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Monday, May 25, 2020

Highlights of the News

John Alexander Logan was born in Illinois on February 9, 1826. He fought in the Mexican War, and was a Union general in the Civil War.

After the war, General Logan became the second Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, a veterans group akin to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He championed Decoration Day, or as it became known, Memorial Day. It has survived him by 134 years.

ITEM 1: Just The News reported, "President Trump says he is making inroads in taming Washington's permanent bureaucracy, which he likes to call the deep state.

"'What am I doing? I'm fighting the deep state,' Trump said in an exclusive interview with Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson. 'I'm fighting the swamp…If it keeps going the way it's going, I have a chance to break the deep state. It's a vicious group of people. It's very bad for our country.'"

This is not a bureaucracy.

The deep state is a police state that lies to spy on the political opposition.

Obamacare was not the communism Obama brought to America. This was.

The transcript is here.

ITEM 2: Axios reported, "The president's son-in-law and top adviser has told confidants he wants to shrink the GOP's extensive platform of policy beliefs and principles down to a single card that fits in people's pockets. That's a huge change. The 2016 platform runs 58 pages — the product of extensive debate and heated negotiations.

"Jared Kushner told colleagues he wanted 'something like the 10 principles we believe in,' per two sources familiar with his comments. He asked the Trump campaign's Bill Stepien to find historical examples of Republican platforms that look more like a mission statement, per a source familiar with one of their meetings.

"Another source familiar with the discussions pointed to the GOP platform of 1856 as an example of a platform that is similarly short. The source used this example to argue that the idea of a one-page platform isn't so new or radical after all."

This is a great idea, reminiscent of the Contract With America.

The 1856 platform was to stop expanding slavery, to admit Kansas as a free state, to ban polygamy, to build a transcontinental railroad, and to improve the rivers and harbors.

All that happened. How much of that 58-page 2016 monstrosity has any hope of becoming reality?

ITEM 3: The news media was outraged that the president golfed on Memorial Day weekend.

News One defended the president.

It said, "A small s**t storm is stirring over the fact that President Obama chose to spend part of Memorial Day golfing. Yes, he did engage in the honorary practices typical of a president on this day in terms of laying a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. And then, in my humble opinion, the president spent it like everyone else — enjoying simple pleasures with family and friends. This makes President Barack Obama a human being, not the insensitive traitor that some people are making him out to be because he did not engage in deep mourning."

The date of the post was June 1, 2011.

ITEM 4: The New York Times filled its Page One with the death notices of 1,000 people the publication claimed died of covid-19. (But who believes the Times?)

You would need 36,000 front pages to list all 36 million Americans who lost their jobs because of the pandemic panic.

You really have to screw up to tick off Andrew Malcolm. He's like the Geppetto of conservatism.

ITEM 5: The Daily Caller reported, "Richard Grenell, the acting director of national intelligence, said Friday he is working on declassifying transcripts of phone calls between former national security adviser Michael Flynn and former Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

"Grenell revealed his plans in an exchange on Twitter with Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell regarding a request Friday from House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff for transcripts of the Flynn-Kislyak calls.

"Schiff, a Democrat, requested the call transcripts as well as records related to 39 so-called unmasking requests that Obama administration officials made for intelligence reports that mentioned Flynn. Grenell declassified that list earlier this month, and it was released on May 13."

As a public service, I will link to countries with no extradition treaty with the USA.

Vanuatu seems nice.

ITEM 6: Here, feel good about America.
The devil is sooooooo jealous.

ITEM 7: CNBC reported, "The rise of artificial intelligence will make even software engineers less sought after.

"That’s because artificial intelligence will soon write its own software, according to Jack Dorsey, the tech billionaire boss of Twitter and Square. And that’s going to put some beginning-level software engineers in a tough spot.

"'We talk a lot about the self-driving trucks in and whatnot' when discussing how automation will replace jobs held by humans, Dorsey told former Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang on an episode of the Yang Speaks podcast.

"But A.I. 'is even coming for programming' jobs, Dorsey said."

A.I. learns to code.

By the way, good luck, Twitter, with the ambulance chasing lawyers when your A.I. truck driver has a collision with a school bus.

ITEM 8: Andrew Korybko reported, "Trump stands vindicated for accusing Biden of trying to cover up his son’s corruption in Ukraine after one of that country’s lawmakers released audio recordings of the former Vice President’s numerous conversations with former President Poroshenko to that effect, proving that the real Ukrainegate scandal has been about the Democrat front-runner all along.

"Ukrainian lawmaker Andrei Derkach released audio recordings that he claims to have received from journalists which convincingly sound as though they’re truly of former President Poroshenko’s numerous conversations with former Vice President and current Democrat front-runner Biden.

"The content of their chats concerns the latter’s efforts to pressure the then-Ukrainian leader to remove General Prosecutor Shokin, which Trump and many of his surrogates have claimed was undertaken in an attempt to cover up his son Hunter’s corruption at the Burisma gas company where he was employed and which was the subject of an investigation by Shokin.

"The recordings are remarkably frank, with Poroshenko proudly pledging fealty to Biden and regularly updating him on the progress that he’s made in keeping what he refers to as his “promises” to the former Vice President."

President Trump was the whistle blower.

Democrats impeached him.

ITEM 9: Agence France Presse reported, Red "China said Sunday that relations with the United States were 'on the brink of a new Cold War,' fueled in part by tensions over the corona virus pandemic, as Muslims around the world celebrated a muted end to the holy month of Ramadan."

Brink of a cold war?

We are in one. And Chairman Xi is employing Osama bin Laden's playbook. Launch a sneak attack and if anyone cries foul, label them racist.

By the way, what was so bad about the Cold War? We won it.

ITEM 10Just The News reported, "Democrats are far more likely than Republicans to say they'd report neighbors for holding a social gathering in violation of corona virus stay-at-home orders, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

"'There is a huge partisan difference,' Rasmussen said. 'By a 44% to 31% margin, a plurality of Democrats would turn in their neighbors. By a 60% to 25% margin, Republicans would not. Independents are evenly divided. Other data I’ve released shows that a plurality of Republicans now believe the worst of the pandemic is behind us. Democrats strongly disagree.'"

It's true.

Democrats are the rat fink party. Karen has replaced the jackass as their symbol.

ITEM 11: The Associated Press reported, "An alligator that many people believe once belonged to Adolf Hitler has died in the Moscow Zoo.

"The zoo said the alligator, named Saturn, was about 84 years old when he died on Friday.

"According to the zoo, Saturn was born in the United States and later sent to the Berlin Zoo, from which he escaped when the zoo was bombed in 1943. His whereabouts were unknown until 1946, when British soldiers found him and gave him to the Soviet Union, the zoo said."

That's another reason President Trump is not Hitler. He does not have an alligator.

ITEM 12Daniel Horowitz reported, "The CDC estimates the death rate from covid-19 for those under 50 is 1 in 5,000 for those with symptoms, which would be 1 in 6,725 overall, but again, almost all those who die have specific co-morbidities or underlying conditions. Those without them are more likely to die in a car accident. And schoolchildren, whose lives, mental health, and education we are destroying, are more likely to get struck by lightning."

Governor Cuomo immediately extended the lockdown until Big Pharma develops a vaccine for lightning.

ITEM 13The New York Post reported, "A roughly $21 million Brooklyn field hospital authorized by the de Blasio administration at the height of the corona virus pandemic opened and closed without ever seeing one patient, according to city officials.

"The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook was one of several sites across the five boroughs converted into a medical facility as a way to relieve the city’s overburdened hospital system as the covid-19 crisis mounted.

"Mayor Bill de Blasio announced plans on March 31 — a day after the USNS Comfort hospital ship arrived in New York Harbor to aid in the corona virus fight — for the $20.8 million Red Hook field hospital with an estimated capacity for 750 beds.

"The field hospital was built by Texas-based construction company SLSCO."

My question for the Justice Department is who owns SLSCO?

UPDATE: A reader researched it and found SLSCO is on the up-and-up.

I should have researched. Sorry.

ITEM 14: Headline of the day: "Bolivian orchestra stranded at ‘haunted’ German castle surrounded by wolves."

The New York Post has a reputation to uphold when it comes to headlines.

Once again, it met the challenge.

ITEM 15: The governor of Ohio may be as popular as That Team Up North.
Hayes won the Republican primary for Greene County prosecutor in Xenia. Democrats have no candidate.

Locking down vast stretches of rural America for an urban disease should come with a penalty.

ITEM 16: Matthew Clark reported, "The U.S. Senate approved legislation Wednesday that would require companies listed on stock exchanges to certify they aren’t under the control of a foreign government.

"It specifically takes aim at companies based in China that could be working under the influence of the Communist government in Beijing.

"The news sent shares of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. tumbling Wednesday. Shares were down another 3% through afternoon trading Thursday.

"Lawmakers have expressed concern that American money is funding Chinese efforts to dominate fields from artificial intelligence to internet data collection."

Remember how Animal Farm ended with the pigs dining with the farmers?

Let's stop being those farmers.





  1. Item #2 The 2020 Republican platform should be whittled down to, "GROW - A - SPINE." - Gary B

  2. 2 - agreed. Excellent idea. Kushner has been a yuuuuge asset.

    9 - that’s the worst paragraph ever. What does Ramadan have to do with relations between the US and communist Red China?

    12 - and Michigan’s governor turned to Cuomo and said “hold my beer”.

    16 -that’s a start. The Chinese companies will lie Until caught, like the professors on the take at U.S. colleges.

  3. The wiki page you linked to about Vanadu (wot-ever) reads eerily like Cat’s Cradle. The god John Frum? Their gumbo-style language? The Coconut War? Did Vonnegut ever visit there? Sounds perfect for Spaceman Jimmy the Weasel...

    Happy Memorial Day, Big D. It’s been a helluva year and we’re not even halfway through yet. Still, NBADJT.

  4. 12 School rules frequently have little to do with the children and everything to do with the school employees.

  5. #7 -- ahem....AI lawyer fights AI software in virtual court. Invest in self digging and filling hole machines.

  6. From my Civil War interest, and especially the war in the West, I knew Logan from his well known nickname: Black Jack Logan. From everything I've read, he was a good fighting leader. Which was rare of politicians who went to war.

    ITEM 2: I mainly voted for Trump because, as someone online stated, he is the grenade to be thrown into the GOP to break it up. Well, he is reforming them, which they badly needed. I'd expect dumbocrats to have a platform that is 58 pages. It shows how far the GOP has strayed. Trump is bringing the KISS principle to the GOP. Thanks Trump.

    ITEM 5: Be careful what you ask for Schiff for brains, and Susan Rice. Sunlight is a very good disinfectant for lies.

    ITEM 9: China just wants the US to continue playing as their lapdog. Trump won't let it happen. Hence the hyperbole coming out of Confucius.

    ITEM 10: The dumbocrats have their sheeple trained (fearmongered) as good little Nazis. Hence, why they want to import more, via illegal immigration. They will have them fearmongered into cooperation, or deport them. They'll choose to be good little Nazis.


  7. Compare and contrast...

    We have allies. Good ones.

    I was going to say that China doesn't have any allies - but the EUniks seem to be trying to give that a go...

  8. two items excised from the republican platform that should be the foundation of the next one: human life amendment, federal marriage amendment.

  9. #5. The list missed a few. Top one I can think of is North Korea, aaanndd he does public executions with an anti aircraft gun.

  10. Masthead:

    The original retread, much like Grant, Lee, Jackson, McClellan.

    2: Too many lawyers, not enough businessmen.

    4: And let's see how many died at the hands of the Gray Lady's buds, the Commies.

    10: Himmler and Heydrich smile.

    15: DeWidiot is not popular.

  11. So, if media still blames the POTUS (See Item #4) then shouldn't the corresponding REDUCTTION in deaths from:
    1) Auto accidents [stay at home, the President's CDC Policy]; 2) Air pollutants [reduction i.e. No Work/No Factories/ No Car pollution, protocols followed by the President] against the Libs increase in suicides [stay at home extended by Blue Govs.] and the steady 'procedures' [e.g. infanticide/ murder/] of abortions?! ZB

  12. 0. I would have been marching in a Memorial Day parade today. The Democrats drive another nail in the crucifixion of Western Civilization.

    1. The Deep State is a domestic occupation army using all the techniques of foreign occupation armies to maintain power.

    2. Strange that the Contract With America wasn't his first go to. Wonder why?

    PS. The Declaration of Independence was 1 page (a big page admittedly) The US Constitution was 4. Winston Churchill required any report to have a 1 page summary cover. There is value in simplicity.

    4. The Democratic Party is the Party of Death and Slavery. They are descending to some truly ghastly pits of Hell...and taking us with them.

    5. No pursuit if they leave and renounce their citizenship.

    Make Exile Great Again.

    7. I keep looking forward to Artificial Intelligence because my natural intelligence keeps letting me down.

    8. You sound surprised. The impeached him BECAUSE he was a whistle blower.

    9. If you're 'on the brink' of a cold war, you're IN a cold war. The risk is that we're on the brink of a hot war against the Chinese Communist Slave Empire. THAT's going to be ugly.

    10. The Democratic Party is the Karenian Party.

    12. I'll be surprised if there is a shutdown of this magnitude for a smallpox outbreak after this.

    15. My policy is to oppose political dynasties. Sorry Don Jr.

    16. What about the companies based in the West that serve the Chinese Communist Slave Emperor Xi?

    J in StL

  13. Item #13: My question would be why, with the Javits Center, the Red Hook field hospital and the USNS Comfort available, were infected seniors sent back to long term care facilities?

  14. #2 Brillant. I was thinking-about the "contract with America."
    #4 wife's cousin died of the WuHan Virus. she was in a Nursing Home in Oakland county Michigan. Gruppenfhurer Whitmer and Fredo's Brother have blood on their hands...
    #% My favorite scenario may yet happen: A charter flight to say, Vanuatu just departed Van Nuys.
    As they are cruising over the Pacific at FL 380-
    "ah Mr. Schiff look out the Left and right windows. We have company." Two Navy F-18s want them to turn around..
    #6 Flynn is going to beat the Devil, too.
    #7 "HAL open the pod bay doors." Yep what can go wrong..
    #8 Joe's is one indictment away from Walking down the street in slippers and housecoat. Well, forget the indictment...
    #9 Again, China's a house of cards they now can't
    afford a war. A real one. They are dealing with Trump-who doesn't do bluff...
    #10 wife's Cousin in Rochester Michigan,(think Marin County Ca.)Can't go outside without her mask to get the mail or her paper. He lefty neighbor is constantly peeking out the window
    to rat on the others in the Neighborhood.
    I'm a fan of Ed "Big Daddy Roth" and his character "Rat Fink". The Dems are just Rats..
    #11. How the heck did that 'Gator survive?
    Ducks in the pond a the local park..
    #12/13 This will ahunt New York for a very long time. Cuomo and Kaiser Wilhelm just killed the
    #14- That is almost Mel Brooks in its concecpt- Old Castle, wolves, and someone yells "Blucher!".
    #15.IMHO the Dems are toast..
    #16. Yes! about time.this will hurt China as much as any thing. We can have them in a corner..

    1. #13. You mean Frau Blucher, the Governor of Michigan? (Just connecting the dots between news items.)

  15. Item 11: Of course Trump is not Hitler: he is not a vegetarian.

  16. I believe Logan Street, running north-south near the center of the Denver street grid, was named after Gen. Logan. My googling hasn't revealed any source concerning this one way or the other. But the center-most north-south street is Lincoln St., running right past the State Capitol. Just east of Lincoln, on the other side of the Capitol, is Sherman St. Just east of Sherman is Grant St. Just east of Grant Street is Logan St. Then, a few miles west of Lincoln, is Sheridan Blvd. (Maybe being a cavalry general he needed more space.)

    Also, Fort Logan, named after Gen. Logan, was placed just southwest of Denver in 1887. It was closed in 1946. In 1950 its cemetery and land were authorized by Congress as Fort Logan National Cemetery for veterans. In 1960 much of its land was sold by the federal govt to the state govt for a hospital, later called the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Ft Logan.

    Just FYI, and thanks for all of your great work and esp today's articles.

  17. #2 -- Well,gosh, if the Ramba"m could summarize the essence of Judaism in 13 Ikarim (principles), I'd think the GOP should be able to actualize Jared's suggestion.

  18. #5 Stacy McCain will be upset with you if you encourage deep state denizens to move there and ruin his paradise where he wants to serve as US Ambassador.

    By the by, Captcha has gotten ridiculous. I'm averaging 8-10 pages before it lets my posts through.

    1. I hear if you double click quick you get in.

  19. I was not on the Trump Train in February 2016. I went to a Trump Rally in my hometown. I took notes. His speech holds up.
    Make American great
    I talked about illegal immigration
    Self funded campaign
    Gave a lot of money to blood suckers everyone
    Opponents funded by oil
    Drugs not negotiated
    Most favored nation on drugs
    Drug company give to pols
    Pay retail
    Beautiful churches
    Christianity under siege
    war on Christmas
    Jerry Falwell jr
    Protect the country
    Get rid of Obamacare
    Premiums going up
    Replace with something great
    Churches are afraid of losing tax exemption
    Moslem immigrants I spoken out
    France 133 death
    San Bernardino
    Crowd boos Obama
    Adult males
    Trojan horse
    Not vetted
    Gulf states should pay
    World power
    We don't win anymore
    Korea maniac
    Use political hacks to negotiate with Korea
    19T debt
    Stupid budget deal approved by politicians republicans
    Something in the water in DC
    Korean young dictator
    Putin says trump is genius
    Use Russia to knock the hell out of ISIS
    BOMBS expensive
    Stop being policeman for world
    Iraq HUSSIAN killed terrorists
    No WMDs
    World a evil place
    Never heard of chopping off heads
    We are going to knock the hell out of them
    Scottish developments
    Plays reporters
    Crowd TTTT
    Face shots and protests is only coverage
    People,still,coming in
    JEB! Wasting money
    A movement take our country back
    I am a unifier
    President divider
    Time magazine
    Large crowds everywhere
    The biggest rallies
    We did great in Iowa
    Strong 2d
    I think i came in first
    Create borders 179k fugitive criminal aliens
    Send them back
    Never coming back
    Build a wall
    Trade deficit with Mexico
    18000 miles long Great Wall of China
    Drug money to Mexico
    Make it tough to get Herion
    Carl Ichan
    Blond with red sweater
    Lead by stupid people
    Build up or military
    Economy not growing
    Exports negative
    Bubble stock market
    Unemployment numbers phony 25%
    5% employment you would not be here
    six died searching
    5 killers traded
    Deal with Iran $150 b for nothing
    Dancing in streets
    Supreme leader
    Bought Airbus
    Some money for terror
    Kerry a dummy
    Mrs McMaster real boss
    Walk out on Iran
    You are not getting the money
    Idiots approve budgets
    Make a deal
    Nuclear proliferation
    China take care of Korea
    China sucking money leader smarter
    Take advantage of us
    Kerry clown
    Self inspection in Iran
    What the hell are we doing?
    Beautiful young people that love this country
    Iran will take over Iraq
    Beautiful oil
    I opposed war on Iraq
    They toy with us
    South China Sea
    We can't build wall China builds islands
    Enviro rules
    Ripping the hell out of ocean
    Taking jobs
    Allowed our country to be savages
    Bomb the oil
    Patton would be on talk show
    Yemen to Saudi Arabia
    Starts repeating himself
    Vote for me
    We are going to win
    Common core
    2d A
    Make America great again

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.