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Saturday, April 25, 2020

The Wolf who cried boy

After weeks of taking endless and often irrelevant questions daily from a hostile press, President Donald John Trump took none at Friday's briefing on corona virus.

Wolf Blitzer of AT&T's Cosmic Nonsense Network called the president chicken for not indulging a self-important press with a moment to pretend they are as important as the president.

La dee dah.

His network airs the least amount of these daily briefings among the 3 major cable news channels. It is pretty difficult to make the case that you are interested in informing the public when you don't show the press briefings.

Via Breitbart News, Blitzer said, "This is the first time, it’s only a 22-minute briefing, this is the first time that the President has been afraid to answer questions from reporters. Reporters were all there. They were sitting in the White House briefing room. That’s their job to ask serious, important, tough questions. The President clearly, shall we say, was chicken today. Didn’t want to answer questions that the reporters had prepared."

Chicken? Every day President Trump faces the enemy from within which has spied, denied, and lied about him since before Day One.

Blitzer is spoiled as are the rest of the political news ilk. President Trump has given them hours of questions and answers. For 3 years, the press has been malicious, and Blitzer himself was part of a conspiracy between Obama and CNN to frame Donald Trump with the fake Russian dossier.

The president needs to move on from COVID-19. There is nothing he can do. He can only offer encouragement and hope the governors get off their power-made trip and re-open the country. This is not a good presidential look.

Dueling with reporters daily was punching down. He needs to fight Red China. I hope he comes up with economic sanctions that will put the hurt on Chairman Xi and his communist regime.

We are engaged in an asymmetrical war with Red China. COVID-19 was a sneak attack on par with Pearl Harbor and 9/11. The difference is 200,000 Americans will die from this. Doctor Birx was correct when she said if we did everything right, the death toll will hit 200,000. We surpassed 50,000 this week. Waiting this thing out is not an option; it is suicide.

And taking questions from reporters is a big waste of time.

Someone finally got The Donald to stop digging. I think it is the woman who turns 50 tomorrow.

As for Blitzer, he lost on Jeopardy, baby.