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Friday, May 29, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: The New York Post reported, "A Ukrainian woman has gone viral for removing her panties and wearing them as a mask after being refused service at a post office, according to a report.

"The woman was caught pulling off the stunt on surveillance footage at the Nova Posha post office in Kiev, where she walked up to the counter without a face covering, the Sun reported.

"When told that she would not be provided service without a required mask, the flustered woman removed her pants in front of stunned customers — then took off her white panties and placed them over her face.

"Witnesses said the woman is a mother of two who was unhappy with safety measures imposed amid the corona virus pandemic."

Those Ukraine girls really knock me out.

This is how it is done.

And yesterday I joked about Puddinhead Biden mistaking his underwear for a mask.

ITEM 2: Mark Simone reported, "The Data Shows Andrew Cuomo Was the Worst Performing Governor In the Crisis."

Fact-check: True.

Simone gave five examples of Fredo's dumber brother in action.

No. 1 was "He waited two weeks too long to close the schools, even deriding Mayor De Blasio when he begged him to do it. He NEVER shut down the subways, the single biggest spreader of the virus, and never even bothered to disinfect them until week SEVEN of the lockdown.The result is the virus so far has taken six times as many New Yorkers as it has Californians, even though California has double the population and started out with more cases than New York did."

New Yorkers did this to themselves by electing Cuomo.

ITEM 3: The New York Times ran a story in April of an emergency room doctor and said he died of covid-19.

That was a lie.

The doctor did not die of covid-19.

Or anything.

I am puzzled as to why it took 6 weeks to correct.

A case of mistaken identity?

Why didn't the doctor call when the story came out and say, dudes, I'm still alive?

But if it is in the New York Times, it could be true. Wait 6 weeks and find out.

ITEM 4: The author of "Toddler in Chief" takes on Ric Grenell.

It went as well as expected.
I used to think the commies hated him because he is gay. Now I realize it is because he is fearless.

ITEM 6: United Press International reported, "The Trump administration announced Wednesday it was ending all sanctions waivers permitting foreign companies to work at Iran's nuclear facilities, further severing Washington from a 2015 accord that aimed to prevent Tehran from building a nuclear weapon.

"In a statement, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said companies permitted under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action deal's waivers to work at Iranian nuclear facilities have 60 days to wind down operations.

"The United States' top diplomat said Iran's ongoing provocative acts, nuclear gamesmanship and expanding proliferation-sensitive activities prevent him from justifying maintaining these sanctions waivers, which were some of the final attachments the United States had to the landmark Obama-era deal signed with Iran, Russia, China, France, Russia, Britain, and Germany."

Barack Obama hardest hit.

ITEM 7: The neat thing about the pandemic panic is criminals can now wear masks in stores.
The Democrat Party's motto is Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste.
Voting Democrat is masochistic.

ITEM 8: Via Powerline, Judge Michael McHaney on the Illinois lockdown, "When laws do not apply to those who make them, people are not being governed, they are being ruled. Make no mistake, these executive orders are not laws. They are royal decrees. Illinois citizens are not being governed, they are being ruled. The last time I checked Illinois citizens are also Americans and Americans don’t get ruled. The last time a monarch tried to rule Americans, a shot was fired that was heard around the world. That day led to the birth of a nation consensually governed based upon a document which ensures that on this day in this, [or] any American courtroom tyrannical despotism will always lose and liberty, freedom and the Constitution will always win."

We need more judges willing to stand up for liberty.

ITEM 9: jalo1951 left a comment on Biden at, which read, "My mother and grandmother both suffered with dementia and were eventually diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I know that look in their eyes when Point A can no longer make connection with Point B. And I know that grip which says 'I will follow your lead because I am not sure of myself.'

"We all misspeak, forget why we walked into a room or lose our thoughts.  But this is happening constantly. The rambling answer to a question which ends up nowhere and totally disjointed and he doesn't even realize what he just said.  His family has become rich off his political career.  Time to back off the elder abuse."

Politics aside, even a bum like Biden does not deserve this.

Is there no loved one who will intervene and stop this madness?

ITEM 10: Politico reported, "Famed Democratic pollster: Warren as VP would lead to Biden victory."

That would be Stanley B. Greenberg, who assured us a week before the last election that Hillary would win.

He said, "I’m glad she is on the offensive expanding the map, rather than raising the barriers to Trump breaching the blue wall. I also think the strategy flowed from the successful debates where they had the momentum. The Russians [through WikiLeaks] and FBI choose to throw some roadblocks in the way. … Still, offense was a better choice than defense."

And he praised her for campaigning in Arizona, saying it "aligns her with the trends of the country and allows for a bigger win."

And by campaigning in Arizona and not Wisconsin, she led to a bigger win.

For The Donald.

Oh, please nominate Pocahontas.

ITEM 11: The Associated Press reported, "Connecticut's policy allowing transgender girls to compete as girls in high school sports violates the civil rights of athletes who have always identified as female, the U.S. Education Department has determined in a decision that could force the state to change course to keep federal funding and influence others to do the same.

"A letter from the department's civil rights office, a copy of which was obtained Thursday by The Associated Press, came in response to a complaint filed last year by several cisgender female track athletes who argued that two transgender female runners had an unfair physical advantage."



AP now dismisses real women as cisgendered?

Back to the story, "The office said in the 45-page letter that it may seek to withhold federal funding over the policy, which allows athletes to participate under the gender with which they identify. The policy is a violation of Title IX, the federal civil rights law that guarantees equal education opportunities for women, including in athletics, the office said.

"It has 'denied female student-athletes athletic benefits and opportunities, including advancing to the finals in events, higher level competitions, awards, medals, recognition, and the possibility of greater visibility to colleges and other benefits,' according to the letter, which is dated May 15."

This happens when you put a sane woman in charge of education, even if she is just cisgendered.

ITEM 12: Here, feel good about America.
Some men use celebrity to get a  good table. Others use it to help others.

ITEM 13: Yahoo News reported, "George Floyd's death in police custody is renewing criticism of Sen. Amy Klobuchar's (D-Minn.) prosecutorial record.

"Before she became a senator and a top contender for former Vice President Joe Biden's vice presidential spot, Klobuchar spent eight years as the Hennepin County attorney, in charge of prosecution for Minneapolis. And while in that position, Klobuchar declined to prosecute multiple police officers cited for excessive force, and did not prosecute the officer who kneeled on Floyd's neck as he protested, The Guardian reports.

"Ex-Minneapolis police officer Derick Chauvin saw at least 10 conduct complaints during his 19-year tenure before he was fired Tuesday, according to a database that documents complaints against police. In particular, he was involved in the shooting death of a man who had stabbed other people before attacking police, as well as some other undisclosed complaints. Klobuchar did not prosecute Chauvin and other officers involved for the first death, which occurred in October 2006 while she was running for Senate. The case was under investigation when Klobuchar took office in the Senate in January 2007, and later went to a grand jury, which declined to charge the officers. Chauvin was later placed on leave when he and other officers shot and wounded a Native American man in 2011."

Biden's VP selection team just said NEXT!

ITEM 14: Yahoo News reported, "Some of President Donald Trump’s most stalwart media defenders broke ranks with him on Wednesday, aghast at his baseless smears against the MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, whom Trump has all but accused of killing a former staff member two decades ago despite a total lack of evidence."

Speaking of baseless smears, when will the Pulitzer committee revoke its awards to the New York Times and Washington Post for their coverage of the baseless Russian collusion nonsense?

ITEM 15: ABC reported, "The executive order President Donald Trump signed targeting Twitter and other the social media giants could prove toothless and face legal challenge, experts said Thursday.

"The president's order, a draft of which was obtained by ABC News, takes aim at part of a 1996 law that has given technology companies like Twitter, Google and Facebook immunity from lawsuits based on the content its users post.

"It was expected to push federal agencies to review those protections.

"But experts said it was likely up to Congress, not Trump and the executive branch, to reinterpret the part of the law in question, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. The executive order, as drafted, would also raise significant First Amendment questions and could face legal challenge, they said.

"Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have criticized Section 230, which grants liability protections to companies that run social media platforms, but have differed on how to address it. Democrats have said social media giants do not do enough to regulate content, while Republicans say they do too much."

I don't know.

If Obama can use an executive order to create DACA in defiance of federal law, what is to stop President Trump from interpreting federal law?

ITEM 16: Ric Grenell corrects an NBC White House correspondent.
We shall see if NBC corrects its error.

ITEM 17: Reuters reported, "California hospitals struggle financially after preparing for covid-19 surge that never came."

It was a false alarm.

Someone should go to jail for pulling it.

ITEM 18: Sohrab Ahmari reported, "This week, for the first time, Twitter fact-checked one of President Trump’s opinions and redirected users to coverage from that paragon of fairness and objectivity, CNN (don’t laugh).

"Twitter announced the introduction of the new feature earlier this month. The goal, two workers wrote, is to 'make it easy to find credible information' and to stanch the flow of 'misleading content.'

"But I wonder: Will the platform also append fact-check labels and links to tweets from prominent liberals that also turned out to be misleading or outright false?

"Start with a 2017 tweet from CNN contributor Ana Navarro claiming that an 'Ivanka Fund got $100 million pledge from the Saudis and UAE.'

"The truth: The cash went to a World Bank initiative for female entrepreneurs. Navarro’s tweet garnered more than 43,000 retweets."

Twitter just opened a can of whoop-ass on itself.

ITEM 19: American Military News reported, "Top foreign policy officials for the U.S., U.K., Australia and Canada issued a joint statement Thursday, condemning China for its plans to extend strict national security controls over the city of Hong Kong, once viewed as semi-autonomous."

Oh no!

Not a joint statement.

No doubt this goes on Chairman Xi'x permanent record.

In the last decade, America has run up a $3 trillion trade deficit with Red China. Chairman Xi would be a fool to pay any attention to what the Anglosphere has to say about anything.

FINALLY, yesterday I mentioned that a group of Karens asked to see the manager about Item 10.

A reader said a group of Karens is called a complaint of Karens.

I said I thought it was a headache of Karens.

He said a migraine of Karens would be better.

Hmm. Anyone else have any ideas about what they are called?


  1. Re: Finally: either a gaggle of Karens or a Koven of Karens.

    1. That was my first thought, a gaggle of Karens.

    2. No, it's a privilege of Karens.

    3. A clutter of Karen’s.

      A swarm of Karen’s.

    4. A crush of cranky Karens.

    5. It starts with a c and I will not say the word.

    6. A colostomy of Karens.

    7. A clutch of Karens.

      Ku Klutch Karens.

    8. A Meddle of Karens. =^[.]^=

  2. 16: We shall also see if NBC outs the sources who lied to it.

    1. I just love how the enemedia reports that "former Trump administration officials" were the sources, as a way to help peel off Trump supporters. What the enemedia don't understand, is that we who support Trump, are smarter then they, and fully understand there is a reason those so-called sources are "former". Duh! They were fired or removed because they were deep state leakers, that leaked fake news to dummies like Geoff Bennett.

      The enemedia still have not learned that the tactics they used in the past against RINO GOPers and their supporters, don't work against Trump and his supporters. And they scoff at us. Heh.


  3. If the shut down continues, a murder of Karens.

  4. Big D, you’re a man who loves (and practices well) the art of satire. I pity you right now, my friend. The news IS satire, straight up, no ice. I mean, can you BELIEVE this shite?

    1. And this is why I stopped reading Sci-fi so many years ago. Fiction has to be at least plausible.

    2. Satire, said playwright George S. Kauffman, is a Broadway show that closes on Saturday night.

  5. Black church leaders in Minneapolis are cowards. No marches organized, no presence in the streets, no messages of “God is watching you RIGHT NOW.” Shame on them. SHAME ON THEM.

    1. In fairness, these leaders may still be in COVID-19 mode.

  6. 3. They deserve what they get.

    7. They deserve what they get.

    10. warren could be the first native American president. Or, not.

    11. The difference between Trump's civil rights division and obama's civil rights division.

    1. Per ITEM 7, you are right Jim. Especially Biden. He treated voters with disdain whenever they challenged him. His treatment of girls, and some ladies, is wrong, just wrong. Karma is beyoutch, and she is visiting Biden. Good I say.


    2. Too bad Joe isn't around to suffer it.

  7. 14- Or as Slick Willie said,
    "C'mon Squinty, you're only supposed ta nail the interns. If ya want 'em dead, call Hillary."

    This statement has not been fact checked by Twitter, so you know it's true.

  8. #13. Klobuchar got her local appointments because daddy was a big wheel in Minn. government. Please nominate her or Pocahontas. Or the brainless tweeb from CA who slept her way to the Senate or the whiny pig who still thinks she's governor of GA. All have a good story to tell.

  9. An aggravation of Karens.

  10. 8 - the Judge’s takedown of the elite and the conflicting edicts on “safety” were awesome.

    12 - I hate celebrity worship but good for Mr. Washington.

    14 - poking twitter so he could get to #15

    15&18 - of course their will be a law suit. Doesn’t take an expert to predict that. The rest of the experts predictions are worth their weight in water. The Supreme Court will decide this one.

  11. ITEM 14: Who are these so-called "most stalwart media defenders"? If they broke off because Trump is punking a useless turd like Joey Scareboro, then they were never "stalwart media defenders" in the first place.

    I loves me some Trump trolling Joey Scareboro. I do notice he's left his defense to his Karen of a wife, who went to Twitter head Jack to beg him to censor Trump. Instead, she backed him into a corner, where Jack knew he couldn't censor Trump, so instead he makes an even dumber move to "fact check" his tweets. Oops. There goes his cover.

    Once again, Trump uses Joey Scareboro to assist him. First, it was using the Scareboro's to help him get elected with free air time. Now, it's giving him the impetus to take away the protections Congress gave social media platforms, the immunity from lawsuits based on the content its users post, and force them to own the comments. Bwahahahah! That Trump can sure play some chess, while using useless little simps like the Scareboros. And they have no clue.


  12. bout a "karma of Karens"?

  13. Schiff calls them a kompromat of Karens

  14. Replies
    1. You got there first, but it's the most fitting, I'd say.

  15. Mr. Surber,
    Once again you fittingly, and beautifully inject your music heroics.
    Ukraine girls indeed!πŸ˜„
    Re: #9
    I worked for a national organization that helped those dealing with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.
    Biden is exhibited classic symptoms of being demented.
    The dark glasses were confirmation.

  16. a pinche tyranitos of karens


  17. #2 - A big problem is that most of the rest of NY did NOT vote for Andrew Cuomo and is still stuck with him. I don't know about 2018, but back in 2014 he ran essentially unopposed - the GOP had a token candidate (I think his name was Rick Agostino) who got no party support from anywhere... and if you took out the votes from the five boroughs of NYC he would have won. This problem of supposedly "blue" states that are actually a big blue city controlling a red hinterland is a problem that is really coming to a head with this present crisis. Look at a congressional district map of NY - it's mostly red. Other states are similar.

    #19 - China has been getting aggressive with India in recent days; keep an eye on that one.

  18. 1- You may think it's all cute and funny now, but I don't. This absurdity is getting old and my biggest fear is the absurdity will become the norm or worse yet, the required.
    Remember how air travel used to be before 9/11. IT'S BEEN NINETEEN YEARS AND YOU STILL HAVE TO TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF!!!!
    Tiny clear bottles, no fingernail clippers, all your grooming supplies have to fit in a matchbox (heaven forbid you have the gall to pack a regular size tube of toothpaste!)
    This is the f♤♡king bulls◇♧ that we're going to be stuck with.
    That and looters.

    Where was the black outrage when a black male three a 5 year old off the top floor of the Mall of America?
    Where was the righteous indignation by black lies murder when one of their own killed an 86 year old army beteran and his 85 year old wife as they visited their son's grave?

  19. 1: There's a comic vid making the rounds like that, only she's a hot little mamacita.

    9: Gropin' Joe has always been a bum, but, yeah, I'd say he has it coming.

    13: Not only can the Demos find a real nominee, they can't even find a surrogate.

  20. Many, many good suggestions above for a _____ of Karen's. I can't pick a favorite. I suspect that Yiddish has the perfect term to capture all of the above, but I'm not fluent enough to find it. Anyone?

  21. The standout suggestion I believe is anonymous @ 832am with a privilege of Karen's.

  22. James Woods calls it a murder of Karens.

    I alternately use:

    A eunuch of Karens
    A harem of Karens

  23. FINALLY... A gag all of Karen's?

  24. A Cacophony of Karens

  25. A fart of Karens.

    A scrunt of Karens.

  26. A Stooge of Karens.

  27. A Cudgel of Karens

  28. Long time reader, first time commenter.
    Re Item 15. I'm surprised no one else has brought up the point that this could lead to a major reining in of the Federal bureaucracy.
    One of the pillars of what is disparagingly called the administrative state is the idea that Federal agencies can interpret laws and statutory authority. Courts have given major deference to the agencies' readings of the laws. However, here we have the Left asserting in effect that only Congress can interpret the laws they pass. The argument is that the President cannot. If the head of the Executive Branch cannot, how can the subordinate agencies of that branch do so?
    Coincidence or 3-D chess move?
    Mike Dubost

  29. Scold of Karens

  30. Item 17: "It was a false alarm."

    Big fan daily reader, have been very disappointed by this path you have taken over the past weeks.

    I think it is worth taking some time to review-the-bidding. My "review" is below, I welcome yours.

    Keep up the good work DS.

    From what I can tell the success arc for a virus outbreak is: 1) Diagnose, 2) Treat, 3) Prevent.

    In January the USA did not:
    a) have a clear understanding of SARS-CoV2 symptoms or a test,
    b) know how to treat SARS-CoV2, and
    c) have a vaccine for SARS-CoV2.

    We also had no historical experience with how to manage the SARS virus in our society, and what to expect (8 cases, 0 deaths since 2005). Unlike the Influenza (flu) virus that we have been living with for over 100 years.

    Plus, the risk assessment needed to include the knowledge that:

    d) Previous SARS and MERS outbreaks - in other countries - did have a high mortality rate.

    e) Transmission had been from Animal-to-People, is now People-to People.

    The Trump/ WH plans gave us the time to develop the knowledge and "tools" to reliably diagnose the ill (symptoms & test), and successfully treat the ill (see info & links below).
    • March 16: 15 Days "Bend the Curve"
    • March 29: 30 Day Extension
    • April 16: "Re-Open Plan"

    If that had not happened, this push to re-open would not be so clear a decision.

    • Facts without History = Fear the Risk

    • Facts with History = Understand the Risk.

    Lastly, the uncomfortable truth is those who caught SARS-CoV2 first were the de facto guinea pigs/ lab rats as the hospitals tried to figure out how to diagnose and treat the virus.

  31. Sleepy Creepy Joe going to get Billy Ray Cyrus to record his campaign theme song?

  32. 1. Mask is mandatory. Pants are optional.

    9. There is no love in a family built on power and corruption. There is only opportunity and loyalty. Ask any mafioso.

    11. "transgender girls". You misspelled 'boys'.

    12. Denzel Washington. Crimson Tide. 'nuff said.

    19. No. Not double secret probation!

    Finally, a coven of Karens. Finally.

    J in StL

  33. A Grudge of Karens

  34. #9 "Politics aside, even a bum like Biden does not deserve this. Is there no loved one who will intervene and stop this madness?"

    #16 "We shall see if NBC corrects its error."

    Answers to both: Never.

    #9 Biden has been the most useful corpse since the WWII Brits scammed the Germans with the corpse of Glyndwr Michael.

    #16 Why would a criminal cartel issue "corrections"?

    Bonus: Don, Mark down the week of 10/31/20-11/06/20 as HELL WEEK for the new head of NBC News Cesar Conde (replaced the immortally hapless Andy Lack).

    My guess is that his ineptitude will create results that blow up in his face just about on those dates (unless America is given an early parole and all this hits sometime between now and then).

    (The possibility also exists that his personal life collapses and NBC "News" goes unscathed. However, these executives overwhelmingly trend to being control freaks whose personal lives are strictly subordinated to their careers. Bezos going nuts with his slightly-used helicopter pilot is an example of the rarely-witnessed exception to the rule.)