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Wednesday, April 01, 2020

The April Fools of the press

Yesterday morning, I wrote, "We need press briefings without the press."

That afternoon, that almost was what we had.

The Washington Post reported, "There have been a lot more empty seats at President Donald Trump's daily news briefings -- but no, news organizations aren't boycotting the events in protest or attempting to silence him, despite what he suggested at a briefing this week.

"Instead, something else is afoot: Reporters are keeping their distance because they are concerned about the health risks at a time when many consider the president's evening news conferences to have become increasingly less newsworthy.

"The decision by such outlets as The Washington Post, The New York Times and CNBC to stay away may be fundamentally changing the character of the briefings. With veteran White House reporters on the sidelines, the president has primarily engaged with TV journalists, including one from a small, far-right conservative news channel that rarely gets such a prominent stage.

"The Post, the Times and CNBC stopped sending reporters to the briefings - which have taken place in the Rose Garden as well as the more cramped confines of the West Wing's James S. Brady Press Briefing Room -- after two White House correspondents were suspected of having contracted covid-19, the disease caused by the virus. (One of the reporters, who hasn't been publicly identified, tested negative on Tuesday, according to ABC News' Jonathan Karl, the president of the White House Correspondents Association)."


Oh ho ho ho.

This is rich.

These phonies howl all the time about holding the president accountable. They want access. They demanded daily briefings. They want transparency.

President Donald John Trump is delivering that, and they are livid because he is better at television than they are. These blowhard news show hosts -- Rachel Maddow and her lot -- blew him off as a Reality TV star.

What in the dickens do they think they are?

His ratings were always higher than theirs. He is drawing audiences they cannot draw. And he is doing it again with these briefings.

So now they want the briefings to go away.

Too bad.

And yes the News Fakers are in cahoots, and yes it is a boycott. Someone in Kalorama ordered it and his initials are B.O.

Watch it on C-Span and be informed.


  1. “Surely God will crush the heads of his enemies,
    The hairy crowns of those who go on in their sins.”

    - Psalm 68:21

    I think David knew George Soros. The Black Jesus simply did what his master ordered.

  2. August's rare delight may be April's fool. but think not of that my love.
    I'm tight against the seam.
    walking on velvet green.


    1. Roses are red
      Violets are blue
      Trump is still President
      Dems go "Boo-hoo!"

  3. "We need press briefings without the press."

    Like the sentiment, more inclined to look for other ways to influence the overall value.

    Have watched every WH Wuhan Virus briefing, and find them very beneficial, despite the destructive and professionally incompetent performance of the press. For me they are our "Roosevelt fireside chats".

    Have always wished that they had more structure, and prepared presentation material. Yesterday was a good example of how prepared presentation material can be used to inform and drive a discussion.

    Struck me that the press was more "useful" yesterday - providing a focus helps achieve that outcome.

    Have also wished that someone in the WH press office actively managed the briefings.
    • Simple things like an agenda (What, Who, How long).
    • Subtle things like having Appendix/ Reference material ready to display, or posting Key Prepared & Discussed Points online.

    It just seems so amateurish, and key points are left to any Tom, Dick & Harry to define. That's no way to run a C Suite briefing.

    Keep up the good work DS.

    1. Also meant to note: Trump can still be Trump - wouldn't have it any other way - but if his team provided more support the return on his time & effort would increase.

      Lastly, looking forward to the resumption of his rallies. He needs that energy. He needs that connection. He needs us. Just like this country needs him. Until then his fireside chat will have to do.

      Keep up the good work DS.

  4. Some small regional papers should cobble together some $$$ and send a reporter to be credentialed by the W.H., and have them attend the briefings to represent the working regular Janes & Joes, instead of the cheese eatin', wine drinking snobby D.C. reporters who seem to decide for us folks what is newsworthy. ZB

    1. The only problem with that is even small paper reporters want to join the "cheese eatin', wine drinking snobby D.C. reporters". We would just see a new face wannabe.

  5. Simply put the MSM does not have control anymore.They hates them.- Hates them that stands up to them .
    They have lost the "Ring of Power"and that Trump has won...
    In a stream bed near Chappaqua. Hillary is finishing off her daily Gin and Tonic sees a shiny thing on the bottom of the stream,throws, Huma in:"Get it!" Huma crawls out, soaking wet,
    "here" she says. Hillary puts the ring on-'My preeeciousss!"" She hisses.-Huma does not have the courage to tell her it is an old pop can top...

    1. I wish Huma would have blew out her flip flop, stepped on that pop top, cut her heel and had to cruise on back home!

  6. It would be nice to know WHO, who is that small, far-right news channel?
    OAN is my guess.

    Is there any right other than far-right?

  7. I am surprised The Post reported that they stopped attending. They could have made up questions from their fake reporters and reported fake answers from PDJT and their hardcore readers wouldn’t have known the difference.

  8. Your average joe six pack at home viewer dosen't give 2 dangs whether or not network "journalists" attend, as long as pres trump and his crew are there, on camera. Who cares?? Great that the smarty mouth snarky media is staying away...!!

  9. Acosta keeps showing up because it's cheaper than his usual outlay for the dominatrix who comes over to lead him on a leash and then whip him for peeing on the carpet!

    1. I was both furious with and admiring of Trump when he allowed that tool, Acosta, ask multiple questions (One question and that's it, asshole!) Trump is very brave to engage this hateful, unrelenting jerk.

  10. At this briefing, I learned that President Donald J. Trump saved two million lives.

    It’s *Science*!

  11. Surely this must be an April Fools joke:

    I just saw on TV where the dumbass sheriff in Seattle announced that her department wasn't going to arrest criminals (because of the Wuhan virus), butif anyone hears someone making racist comments, they should call 911 ( yes, 911!!!) to report it so the police can investigate and take action.

    Talk about fkked- up priorities! Al Sharpton would be proud.

    1. Seattle sounds like Britain, where a guy was arrested for quoting Churchill's criticism of Islam.

  12. I did notice loudmouth Acosta wasn't there. It was a much more civil Q & A.