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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: Fox reported, "Medicare recipients will be able to get prescription plans that limit co-pays for insulin, a potential savings of hundreds of dollars, the White House announced Tuesday in a pivot to pocketbook issues that could influence November's election.

"The new benefit is being touted as a major accomplishment by Trump administration officials eager to change the subject from the grim drumbeat of corona virus pandemic news.

"Older adults who pick a drug plan offering the new insulin benefit would pay a maximum of $35 a month starting next year, a savings estimated at $446 annually. Fluctuating cost-sharing amounts that are common now would be replaced by a manageable amount."

This is a great benefit for diabetics.

ITEM 2: The Wall Street Journal reported, "The Justice Department is closing investigations into three U.S. senators for stocks trades made shortly before the corona virus market turmoil, but is continuing a related investigation into GOP Sen. Richard Burr, according to people familiar with the matter.

"Prosecutors on Tuesday alerted defense attorneys for Republicans Kelly Loeffler of Georgia and James Inhofe of Oklahoma as well as Democrat Dianne Feinstein of California that they are closing investigations into their trading, the people said.

"The Federal Bureau of Investigation began the investigations two months ago, as reports emerged that several members of Congress, their spouses or their investment advisers sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock after lawmakers attended closed-door briefings about the threat posed by the pandemic. Some of those trades spared lawmakers as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses as stocks sank by mid-March."

They were given sensitive classified information and they used it for personal gain.

I want them all prosecuted.

Looks like three of them got the Hillary treatment.

ITEM 3: Reuters reported, Chairman "Xi Jinping said on Tuesday [Red] China would step up its preparedness for armed combat and improve its ability to carry out military tasks as the corona virus pandemic is having a profound impact on national security, state television reported.

"[Red] China’s performance in fighting the new corona virus has shown the success of military reform, Xi was quoted as saying, adding that the armed forces should explore new ways of training amid the pandemic.

"Xi, who chairs [Red] China’s Central Military Commission, made the comments when attending a plenary meeting of the delegation of the People’s Liberation Army and People’s Armed Police Force on the sidelines of the annual session of parliament."

Chairman Xi is a real Hitler.

Democrats carry his water.

ITEM 4Fox reported, "Twitter slapped a warning label on one of President Trump's tweets for the first time on Tuesday, cautioning readers that despite the president's claims, fact checkers say there is no evidence that mail-in voting would increase fraud risks -- and that 'experts say mail-in ballots are very rarely linked to voter fraud.'"

Rarely linked means the president was 100% correct.

Twitter is poking the bear.

A Republican House, Senate, and president could make Twitter regret this move.

ITEM 5: United Press International reported, " Sales for new single-family homes rose 0.6% in April buoyed by a nearly 9 percent increase in the Northeast, according to figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Tuesday.

"The report said April new home sales rose at a seasonally adjusted rate of 623,000, a mark slightly above the 619,000 revised numbers in March. Compared with April 2019, new home sales are down 6.2%.

"Sales in the Northeast increased 8.7% in April while home sales jumped in Midwest and South as well (2.4 percent). Those numbers were able to offset a 6.3% drop in new home sales in the West.

"The report said that 325,000 new homes came online for sale in April while the median price for the homes was $309,900. The average sales price was $364,500."

The economy may be stronger than we think.

ITEM 6: The New York Times reported, "Twitter Must Cleanse the Trump Stain."

The Atlantic reported, "The Malignant Cruelty of Donald Trump."

The Wall Street Journal reported, "A Presidential Smear  —  Trump imitates the Steele dossier in attacks on Joe Scarborough."

Only Democrats are allowed to smear Republicans.

Obama lied and spied. Then lied to hide he spied. Screw the wattle quivering press.

ITEM 7: Politico reported, "U.S. Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell is set to join President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign amid a broader shakeup that saw the promotion of two other campaign officials on Tuesday, according to two people familiar with the matter.

"The addition of Grenell, a trusted Trump ally who recently stepped down as acting director of national intelligence, comes as the president faces sliding poll numbers nationally and in a handful of key battleground states. A Fox News survey conducted before the holiday weekend found presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden defeating Trump 48% to 40% five months out from Election Day.

"A person familiar with the move said Grenell will take a senior role inside the Trump campaign, where he will be involved in fundraising and strategy. It was not immediately clear what his title will be or whether he will work from the campaign’s Northern Virginia headquarters. Grenell was seen entering the White House on Tuesday afternoon, shortly after the Trump campaign announced its promotion of senior political adviser Bill Stepien to serve as deputy campaign manager."

Grenell earned the president's trust the old-fashioned way: by doing the job right.


ITEM 8: The Verge reported, "YouTube is deleting comments with two phrases that insult China’s Communist Party."

Meanwhile, You Tube bans conservative videos.

Why do we as Americans tolerate You Tube working for Red China like this?

If you do not support freedom in America, then you should not enjoy profits from America.

ITEM 9: Pew Research Center reported, "The places hit hardest by the corona virus outbreak – which have relatively large shares of ethnic and racial minorities and residents living in densely populated urban and suburban areas – are almost all represented by congressional Democrats.

"A new Pew Research Center analysis of data on official reports of covid-19 deaths, collected by the John Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering, finds that, as of last week, nearly a quarter of all the deaths in the United States attributed to the corona virus have been in just 12 congressional districts – all located in New York City and represented by Democrats in Congress. Of the more than 92,000 Americans who had died of covid-19 as of May 20 (the date that the data in this analysis was collected), nearly 75,000 were in Democrat congressional districts."

Finally, proof that voting Democrat is suicidal because Democrat mayors and governors don't know what they are doing.

ITEM 10: The Daily Wire reported, "Conservatives have long been blowing the whistle on Wikipedia’s leftist bias. The site’s co-founder Larry Sanger apparently agrees with them.

"In a blog post last week, Sanger argued that Wikipedia has abandoned all neutrality in the name of avoiding what activist journalists call the false balance – the idea that not all opposing views of an argument should be given equal time. He goes through several pages to support his thesis, noting the rather charged language often employed.

"When comparing the pages for former President Barack Obama and the current President Donald Trump, the differences are night and day, with the former receiving overwhelmingly positive treatment while the latter is frequently portrayed negatively."

In other words, Wikipedia has gone mainstream media.

ITEM 11The Washington Examiner reported, "While dining rooms remain closed in the state, many Illinoisans are crossing the border to go out to eat.

"Many restaurants in Illinois are preparing for outdoor dining starting on May 29, but indoor dining rooms must remain closed. As it stands now under Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s five-phase reopening plan, indoor dining rooms in Illinois won’t be able to open until the end of June.

"Restaurants in Missouri have reported a steady flow of people coming over from Illinois to have a meal. The same holds true for Indiana.

"Bonnie Wright, the co-owner of the Beef House in Covington, Indiana, said business has been great mostly because her restaurant is full of Illinoisans on a daily basis."

Law-abiding people are voting on the illegal lockdown with their feet.

ITEM 12The Washington Examiner also reported, "Chicago saw its deadliest Memorial Day weekend in years, even as people hunker down under Illinois's stay-at-home order to stop the spread of the corona virus.

"Police said 10 people were shot and killed in the city, the highest total since 2015. At least 42 others were injured in shootings."

Criminals are voting with their guns.

ITEM 13: A white woman called the cops on a black man in Central Park. A video of it went viral. Her employer, Franklin Templeton, suspended her.

Glenn Reynolds reported, "It looks like Amy Cooper, the white woman in the viral Central Park video, is a liberal. That’s important. 'In response to the video, many on social media began to speculate and insist that Amy Cooper was a Trump supporter and a member of the MAGA movement.'

"Nope. White liberals are the most racist people around. And the most entitled and officious."

I wish they would stop calling them Karen when they act like Hillary.

ITEM 14: Another fail on the Katy Tur show.
The woman is a magnet for failure.

ITEM 15: A longtime cyber buddy makes a point I have made.
James Madison and company knew that if Congress started censoring free speech, that is what it would wind up doing 24/7, 52 weeks a year.


  1. ITEM 7: Grenell and Parscale say this ain't true

  2. item 10: Infogalactic is a project forked from Wikipedia.

  3. 2 - Until the FBI is under new management, I have no faith in them doing their job properly. Hello Ric Grenell or General Flynn?

    8 - YouTube is owned by Twitter. No surprise on their bias.

    13 - I saw where the liberal lady has now been fired.

    14 - someone who dated Keith Olbermann is an expert on failure.

    1. Yet, the affirmative action hire still has her job. That, in a nutshell, goes a long way to explain MSNBC.

      Once affirmative action came out with SCOTUS support, our meritocracy (mixed with some good 'ol boy hiring) slowly is fading away. Tur should have been a long time intern, who moved over to support.


    2. I believe YouTube is a subsidiary of Google

    3. Actually Google owns YouTube not Twitter, just as bad though

    4. I've noticed that severl You tuber have been "de-monitized " meanung "No Ad revenue for you!" From Aviation to Historical sites.
      the crimes vary from too "Western Civilization" to Analysis of a situation resulting in a Crash .But the Crash was in Pakistan, if it killed a mess of Kansans or, say Texans, they'd be fine with it..
      But even if the subject crash is "what we can learn from this"-It apparently is:Racist ..

  4. #2 I moved my entire retirement out of the market Feb 11. First time ever getting out of the market.
    As I understand it these pols got out later than that.
    This bear market was easy to see coming. Plenty of public info available.
    That makes prosecution nearly impossible. Not the same as picking up some obscure stock the week before they get a huge government contract.

    1. Excellent and very true comments. Fortunes were no doubt made on the short side as well.

  5. The word “tool” has reemerged in my vocabulary of late. I am using it to describe a person, usually but not exclusively a LibCommie, who has abandoned independent thought in favor of an evil ideology; in the current situation, the ChiComms are the evil. Cuomo Makes Me Wet is a tool. So is Joe Mama, Lebron James, and the Committee to Protect Journalists. Whitmer, Newsom, and Wolf are tools. The FBI is full of tools and so is most of Congress. Sadly, the Walton conglomerate are also tools. BUY AMERICAN. Be better than a tool.

  6. 8 - YouTube is owned by Twitter. No surprise on their bias.


    1. Thank you. Meant that and had twitter on the brain.

  7. I read that Marco Rubio is making noise about forcing Twitter to behave like a publisher and not a forum. The article concluded with, "Let's hope he's serious." Here's the problem: Republicans are never serious. All they do is "vow" to take action. I direct your attention to the numerous vows Issa and Gowdy have have taken to actually do something. Empty suits, the lot of them. - Gary B

  8. 4. republicans rarely make anyone regret anything except voting for them. They are not all Trump.

  9. The $35 insulin benefit will aid many social security recipients. When are they going to change the $35,000 threshold (since 1988) before 80% of your social security payments are thrown into your income taxes??? It's about time.

    1. The portion of your benefits subject to taxation varies with income level. You’ll be taxed on:

      up to 50 percent of your benefits if your income is $25,000 to $34,000 for an individual or $32,000 to $44,000 for a married couple filing jointly.
      up to 85 percent of your benefits if your income is more than $34,000 (individual) or $44,000 (couple).

  10. 2: Nothingburger when you look at the timelines.

    5: IOW he tells the truth.

    7: If it's a Fox poll, keep Grenell where he is. Even When Ailes was around, they were always wrong.

    17: Conservative legal eagles have been saying Facebarf, Twat, and all the rest should be treated as publishers by the law.

  11. Item 15- A succinct and compelling argument.

  12. Item 9: Democratic districts are hardest hit by the Chinese Flu? I thought viruses were supposed to be unintelligent organisms. My bad.

  13. Larry Sanger is doing a Jack Dorsey.
    'The website I created is tilting left? Hey, don't blame me!'
    The bias has been evident for several years. And I seem to recall that Larry wasn't too unhappy about it until now.

  14. 3. Emperor Xi.

    J in StL