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Monday, May 11, 2020

Highlights of the News


And Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: The College Fix reported, "A new poll finds that nearly half of young people feel the federal government threatens their own personal rights and freedoms.

"The survey asked 1,600 high school and college students several questions, including: “Do you think the federal government threatens your own personal rights and freedoms, or not?”

"46% responded yes, 35% no, and the rest unsure."

That should brighten any real American's day. The CDC, FBI, NSA, and the rest are packed with liars and perjurers because they never are prosecuted.

ITEM 2: National Journal reported, "Three of the four freshmen members of the left-wing "Squad" that President Trump calls AOC+3 — Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota — have drawn opponents who have made the case that they’re too extreme for the districts they represent. Tlaib is at risk at losing her seat to an experienced African-American official in her Detroit-area district. And while Ocasio-Cortez and Omar are favored to prevail, they will face their first serious test over the popularity of their progressive messages in deep-blue districts.

"The unusual and unpredictable turnout patterns for upcoming summer primaries taking place during a pandemic will also add some uncertainty to these races. New York Democratic officials have been working to cancel the presidential primary for their June 23 elections, a decision overruled by a federal judge and currently under appeal. Without a presidential race driving turnout and with the corona virus keeping many voters home, tiny turnout for state and local primaries raises the likelihood of unpredictable outcomes. Indeed, the low turnout in the 2018 New York primary was a major factor in Ocasio-Cortez’s upset of longtime Rep. Joseph Crowley.

"Ocasio-Cortez’s primary against former CNBC anchor Michelle Caruso-Cabrera hasn’t drawn a lot of attention, but it’s worth watching closely. The congresswoman’s district, which spans Queens and the Bronx, has been one of the hardest-hit areas in the country from the pandemic. But Ocasio-Cortez was the only House Democrat to vote against the corona virus-relief bill, a lonely and unpopular position on Capitol Hill. She told The New York Times that, after the vote, she felt more alienated in Congress than ever before and was facing a personal existential crisis."

Clickbait, but interesting.

I doubt she will be primaried unless the big money that elected her believes she served her purpose.

ITEM 3: Axios reported, "Vice President Mike Pence told Axios on HBO that he welcomes the idea of bringing Michael Flynn back into government, after the Justice Department moved last week to drop its criminal case against President Trump's former national security adviser.

"Why it matters: Trump said April 30 that he would certainly consider bringing Flynn back into the administration. Since Flynn had been accused of lying to the vice president, Pence's blessing clears an obstacle to him returning to Trump’s inner circle."

They had the opportunity to interview the vice president on the day the unemployment rate hits an 80-year high, there is a pandemic panic, and North Korea prepares to test and ICBM.

And this is what they asked him about?

ITEM 4: Michael Walsh reported, "Why the dismissal of Michael Flynn’s case could win Trump re-election."

He wrote, "Did Flynn make mistakes? Yes. The decorated Lt. Gen. should never have gotten involved with lobbying for a country as odious as Erdogan’s Turkey. Naïve in the ways of civilian Washington (like Trump at the time), he never suspected he was being set up by men he thought of as colleagues, especially when he was just doing his job in meeting with the then-Russian ambassador. None of that, however, excuses the breathtaking misconduct of Obama’s rogues’ gallery — all of whom should be lawyering up right about now. Elections, as they say, have consequences.

"And now the floodgates are open. Trump has given his disheartened followers an important victory over the bumbling Mueller and the sanctimonious Comey; meanwhile, in the shadows, Barr and acting DNI Ric Grenell are busily declassifying and releasing documents that will doubtless reveal even more details about the Democrats’ criminal plot against the president. Meanwhile, the salivating media, which awarded themselves slews of Pulitzers for their collusion coverage, have been exposed as the partisan ventriloquist’s dummies they are.

"As the country roars back from the economically disastrous shutdown, Trump now needs to sideline the doctors, ignore the media and resume his place at the bully pulpit. And, with the vindication of Mike Flynn, see that real justice is done."

As was written 2,500 years or so ago in Amos 5:23-24, "Take thou away from me the noise of thy songs; for I will not hear the melody of thy viols. But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream."

God watches over children, drunks, and the United States of America. But unlike the former, we have the hands to do The Lord's work.

Meanwhile in the same paper, a bitter Jonah Goldberg sneered at conservatives in "No, there’s nothing ‘tyrannical’ about wearing a mask now."

Correct, but that's not what we fight. We fight closing down the economy on a whim. The author of Liberal Fascism now promotes it.

ITEM 5: Willie Brown wrote, "When people were asked to shelter in place, they did so in amazing numbers and with no plan. But nobody envisioned the shelter-in-place would last this long.

"Some people who have jobs or retirement checks are fine with staying inside. Those who have lost their jobs, or fear they’re likely to lose their jobs, want the state to reopen.

"But so far, the authorities who have locked us in have yet to figure out how to get us out. If they don’t figure it out soon, the public is going to find a way to get out on its own."

If you are to Willie Brown's left, you may as well give up the ghost and just register as a Democrat.

ITEM 6Delaware Online reported, "An 86-year-old Elkton man who was shot along with his wife Friday in a cemetery in Bear died from his injuries Saturday night.

"Delaware State Police have ruled his death a homicide.

"The couple was shot Friday around 10:15 a.m. at the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery, located at 2465 Chesapeake City Rd. in Bear. Police said Sheldon Francis, 29, of Middletown, was the shooter, and that he exchanged gunfire with officers after fleeing into nearby woods.

"The woman, who police did not identify, was pronounced dead on the scene. Her husband was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died."

Who the hell shoots and kills old people at a cemetery?

ITEM 7The Guardian reported, "The Democratic mayor of Atlanta has called the death of Ahmaud Arbery, who was shot and killed by two white men in February, a lynching.

"Keisha Lance Bottoms also accused Donald Trump of inciting overt acts of racism."

It sure looks like a lynching for two reasons. The first is the video of the killing. The second is that the mayor immediately politicized it.

The story did not include President Trump's statement, "I saw the tape and it’s very, very disturbing."

The Guardian is so terrible, it could pass for an American newspaper.

ITEM 8: Business Insider reported, "Deborah Birx, the White House's corona virus task force response coordinator, blasted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a White House corona virus task force meeting during a discussion on covid-19 data, according to the Washington Post.

"'There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust,' she told CDC Director Robert Redfield, two people familiar with the meeting told the newspaper.

"The Post reported that Birx and others feared that the CDC's statistics on mortality rate and case counts were inflated by up to 25%."

Notice how quickly the Post and Business Insider stripped her of her title of doctor. She speaks the truth. This makes her a danger to the globalists, i.e., communists. Just who does the CDC work for? The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease? Any of them who are pushing the pandemic panic.

They shut down the American economy. Their error cost is $10 trillion. That is a mammoth taking that dwarfs Kelo v. City of New London. Our federal government is loathsome.

I did not think the bastards could top the Russian Collusion hoax. Boy was I wrong. And we know what they will try to do next to stop him upon his re-election.

ITEM 9: The Liberty Daily reported, "4 Million Chi-Com Virus Cases in a World of 7 Billion Means You Have a 0.00057% Chance of Catching the Chi-Com Virus."

Add 2 zeroes right of the decimal point and you have the odds of dying from covid-19. (Actually it is slightly less at 0.00004%.)

We shut down the world for this?

Red China has won the second battle of World War III, an asymmetrical war. The first battle was stealing our factories and making us dependent on them for masks and other medical equipment. Now they introduced biomedical warfare.

Meanwhile, a reader liked the Pro Trump News headline, "Woman Who Lost 2016 Presidential Election to Appear at Virtual Biden Fundraiser."

Not to belabor the point, but the alternatives to Drudge are amazing. Support and visit them. Don't do Drudge. He sold out.

ITEM 10CNN reported, "Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and member of the White House's corona virus task force, tells CNN he will begin a modified quarantine after making a "low risk" contact with the White House staffer who tested positive for the novel corona virus."

The person who demanded an entire quarantine regardless if they came in contact with anyone exempts himself from his own rule. His edict was based on a phantom computer program.

He's 79, the sweet spot for covid-19 deaths.

He will skate for his abundant incompetence. Fire him and disband the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases because failure must have consequences.

This doofus cost the nation $10 trillion.

ITEM 11: Grandpa was Flynnocent.
May his persecutors lose their livelihoods and their liberty.

Some people want his lawyer, Sidney Powell, to succeed Ruth Ginsberg on the Supreme Court.

ITEM 12: I figured out why people hate reporters.
Reporters are tattletales.

ITEM 13: Doing your job is a crime in DC.
We blew $24 million investigating Obama's hoax about Russia.

Bill him.

ITEM 14: The mass media died, and left us with the ass media.
Comcast does not care how inept Todd is. He brings in revenue and pushes the globalist ideology on its NBC subsidiary.

ITEM 15: I said sue and settle on Saturday. I am not alone.
ITEM 16: The Daily Mail reported, "Dozens feared dead as Iranian destroyer accidentally SINKS one of the country's own warships after opening fire on it."

The Iranian navy finally found a navy they can beat.

ITEM 17: The Denver Post reported, "A Castle Rock restaurant drew crowds Sunday when it reopened fully for Mother’s Day in defiance of Colorado’s public health order that limits restaurants statewide to takeout and delivery services.

"Customers packed C&C Coffee and Kitchen on Trail Boss Drive Sunday, filling tables, a patio and forming a line out the door for dine-in service.

"Gov. Jared Polis’ office on Sunday issued a statement calling such conduct illegal and dangerous."


Good luck finding a jury that will uphold his imperial order.

FINALLY: About that picture of two World War II airplanes, the first is a P-47 Thunderbolt and the second is a P-38 Lightning. In the song Bohemian Rhapsody, the lyrics go.
I see a little silhouetto of a man,
Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?
Thunderbolt and lightning very, very frightening me.
(Galileo) Galileo.
(Galileo) Galileo,
Galileo Figaro
Just about every reader gets it. Certainly Wayne and Garth do. But there are always one or two who do not get a pop culture reference. I do not want anyone to feel left out.


  1. I felt left out. Fred Mercury is a pop culture effeminent abuser with mankind sort of fella and I dot get caught up in pop culture. I never had a mohawk haircut, either.

  2. Don, re #2 - she is being primaried, it is a fact. I'm sure she has Soros type benefactors, but the NY business community is rallying around MCC. The Amazon fiasco was huge - and her stand on local issues has troubled local employers. She will be hard pressed to beat Caruso-Cabers. I'd expect MCC to be the better funded, and AOC will be hard pressed at all debates. She is intellectually outgunned - this could be very amusing.

  3. #1 I'm disappointed to see that 35% of those surveyed are morons.

    1. But the non-morons have the edge which surprises me..
      There's hope.

  4. My Dad, had a black,hard rubber silhouette training model hanging in our basement when I was a kid. He was a machine gun and shot gun maintenance man in Ft Myers FL during WWII. He had a hole in his eardrum so he couldn't go to Europe as his cousin Joey did or to the Pacific as his Brother Frankie (he built airplanes out of bullet hole perforated sheet metal). The three of them would have gotten a good laugh at that "Queen" reference.

  5. Talked to my daughter yesterday who’s currently living on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The restrictions they’ve put in place absolutely frosted my ass. Then I get up today and read an article linked by Prof Reynolds about the situation in France. Europe is capitulating - AGAIN. Dooshbags. The EU is twisting round the terlet. Good news for Yank Ryder Cup fans!

  6. I got the Thunderbolt and Lightning reference right away. As with all musicians and other "artistes," I ignore their personal antics and try to appreciate their art. And some time ago I sported a Mohawk haircut - when I was a U.S. Army Paratrooper. - Elric

  7. 8 - It is encouraging that Dr. Brix is not in cahoots with the CDC.

    10 - At first, I thought Fauci self quarantined because he had been scheduled to testify before congress this week. Now I saw that he will testify remotely. Hopefully, the few honest republicans will blast him.

    14 - And of course the "conservative" member of the panel, Peggy Noonen, was there to nod and agree with Todd.

    FINALLY: Magnifico-o-o-o-o is right. Very Magnifico-o-o-o-o. And I sure love Freddie Mercury's voice. One of the best rock singers ever.

  8. And congrats again Don. Another Thomas Lifson reference in American Thinker.

  9. 8 - brix knows she stepped in it and played a decisive role in historys worst public health fiasco. She has been around cdc for decades now she sees the light? Where was that skepticism 2 months ago when she was scolding us every night for being naughty and not following her ORDERS? She is trying to weasel out of her role in this disaster and in full on CYA.

  10. Item #6 "Who the hell shoots and kills old people at a cemetery?"

    And, who the hell says, "We have to pass to see what's in it." - Gary B

    1. Who the hell shoots and kills old people at a cemetery?

      The same people that if there weren't any in this country, most police forces could reduce by 90-95%. That's who.

  11. #17 - there has been frighteningly little discussion about all of these orders, and AFAIK, no jury trials at all related to COVID-19. We need to prepare for them by talking about jury nullification.

  12. "FINALLY" - Thank you for the reference. I was running my business for 33 years and never had time for pop culture. I was wondering why two US Army Air Corps planes would be frightening.

  13. ITEM 14: The Toad has, is, and will always be a dishonest hack on a dishonest network. He must be good at it, as the dishonest network pays him too much money.

    As for Barr, it's sad that he had to be forced to look into the Flynn case by the FISA court, and the dishonesty behind the FISA warrants. It was known by many sites that the whole Flynn affair was a sad sorry dishonest frame-up mess. When Flynn finally hired a competent lawyer who actually fought for him, Sidney Powell, she discovered how bad it was right off. Way before Barr's team of "crack" attorney's did. Rule of Law? What's that nowadays?


  14. 16. kind of like a french civil war.

    Finally: Thanks for giving the lyrics context. I never would have figured it out on my own.

  15. Item 9. The rampant innumeracy on the internet, and everywhere else, is getting tiresome. 4 million out of 7 billion is .00057, which is equal to .057 percent. It is not equal to .00057 percent. It's wise nowadays to keep a calculator handy, as basic math is so often botched in the articles we read.

  16. Regarding Flynn,
    Yeah whatever.
    When I see people like Comey, Strozk, Page, and the Great Black Hype get perp-walked at four in the morning by the SWAT team, then I'll believe that justice has been served.

    Regarding Wu-flu,
    The biggest hoax perpetrated on the American people for power, wealth and control by the government, the CDC, the WHO, the corrupt individuals of those organizations, and the sycophantic media choir that pushed the hype and fear.

    Regarding the dead "jogger" or
    Why the media is also bad at math,
    A private residence was being remodelled + Stuff was disappearing from said residence + Owner put up cameras which showed perp trespassing on his residence + Perp found near residence and killed by vigilantes = Another racially motivated lynching

    I'd hope the vigilantes are brought to justice, but this is just another in a looooooong line of blm hyped bs for the sake of sordid ratings by the sycophantic media choir. Half baked with half the facts stories like this one is why easily triggered jerkwads riot, burn cities, kill cops, and murder old couples in cemeteries.

    1. perp walked at 4AM with cnn broadcasting live!

    2. Yeah, over on Court TV they're calling it the Jogger I guess running from a crime scene makes you an excersize freak nowadays.

  17. 1: And there goes '20 for the Demos.

    4: Trump now needs to sideline the doctors, ignore the media and resume his place at the bully pulpit.

    You get your wish.

    Fauci and Birx' public withdrawal worries "experts".

    7: Looks like there's another vid that turns this onto another Trayvon.

    We'll see.

    8: Toldja.

    10: Ditto.

  18. Why is Item 7 getting more media than Item 6? Could it be the perp in 6 is black and victims white?

    BTW - The victim in Item 7 was arrested for bringing a loaded gun to basketball game. There's more to this story.

  19. Finally-The owner of my old Airtanker outfit was a P-38 pilot in Europe. He loved the P-38 got shot down on D-Day spen the rest of the war in a POW Camp.The P-38 was very useful in the Pacific because of the Twin engines and good range,the Lighting was the aircraft that bagged Yamaoto,
    Now we use Apache Helicopters and Hellfire Missles. (Solimani) The P-47 was known as "The Hog." because of its size. Eight .50cal guns and
    Rugged build,,It was perfect for ground attack.
    Direct ancestor to the A-10 Warthog..
    BTW both were designed by Alexander Kartevli
    Russian emegrie' who was the chief designer for Seversky/Republic and gave US the P-47,F-84,f-105,and the A-10.
    Both aircraft the '38 and '47 you didn't want in the rearview mirror.

  20. Item 1. Poll questions are often ambiguous and the results are subject to interpretation. You interpreted the "federal government" as the CDC, FBI, NSA; others could interpret it as the president. How does one answer "do you believe in climate change"? It doesn't ask do you believe that climate change is primarily man-caused and disastrous? Answering yes to the first, can easily be twisted to imply answering yes to the second.

  21. In item 6, the reporting omits that the victims, a couple visiting their son's grave, are white; and the shooter was black. In item 7, the murder of a young black man by two white men (father and son) the attack is called out as racist white hate. The incident in item 6 has gotten little treatment in the media; the incident in item 7 has been covered extensively and repeatedly. Think about that. Take all the time you need.

  22. CDC Director Robert Redfield, Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci were all investigated by the Feds over the apparently false Aids Drugs claims they made. They were never pursued as we have come to expect as to Just-US!.
    Instead they remained in the system and were promoted. THIS IS TRUE!

  23. I blame the model that gave is 2.2 million deaths with no mediation. The doctor, the President and the governors took in that fear of the overrunning of our medical services to do what they did, However after they saw the lies from China and WHO with the reality of the facts over the models, few advised releasing the healthy from the lockdown and protecting people like me who is 75 with many medical issues that supposedly make me much more venerable to the virus. What is now happening is unconstitutional and illogical. See Title 18 Section 242 of the US Code.

    1. I wonder if POTUS's reputation as a germaphobe was seen as his kryptonite, the chink in his armor; his opponents realized they could use a disease as a political weapon because that would be the one thing he would be willing to fight with extreme measures?

    2. rbbr, This is something to think about.



  25. #15 Along with the money from sue and settle should come a consent decree. Legally enforceable rules for FBI and DOJ to live by.

  26. #8 We live in perilous times and dealing with Satan inspired people, we just to remember to pray constantly for our country and President.
    #15 I hope General Flynn does sue and hope the President does appoint him to a high position in his administration, then watch the meltdowns and fireworks.


  27. I'll tell you who murders people in cemeteries: Anthony Arriaga,of Gibsonburg, Ohio. Bennett Hatfield was putting flowers on his wife's grave in a cemetery in Mingo County on May 24, 2016 when Arriaga shot him in the back.