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Monday, April 06, 2020

Trump COVID-19 panic

Many readers believe President Donald John Trump is being bamboozled by Dr. Fauci and others. They argue that COVID-19 is not serious enough to warrant the wall-to-wall panic in this country.

I understand full well their concerns.

One reader wrote, "I applaud you for your robust defense of Donald Trump. It is partly due to your efforts I recognized the lies of the Russia Collusion hoax and I came to appreciate Trump for his abilities, despite his flaws.

"However, on Coronagate, Trump is being bamboozled and his window for correcting his errors is shrinking. If the lies about the Corona virus are not made public, if the economy is not opened up and people encouraged to live normal lives, then the American experiment is over. The technocrats will have accomplished their coup and the Trump presidency will be over.

"For why bother having Trump as president if he is going to let a bunch WHO Communists and Bill Gates Globalists dictate US domestic policy?

"You should not be praising Trump when he is a willing participant in the oppression being placed on the American people."

This is a very big problem. Let me explain how this works out.

I found this at

The headline was "The absolute state of the Internet."

Which reminds me of the story about the time the warden took some nuts from the mental hospital to the ballpark. These nuts were happy to be out, and they were very obedient. When the warden said, "Sit, nuts," they sat. When the National Anthem played, he said, "Stand, nuts," and they stood.

Everything was going fine until a vendor came along and shouted, "Peanuts! Peanuts!"

My point is the nation right now is a bunch of Paul Teutuls screaming at Paul Junior. How do you lead people who are nuts?

President Trump finds he must act nuts but remain sober. He switched from a very sane policy of taking COVID-19 seriously but not letting the fear run our lives. That failed because in America too many people suffer TDS.

He adapted. He changed tactics. He got ahead of the pack by agreeing to the panic and then tried to steer the Pauul Teutuls toward sanity. OK, he said, we will go through this until Easter.

That was pushed back to April 30.

The Democrat plan is to delay re-opening America until we elect a Democrat president. It is extortion.

But the president cannot act until enough people say to heck with this, I want to go back to work. They are the horses you can lead to water but you cannot make drink. Being right about chloroquine helps build public confidence.

Paul Mirengoff -- a Never Trumper -- wrote, "Even with the U.S. in lockdown, it might take the us many months to beat the virus back, with no reason to be confident that there won’t be a second wave once we go back to work. It will probably be more than a year until a vaccine is ready for general use. In the meantime, our best hope might reside in keeping hospitals adequately supplied and in the development of treatments to minimize deaths among the infected.

"If we are largely helpless in preventing the spread of this virus, that’s an argument for reopening the economy sooner rather than later. The more helpless we are on the epidemiological side, the fewer lives we can save through restrictive measures. We are less helpless, I hope, on the economic side."

Once we realize we cannot stop it with a lockdown, we will go back to work.

Mirerngoff offers hope.

President Trump offers hope and a plan.


  1. There has been a lot of people asking why we are being such sheep to be going along with the power mad fascists issuing edicts that are killing our country. One factor I haven't seen mentioned is that PDJT has asked us to comply for now. When the time is right, and it will be soon, he will begin charting our course out of this nightmare. Like those big city bus drivers who steer a huge bus through an alley that only clears the mirrors by an inch or less, he is steering our ship of state through some very narrow channels.

  2. OK, let's separate this out.

    Trump is not fighting the next Spanish Flu. He's fighting the panic created by the media.

    My take is he's waiting until the numbers start going down (already have in a lot of places, Dow is up 1200 as I write this). Then he says, OK, back to work.

    I understand Fauci has been pushing the panic button from Day 1 because, like all the other Democrats, this gives him a chance to let his inner Mao run free. Now the numbers are starting to catch up with him and his model.

    My point is the nation right now is a bunch of Paul Teutuls screaming at Paul Junior. How do you lead people who are nuts?

    No, it's not the nation, it's the Lefties. Here in my little corner of OH, no one seems to be taking this all that seriously. The people pushing the, "You want people to die", line are the Lefty trolls trying the old Uncle Saul guilt trip to keep the country shut down for as long as possible. They're all over Instapundit, f'rinstance. Many of the village idiots at other blogs are doing the same.

    Bottom line, most people are at home because they don't want to be arrested by some tyrannical Democrat governor or mayor. The see the bills coming in and are stretching to make ends meet.

    I think all Trump is waiting for is a little political cover, which should come this week.

    And I think Bill Mitchell is right on the money.

    Sorry if I got in your face.

    1. Spot on Mr Surber. I have been thinking the same but lack your ability to succinctly put my vague thoughts into words. Thanks

    2. I learned years ago, if anyone has a sniffle anywhere, stay away from Insty and Hugh Hewett. They remind me of "the boy in the bubble" episode of Northern Exposure.

    3. I've been trying to pay my freakin'property taxes. I have to:Get a cashier's check at he local bank drive up. The County will only Take those (no Personal) or online with PAypal and your bank Card (
      I will not because of Pay Pal's seriously insecure.
      So I go through the hoops can't wait for this to clear up.

    4. Dr. Fauci is just that, a doctor who looks at decisions through a doctor's eyes. Trump's economic advisers do the same based on their expertise. POTUS has to decide, right or wrong, as I used to have to do on major construction projects, and accept the responsibility for the results. Armchair theorists can say what they want, but few in my day wanted to do what I HAD to do; like the snowflakes of today. Trump does and I did what I thought was needed and I hardly ever looked back; nor does he.

    5. AMR: Dr. Fauci is looking at this from a bureaucratic view. If he screams the sky is falling and the sky doesn't, he was just being overcautious and won't get zinged for it by the MSM. If Trump decides the sky isn't falling and lets the economy restart, the POTUS will be blamed for every death that can conceivably be blamed on him and Dr. Fauci will be praised as the Oracle of Delphi and look like a winner.


    6. Dr. Fauci sounds a lot like Fox News' Neil Cavuto. Any relation other than philosophical?

    7. Dr. Fauci behaved in the same manner during the AIDS panic, so this comes as no surprise to me.

    8. Fauci is common cover their ass munchkin.

      The example of the human trait of wanting power of authority and wanting not accountability for their use of said power.

      Their motto:

      Trust me completely

      If I screw your pooch

      Blame yourself for trusting me.

      They are intrinsically the perfection of imperfection.

      Grains of salt to be taken with.

  3. Deaths from Coronavirus in perspective (% of population)

    Coronavirus 0.00267%
    Seasonal flu 0.0124%
    Pneumonia 0.004%
    Cancer 0.184%
    Aids 0.005%
    Car accidents 0.012%
    Homicides 0.006%
    Suicides 0.014%

    Coronavirus 0.00086%
    Seasonal flu 0.0061%
    Pneumonia 0.033%
    Cancer 0.125%
    Aids 0.01%
    Car accidents 0.017%
    Homicides 0.0052%

    As of 04/05/2020 Data from:

    1. So, your point is that people die from everything else more often than the Corona Virus? And you have numbers to back that up. Someone using logic and reason. I have friend who has for decades always made the case that it is impossible to reason with ignorance.

    2. good numbers allow proper perspective.

      what do ya wanna live forever?

      every life form starts at point b.
      every life form moves to point c.
      you get no choices for b or c.

      the only choices you get are the path in between.
      Viva! mucho gusto! Geronimo! airborne! paddle hard, nose down, to your feet, on plane! carve a big ripping bottom turn and tuck back up into the barrel before getting guillotined by the lip. trail your finger tips playing the face as your legs maintain perfect trim through micro server toes.

      go for it.


    3. He's making the point this thing has been way overplayed because the Lefties figure this is their last chance to stop Trump before November.

      I guess that means you lose.

    4. edutcher: The FDA IG (Grimm, a clinton/obama holdover) is already starting an investigation into the response to COVID-19. Schiff is already talking about an investigation for the same thing. There will be another impeachment inquiry before November on this, unless another new shiny irresistible object rolls into sight.


  4. Like I said earlier, Trump chose Dr Doom and Birx because he knew they had the biggest microphones and would be sniping at him from the CDC, WHO or the Gates foundation. Trump loves to let our enemies expose themselves.

    1. That's an outstanding point. "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake". Napoleon

  5. I believe Mr. Trump thrives on navigating his way through these things! He doesn't know the word "quit"
    Most people would be a puddle of pooh after the past 3 years.

    1. The right man for the right time. It is no "accident". More like Divine providence.
      Especially rescuing us from a Hillary Clinton presidency.

  6. The number of deaths have to peak. That will almost certainly happen this month (maybe even in a week). Once that happens, expect gradual lifting of restrictions. If deaths start to stop sometime this summer, boom! There will still be restrictions for vulnerable people (like nursing homes).

    1. I think it was 4 days ago. I've been wrong before but I'm no Paul Krugman.

    2. I agree that the peak needs to occur before Trump can act. I'm hopeful that will happen soon. It won't happen soon enough to prevent an economic disaster at this point. However, the economic disaster was built in when the states and cities began leading the way to the collapse.

    3. Hehe, not Paul Krugman

  7. If you look closely at many of the so called "BODY BAGS" in any news paper and most of the pictures posted on the (NONE OF THE BAGS ARE TAGGED) Meaning there is no identification info anywhere on them. There are False Flags everywhere in this. Convid is real but We're being played on a Global Scale.
    I suggest everyone read this article posted 2 years ago and it will explain in vivid detail where we are heading for the next 6 or 7 years.
    And the Article he just posted last week "Ceres at the Crossroads of Civilization" is a MIND BENDER.

    1. ASTROLOGY! RUFKM? I can't believe that you would post such a thing. You do know that the stars and planets have moved over the last several hundred years and the signs don't match anymore right?

    2. Seriously?

      Your anus in taurus???


      Robbin' Banks???

      I know comedy is easy, butt, c'mon now, be a little imaginative...

  8. The panic shows that the snow flakes of winter are becoming the blooming idiots of spring.

  9. This is priceless: Per the website, the number of confirmed cases in China the last seven days was...NEGATIVE 571!!!
    Man, those Christian missionaries are getting it DONE!! Seriously, IGNORE ALL NUMBERS at this point. The numbers lie because the people compiling them also lie. Go with your gut.

    1. The Gateway Pundit has many many examples of the fraud in the numbers. 80 year old hospice patients dying and they call it a Covid19 death. Any patient who dies from literally anything, if there are any 'symptoms' will be chalked up to Covid-19. The deaths are very much overstated. look at the pneumonia deaths this year vs. in years past... they dropped of precipitously in February. Now nearly every death from pneumonia is attributed to Covid-19. It's disgusting!

    2. Why? Follow the money.

  10. It is not worth the price, but Coronavirus is significant enough to make one think "what if nothing was done?" If you have a population density and enough carriers, this virus is a real problem. Will that cause major problems in rural parts of the country? While there will be some infected, wide spread infection is unlikely. In urban centers it is a real issue. Makes one think the stay at home orders should have been done on a city by city or county by county basis. But hey, I am not Dr. Fauci.

  11. "Once we realize we cannot stop it with a lockdown, we will go back to work."

    This was never about stopping the spread, it was about slowing it down so hospitals don't get overwhelmed (same number of people get sick under both curves).

    Now it's all about stopping the DemPanic so we can get back to work. And the tide is quickly turning. who knows, maybe President Trump's Easter restart won't be that far off, Art of the Deal and all.

  12. Interesting tracking site breaks it down by state:

  13. Kudos for anyone that bothers to read Paul Mirengoff at all. He's got an incurable case of TDS and can't help reflexively blaming Trump for this or that. I read Powerline daily but have not read anything with Paul's byline since may of 2017. Don't get me wrong Trump is far from perfect and comes in for valid criticism but not EACH AND EVERY thing he says and does. Yeesh. Give it a rest Paul.

  14. Oh, good gawd...

    Ummm, Trump had no choice but to jump on the pandemic bandwagon because FIVE DIFFERENT AGENCIES agreed that it was a pandemic.

    Ummm, he had no choice but to follow the doctors' advice, and if Trump had gone against their advice, it would be malpractice, and the US would have gotten sued into oblivion.

    C'mon, people, do some dam thinking for a change.

    And Trump didn't put Fauci and Birx in charge....ummm, they were already in charge, have been for years now. You don't just change the heads of those agencies overnight...

    Good grief....

    1. What is the difference between:




      (I set up joke. You provide punch line.)

  15. Trump saw the media-generated mass COVID 19 hysteria for the runaway freight train that it was. He knew better than to jump in front of it. Instead, he had to jump aboard, grab the controls, become the conductor, steer it for a while, then gradually start pumping the brakes until it comes to a complete stop. We're at the steering phase. Pumping will come soon.