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Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president. Thank the Lord. As Bismarck said, the Lord watches over children, drunks, and the United States of America.

ITEM 1: Breitbart News reported, "Appearing Monday on SiriusXM’s Joe Madison The Black Eagle, former New York Times reporter and Pulitzer Prize-winner David Cay Johnston claimed if President Donald Trump wins re-election in 2020, 'down that road lie firing squads' and said he 'would expect to get shot in the first round.'"

His exact quote was, "Well, that’s what dictators do. I mean, I have no, you know, I said after Donald Trump won the electoral college, that if he could find a way to have me arrested, cause he said he hates me more than any other journalist in the world, that he would do so. And that Trump, who has no empathy for anyone else, all of us are just objects, Joe, we’re not people. Every case that I’ve ever studied that a country has been taken over by a dictator, of course there are firing squads. And I would expect to get shot in the first round."

Why would he execute a dupe like Johnston?

On the release of an old tax return in the 2016 campaign, President Trump played him like Carlos Santana plays a guitar.

The Donald built his brand on chumps in the media because he does not take criticism personal. They do.

ITEM 2: USA Today reported, "Bernie Sanders may have endorsed Joe Biden, but almost a quarter of the Vermont senator’s supporters aren’t jumping on board just yet, according to a new poll.

"Nearly 1 in 4 Sanders supporters (22%) said they would vote for a third party candidate, vote for President Donald Trump, not vote in November or were undecided about who to vote for, according to a USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll. When broken down, 2% said they would vote for Trump, 8% said they would vote for a third party candidate, 2% said they would skip voting and 8% are still undecided."

Biden may yet feel the Bern.

ITEM 3: Fox News reported, "A Texas salon owner was given seven days in jail on Tuesday after she refused to apologize for defying corona virus related restrictions by remaining open for business.

Dallas business owner Shelley Luther was given a choice: She could offer an apology for selfishness, pay a fine and shutdown until Friday, or serve jail time.

"'I have to disagree with you, sir, when you say that I'm selfish because feeding my kids is not selfish,' she told the judge. 'I have hairstylists that are going hungry because they would rather feed their kids. So sir, if you think the law is more important than kids getting fed, then please go ahead with your decision. But I am not going to shut the salon.'"

She should have said she was aborting the hair.

My head, my choice.

Prosecute the judge -- who was not named in the story. He is District Judge Eric Moyé.

This is America?

Her only crime was refusing to apologize.

By the way, the judge's paychecks continue to be posted.

ITEM 4: The Wisconsin State Journal reported, "The state Supreme Court's conservative justices on Tuesday expressed deep skepticism about the authority of a cabinet secretary to extend Gov. Tony Evers' safer at home order for controlling the spread of covid-19, the disease caused by the new corona virus."

Which led to the question of the day.

Justice Rebecca Bradley asked, "My question for you is, where in the Constitution did the people of Wisconsin confer authority on a single, unelected cabinet secretary to compel almost 6 million people to stay at home and close their businesses and face imprisonment if they don't comply, with no input from the Legislature, without the consent of the people?

"Isn't it the very definition of tyranny for one person to order people to be imprisoned for going to work, among other ordinarily lawful activities?"

This is a very sad chapter in American history. Our government is denying us civil liberties in a manner I never thought I would witness.

ITEM 5: The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported, "A federal judge on Friday granted a preliminary injunction in favor of four Wisconsin strip clubs whose applications for emergency federal loans were rejected on the basis of the sexual nature of the businesses.

"U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman’s decision allows the owners of four Silk Exotic Gentleman’s Clubs in Milwaukee and Middleton to preserve their eligibility for loans administered by the U.S. Small Business Administration, according to court documents.

"The four plaintiffs – Camelot Banquet Rooms Inc.; Downtown Juneau Investments LLC; Midrad LLC; and PPH Properties I LLC – argued that a regulation by SBA, which stipulates that a business of a“prurient sexual nature is ineligible, discriminates against them in violation of the First Amendment.

"The SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program is designed to cover small businesses’ payrolls and other expenses for eight weeks while stay-at-home orders prevent normal business operations.

"Adelman concluded the plaintiffs would likely succeed in arguing that their business, while sexual in nature, is not prurient and that the regulation violates First Amendment and due process rights, court documents said."

A Clinton judge. 80. And he is absolutely right.

These are legitimate businesses. Generations ago, they would have been banned. But a government that accepts taxes from an enterprise -- a cut of the action, if you please -- cannot turn around and be offended by the stripping inside a strip club. They are Captain Renaults, all of them.

ITEM 6: The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported, "Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announces $775 million in state budget cuts to education, Medicaid and more."

Mini Mini-Mike discovers panicking and closing the state means taxes go unpaid.

The story said, "As recently as the end of February, the state was running ahead of its estimated revenues by $200 million. But as of the end of April, state revenues now are below estimates by $776.9 million, according to DeWine."

So DeWine's dumb decision cost a billion bucks.

And counting.

ITEM 7: CNBC reported, "Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized Tuesday with an infection caused by a gallstone, but plans to take part in the court’s arguments by telephone Wednesday, the Supreme Court said.

"The 87-year-old justice underwent non-surgical treatment for what the court described as acute cholecystitis, a benign gall bladder condition, at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

"She is resting comfortably and expects to be in the hospital for a day or two, the court said."

And Art Linkletter said, old age ain't for sissies. Pray for her to live, hope she retires.

ITEM 8: As of Monday, the CDC reported that deaths from covid-19 in the week ended May 2 (Saturday) were 138 nationwide. That is 1% of the 12,516 covid-19 deaths for the week ended April 11, which was the peak week of this pandemic.

Now then, the CDC cautioned readers.

It said, "Death counts for earlier weeks are continually revised and may increase or decrease as new and updated death certificate data are received from the states by NCHS. Covid-19 death counts shown here may differ from other published sources, as data currently are lagged by an average of 1–2 weeks."

The week ended April 25 initially was reported as 461 covid-19 deaths.

Now it is listed at 3,699 -- a nine-fold increase.

A nine-fold increase in week ended May 2 would mean a 90% drop from the peak week. Clearly the time has come to re-open the nation.

Given the concentration of the deaths to New York City and other places with NFL teams, the ban on being free to pursue happiness must end. The emergency is over. The cost of lockdown is the death of people who should be receiving treatment for other life-threatening conditions that the state has deemed not essential.

ITEM 9: The New York Post reported, "States left cash-strapped by the corona virus crisis shouldn’t count on federal bailouts — especially states run by Democrats, President Trump told The Post on Monday.

"During a sit-down in the Oval Office, Trump echoed recent remarks by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who last month refused to open federal coffers for “blue state” governments — including New York’s — that have been hit hard by the pandemic.

"'I think Congress is inclined to do a lot of things but I don’t think they’re inclined to do bailouts. A bailout is different than, you know, reimbursing for the plague,' said Trump, who also predicted a strong economic rebound from the corona virus crisis by the end of the year, and offered his opinions on presumptive Democratic challenger Joe Biden’s best pick for a running mate and the sex assault allegations facing the former vice president.

"'It’s not fair to the Republicans because all the states that need help — they’re run by Democrats in every case. Florida is doing phenomenal, Texas is doing phenomenal, the Midwest is, you know, fantastic — very little debt.'

New York City forced this depression upon us by not taking appropriate measures. Instead of locking the city down, its idiot mayor hectored people about xenophobia and encouraged them to celebrate the Chinese new year.

Instead of shutting down the subways, its idiot governor demanded ventilators and field hospitals that went little used.

ITEM 10: If New York state were a country of its own, it would lead the world (outside of Red China, of course) in covid-19 death rate with 1,283 deaths per million people.

The refusal of Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo to shut down the subways imperiled the nation.

This is the man many Democrats want to replace Joe Biden as their presidential nominee.

Apparently a demented sex offender is not unqualified enough for them.

ITEM 11: CNBC reported, "Corona virus live updates: Grocery prices are rising, while many Wendy’s restaurants run out of beef."

Wendy's is asking where's the beef?

I just hope bacon is OK.

Shutting down the economy was a huge mistake. Time for the government to apologize and re-open America.

No state should be rewarded with any bailout.

ITEM 12: I don't often comment on celebrity deaths, especially when they are 90, but Terry Pluto did a remarkable job of capturing who Don Shula was. Shula died on Sunday at 90.

Pluto is a good reporter who went to Grand River, Ohio, where Shula was born and raised, to find out who the coach was. He really was special. I don't recommend many reads. This is one.

ITEM 13: Ace reported, "LOL: Neil Ferguson, The 'Scientist' Whose Crap Models Panicked the World, Forced to Resign From Government Job After Breaking His Own Social-Distancing Rules to Have Sex With His Side-Piece."

It was a lockdown with another man's wife.

The Washingtonian reported, "In 1991, Sally Quinn — doyenne of the Washington intelligentsia, who was then on a streak of popular novels — published Happy Endings, which climbed the bestseller list. Across 500-plus pages, Quinn unspools the juicy romance of a widowed First Lady who falls head over heels for a dashing and cutting NIH scientist (who, by the way, has recently discovered a therapy for AIDS) while a white-hot and secretive love affair takes wind. Bellinis are spilled, love is made, hearts are broken and mended — all for the singular and mysterious scientist, who goes by the name of Michael Lanzer.

"Or better known by his real name: Anthony Fauci.

"Part searing romance, part roman à clef, Happy Endings made the bestseller list during a year when HIV-related deaths were then the highest ever recorded in the United States. By then, Fauci was the government scientist best known for combating the virus’s spread as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases."

Now we know why the covid-19 response is screwed up. They are Doctors of Love, not medicine.

This also shows the deep state at its best. Fauci was 50 then and apparently popular on the party circuit having come to Washington to take on the AIDS crisis.

ITEM 14: The Department of Justice announced it filed a "Statement of Interest in Support of Church That Ministers to Underserved Communities."

The announcement said, "The Department of Justice today filed a Statement of Interest in a Virginia federal court concerning the First Amendment’s freedom of religion in support of Lighthouse Fellowship Church (Lighthouse), a congregation in Chincoteague Island, Virginia, that serves, among others, recovering drug addicts and former prostitutes."

The state cited the church for having 16 people worship.

In response, Mark Herring, the Democrat Attorney General of Virginia, said, "Donald Trump and Bill Barr should focus on saving lives and ramping up testing, not teaming up with conservative activists to undermine effective public health measures that are slowing the spread of covid-19 and saving lives in Virginia and around the country."

Paul Mirengoff wrote, "It’s not the job of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights division to ramp up testing for the Wuhan corona virus. The Civil Rights Division’s job is to protect against unlawful discrimination, including unlawful discrimination against the right to freedom of religious worship."

We are shutting down churches but keeping the liquor stores open because they generate state taxes.

There was a time when leaders would ask us to get on our hands and knees and pray for the strength to get through a crisis.

ITEM 15: National Review reported, "The Trump administration is stepping up an effort to reduce dependence on Chinese manufacturing following the corona virus pandemic, including possible new incentives for companies to shift supply chains, such as tax benefits and subsidies."

The story said, "Measures involving the Commerce Department, State, and other federal agencies are being explored to determine which supply chains are “essential” and how they could be decoupled from China. Sources said that one such proposal involves the creation of a trade network of 'trusted partners' called the Economic Prosperity Network that would not include China."

Fight back.

Screw Red China.

ITEM 16: Breitbart News reported, "Ohio University laid off three professors from the gender and race studies departments this week in response to financial burdens imposed by the Chinese virus pandemic. Ohio University also fired 140 unionized employees who worked in the university’s custodial, groundskeeping, and maintenance departments.

"According to a report by the College Fix, Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, laid off three professors this week in response to financial difficulties imposed on the university by the ongoing pandemic. The now jobless faculty members were part of the gender and race studies departments.

"The university has already been criticized for its decision to lay off faculty from the gender and race studies departments. Ohio University political science professor Kirstine Taylor wrote in a viral tweet that she was heart-sick over the university’s decision."

How can we build railroads, construct skyscrapers, and win world wars without studying gender and race?

Woe to our civilization.

ITEM 17: Andrew Malcolm keeping it real.
I say we give the Murder Hornets covid-19.

ITEM 18: Now they HAVE to do this.
This would be Front Page news if we had a real media.

ITEM 19: Never write in anger.

Give me an hour or so to calm down after this tweet.
They got global cooling wrong, global warming wrong, the 2016 election wrong, Iraq wrong, Afghanistan wrong...

Expert now means credentialed idiot.


  1. God brings order out of.chaos. Then He rests on the 7th day.

  2. Hey UK...ya shoulda listened to Don Surber. He called Wuhan a hoax from Day 1, more or less. While all around him were losing their heads, he stayed cool like Coolidge. And the funny thing is, he doesn’t have to do this blog. He’s got kwon and SocSec to boot. Why does he do it?

    COURAGE. Pure American Courage. The kind that Mr. T has. Glory, glory hallelujah!

  3. "Expert now means credentialed idiot."
    BINGO! We have a winner!!

    1. An ex is a has been. A pert is a thing under pressure. Thus an expert is a has been, under pressure.

  4. The Johnston dude (#1) … Oh dear, the quality of our media folk. I can't rise to the word "journalist"--but of course he can, calling himself that in his quote. The Question to him should be "Why is Trump waiting? Why not the firing squad for you next week?" But there it is, the child-like behavior of the left...speaking in ridiculous terms and hoping for wish fulfillment. Believing their silly words are the power. Pathetic.

  5. I thought Progressives were Darwinists? Doesn't a virus kill people with compromised/inadequate immune systems? Isn't the virus just eliminating bad genetics?

    1. Yeah; also thought environmentalists were evolutionists. Yet, they intervene for the snail darter rather than leaving it to its fate.

    2. BTW, when the infamous snail darter was found to be in many Tennessee Rivers, they built the damn anyway. The biologists knew all the time that there were undiscovered species out there, and looked for them specifically to try and stop the dam.


  6. Item 3 If hairstylists trying to earn a living are jailed while rapists are set free what kind of country is this? If she's courageously gotta do the time the least we can do is cover the fine and legal expense search Google for "Shelley Luther gofundme" and spit in the eye of Eric Moye.

    1. Judge Eric Moye - Governor Ma Richards appointee
      I just donated!

    2. Explains a lot. If there was ever a woman who needed a hairdresser it was Ann Richards. Her go to styling product was extra strong hold hair spray and lots of it. She could stand in gale force winds with nary a strand outta place. Or so a friend told me.


      Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has called for the “immediate release” of a Dallas salon owner who was arrested and sent to jail for opening her business in defiance of Gov. Greg Abbott’s stay-at-home orders.

  7. #7. Sorry Don but this old crone will never retire. She'll hear arguments while she's on a respirator if she's allowed. If she suggests ruling on cases from home, beware. Her handlers may be inclined to rule for her.
    #13. Are you suggesting that Fauci had a relationship with Jack Kennedy's widow?


    1. I was thinking Lady Bird...Maybe he fancied a more mature woman. ZB

    2. Fauci did write a love letter to Hillary plus he gave her a substantial contribution to her campaign, so it could be her.

  8. #18. Or GOV Abbott rolling down the aisle next to her would be a hoot

    1. Before he does that, he should stick it to Dallas and that tyrannical judge, and pardon Mrs Luther.


  9. Re mistakes of NY and NYC,wasn't their biggest one failing to protect and isolate the nursing home population? I believe the numbers in NY (as elsewhere) show that the vast majority of deaths were elderly condemned to viral wonderlands that accelerated and intensified the virus.

    1. New York's numbers are suspect, as medical examiner's offices have been caught stamping "covid-19" on every death certificate issued by hospitals, nursing homes and for the deceased who died at their homes, including those who were never tested for the infection. Money and political power are more important than telling the truth.

    2. Our MD GOP governor ignored the nursing home problem until recently. Don't these governors have people that think outside of issuing unconstitutional edicts to protect the healthy.

  10. Item 3-
    Texas has been overrun with libtards.

    Item 5-
    Renault: I'm shocked, SHOCKED to find stripping going on at this establishment.
    Stripper: Your lapdance, sir.
    Renault: Oh, thank you.

    Item 8-
    As of May 1, NCHS listed only 37,308 deaths for wu-flu. Significantly less than 'official' death tallys elsewhere by the CDC.
    Speaking of which, how did they manage to come up with all those tests for wu-flu so quickly after the outbreak? For instance the RT-PCR test where they swab your mucous for live virus; Does the test search for the particular covid-19 RNA chain or just the more generic corona-n chain? If (according to Dr. Fishmouth, er Fauci) a vaccine is years away, how accurate is this test to begin with? It makes me question the veracity of all the wu-flu testing.
    Yesterday in Iowa, the cdc/idph (Iowa dept of public health) announced 700+ new cases of wu-flu, 500+ the day before and 500+ the day before that. You'd think with all these new cases the hospitals would be so full, the patients would be squeezing out the windows. But they're not. So how bad is it really?
    Apparently, workers are falling like flies in the meatpacking plants because that's where all these new numbers are coming from. So why not just put the workforce on HCQ and Z-pak and get them back to work? That stuff seemed to the job in S. Dakota.

    Sorry that last one got long-winded. This stuff is pissing me off. I'm going to go clean my guns. That always calms me down.

    1. "Texas has been overrun with libtards."

      Just the usual certain parts; the big cities like Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, etc. The rest of rural Texas is not overrun. But exiting Californians may help to take care of that.


    2. I am pissed off too. The lawsuit by 3 GOP delegates and 15 other citizens against our MD governor's unconstitutional edicts plus the demonstrations got him off the dime today on starting to open the state.  Last week the governor supposedly had put out the word that Del. Dan Cox would be arrested if he spoke at a anti-lockdown rally.  Del. Cox was threaten with 1 year in jail and a $5000 fine. He is part of the lawsuit. is why I didn't go to my corner to protest; I can't afford $5000. Even driving there is a violation of the edicts. Title 18 Section 242 of the US Code makes his and other governors' edicts a crime. My fix is this: it would be nice if a federal prosecutor who did not care about his career in government would have the federal marshals serve a criminal complaint to  the tyrannical governors.  Fat chance of that happening, but AG Barr could order it.  As we used to say in subs, no balls, no Navy Cross.My same solution as for sanctuary cities.

    3. The inventor of the PCR test says it's useless for identifying any specific virus - it only generally indicates some antibodies are present. All the tests have 80% false positives and 80% false negatives, and are labeled, "experimental use only - not for diagnostic use". $5000 reward for any scientific proof of any test that can identify the purported COVID-19 from a doctor in CA. Search for "Germ Theory of Disease - The New State Religion".

  11. Twitter exploded on this. One response was, if she wanted to work, why not go to work for Amazon or Kroger?
    There are two major problems here. 1. Is the overreach of government drunk with their newfound power. 2. 50% of the population that have no problem with #1. And that is even more dangerous

    1. Sorry, thought I was responding to John G above regarding Shelley Luther, Dallas hair salon owner

    2. I responded to that question: who knew that working for a big store like Amazon or Kroger would protect from WuFlu while earning mininum wage? It's a new "scientific" discovery, I guess. I'm amazed I didn't see it on CNN first!

      Also, I donated to Shelley Luther's GoFundMe, and hope others will too:

  12. Item #4 - "Your honor, I will apologize to you right after you apologize for shredding the Constitution." - Gary B

  13. 3. Releasing murders, rapists and child molesters and locking up small business people. Time to revolt!

    18. liberals continue to display their compassion and open mindedness.

  14. Item 8 - Death counts are inflated, treatments for Covid-19 being pushed by CDC, NIH are wrong. As usual, follow the money.

  15. Unmasked Bob in MAMay 6, 2020 at 9:42 AM

    Re: Item 8. The deep state CDC is part of the academia/bureaucracy cartel the leftists want to dictate our response to the Red China Virus. In a world of massive computer power and instantaneous global communication, they operate as if still using quill pens and the pony express. The cartel is cooking the books and Fauci is the master chef.

  16. Newsies are drama queens.

  17. Joe and Hunter BidenMay 6, 2020 at 10:20 AM


    I don't like the sound of that...

  18. Don Shula was the GOAT!!! Fins forever.

  19. Item 19 - Thomas Sowell has written and talked about the problem with intellectuals and experts for years. Worth a look.

  20. Personal note and a report from the Red Sea of to see and actually hold hands with my wife yesterday! Had business for the to sign papers (she can and comprehend what it was about.) held hads and talked for about 15 minutes. (gloves and mask) had coffee, and the Director called it at 15 minutes. things are starting to loosen up. Local Restaurant now has outdoor dining. Drive in theater opens on the 15 despite Kate the Brown keeping the shutdown until 7/6 (so we deplorables can't celebrate freedom...

    1. Douglas I admire your ability to keep cool and civil through all this. Not sure I could. Best wishes for you and Mrs.

  21. 5: This is what happens when you have a state with too many Lefties.

    6: Dumb and gutless.

    7: Bette Davis said it. And Notorious hasn't kicked her cancer just yet.

    13: Fauci was the one who told us heteros would be as badly infected by AIDS as homos.

    His record hasn't changed.

    17: Panic 2.1. Apparently a second wave of Lung Pao Flu and global Depression weren't scaring people enough.

    18: C'mon, Mr President. Give her a wedding to remember.

    PS They missed the part where he was a YANKEE!!!!!!!!!

    1. As to your reply to #17, Covid-19 is a coronavirus like MERS and SARS which DID NOT return to haunt us. The media and experts keep referencing the flue not the other coronaviruses. Why? To keep the panic going? Who knows!

  22. count my vote again for any writing by Mr. Pluto.; having grown up reading the Baltimore Sun and Mr. Pluto's coverage of the Orioles in that paper. My father never let his support for Shula wane when the coach left the Colts for Miami. I, on the other hand as a child of the 1970's, disliked Shula as the Eastern AFC Division coach , whose team always a nemesis to my beloved Baltimore Colts. When the Colts left, my dislike for the Coach waned and I learned the proper respect. Only Mr. Pluto could successfully put Coach Shula in properperspective and light [R.I.P. Don Shula]. ZBest

  23. A Clinton judge. 80. And he is absolutely right.

    Actually, Tommy Thompson (RINO-1st Class) asked Clinton to appoint him so that Adelman would leave the Legislature, ultimately giving Thompson (RINO-1st Class) a majority there.

    Thompson proceeded to spend like a drunk and BOND like a drunk, therefore avoiding tax increases. Some still call Thompson a 'conservative.' Living here, we know better.

  24. #13. Lust, not love. He thinky wit da pinky. Just like worthless Willie.

  25. Num 13: so I was looking at this article on the dailywire. If I had a track record like Neil Ferguson at work, I would have been looking for a new job after the 2nd sereious malfunction. This dude has gotten even pandemic since 2000 WRONG. Way WRONG. You have to read the whole thing, and this is who Fauci is using for the base line. No wonder we've been had.


    1. He is a disgrace and should have been silenced many wrong predictions ago.