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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Highlights of the News

Robert Stacy McCain (The Patriarch Tree) shows his covid-19 Electoral College map.

ITEM 1: The Hill reported, "Pelosi pulls vote on FISA bill after Trump veto threat."

The story said, "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) yanked a vote scheduled for Wednesday night on a bill reauthorizing lapsed surveillance programs after opposition from Republicans and progressives made it unclear if it could pass.

"'Members are advised that votes are no longer expected in the House tonight,' House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s (D-Md.) office announced shortly after 9:30 p.m."

Bwa ha ha.

President Trump has spoken!

ITEM 2Fox reported, "Former acting DNI Richard Grenell slammed Politico on Tuesday over its report that he was joining the Trump campaign, calling it fake news.

"Politico ran a story claiming that Grenell was aiding President Trump's re-election team, specifically in 'fundraising and strategy.' The reporting was cited by 'two people familiar with the matter.'

"However, after the story was published, Grenell flatly denied Politico's reporting.

"'Fake news. Do you even check before writing? What has happened to Washington DC media?!' Grenell reacted to a now-deleted tweet from the Politico reporter who had shared the story."

Politico failed to hold the story for Grenell's response.

That is not journalism.

That's Dan Ratherism.

ITEM 3:  West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, U.S. Attorney Bill Powell and Secretary of State Mac Warner announced "a criminal charge against a rural mail carrier Tuesday in connection with the alleged manipulation of absentee voter requests – evidence gathered by an investigator for the Attorney General on behalf of the Secretary of State’s Office.

"Thomas Cooper, 47, of Dry Fork, stands charged with attempting to defraud the residents of West Virginia of a fair election. An affidavit accompanying the criminal complaint states Cooper fraudulently altered eight absentee ballot requests in Pendleton County, of which the complaint states he fraudulently changed the party affiliation on five from Democrat to Republican."

Democrats lie when they say vote-by-mail does not promote fraud.

ITEM 4: United Press International reported, "Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday he has officially notified Congress that Hong Kong is in effect no longer autonomous from [Red] China."

Unlike Bush 41's vapid protest of Tienanmen Square in 1989, this carries weight.

The story said, "The loss of privileged trading status could be a major economic blow for the city, which is one of world's largest trading and financial hubs.

"Under the status, Hong Kong is exempt from President Donald Trump's punitive tariffs on [Red] China and has U.S. backing for its participation in international bodies such as the World Trade Organization."

Power-mad Chairman Xi may not care but his billionaire buddies just got a little nervous. This hurts their bank accounts.

ITEM 5: Flashback to April 17 when Democrat Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota said, "If you're going to protest, social distance."

I guess that rule applies only to people who dare protest Governor Walz.

Oh, and of course the protesters rioted. Nothing quite says Black Lives Matter like stealing an HDTV and torching an Auto Zone.

ITEM 6: CNBC reported, "Mass unemployment that has accompanied the coronavirus pandemic has been compounded by people who don’t want to come back to work, the Federal Reserve said Wednesday in its periodic summary of the national economy.

"With the unemployment rate through April at a post-World War II record 14.7% and 20.5 million layoffs during the month, workers are reluctant to head back to their jobs for a number of reasons, the central bank noted in its Beige Book report.

"The report also cited a generally downbeat outlook from business contacts regarding hopes for a recovery.

"Business leaders 'cited challenges in bringing employees back to work, including workers’ health concerns, limited access to childcare, and generous unemployment insurance benefits,' the report said.

"Nearly 40 million people have submitted unemployment claims since the corona virus was declared a pandemic in mid-March, and more than 25 million have been receiving benefits for at least two weeks, according to the Labor Department. The government has responded with aggressive benefits programs that pay many workers their regular benefits plus $600."

This is why I oppose stimuluses.

Free money is the most expensive thing in the universe. Next time, quarantine Congress and let everyone else carry on.

ITEM 7: Kyle Smith reported, "Funny thing about viral videos: They don’t necessarily give the full and complete context for what happened, do they? They might, for instance, begin only after someone does something bizarre and provocative but record solely the reaction. Covington was only 16 months ago. Did we learn anything from it? Apparently not. A similar thing happened in Central Park this weekend, the world reacted in the same way, and once again a misleading video made it appear that a target of a deliberate provocation was a racist for reacting understandably to the provocateur.

"New Yorker Amy Cooper was walking her dog in Central Park’s Ramble area, a little patch of semi-wilderness in an otherwise manicured park. She allowed her dog off the leash, which is against the rules. But on the other hand, the Ramble is the one little-frequented spot in the entire vast park where it kinda, sorta seems like rules don’t apply. For decades, the rules definitely didn’t apply: It was a popular gay pickup location for connoisseurs of anonymous al fresco sex.

"On Memorial Day, Cooper, a middle-aged white woman, was allowing her dog to run off-leash, breaking a rule that is widely ignored, albeit crucial for bird-watchers. Nearby was Christian Cooper, a middle-aged black man of no relation to her. Mr. Cooper is an avid birder and doesn’t much like dogs interfering with his avian observations. So he issued what to her sounded like a threat to poison her dog. Ms. Cooper freaked out. Who wouldn’t?"

Smith called this Covington 2.0.

Franklin Templeton called her a racist and fired her.

She should lawyer up.

They should too.

ITEM 8: Nancy Pelosi protects her neck from covid-19.
If they don't wear a mask, why should I?

ITEM 9: The Hill reported, "Late last week the FBI document that started the Trump-Russia collusion fiasco was publicly released. It hasn’t received a lot of attention but it should, because not too long from now this document likely will be blown up and placed on an easel as Exhibit A in a federal courtroom.

"The prosecutor, U.S. Attorney John Durham, will rightly point out that the document that spawned three years of political misery fails to articulate a single justifiable reason for starting the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

"Those of us who have speculated there was insufficient cause for beginning the investigation could not have imagined the actual opening document was this feeble. It is as if it were written by someone who had no experience as an FBI agent.

"Keep in mind the FBI cannot begin to investigate anyone, especially a U.S. citizen or entity, without first creating a document that lists the reasonably suspicious factors that would legally justify the investigation. That’s FBI 101, taught Day 1 at the FBI Academy at Quantico, Va."

Readers are not surprised.

The smarmy naming of this operation -- Crossfire Hurricane -- is all you need to know this spying was political because President Trump is a Rolling Stones fan. The phrase is from the song, Jumpin' Jack Flash.

Obama, Strzok, and Comey are a bunch of conceited punks.

ITEM 10Via Breitbart News, Joy Reid interviewed radio host Charlamagne tha God on MSNBC.
REID: And what you just said, that is a lot of what I’m hearing of — even African-Americans, say no, no, no, don’t say that, don’t say those things, because it might hurt the chances of beating Donald Trump. This question gets asked to me a lot and so I’ll ask the question to you, what if Joe Biden says, no, I’m picking Amy Klobuchar, she’s my running mate, then what do you do?
CHARLAMAGNE THA GOD: Well, on top of possible Russian interference and voter suppression, Dems have to worry about voter depression, and that’s people staying home on election day because they just aren’t enthused by the candidate. You can’t act like this is the most important election ever but run a campaign from your basement and, you know, not make some real policy commitments to the Black community and not listen to some of the demands that the Black community are making. I think people are sitting around hoping that Trump loses instead of going out there and actually beating him. Biden has to do something that energizes his campaign, that brings some actual enthusiasm to his campaign. So those 4.4 million Obama voters who stayed home in 2016, more than a third of them Black, you know, don’t do that this year. You got to make them come out.
Klobuchar is the Queen of Karens.

Charlamagne was the radio host whose interview with Biden ended with Biden saying if you don't vote for him, you ain't black.

ITEM 11: A group of Karens just asked to talk to the manager about Item 10.

ITEM 12: The Associated Press reported, "The launch of a SpaceX rocket ship with two NASA astronauts on a history-making flight into orbit has been called off with 16 minutes to go in the countdown because of the danger of lightning.

"Liftoff is rescheduled for Saturday.

"The spacecraft was set to blast off Wednesday afternoon for the International Space Station, ushering in a new era in commercial spaceflight and putting NASA back in the business of launching astronauts from U.S. soil for the first time in nearly a decade."

It is frustrating, but they want to get it right.

Besides, a weather delay is kinda old school.

ITEM 13: Rush Limbaugh said, "Everybody’s jumping all over Trump. I got a headline here on Drudge: 'Twitter Apologizes for Trump Tweets.'

"This is about Trump tweeting that Scarborough murdered somebody, and a lot of people say, 'What is Trump doing? Why is he punching down? Why is he wasting time on Scarborough?' I have no idea, folks, but I’m just gonna tell you something: Everybody’s acting so outraged that Trump would accuse Scarborough of murder.

"What about what Trump’s been accused of for three years? Treason, being a traitor, lying about all kinds of stuff. Flynn! What they have done to Donald Trump and his family! Maybe Trump’s just dosing out some medicine. 'OK, Joe, how does it feel?' Because Scarborough’s been one of the guys on that network that has been promising and assuring everybody that Trump’s a traitor, that Trump is a Russian agent."

Plus, Scarborough is a traitor to conservatives.

Limbaugh is showing he will be conservative to his last breath, and then some.

ITEM 14: The Washington Examiner reported, "President Trump indicated he would take action against Twitter after it affixed fact-check labels on his tweets."

What can he do?

The story said, "Sen. Marco Rubio said the move means Twitter should be treated as a publisher instead of a forum."

Which would make Twitter liable for each and every tweet ever posted.

CEO Jack Dorsey is in way over his head. (See Item 20.)

ITEM 15: The Daily Mail reported, "The U.S. death toll from coronavirus topped 100,000 on Wednesday, a startling milestone just four months after the country's first case was confirmed.

"It remains the highest death toll from the virus in the world and surpasses the U.S. military combat fatalities suffered in every conflict since the Korean War."

And more Americans will die from cancer this year than died in World War 2?

Can the anti-capitalist politicians who want to prolong the lockdown kindly show some respect for the dead from this virus, as well as for the war dead so close to Memorial Day. They are not statistics. They are men and women. Bullies are treating them like statistics to make the lockdown permanent.

Nothing justifies this lockdown. We were told they wanted to flatten the curve. That happened. The lockdown should have ended on Easter.

ITEM 16: reported, "Jewelry store stocks groceries so it can open as 'essential’ business during state shutdown order."

The reader who tipped me to this gem wrote, "Our Lady of Perpetual Unemployment was very much on this jeweler's mind."

But the furor from the little fuhrers forced the jewelers to go underground. My body, my choice applies only to abortion.

It's a shame Americans no longer appreciate freedom.

Meanwhile, Fox reported, "New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham reportedly made a purchase from a retail jewelry store last month, at the same time she ordered many industries to temporarily close following her statewide public health order.

"Grisham, a Democrat, stressed in April that New Mexicans needed to stay home and should only leave to purchase essential items such as food and medical supplies, KRQE-TV reported."

Do as I say governance is the hallmark of Democrat officials.

ITEM 17: The Washington Examiner reported, "Joe Biden confuses D-Day date with Pearl Harbor attack."

I look forward to the day he confuses his underpants for his mask.

ITEM 18: Agence France Presse reported, "The US military withdrawal from Afghanistan is considerably ahead of schedule, an official told AFP on Wednesday, as President Donald Trump reiterated calls for the Pentagon to bring troops home.

"The developments came as questions loomed over the next phase of Afghanistan's long war following a historic, three-day ceasefire that led to a major drop in civilian casualties.

"The truce, which the Taliban called to mark the Muslim celebration of Eid al-Fitr, ended Wednesday, leaving Afghans anxious about whether it would be extended, or when the war might come raging back.

"Violence levels remained low even after the end of the ceasefire, but Afghan security forces conducted air strikes in the south that killed 18 militants, police said.

"Under a deal the US signed with the Taliban in February, the Pentagon was to bring troop levels down from about 12,000 to 8,600 by mid-July, before withdrawing all forces by May 2021."

Instead of going off in this mad adventure, we should have paid off the Taliban to turn over Osama bin Laden. It took 10 years to get him when it could have taken 10 minutes.

ITEM 19: The Hollywood Reporter reported, "CBS' entertainment and news divisions are going through a round of layoffs as part of the restructuring following the merger with Viacom.

"The layoffs, which began late Tuesday and continued into Wednesday, come about a month after a round of cuts on ViacomCBS' cable side that saw the exits of Smithsonian Channel president Tom Hayden and senior Comedy Central executive Sarah Babineau, among others. Pop TV has also been affected."

Management did not spare CBS News. The people who promoted the pandemic panic the most should be the first axed.

ITEM 20: President Trump is ready to unload on social media with an executive order, according to law professor Kate Klonick.

As I said in Item 14 (written well before Klonick tweeted) Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is in way over his head. Caving in to the online mob strips him of Section 230 protection. The president does this to protect everyone's free speech. It's his job.

As Jefferson wrote, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men..."

We do not have a federal government to dole out food stamps, to guarantee student loans, or to even have an FBI.

We have a federal government to secure our God-given rights.


  1. “Yellow bird, up high in banana tree.
    Yellow bird, you sit all alone like me.“

  2. ITEM 6: Yes, quarantine Congress, and then STOP PAYING THEM!

  3. 9 - I was surprised this was in The Hill. The comments on the article (sorted by best) are heavily skewed to the far far left. Sad. They won’t accept any truth in this coup attempt.

    11 - what maroons. Still focusing on Russian interference and republican voter suppression.

    16 - I was surprised a conservative friend on a liberal state didn’t resent being forded to wear a mask, stay locked in and restrict travel while the ruling class did what they wanted. He felt he was contributing to the cure. Maddening.

    20 - Dorsey picked a fight with the wrong man.

  4. Item 13: Husband I were discussing Trump's tweets about Scarborough yesterday. Does rather seem that he's punching down, so why, we asked ourselves, is he doing this?

    Here's my theory. Trump knows exactly what kind of stories the MSM can't resist. This is one of them. He's given them a shiny toy to play with. He probably wants them distracted while he goes off to do something important.

    In a short while we'll know if I was right or not.

    1. And while I know that Mr. T is NOT strong in the humility department (which is one of Christianity’s central tenets)...I’m sorry, but this shite is just too much FUN to resist. We will never see anyone else like him as Prez, ever again. “He is moving like an incredible machine!” (Chick Anderson’s call of Secretariat’s win at Belmont, cementing his place as the GOAT of horses.)

    2. Sorry, it’s “tremendous” not “incredible.” I always get that wrong.

  5. ITEM 7: She was supposed to have her dog on a leash. Period. But she wanted her dog to run off-leash. So he told her: "All you have to do is take him to the other side of the drive, outside the Ramble, and you can let him run off leash all you want." [ ] The video shows that he did not make any moves towards her. In fact he can be heard several times saying, “Please don’t come close to me.” The dog treats are used to entice the dog thereby forcing the dog owner to leash the dog, which was his objective.

    What I find despicable about this story is how the man is depicted. Why he was there is irrelevant. He is a member of the board of directors for the New York City chapter of the Audubon Society and frequently birdwatches in Central Park. And yet some are saying he’s gay because he was in a ‘notorious hookup spot’ and that he must have been there to hook up.

    I don’t find fault with him, but she overreacted. I might have been able to say she was afraid if she hadn’t approached him. And telling the police that he was threatening her life was just wrong. However, I don't think she should have been fired for that incident.

    1. And yet some are saying he’s gay because he was in a ‘notorious hookup spot’ and that he must have been there to hook up.

      Remarks like that are really, really stupid.

    2. Looks to me like the Clash of the Karens! (Coming soon to a park near you!)

      Neither one is minding his or her own business, they're each telling the other what to do. They're both calling for the manager, and I hope they both get told off!

    3. Where to start:
      A) she should have had the dog on a leash
      B) when told, she should have put the dog on a leash
      C) the guy told her:"if you are going to do what you want, I will do what I want, but you aren't going to like it"....followed by calling the dog and holding dog treats can be construed as threatening
      D) the fact that you inferred comments that weren't implied tells more about you than anything
      E) they are BOTH Karen's and bluntly the sane people have had enough of them
      F) I do agree she shouldn't have been fired, it's getting stupid out there

    4. Getting stupid? No, it's way beyond stupid out there.

  6. #20. Lawyer up Dorsey! Should be an interesting day.
    #16. Another do as I say, not as I do Demonrat? My Dad used to say this when he told us not to smoke as he puffed on a cigarette.
    #17 Waiting for the meme of Trump Skywalker dueling with a masked Darth Biden. Anyone?
    #13 I hear that Rush isn't doing well. My father-in-law's spirits waned in the later stages of his chemo but he came through. Hopefully, El Rushbo will do the same. Praying for him.

    1. Rush returned Tuesday after several days off and another treatment. He sounded awful. Weak and sick. He said the cancer treatments are ‘kicking my ass’ and may take him off air. My heart sank when I heard him Tuesday. Then yesterday he sounded like his old self once again. A woman in our family was loaded with cancer -- it was everywhere -- and yet she pulled through. That was several years ago and her tests still show her to be cancer-free. So I haven't given up on Rush's recovery.

  7. 15 Regurgitating the fake 100,000 number, even to criticize it, is aiding in the fakery

  8. 1- That scarf looks a little loose, let me tighten that up for ya.
    5- Two wrongs still don't make it right.
    6- Ever wonder how they came up with $600? Divide it by 40 hours and you get $15/hr. Sound familiar?
    9- *Yaaawwwwwwnnnn* Wake me up when someone's indicted.
    14, 20- What your cyberbuddy said yesterday.(hotn-15)

    1. #5 Could have organized things better; say, like handing out maps for where to go for violent protests against police and what areas were better for rioting and looting. But, they figured it out. At least they determined that Covid masks can easily be adapted for dual use.

  9. #3 Sending cash through the mail is not safe. Recent EIP debit cards (from the Treasury) were sent in the mail with the return address: Money Network Cardholder Services with a P.O. Box in Omaha, NE. My guess was to disguise what it was and prevent fraud. With how much my vote is really worth and even the postal service suggesting not to send cash through the mail, why would I trust vote by mail?

  10. I don't trust the post office to deliver my monthly payments so why would I trust them with my vote.

    1. Exactly. hell, I cant even get my monthly bills sometimes, let alone sending a payment.

  11. 3. democrats don't need the mail to cheat. Look at the election judge from Pennsylvania who was just found guilty of "stuffing the ballot box." When the left says there is very little evidence of cheating the report was this one guy influenced outcomes in favor of democrat candidates by adding from 15% to 22% of the recorded votes in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

    I think the "experts" the democrats are quoting may be the same ones who predicted 2 million deaths from chinese virus.

    5. Why is stealing tv's in the inner city called rioting? One video showed two guys wheeling 4 flat screen tv's out of Target on the dolly. Where are the protests in Chicago?

  12. Item #20 "President Trump is ready to unload on social media with an executive order, according to law professor Kate Klonick."

    They've been talking about this Section 230 stuff for a long time. The DC cartel has been playing kick the can all this time. Does it require a new law, or can Trump simply enforce it? No excitement without indictment. - Gary B

  13. 20: Long overdue, but Trump always gives them the chance to do it without a kick in the ass.

  14. Item 7 - I wonder if the dog's name is Cooper as well.

  15. News: Space X Launch moved due to weather concerns.
    Weather Channel: Space X launch canceled due to climate change, now here is a documentary we created to tell you why.
    CNN: Space X launch canceled due to Trump's tweets, now here is a round table discussion about why we are always right.
    MSNBC: Space X launch canceled due to Corona Virus, now here are specialists to confirm everything we've said.
    Local News Channel: Does anyone watch us any more.
    Local News Paper: Space X Launch canceled and so are our Monday, Wendnesday, and Thursday edition.

  16. A group of Karens is known as a complaint. "A complaint of Karens are queued at the managers office."

    1. That's good, Jim. I also like a "covey of Karens." - Gary B

    2. "Coven of Karens" would be a better option than "covey."

  17. Item 10
    It's just matter of time before we start seeing bumper stickers that read: "Honky If You Love Trump"

  18. #7 Sorry but the Central Park kerfuffle isn't Covington Kids all over again. The woman's dog was off leash in an area designated for leashes. The guy who challenged her may be a Karen, but he's no Nathan Phillips. Further, she was clearly race-baiting and lying to the police dispatcher. Does that means she should be crushed for it? Maybe not, but again, she's no innocent school-child.

  19. ITEM 17: The Washington Examiner reported, "Joe Biden confuses D-Day date with Pearl Harbor attack."

    Slow Joe will get a pass on this one since on December 7, 1787, Delaware became the first state to ratify the Constitution of the United States, and has since been known as "The First State". So, Joe's handlers will maintain his D Day reference was to "Delaware Day." Probably was. Plenty of other gaffes and missteps he can't escape though.

  20. I can't believe all Good Think outlets are still trying to tell us there is no (or inconsequentially little) voter fraud with mail-in ballots. Does no one remember an entire election being thrown out in North Carolina just last year due to fraud with mail in ballots?