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Saturday, April 18, 2020

We funded Red China's world dominance

Glenn Reynolds linked a story about a fact-checker at the Washington Post who ignored facts to defend WHO. The Instapundit then said, "The WHO is in China’s pocket, and so is the Washington Post."

COVID-19 -- the Red Chinese Disease -- has awoken Americans and the rest of the world to the fact that Red China now dominates the world. While the United States was busy fighting a Global War on Terrorism, Red China was using its trade surplus with the United States to buy influence across the world.

The seminal event of 2001 was not 9/11 but rather 12/11, the day in December 2001 when Red China joined the World Trade Organization. Both presidents Bush and Clinton trusted China. The whole world did.

Because of their misguided trust, someday soon this video will no longer be available.

Red China is the Sun Tzu in this war. It won the first battle when we stopped calling it Red China. We convinced ourselves that Red China had changed after Chairman Mao died. It didn't. Tienanmen Square proved that.

Oh, the State Department's official history is full of fire and fury.

It said, "In the aftermath, President George H.W. Bush denounced the actions in Tiananmen Square and suspended military sales as well as high level exchanges with Chinese officials. Many members of the U.S. Congress, the American public, and international leaders advocated broader economic sanctions, some of which were implemented. U.S. leaders met with Chinese nationals studying in the United States as a symbolic gesture of commitment. Questions of relations with China, in particular the granting of Most-Favored-Nation trading status, were controversial questions for the remainder of President Bush’s term and into the term of President Bill Clinton."

They talked a good game, but rewarded Red China with Most Favored Nation status.

On February 15, the George H. W. Bush Foundation for U.S.-China Relations gave Red China 2 million masks to fight COVID-19.

2 million masks for a nation of a billion people is nothing. This was a symbolic gesture of fealty to Chairman Xi. The Bushies tug at their forelocks in his presence. Red China has Biden in its pocket having given his idiot son $1.5 billion "to invest." That would buy a mountain of cocaine and a battalion of strippers to go with it.

And yes, it is Chairman Xi. He is the head of the Communist Party in Red China. Calling him president is a deliberate lie that ignores the fact that he has lifetime tenure. The only way to oust him is by assassination.

Trade with Red China has been a disaster. Corporations whose CEOs now are all little social justice warriors use Red China's factories to dodge American labor and environmental laws. They can virtue signal all they want but they are modern day Henry Clay Fricks. COVID-19 is their Johnstown Flood.

Red China was slick. It knew how to get America's media, federal government, and academia. When Disney (owner of ABC and ESPN) censored Winnie the Pooh at the behest of Chairman Xi, we should have known it was over at least as far as the media goes.

When was the last time Richard Gere did a major motion picture? His Free Tibet movement in Hollywood is in a 1990s time capsule now. Dalai Lama is persona non grata among the elitists.

I have no idea if COVID-19 was a deliberate terrorist attack on Western civilization or just a crisis that Chairman Xi did not let go to waste.

But I do know that the $3 trillion or so in trade surpluses he has accumulated over the last 8 years from the United States alone funded his ability to gain influence in Italy, Africa and throughout the rest of the world.

Funny how geniuses like Tom Friedman go on and on about how our "addiction" to oil paid for Muslim terrorists but are silent about the trillions we gave the communists in Red China.

President Donald John Trump is the only man who stands between us and Red China.

Our rally cry was given to us last August in Hong Kong: "Don't trust China. China is assho."

That is how the man said it. His English is bad but his warning is accurate.


  1. Felonies ‘Round The Flagpole, Kids; In Many Ways, This Is The Story of Obama
    Teach Your Children Well

    You’ve probably heard about the two doctors in Pensacola, who, with their kids in tow, tore down a neighbor’s Trump Flag in the middle of the night, as their son begged them not to.

    The Western Journal: “Two Florida doctors have been arrested for stealing their neighbor’s “Trump 2020” flag on April 7 after video footage caught them in the act. Geoffrey Michael Fraiche and Laura Ann Webb-Fraiche of Gulf Breeze, Florida, were charged with criminal mischief, trespassing, larceny and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to WKRG-TV. The flag belonged to 67-year-old David Brannen, South Santa Rosa News reported.” …….

    It’s sad when a child is the smartest member of the family. It is also sad that two highly-educated professionals have no higher conception of free speech than “”Shut up,” he explained.”

    This is the same impulse we see in Big Tech employees at Twitter, Facebook and Google, who regularly shadow-ban, manipulate and censor conservative speech. To my mind, it is no different than a phone company censoring your calls or a power company brown-out designed to silence opposition.

    On one level, it’s a prank. But on another, it’s a serious repudiation of the American Way. For those who have never heard it, the answer to bad speech is more speech. If you don’t like your neighbor’s Trump Flag, go fly your own Biden flag. Or an “O-Biden-Bama Democrat”-flag, as Joe calls it. Available at Iranian, Ukrainian and Chinese Embassies everywhere.

    When you think about it, this couple is the Suburban Version of the Obama/Clinton Crime Family.

    * This couple wanted to take down a Trump Flag.
    Obama and Hillary wanted take down Trump himself.

    * The doctors used scissors and a ladder.
    Hillary and Obama used the FBI and the CIA.

    And the FISA Court. And the NSA Database. And the State Dept. And the NSC. And the DOJ. The Russia Hoax. The Mueller Fraud. The Impeachment Coup, the Bureaucracy in Mutiny, the Kitchen Sink–and now the ChinaVirus assault on freedom and prosperity with a Ballot Fraud-chaser.

    * The doctors’ kid kept circling the ladder, warning his parents that this was wrong and they would go to jail.

    By contrast, Hillary’s and Obama’s bastard step-children in the Press helped hold their ladder up and promised to help keep them out of jail for their seditious Coup Attempt.

    * Where the Florida couple’s son refused to play ball, many Press Children were in on it from the beginning, actually helping Brennan and Comey manufacture evidence to frame Candidate Trump.

    The American Press lies for the Democrat Establishment just like the Chinese Press lies for the Communist Politburo. The difference is, the Chinese Press is forced to lie. The American Press volunteers.

    * One couple, in arrogance and by stealth and by force, tried to thwart the voice of a neighbor.
    The other couple, also in arrogance, also by stealth and also by force, tried to thwart the choice of a nation. And they’re still trying today.

    Hold my ladder, kids. Their banner’s comin’ down.

  2. Don't forget the Clinton administration gave China the ability to MRV (Multiple Re-entry Vehicles.) It's ICBM's by allowing them to launch
    our satellites through Loral Corp.
    The Bushes and Clintons have lot to answer for..

    1. Agree that both Bushes and both Clintons have a lot to answer for.

      People seem to have forgotten the Chinagate scandal in Bubba's and Al Gore's re-election campaign. The ChiComs certainly got their money's worth (missile guidance systems and MIRVs) from Bubba and Al Gore. The ChiComs funneled illegal campaign contributions through some shady American Chinese people and a Buddhist monastery(!) in California to Al Gore and Bubba for their 1996 re-election campaign.

  3. For at least a few years that lable "Made in China" in your coat will have bad vibes. Maybe some manufacturing can be brought back here or transferred to Vietnam or India. But price is the biggest determinant of brand loyalty and cost vs profit share price.
    The Chinese have better than average IQ, the determination of the previously deprived, and a ton of money. But they are also old fashioned imperialists who hate and despise their foreign servants.The American way of risk and reward with more or less fair dealing is the better way. In fact if this were not so the Chinese wouldn't be stealing or stuff to exploit it for their own profit.
    I wouldn't give up yet.

  4. 100% Agree.

    I'll add that in 2008 I was traveling in China with my GF. Landed in Shanghai, took the bullet train to Nanjing, then headed to Kunming by plane, train & bus.

    I was astounded by how modern the cities were, the infrastructure and shops were comparable to any wealthy, western city. And there was a notable absence of communist "flavor" (military, flags, statues, banners, etc.) - especially when compared to Laos. But as my GF' Chinese colleges at the university would say: Don't be fooled, China may look western, but it is still run by hard core Communist.

    Doesn't matter where you are, the proverbial man-on-the-street often knows the real score.

    BTW - have seen the Animal Markets first hand, and can attest to the fact that the Chinese eat anything & everything, and waste nothing (small bones, arteries, etc.)

    Keep up the good work DS.

    1. I was on a trip with other business people to Communist Red China in 2001. Besides business, a lot of fun activities. Xian, Beijing and Kunming were Our main stops.

      Kunming fooled me and fooled me for many years, believing China was redeemable. We were basically on our own a lot there and went into a department store. No English being spoken, unlike touristy areas. Crosses for sale in jewelry department. Wow I thought. Many other wow moments - throughout our trip, out guide would pray I. The Buddhist temples we visited. I saw policemen taking illegal pictures of the terra cotta warriors (as did we - our guide told us how).
      It was only PDJT and his words and actions that removed the scales from my eyes.

      Just like Eastern Europe, The people are wonderful and redeemable. The communists are not.

    2. I've a brother who lives in Shanghai. He warned me about how to communicate with him because the chi-coms monitor EVERYTHING.

  5. colleagues

    Keep up the good work DS.

  6. Both presidents Bush and Clinton trusted China. The whole world did.

    No, not the whole world.

    1. Right. Only our betters. They know what's best.

  7. The idea was that by opening, they would become more like us. Instead, we've become more like them, as we see with Big Tech censorship, Agit-Prop Media, One-Party Campuses, Corruption and Nepotism, Election-Rigging and the Police State Coup.

    I rig you long time!

  8. China has been playing us for fools for decades. See "The Hundred-Year Marathon: China's Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower" by Michael Pillsbury.

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  10. James Woods @RealJamesWoods
    If you wonder why you’re suddenly unemployed and a prisoner in your own home, take a gander as this globalist cartel below and you’ll have your answer. The #WuhanCoronaVirus was not accidental, it was inevitable.

  11. I'm not convinced our media is owned by China. Maybe so, but another explanation is that they've got their eyes on the 2020 Presidential election ball and realize that the more people wake up to China the fewer people are going to vote Biden. Because they also know, that no matter how hard they try, Trump is going to let the entire country know about Slow Senile Joe's courting and getting big China $$$ for his family, not to mention all the other "China is our friend" stuff Joe's been peddling for years.

    1. China has infiltrated a great many of our institutions over the years. Whether its influence is direct or indirect, it's more insidious than most people realize. Its influence in media is subtle, because foreign countries cannot own American media outright and I expect its presence is well concealed.

  12. A "battalion" of strippers. Don thats hilarious. Always wondered if it was
    a herd, gaggle, etc. Thanks for clarifying. Coffee all over my keyboard.

  13. I need a car polisher buffer. All are made in China. I guess that I will buy a used one so as not to support China further.

  14. An excellent post, and an outstanding comment thread. So many of the above I just want to shout BRAVO! Megadittos!
    It has been said that the internet treats censorship as damage and routes around it. And more and more we see that as people snag "archived copies" of deleted clips. What we have now is a vast cultural unmasking going on. The Kissinger-Bush "New World Order" is being exposed like never before!

  15. Death to China, Death to Democrats.

  16. intellectual types love totalitarianism, because they assume theirs will be the guiding hand in the back room.

    the ussr had big crops of Nobel prizes yet couldn't feed their people.


  17. WE should start calling him the Supreme Ruler. No more "president". The name is very misleading and it is used deceitfully. There is nothing "presidential" about this man and the office.
    Also - anyone notice how these iron fisted rulers are always well turned out? Pudgy and well fed. Glistening with good health. No bat soup for this fascist. He dines on the best and the hell with
    the rest. Always amazes when those in this country scream for communism how they are blind to what the rulers have and what the rest of the population must endure. Like Boinie Sandas with his three dachas.

  18. They don't understand that although they may be eaten last, they will be eaten.


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