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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Barr kicks the unmasking can past the election

As you read this post, ask yourself this: would you give up a seat on the Supreme Court for justice?

I wouldn't.

I could rationalize the decision all the livelong day. Yes, I screwed the country on this, but only to serve justice on all those Supreme Court decisions. I call this principled cowardice.

But this is a question John Bash will have to answer for himself.

Just the News reported, "Attorney General William Barr has asked a federal attorney from Texas to review the practice of unmasking during the 2016 presidential election.

"The attorney, John Bash, is a U.S. attorney for the Western District of Texas.

"The probe was announced Wednesday night by Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec on Fox News."

No excitement without an indictment, and John Durham is slow-walking the prosecution of the perjurers in the Department of Justice who framed General Michael Flynn and who tried to frame President Donald John Trump.

Barr came in heralded by conservatives (including me) but he has done jack.

I figure Bash is a safe choice.

That is not to bash Bash. The man's resume is impeccable: Harvard, Harvard Law, an editor of the Harvard Law Review, and he clerked for two Supreme Court justices: Antonin Scalia and Brett Kavanaugh (before he was a justice). As an assistant solicitor general, he argued 10 cases before the Supreme Court.

This screams that the wheels are greased for high office. This man has impressed not just President Trump but his predecessor.

[UPDATE: I do not mean an immediate Supreme Court appointment. But certainly he could be on that track.]

Why would he risk all that by trying to indict Susan Rice or any of Obama's other lackeys? Why poke the hornet's nest? Even if he somehow got a DC jury to indict, and another one to convict, how would this help his career?

He just busted the FBI and everyone in DC not named Donald Trump fears the FBI.

Bash is an earnest young man with a great future ahead of him. This is a favor for Barr and the rest of the swamp. It will be repaid.

Lower your expectations and you will never be disappointed again.

Bash's job is to get past November 3 when we see who the president will be for the four years after that.


  1. Replies
    1. Hang Obama, dissect the Hidabeast.

    2. The reason impeachment of the President has been so rare until recently is that if it's successful, it changes everything.

      The reason no President has been prosecuted and convicted of crimes committed while in office is that it changes everything.

      The reason Ford pardoned Nixon was to prevent a legal case against Nixon from changing everything.

      The reason Obama will not face charges, let alone conviction, is that it would change everything.

      L. Farria

  2. One thing. Bash could be being groomed for Ginsburg's replacement . We have no idea whether she will retire or die soon. But Bash is the perfect
    choice. I think we will see some lower level people indicted. After the election, fewer dems , less controversy. Like mega p. said -"Pardon Obama cuff Hillary."-after the election.
    Trump's on the move with his exc.Order with Twitter.
    Barr is looking seriously at voter fraud-that is about to break.
    China is our enemy. Trump has and will deal with them.
    BTW to Comey-"Orange is the new Black".

    1. Yeah, you speak truth. Frustrating as it is after 3-4 years of learning all these facts that are just surfacing. 3-4 years of rising hope of justice, and crushing disappointment when it just goes away. Anger at the NEW FACTS! coming out every day that are not reported anywhere that mainstream, IDC Americans get their news.
      If at least a few mid-level scumbags get the soap-on-a-rope, well...maybe someone will read or hear about it.

  3. Big D, at this point I couldn’t give a fook. Again, it’s a win-win for me personally. Absent an assassination, it’s Mr. T in a landslide. If the former, I will get a lot of pleasure from taking part in blowing up the WaPo building. Hey, if the blacks can get away with it in Minneapolis, why can’t a bunch of WV peckerwoods do the same?

  4. I live in the Western District of Texas. I occasionally see John Bash delivering a soundbite about big indictments and convictions on local news. He appears to a fine U.S. attorney who may or may not deliver a report/indictments whatever by Nov. 3. But I seriously doubt anyone is thinking even the best of federal prosecutors for a seat on SCOTUS when there are so many distinguished appellate justices to choose from.

  5. Sadly, I agree with you, Don. My belief that anyone working for our government's Justice Department will not do the right thing puts me in good company.

  6. I hoped that Trump would get a chance
    to make those swamp critters squirm and dance and maybe our country could go on for awhile
    I Can’t remember if I cried when I read about the deep state’s exercise, {mueller, barr, bash}
    but something touched me deep inside the day that U.S. justice died . . .

  7. Has anyone ever done a side-by-side compare and contrast between FBI agents Gordon Liddy and Peter Strzok?

    1. In Watergate 69 were indicted and 48 were convicted or plead guilty. Just the number of FBI agents should exceed the 69 indicted in Watergate.

  8. IF anyone will ever actually go to JAIL over the criminal corrupt sedition that occurred, it will happen AFTER trump begins a second term. Not before.

    1. Right. And, that's when I hope like hell Betsy DeVos is finally turned loose to rip our education system out by the roots. - Gary B

  9. the wheels of justice grind slow, but exceedingly fine.

    they're fishing for lunkers. takes time. don't measure in dog years. you don't want a wounded swamp critter thrashing around in the bush.

    dig the pit. sharpen pungi stakes carefully. dip them in the honey pots. let them dry. arrange in pit. cover carefully. put some shiny stuff above so they're not watching feet.


    1. Exactly. "Softly, softly, catchee monkey."

  10. The problem is this: at some point the guys who still stand by their oath are going to go "roof top Korean." They will protect this country for their grandchildren. When that day comes Justice is coming for dinner and he's bringing Hell with him.

    Spin Drift

  11. The minute I read that Barr supported and defended the Ruby Ridge FBI sniper that killed Randy Weaver's wife, while she was holding her baby, I knew he was just another DC reptile, hailed by both sides as a stand-up guy, brought in to do exactly what he is doing. Don't hold your breath. You'll just turn blue. - Gary B