elected Democrat Bill de Blasio, and a new golden age of crime has begun.

Democrats turn their cities into garbage because that is what rats eat.

Which brings us to the murder capital of America, Chicago. The city named for the onions that proliferated when it was a woodlands last had a Republican mayor when Hoover was president. A reader pointed me to the HeyJackass! site, which tracks the statistics on shootings in Chicago.

Wounding is the aim of most shootings. For every gun murder, there are five people wounded. It is not that the shooters are terrible shots, it is that they don't want to kill. More than half the shootings are in the legs. Only 1% of those shot in the leg die.

90% of those shot in the head die.

Today's mobsters learned from Al Capone. Killing a rival signs your death warrant. Wounding sends the same message without getting yourself killed.

Most Chicagoans could not care less about the murders because most of the victims are young, poor, black males. Chicago deems them expendable. Democrats have for nearly two centuries ignored crimes that happen to the poor in Negro Town.

89% of the shooting victims are black.

32% of the population is black.

16% of Chicago homicides are solved.

Hey Jackass! the total cost of shootings in Chicago was $41,892,000 in the first four months of 2020. The shooting season began in earnest with a traditional Memorial Day kickoff of 10 dead and 42 wounded.

The site estimated these costs at $55,000 for ER and hospital expenses per wounded person.

Autopsies cost just $800.

Another monetary cost is that of police protection. There are many other costs associated with shooting in Chicago.

Bloomberg News pegged the annual cost of shootings in Chicago at $2.5 billion.

That works out $2,500 a person in Chicago or 7% of the $38,000 per capita income in Chicago. Since most of the costs are indirect, most Chicagoans don't care. If they did, they would elect a Republican mayor.

Young, poor, black males die in Chicago, and the rats get fat.


  1. Oh shite...let me’s on the tip of my tongue...the thing that Winston Smith feared most in life...OH FOOK!!


      You'll find "6079 Smith W" and his secret fear there.

    2. Being eaten alive by rats.

    3. Having his face eaten by rats. One of the most terrifying scenes ever written.


  2. chit ca go is one of those magical mystery places where your vote doesn't matter.

    the board of aldermen does the ballots.

    they win-every time.

    you lose- every time.

    there. wasn't that simple and uncomplicated?

    in some places, resistance IS futile.


  3. More Chicongo than Chiraq.

  4. "Young, poor, black males die in Chicago, and the rats get fat."
    Obviously the voters don't care.

  5. Turn every weekend into a reality tv game show.PPV would bring in more than enough to pay for the wounded.
    Hard to find cameramen to embed, but there's always drones.

  6. Why would any sane person want to live there? Why would any sane person want to visit there? Corruption and murder galore. If I really wanted one, I could mail order a deep dish pizza.