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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Trump to close all borders

President Donald John Trump is cutting an order halting all immigration to the United States.

He announced it on Twitter, which led to a nice defense by Scott Presler, the long-haired young man who went around the country cleaning up cities until COVID-19 hit.
House Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., tweeted that Trump is the "Xenophobe in chief."

Jeffries represents the state that has forced a lockdown across the nation because it is the epicenter of this Red Chinese disease. What an idiot. Democrats order Americans to stay home while demanding we keep the door open to immigrants from all over the world.

Jennifer Rubin, the fake conservative at the Washington Post, called it racist out of habit.
Exactly what race are Canadians?

The Washington Examiner reported, "Trump suspended travel from China in January and later extended that to Europe after Italy and other countries experienced large outbreaks of the flu-like illness. Travel to Iran, which has been devastated by the virus, was also prohibited."

But why would anyone want to come here? According to the New York Times, we are leading the world in COVID-19 deaths. And according to Hillary we are sexist, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and the rest of the basket of deplorables.

NBC reported, "Immigration to the U.S. is already functionally shut down. The Trump administration had closed the U.S.-Canada border and started deporting asylum-seekers and other migrants on the Southern border without due process. International air travel has largely been suspended."

Both Canada and Mexico agreed to close their borders as well.

The Associated Press reported, "Due to the pandemic, almost all visa processing by the State Department, including immigrant visas, has been suspended for weeks."

So we have a de facto closure of our borders. The president will make it formal.

Via Politico Democrat Congressman Joaquin Castro said, "This action is not only an attempt to divert attention away from Trump’s failure to stop the spread of the corona virus and save lives, but an authoritarian-like move to take advantage of a crisis and advance his anti-immigrant agenda. We must come together to reject his division."

He is the chairman of the racist Hispanics-only Caucus. Democrat Senator Kamala Harris and others also condemned the ban. These are the same people who demand that Americans shelter in place. If it is a crime to skateboard in California for fear of spreading this disease, why is it OK to migrate?


  1. I notice that most of the negative comments are from progressive dumocrats (well, Jennifer Rubin calls herself a "conservative" but I don't think that means what she thinks it does). So I'm a little bored by their name calling and their excessive dumbass comments. Watching the Wuhan news conferences every day makes me proud that I voted for Trump. The dumocrat socialists are such a waste of time.

  2. Apparently only democrats are allowed to take advantage of a crisis to push their agenda.

  3. Apparently 'Shelter in Place' for foreigners means 'Shelter in Place in America so we can harvest your votes'.


  4. I don't always comment but when I do, I think about 3d endgame.

    Much Love for Trumpus Magnus Update

    I will always admire how Trump thinks multiple moves ahead.

    Not only did Trump link Border Security. Immigration and Jobs to fighting Covid-19. He closed the borders under his Emergency Powers.

    Do you see what he just did?

    Dems Want Immigration. (actually they DESPERATELY NEED the lucre donatives from wealthy Asians that have decided to get out of Asia-Dodge before it gets worse, and they want latino votes because the latino's Aubeula is not safe in El Salvador anymore and needs to come to US).

    Dems ALSO want a perpetual Corona Emergency minus lime to pummel Trump over his not doing enough, soon enough and fast enough for reason whatever.

    Turmpus just said - Sorry, you can't have it both ways Dems.

    This is such a stellar move I'm having a hard time getting my head around all the implications.

    Trump wants the emergency to end. The Dems DON'T want the Emergency to end.

    Trump uses Emergency powers to turn the thumbscrews on Dems agenda items.

    The only way to end the Embargo on Dem's pet projects (like full population replacement here in US)... is to END the emergency!

    It's genius!

    So now Trump can move to end the Corona minus lime Emergency and the Dems will actually now CHEER HIM ON!

    I can just see it. Fancy Nancy pulls another Small Biz funding hostage stunt for carve outs to San Fran. Trump says "yeah I wanted to open up Immigration in a few days, but ya know I just don't think this Emergency is over, perhaps you can ask Nancy if the Ice Cream is running low."

    He can deputize ICE to start "Health Checks" on Visa over stays they know about.

    He can start using Emergency powers to get State Drivers License records of Immigrants that don't seem to have a valid Visa or Port of Entry. Because you know "Health Emergency".

    By the end of the month the Dems will be BEGGING Trump to end the Corona Emergency.

    Just in time for Cinco de Mayo!

    1. Cinco de Mayo? I hope I can get one of those Taco Bowls from the Trump Tower for my Cinco de Mayo celebration. They have the best Taco Bowls at Trump Tower. I love Hispanics!
      (Man I hope somebody still understands that reference.)

    2. It IS quite old... it's almost dinosauristic, ancient even. But, being 4 days younger than dirt, I remember.

    3. Sí sí señor. His grin in that picture is priceless.

    4. Remember in an emergency the President can reallocate money to another issue. They are passing all this pork but he has the authority under this emergency to "Repurpose" those funds to something else. Just wait and see he will repurpose those funds back to workers and the left will go batpoop crazy but can't do anything about it.

  5. They have got to realize their hypocrisy is on full display for the world to see.
    I mean they can't be that stupid...

    ...CAN THEY?!!!

  6. well is is 55F at 8:37 am this morning-I'm going to see my wife for the first time in about a month face to face (Well face masks at six feet.) out side the facility were she lives. The Dems know Trump is right in
    doing this and it hurts their base of freeloaders.

    1. Thank you, Don meeting went well- she's alert and doing better than I expected. Had our little Matlipoo so she got to see her too.
      Wife's aware of what's going on and her aide said she's doing a quite bit of singing-she's had training, and is quite a good singer..We'll do this again after the rain passes expecting thunder tomorrow. but we do need the rain..

    2. Thank you for keeping us informed. Prayers being sent your way.

  7. The President knows our food supply is being endangered because of illegals getting this China Virus. In my home state the only county with significant virus numbers had to shut down a processing plant. Likewise in South Dakota. The Libs shout "racist". The President shouts "FOOD".

    1. Looking for him to step in on those Chinese owned food processing plants with the Defense Production Act.

  8. Big D, I will get ahold of my guy at the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum and get back with you on an update. The Grand Reopening was slated for 5/1 - I will confirm. That’s one curve that will be impossible to flatten.

  9. We need more border restrictions, starting with NY, NJ & CT being temporarily sealed off. Airports should have been closed to non-essential civilians a month ago.

    I live in NY and want to reopen the rest of America faster.

  10. "The Trump administration ... started deporting asylum-seekers and other migrants on the Southern border without due process."

    Meanwhile millions of Americans have been ordered to stay home without due process.

  11. Don in Oregon -- That was my thought. And since when do illegals have US due process?

    1. We have always asked: "What part of 'illegal' don't you understand?"
      And wouldn't the slowdown in activity be a great time for LEGAL immigration to get caught up on all their red tape? Naaaah. That would make too much sense.

  12. One thing that bothers me. I comment here and you can see by my name that I'm ex military. Actually I started as a PV1 in the National Guard and retired as a Major General on active duty. What bothers me is that we are in a war and we've let the MSM twist the narrative that in a war there are no casualties. Face it folks our President is a War Time commander and casualties are part of the job. It's his duty to minimize casualties while accomplishing the mission. Eisenhower was looking at projections of 50% casualties for the airborne troops on D-Day yet he had the ability to say "Go". We need to fight back against this zero casualty narrative that hinders us from taking back our freedoms. I've stood in enough lines in the Army to abhor standing in line. Went to Home Deport today for a sprinkler head replacement and the line was a block in a half in 84 degree heat and a black pavement parking lot. Screw that! Time for Patriots to take back the country from these idiots. We're going to have casualties and if I'm one so be it. I've made that commitment before It's what I signed up for. Without the freedoms we've grown up with, we are not America.....

    1. General, this old SSgt salutes you!

      You are exactly right, Americans don't live on their knees. It's past time to open up the country!

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  14. This is a good idea, thank you for sharing. I will consult carefully before deciding to register!


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