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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Imagining covid-19 under a normal press

The New York Times ran a column, "Imagining Covid under a normal president."

Imagine the crisis under a normal press. But the Times embraced abnormalcy in August 2016 when it demanded journalists abandon objectivity when covering Donald John Trump. The Times demanded that journalists treat every statement by him as a lie that he must somehow prove. The Times also demanded that journalists no longer seek his side of the story when reporting the news.

The columnist chosen for this task of blaming President Trump for covid-19 was fake conservative David Brooks, a man who is most famous for vouching for Obama as presidential timber because of the crease of his pant. Not pants. Pant.

Brooks wrote, "Right now, science and the humanities should be in lock step: science producing vaccines, with the humanities stocking leaders and citizens with the capacities of resilience, care and collaboration until they come."


Sieg heil.

And make sure the crease in your pant is crisp.

The Pandemic Panic is on the press, not the president. The press has politicized the covid-19 response. A normal press would have been careful and balanced in its reporting.

This press is loony. At one press briefing four different reporters in four different ways asked the president if calling the Chinese Virus the Chinese Virus was racist.

Cora Mandy cataloged 24 major factual errors by the press in reporting on covid-19. And that was just through March 26. Among the lies were a false claim that he called covid-19 a hoax (Politico), or that sick people should go back to work (CBS), or that he proposed a national curfew (CNN).

Now then, Cora Mandy is a spokeswoman for America First Action, an organization in support of the Trump administration. That hardly makes her any more objective than MSNBC or CNN.

But the errors she cited are alarming. They stem from a naked hatred that the press never before has had for any world leader, much less the American president.

Even as the media panicked the public about covid-19, it never took the pandemic seriously. If it had, the press would have suspended its hatred of the president. Instead, the moment he said hydroxychloroquine may be a game changer, the press opposed this medicine.

Who in the hell hates a medicine?

But this is where we are today.

The press has shown no willingness to give President Trump a centimetre in this crisis. In so doing, the press sides with covid-19. Maybe there is honor among viruses.

At a moment of national crisis, the American people cannot trust the press to disseminate vital information in a compassionate and objective manner. We are weaker because of that.


  1. Which is why I don't listen to or read the MSM. They are the liars not the President.

  2. And we are now watching a press fueled race riot that will be blamed 100% on Trump.

    BTW anyone on twitter, can you tell me what the hell is wrong with Ann Coulter? She's making CNN look reasonable

    1. I have a theory. It seems every conservative in DC eventually gets corrupted, co-opted or whatever you want to call it. Perhaps they just get worn out by the constant progressive drumbeat or get bribed. It's discouraging. - Gary B

    2. Or perhaps using NSA data queries the swamp does analysis of past emails, texts, browser history, travel history etc., and gathers compromising info to ensure your complicity.
      Hello Judge Roberts, Trey Gowdy, etc...

    3. I have always wondered about how Judge Roberts could make a couple of his decisions, the one on Churches is in direct conflict with the Constitution. He had to be under blackmail for that to occur.

    4. Daddy Bush gave us Souter so not to be outdone, GW gives us Roberts!

  3. *** Brooks wrote, "Right now, science and the humanities should be in lock step: science producing vaccines, with the humanities stocking leaders and citizens with the capacities of resilience, care and collaboration until they come." ***

    It's hard to believe a grown man could write something this insipid, much less get paid for it.

    Did he crib this adolescent tripe from some teenager's term paper?

    1. I don’t use this word often but feel the need now: David Brooks is SUPERGAY.

    2. I'm permanently irritated by the corruption of the perfectly good word "gay". But there are rumblings in the undercurrents of the culture wars. When my son was in high school, I overheard a conversation with his friends in which the word gay was a synonym for lame, as in "That's so gay."

    3. "Did he crib this adolescent tripe from some teenager's term paper?"

      Why shame, shame, that's an insult to teenagers far and wide. They can write much better, and with far more integrity, than Brooks can.


  4. You, Insty, CTH, and Ace are the only news services I trust anymore, Big D. See that word, TRUST? Important word. As in, once lost, can never be regained. Do I now feel only partially informed? OH HELLZ NO! Do I read Chomsky every time I read the Bible, just to get that “balance” the LibCommies always talk about?

  5. Love the Zoom-Brady Bunch pics accompanying the piece. They should be titled "what one's face should look like when one is full of s..."

  6. While the education system and hollywood have done much to try and destroy this country, the Liberal media has done ten times as much. Damn them.

  7. "Who in the hell hates a medicine?"

    They'd hate teddy bears if Trump was seen with one.