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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Biden looks ridiculous

News Busters reported, "Loyal Lackey: CNN’s Bash Goes Soft on Biden, Helps Push Conspiracies."

What struck me was the graphic used to illustrate the report. The interviewer was a good 10 feet from Biden.

As the illegal Democrat lockdown on America recedes, Biden is crawling out of his hole.

He looks ridiculous.

He is wearing a mask that looks like someone took a black magic marker to his photos.
One criterion for being elected president is to look healthy.

Biden does not.

Monica Showalter wrote, "Joe Biden made his big comeback Monday, emerging after two months of covid-19 isolation from his Delaware mansion basement. Wearing his covid mask with matching dark glasses, he came out to lay a wreath for Memorial Day.

"It wasn't a pretty picture. His appearance was more like 'the thing that came from the crypt.' He looked frail, unwell, unfit, and certainly not happy to be there. The glasses in particular looked unnecessary under the circumstances, and coupled with a sepulchral black mask, made him look like that guy who was shrinking and morphing into an insect, saying 'help me' in the old movie 'The Fly.'

"The simple task of laying a Memorial Day wreath raised questions about the state of his health. Biden showed a halting walk and appeared confused about where to deposit his wife when he approached his limo."

I get that the campaign has to take him out for a walk now and then.

But dang, he is worse than Hillary when she was drunk on 9/11.

Brit Hume mocked the Masked Man.

Hume said, "He is with his wife, with whom he's been quarantined for, what, 10 weeks? Something like that. Nine weeks? He's not a covid carrier. So the idea you're wearing a mask to protect someone else doesn't seem to apply here, especially the fact that [he] is outdoors, where there's very little empirical data indicating that the virus spreads very easily outdoors."

Evidently, Biden's staff believes wearing a mask is presidential.

After all, Chairman Xi wears one.

Biden said, "The president’s supposed to lead by example. I watched the president yesterday wearing no mask – and some making fun of the fact that I wore a mask. The truth of the matter that I think you’re supposed to lead by example."

President Trump is leading. He is leading us out of our homes and into the sunlight.

Biden? He has no clue as to where he is or where he is going.

But his campaign thinks covid-19 is his ticket to the White House


  1. I remain of the opinion that Creepy Joe is a placeholder. They will replace in the back room at their convention. The real question is who will it be?

    1. I believe you are right. They will "amendment 25" him before he even gets the nomination.

    2. ...Who the replacement is really won't matter. The same Dems will fall lockstep in for Biden's replacement. See how Carville spoke of the POTUS, the other day>>>Profane and sexually disturbing comments, and the Lib media raised nary a shock. ZB

    3. Big Mike is warming up in the bullpen!

      He/she probably would pick Stacey Abrams for veep. The one person Big Mike would NEVER pick for veep is Hillary - Big Mike would have to double the guards and hire food tasters...

    4. Biden looked like his keepers muzzled him before they let him out after his ultra dumb 'you aint black'oral bowel movement that he puked out when they mistakenly permitted him to go without one.

  2. Agree. Still betting on Michelle o.

  3. The mask hides the duct tape.


    2. Yes, silence is golden; duct tape is gray.

  4. Maybe the 10-foot distance was the interviewer's choice. Being of the female persuasion, she probably was thinking, "Biden, hmm ...not even with a 10-foot pole..."

    1. I figured she didn't want to be groped or have her hair sniffed.

    2. Priceless comment. Thank you for making me laugh.

  5. Yet, with all of his gaffes, his "You ain't black" statement, his Tara Reid incident, his obvious health and mental issues, he still carries a lot of support. Who are these idiots supporting him? Gawd, Hillary was a KNOWN criminal, despite what Comey said, and she carried more percentage than Trump. I chalk that up to people not really knowing Trump. But now?

    I am starting to believe I live in a real twilight zone.


  6. Can he still sniff hair thru that thing?

    1. The Fly??!!!
      The comment are just the octane boost needed to put up with the dear ruler here in the people's republic of California.
      Much gratitude to you all!!

  7. Maybe Ms Bash just didn't want her hair smelled.

  8. That is the most pathetic display I have ever seen. Biden is not a leader. He looks aged.Trump is vital and energetic a President..Biden is a resident.
    Personally I don't think Michelle is going to be the one. Hillary still wants this like a Rottweiler wants Steak.However the Dem nomination turns out Its going to be heck of a brawl...

    1. This is not about who wants it, it's about who will reliably do the bidding of the masters. They must have someone they can control.

  9. I believe Scott Adams pointed out that the man behind the mask parted his hair on the opposite side than Slow Joe does. Someone else pointed out that the ears were different.

    A body double? Hard to tell behind the mask and glasses.

  10. I don't always comment but when I do I don't wear a mask

    random thoughts comment

    No President of the US has been seen with a mask. And NO President of the US will. Joe Biden just lost the Presidency in May. Must be a record. Hillary lost the Presidency and her shoe on September 11th.

    It's funny how we all have comment on here about how bad the Biden campaign is doing. But no one realizes why. The successful presidential elections since 2000 have all had one thing in common. All of these presidents have ignored or done the opposite of what the National Press has advocated.

    The Press thinks masks are cool.

    Elected Presidents don't wear them. (the logical analysis and implications are left to the student)

    It is very HARD to not look ridiculous to modern media. If you have ever testified in the unhallowed halls of congress you would notice that there are rapid fire image taking at certain times. These cameras are intended to capture the testifier with "mouth open" "frown" "confused" looks so that these pictures will "enhance" whatever narrative the media decides the headline cut will illustrate.

    Modern media types know how to avoid the BIG errors. Bad lighting, bad posture, bad clothes and makeup. But other things like HOW TO LOOK LIKE THE LEADERS OF THE FREE WORLD would be impossible for them. After all folks there have only been 45 of these men. It's a really exclusive club. A club SO EXCLUSIVE Obummer taunted Trump about "going down in history as a President" with smug assurance that Trump would never be one.

    There are several idiotic ideas the media has right now. Leaders wearing Doctor Masks is only one of them.

    FYI - "President Xi" is not actually wearing a mask either. His double is. Xi has been sequestered at an undisclosed location since January.

    And the fact that NO ONE can prove me wrong in this China assertion IS EXACTLY why world leaders with VERY REAL Nuclear Weapons at their command would NEVER really go out in public in such a way to indicate that maybe the leader is NOT in command of those terrible weapons.

    (the logical analysis of the above, is left to the student as a bonus exercise) (HINT - We will not be having a real Cold War Part 2, to have a cold war you need two equal adversaries, not what we have now)

    moving on...

    Maureen Dowd is out of hiding in her covid bunker of solitude. What does she spend her precious wisdom blathering about? Masks. I think she's being as subtle as she can indicating that maybe this Mask thing is not really a good idea. Or not this article is very meandering.

    One think is certain though. If there was certainty she would record it. I think she was caught in having to publish "something" but not being able to write from her crystal ball of media "in process to be published in 1,2 or 3 weeks" to know what the future holds.

    I bet she felt like a superhero who lost her superpowers.

    Which brings me to something that is very topical today. What the heck is Trump doing poking at Joe vs the Twitter Volcano?

    My money is that Trump just figured out that the Media does not know what is next after Covid. They really don't. Every single talking head out there is stumped.

    So Trump wants to give them a new narrative. HIS. Quite a coup if he pulls it off.

    But I think the REAL GAME will be to get all the media energy chewing on SOMETHING, ANYTHING to allow the Obamagate story to not be killed in it's crib before it grows up and starts stomping hard on the hapless Biden.

  11. The KKK party is trying to get Americans to wear masks. No surprise there.

  12. The President is leading by example. And it's great.

  13. His wife wasn't holding his hand. She was GUIDING him. It was that obvious. He hesitated about what to do when faced with an open car door.

  14. I disagree with this whole "Biden will be replaced" thing. It overlooks a number of pertinent facts:

    1) You would need a serious justification. What (or who?) will say to him, "You're old and sick, Joe. It's time to go." Biden could insist he's never been better and cite his medical examination from last December saying he's in fine shape. Does anyone else have something different?

    2) He can say the voters chose him. What right does anyone have to say they're wrong?

    3) And he can also say, "Where's the problem? I'm leading in the polls!" And he'd be right. Will that be true in November? (I hope not.) But right now, it is.

    4) Finally, you can't replace somebody with nobody. Big Mike is an unknown political quantity. She has given ZERO indication of wanting to be president. Who else? Cuomo bombed out. Newsome? You gotta be kidding.....

    In short, I think the whole "replace Biden" thing is a fantasy that doesn't withstand 30 seconds of serious thought.

  15. "Evidently, Biden's staff believes wearing a mask is presidential."

    Biden's staff prefers Joe! wear a mask so, at a later time, they can dub a voice sounding similar to his saying something coherent.

  16. It's Super Thursday. Every day. Hillary will take the nom, btw. Without debates. Without objection except maybe Berners.

  17. As a physician I am reluctant to make a diagnosis without an in person exam, unlike some pysch doctors...However Joe Biden has presented with some clear signs of a neurodegenerative disease that demands evaluation..touching little girls..dysinhibition....word finding difficulty....response to his recent comment on a radio show...lack of empathy......these point to a condition called frontotemporal dementia...

  18. Forget everyone else. If Biden is replaced by anyone but Bernie Sanders there will be a REAL riot in Milwaukee. Sanders supporters will tear the convention arena to pieces. Seriously, the dems are floating down the Niagra river in a canoe they are paddling with feathers. They are pretending the roar they hear is the wind in the pines, but they know it's the approaching falls which they continue to try to wish away.