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Friday, May 08, 2020

3 reasons 14.7% unemployment won't stop Trump

Democrats and the Red Chinese believe the pandemic panic will cost President Donald John Trump any chance of re-election. Sage experts envision 1932 when FDR swept into the White House and slayed Republicans for a generation.

But I just don't see how he can lose. History, his competence, and psychology all point to an easy win.

Democrats are rewriting history to say the Spanish Flu in 1918 cost Democrats the 1920 election, but President Warren G. Harding's call for a return to normalcy did the trick. People were tired of progressiveness and international politics following the end of the Great War.

Economic collapses cost presidencies. The Panic of 1837 cost President Martin Van Buren the 1840 election. The Panic of 1893 cost the party of President Grover Cleveland (who did not seek a third term) the 1896 election. And the Stock Market Crash of 1929 cost President Herbert Hoover the 1932 election.

In each case, the downturn happened 3 years before the next election. Each president had plenty of time to restore the economy. Each failed.

The Recession of 1981 did not cost President Ronald Reagan the 1984 election because he fixed the economy.

Likewise, the Panic of 1873 did not cost Republicans the 1876 election because President U.S. Grant restored our prosperity.

I do not recall an election year panic that resulted in a presidential loss.

This is new and I suggest that people blame the virus for this recession and not President Trump's policies.

This leads to the second reason 14.7% unemployment won't stop President Trump. Americans know his economic policies work. He took a mediocre economy with 4.9% unemployment -- the new normal -- and made it the best economy in 50 years with 3.5% unemployment and a 50% increase in the stock market in his first 3 years.

The man who got us to 3.5% unemployment is seen as the best bet to take on 14.7% unemployment.

Whereas under Obama we lost 901,000 factory jobs, we were up 601,000 under President Trump until the pandemic panic hit.

His policies themselves make him very electable because he took Red China head-on. Most Americans blame Red China for this cursed covid-19. They want nothing to do with Red China now.

Biden of course is on Red China's payroll via his son, who collected a $1.5 billion to "invest" while on a visit to Beijing with his dad.

Efforts to make President Trump responsible for this mess fail because the governors -- not the president -- shut the country down.

This leads to the third reason President Trump's supporters will not abandon him: psychology. Since June 16, 2015, when he announced his presidential candidacy, the press has been unkind and unfair to Donald Trump and his supporters. Calling people racist, sexist, xenophobic, and all that garbage is no way to win them over.

The Democrats did this because they think they can win without any of President Trump's supporters. Arithmetic laughs in their face. His posse of voters includes Obama supporters. They took 30 states in 2016. They can do it again in 2020. That is where the battle is.

Democrats also made Donald Trump a sympathetic victim by spying on him and lying about him.

And far from dragging him down, the Russian Collusion witch hunt and the impeachment hoax have shown President Trump to be a winner.

Right now, the 2020 election could be 1932 all over again but with Donald Trump playing the role of FDR.

But President Trump's supporters must work as hard as they did in 2016 to make the magic happen again. This ain't golf. There are no gimmes.


  1. panic of 1873...

  2. always enjoy your comments,Don. but whats up with vid screen that doesn't vid

    1. I have the video screen with no video too - on one browser that's old. I have two other browsers that have been updated and the videos display. So: it's your browser that needs an update - the videos help pay for this website.

  3. I think the field of leftist candidates which was whittled down through manipulation by the DNC, leaving Biden as the presumptive opponent also assists President Trump in his reelection bid.

    The economy right now is bleak, but we were enjoying a very robust economy till things got shut down. Electing Biden is to bring back the Obama economy, where mediocrity was the "best we should expect". President Trump proved Obama's policies were lousy for this country.

    The media is not trusted, even by those on the same side as they are, as they have lied their butts off and been proven wrong over just about every major issue these past three years.

    My biggest concern in President Trump's reelection is voter fraud. There was massive fraud used to put Obama in, even though I don't think he needed that assistance. McLame was a vomit inducing choice for Republicans. I believe Hillary got the popular vote through a lot of fraud. Just not enough to give her the Presidency (Thank God).

    If dementia Joe wins, it can only be through massive fraud. Biden is not capable of running around his basement in his underwear, let alone running this country. Even his "supporters" can see that.

    1. I agree Old Goat. Voter fraud.... havesting, mail ins, no ID, scares the hell out of me. I know a lot of progress has been made by Judicial Watch to trim off some of the voter fat, God love them, but I believe it's not going to be enough. Them demo-rat bastards are terrible people!

    2. Fraud scares me more than anything but I also am sure PDJT is prepared for it. We just don’t know yet.

      OG - the media is not trusted on the left l, but it is Fox News they hate and don’t trust. I was talking on the phone yesterday with some ultra-libs. They assumed I was ultra liberal too. They think Fox News is the devil incarnate and were calling them fake news. They also were calling PDJT lazy, stupid and corrupt. Because
      Of what I am working with them on and how dependent I am on Them for this, I just held my tongue. For the record, I don’t watch Fox News. Ever. And I’ve read that they are tacking to the left except for some night programs.

    3. The fraud machine is huge and well polished by now. I just have to trust PDJT and his stellar team of geniuses like Brad Parscale and Stephen Miller, etc. to have plans to derail at least enough of it.
      But another factor is the globalists, now that they know they can tank the economy whenever they want, also know that shutting down the EBT cards will generate mass chaos within 48-72 hours. The inner cities will burn first, and that will be their "October surprise" if they have nothing else. We're in for some rough times between now and November.

    4. There's the old saying, if it's not close, they can't cheat. I don't think it will be close at all, no matter who replaces Biden (and he WILL be replaced on the ticket).

      The big problem for the democrats is that the biggest tyrants at the state, county, and city level have been democrats. They won't all be on the November ballot, but there will be voters out for vengeance against the shutdown party, and I'll be one of them.

      -L. Farria

    5. I agree, 24 democrat governors who I believe if possible, will install mail in ballots for their states. Wolf in PA is someone who will do anything to deliver the state for the democrats.

  4. 4th reason.

    the Demos have shown themselves to be not only the party of slavery, racism, and welfare, they have also shown themselves to be the Let Them Eat Cake party, the We Love Commies party (they've been doing that for 52 years), and the party of dictatorship.

    Republicans have had more than their share of jerks as governors this year, but for arbitrary and petty policy-making and Draconic enforcement, no one can beat the Democrats.

    Donald Trump will take more than 30 states this year. He will build on his lead in the Senate and take back the House.

    It's an old maxim in this country that people usually vote against more than the vote for. People will be voting against the UnDemocratic party this year and for years to come. Every hardship endured because of the lockdown will translate to a vote against the Democrats.

    This could be an election that even overshadows 1984.

  5. Biden Sold Out America to China While Working for Hollywood
    Biden: "There is no question that you've got the right guy with the right influence."
    May 8, 2020

  6. The dems have already given up on the top of the ticket 2020. Sure there will be smoke, noise and media bluster between now and November; but the "community" can not elect a President and Biden is the community candidate. Not by plan just through reaction, state and local down ballot dems are desperate to maintain pay to play. Who knows, there may even be criminal prosecutions. I did not say convictions. Trump gets to save the the economy twice in four years, now that's a gift. And there could be real backlash on the local level to minimize ticket splitting.

  7. There may be a rebellion in the red states for decisions their governors made that killed businesses and damaged economies and families.

  8. Instapundit: "Trump has wrecked an entire slate of future Democratic Party presidential and vice-presidential candidates, just by letting them govern as they think best."

    1. Farkas a former Obama high muckity muck just admitted she lied about the dossier. She is running for office. How many times do you think her opponent will publicize her lying to the nation? She's toast.

  9. You didn't mention 2008 as an example of an economic collapse costing the party controlling the White House the next election. Of course, the perpetual wars, and McCain's obvious mental instability in the face of the September collapse, were too much for even Sarah Palin to be able to pull the Republicans across the finish line that year. (And, yes, Gov. Palin gave McCain a fighting chance to win in 2008, which McCain proceeded to blow so obviously that he never forgave Gov. Palin for putting him into a position where he lost what was a winnable election and not an unwinnable one.)

  10. It's going to be 1972 all over again.

  11. Huh. 29.3 million page views.
    I'd say we're coming up on another milestone!

  12. Remember, my friends...

    NEVER bet against Donald John Trump.

  13. Plain and simple, Biden is a terrible candidate. Hillary was bad for a lot of reasons but Creepy Gropey Joe is terrible. And the Dems have a whole shed full of bad candidates. The only possible Not-Trump candidate that would be problematic for Trump is Moochelle.