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Friday, April 24, 2020

Why Washington gave us the finger

The meme of George Washington flipping the bird to us is not a joke. He really did fight a revolution in the midst of a smallpox epidemic that was 33 times as deadly as COVID-19.

America is not being quarantined. It is being shut down by traitorous governors who ignore decency, the law, and the Constitution to suppress a free people.

Smallpox killed about one in three people infected.

Using New York's figures of 20,000 dead among 2.7 million infected, the death rate is less than 1% for COVID-19.

That rate is half the 2% rate of death among those who were inoculated against smallpox.

The Army Heritage Center had a nice history of what Washington faced.

It began its report, "During the Revolutionary War, one of the greatest threats to the Army came not from enemy bullets, but from disease.  Perhaps the most dreaded disease was smallpox, caused by a virus that kills one out of every three infected people.  Because smallpox was common in England, most British soldiers had already been exposed and were immune, but the disease was less common in America and the average Continental Soldier was not.

"As early as 1775, General George Washington knew smallpox was a serious problem for his Army.  Throughout the fall and into the winter of 1775, an outbreak raged in the city of Boston.  Rumors abounded that the British were deliberately spreading the disease.  When the British finally evacuated Boston in March 1776, only Soldiers who had already had the disease were allowed into the city.  Washington ordered his doctors to keep a sharp watch for smallpox and to send infected men to the isolation hospital immediately."

The war began in 1775.

There was no vaccine but inoculation was available.

The report said, "There were three problems with inoculation. The first was that inoculated Soldiers could transmit smallpox until fully recovered, so an inoculation program could trigger an uncontrollable epidemic. Secondly, the inoculated Soldiers would be unfit for duty for weeks while recovering, and as many as 2% of his Soldiers could die. If the British attacked while the men were out of commission the Army could be destroyed. The third was that the inoculation process was simple enough that the men could do it themselves in secret."

John Adams wrote, "The smallpox is ten times more terrible than Britons, Canadians and Indians, together."

But there was no shutdown of the country. They soldiered on, isolating the infected and not the healthy.

Disease is the biggest fear generals have and with good reason. Britain's finest hour (until the London Blitz) was the Battle of Agincourt in 1415.

The History Channel reported, "Upon landing in northern France, Henry marched his army to the mouth of the Seine and besieged the strategically important city of Harfleur. The 28-year-old expected the town to fall in a few days, but the siege dragged on for five grueling weeks, during which at least a third of his army was killed or incapacitated by dysentery. The king pressed on toward Calais, however, eventually covering some 200 miles in 16 days before being blocked by a French army near the modern day village of Azincourt. When the battle finally began on October 25, the English were exhausted, filthy and nearly starving. Many were also reeling from the stomach-turning effects of dysentery. According to historian Juliet Barker, some of Henry’s archers 'were reduced to cutting off their soiled breeches and undergarments in an attempt to allow nature to take its course more easily.'"

America needs to soldier on. We are fighting Red China, not a disease, and many billionaires back home are collaborating. They succeeded in shutting down the economy with a mass hysteria that has people afraid of leaving home.

No one trusts the numbers. No one should.
Unless COVID-19 cures cancer, they lie.

Governors usurped our rights and we applaud them.

General Washington would be ashamed.


  1. Unfortunately, spreading fear, using BS stats, works. When is Trump going to release the Kraken (coup indictments) - Gary B

    1. Those BS stats are going to be a mess to unravel. The NYC death toll jumped from 6560 to over 10,000 by adding 3800 deaths who weren't even tested for the Wuhan. Even the 6560 is suspect, since 6520 had other life threatening diseases, many of which could have been triggered by the flu, or even a cold.

      Those numbers did their job, gaining federal dollars, ventilators they didn't need and are now being given away by the governor, the Hospital ship with 400 beds that treated only 79 people, and conversion of Javits Center to 1000 beds and is treating 132. Meanwhile, Mayor De Blasio is enjoying his huge collection of penis pics.

  2. Governors usurped our rights and we applaud them.

    We have? Where?

    All I see are people demanding to be allowed to work and go about their lives. No applause, just a lot of anger

  3. Washington inoculated his troops in Morristown. Was a bid secret to keep Brits from knowing his Army was out of commission for a while in winter.

    Contrast this action to the Navy dumb-A Aircraft Carrier commander the leaked his covid email. Washington would have hung him from the yardarm...

  4. MicroCenter, a computer store, refused to accelt cash, offered to spray me as I entered, and provide me with face napkin/mask and rectal exam quality gloves.

    I declined and left store, my crisp c-notes, fresh from atm machine, remaining in pocket.

    Sam's Club, big watrehouse store, had customers lined up outside, the length of the warehouse, spaced apart, and allowed only a specific number inside, thus, one comes out, they let another one in.

    I saw this and left.

    CVS has put tables in front of tbdeir checkout counters, to force distance between cashier and customer. And placed vertical plexiglass panel as, I suppose, a barrier. And cashier wears face napkin/mask.

    There are more of these examples of stupid. Many more.

    Sovereign State governors are the cause of this insanity.

    Big business supports this, as a means to knock out small business.

    Small business better get busy filing lawsuits.

    Flood the Sovereign State courts with lawsuits.

    With Federal Constitutional violations lawsuits as the icing on the cake.

    Politics, aka elections, won't solve this dictatorship asshole behavior. There are too many indoctrinated stupid Americans. (Yeah, youngsters, I am talking to you.)

    1. How about a Small Business class action lawsuit in all the Dem states

    2. My wife cites a 3 week incubation period for COVID-19 exposure so, every time I go to the store or get gas, she rewinds the incubation clock and frets about exposing her 88 yr old mother who is PERFECTLY fine. She worships Fauci and and now hates both Tucker and Laura Ingraham because they DARED question Saint Fauci. I give her facts about his past blunders and she just waves me off but I have to endure an expletive ridden rant whenever I watch The Ingraham Angle.

      Can't wait to go back to work for some peace and quiet.

    3. We are similar JJ. My fiancee believes any doom and gloom she hears. I think this is the biggest fraud since glow bull warming. (Very disappointed in Trump not demanding real data vs. the faux numbers shown in video above)
      May not be engaged after this ;-)

    4. See what I mean. Fear really works. Makes me worry about who will populate juries when some of these petty, BS cases hit the courts. - Gary B

  5. I see the looney Michigan governor just extended the jail at home till May 15. Keep it up you tyrannical beyoutch. You'll get a rebellion soon. I bet she's got the police patrolling where she lives.


    1. DE Gov is now saying probably July until he allows restaurants to open. I know many restaurantuers who will revolt first! Especially those in resort towns of Rehoboth, Bethany, Fenwick Island.

  6. Great take on the History.

    The NIH announced a still-secret study of hydroxychloroquine used with azithromycin at the VA. They purposely skewed the results by using mostly old, fat black men, many already at the end of life, who had some issues with the azithromycin, which is just an extra preventative–the real medicine is the hydroxychloroquine. But the study is aimed at discrediting HCQ, because Agendas. In other words, they used dying veterans as props and guinea pigs in their War on Trump.

    And now, the Fake $cience Fix is In: “FDA cautions against use of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for COVID-19 outside of the hospital setting or a clinical trial due to risk of heart rhythm problems”. This is the Big Medicine Bureaucracy’s version of the FISA Warrant, The Mueller Report and the Articles of Impeachment.

    1. plus they gave the vets a higher dose than the recommended dose, just so they could say it didnt work.

  7. I hate hearing a story about someone enjoying themselves and the have to put the qualifier in that they maintained proper social distancing. Screw that. If people get together to do anything, let them maintain pre 2020 distancing.

    I hate those that are dragging this damned thing out.

    I am just full of hate. That is my disease during this panic.

    1. I hear you Schlongtavius, I have been angry every day now for over a month. It's eating me up, but I just can't stop. Governor Mills is destroying our state economically. Maine is probably in the worst position to weather this due to our tourist based service economy. 100k people are out of work, our beaches, hotels, B&B's, restaurants, bars, malls, giftshops, hair salons, churches, AA meetings, playgrounds are all shut down. We are telling the visitors from other states to stay away. My "essential" auto repair shop's business is down 75%. I have laid off my mechanic and my wife who is now helping our son with his "remote learning" and have not paid myself in 4 weeks. I am sick of giving customers the facts about the virus only to be told that they don't care about my rights because people are dying. Like my state government I also will be using the Dempanic as cover to change how I do business so as to pay much less in taxes than I used to. I'm tapping out, I'm done. If they won't follow the constitution I won't follow their laws. F*** them! The protest in Augusta was pretty good, about 500 people. If the state and municipal workers were laid off without pay it would have been 10,000 people.

  8. 1.) Yesterday, the NIH used dying black veterans as props in a fake study to discredit hydroxychloroquine.

    2.) Today, the FDA follows up, recommending hospital-only use for HCQ because DANGER! Evidently the pill works in hospitals but not doctors offices.

    3.) This afternoon, Pelosi opens investigation into the President because of Dr. Rick Bright's firing, who allegedly spoke Truth to Hydroxychloroquine.

    It's the old 1-2-3-the old Wrap-Up Smear again!

    It's just like the Whistleblower-IG-State Dept.--Impeachment Play all over again. Or the old CIA-FBI-Russian Dossier-Movie sequel.

    This is the Big Medical Bureaucracy's version of the FISA Warrant, The Mueller Report and the Articles of Impeachment.

    Our Government is in Mutiny.

  9. Rope should be in short supply soon.

    1. Lord, I hope so. Dems and media have used it all. Be nice if they got to the end of it soon

    2. yeah and tar and feathers from all the slaughtered chickens they can't sell the eggs from to the closed schools, maybe all this could be fun after all!!


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