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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Stir crazy

Democrat governors and mayors are going nuts with power. The pandemic panic has them turning into King George IIIs. He had an excuse. He was mentally ill.

For some reason, parks and beaches are closed across the nation but subways aren't. I fail to see how being 60 feet away from anyone on the shore is a public health threat, but being jammed in a rapid transit car is perfectly OK.

In San Clemente, California, skateboarding is now a crime.

CBS reported, "California is not messing around when it comes to social distancing to prevent the spread of corona virus during this pandemic. After skaters ignored the no trespassing signs on a popular skatepark in San Clemente, extreme measures were taken to prevent people from going to the spot. To be certain no one would go there to hang out or skate, the park was filled with sand -- a whopping 37 tons of it, according to CBS Los Angeles.

"All parks in California have been shut down since April 1, but some people took the ruling more seriously than others. According to the San Clemente Times, city officials say they noticed many people of all ages going in and out of the park that they should not be there.

"Getting the idea from other cities, they decided to fill the park with sand, so now it's more of a sandbox than a skatepark."

We went from a government of the people to a government against the people, comrade.

In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio is bringing in the Stasi to stop people from being outside.
But the subways remain open.

Hospitals stopped performing non-emergency procedures to make room for COVID-19 patients, who never arrived. COVID-19 led to layoffs of hospital staffs, nurses, and doctors. Our trusted public health officials turned out to be Chicken Littles. Now we all will meet Foxy Loxy.

The idiocy is global. In Britain, Brendan O’Neill wrote, "The lockdown is killing people, too. The culture of fear around COVID-19 is seriously harming people’s health."

He wrote, "Anyone who raises questions about the lockdown is instantly condemned as anti-old-people and even as pro-death. They are told that they don’t care about the elderly and the vulnerable and are shamefully engaging in a trade-off between those people’s lives and the economy. Let’s leave to one side the fact that the massive hit the economy is going to take as a result of the lockdown and the corona virus crisis more broadly – in the form of an unprecedented 35 per cent shrinkage, according to the Office for Budget Responsibility – will harm health and life expectancy, too. The more pressing issue is that right now the lockdown is hurting people. So the supposedly virtuous pro-lockdown lobby is implicitly making a trade-off too – between lives at risk from COVID-19 and lives at risk from the lockdown. They have decided, it seems, that the latter are not very important.

"There is no easy solution to this problem. But it strikes me that there is one thing we can do right now to try to make things better: be honest about the lockdown and its impact on work, livelihoods and life itself, and initiate a serious, open debate about whether the lockdown is the right approach and – with apologies to Ms Dorries – when it will end."

Mayors and governors are power mad right now.

People are becoming restless. President Donald John Trump is helpless to do anything because this is a local matter.

Fox News reported, "A series of Twitter messages posted by President Trump showed the president is 'fomenting domestic rebellion,' a Democrat governor alleged Friday.

"Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee leveled the charge in a statement that also accused the president of encouraging 'illegal and dangerous acts,' Q13 FOX of Seattle reported.

"Inslee’s accusations came on the same day that others -- such as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and U.S. Sen. Angus King of Maine -- raised the temperature of their rhetoric against the president and his administration as much of the nation remained under stay-at-home orders resulting from the corona virus outbreak.

"The attacks also came one day after the president unveiled guidelines titled Opening Up America Again, a series of steps for reopening and reviving the U.S. economy."

They are loco.

The media, which comes and goes as it pleases, have the backs of these madmen.

Mary McCord of the Washington Post wrote, "Trump's ‘LIBERATE MICHIGAN!’ tweets incite insurrection. That's illegal."

She should make a citizen's arrest of the president.

Power corrupts. It also leads to madness.


  1. There is an MIT study in progress that said the NYC subways were the main reason the virius hit Ny so
    Hard the cars were rolling perti dishes..

    1. Absolutely. And they live in beehives. Everything is crowded.

      Meanwhile in California we live in single family homes or in relatively uncrowded condos or PUDs. We drive our own cars. Few have to rely on Uber or Lyft, let alone cabs, buses and metro trains. In most of our big state, we have a lot of space around us. I do believe that makes a difference...

  2. Geez, don't give them ideas. We already say that liberalism is a mental disease. Now they'll all claim they were sick and disabled and collect Disability.

    How ever I might be willing to go along with it if there's a standing requirement that they cannot hold any elective office for 10 years and have to wear and ankle bracelet and a gag.

  3. Anyone who raises questions about the lockdown is instantly condemned as anti-old-people and even as pro-death. They are told that they don’t care about the elderly and the vulnerable and are shamefully engaging in a trade-off between those people’s lives and the economy.

    Funny, this is the same line trolls on this side of the pond are using, too.

    It's as if they have no mind of their own.

    showed the president is 'fomenting domestic rebellion

    This, too.

    The idea of the will of the people, aimed at them, seems foreign to them.

    President Donald John Trump is helpless to do anything because this is a local matter.

    Actually, he can step in if he has to. Right now, he's giving the Democrat governors and mayors the power for which they've lusted all their lives.

    Good and hard.

    Call it Deep State, meet the American people.

    1. Trump is giving these Democrats enough rope with which to hang themselves.

    2. And who will do the hanging?

      No, they are not gonna hang themselves.

      No, our MAGA President is not going to do the hanging.

      No, our semi MAGA senators are not gonna do the hanging. Neither are our semi MAGA house reps.

      No, no hangings by congress are gonna be forthcoming.

      So, whom will be doing the hanging and who will be hung?

      Rope won't magically form noose.

      Noose won't mystically place upon neck of hang worthy.

      Metaphorically speaking, these Sovereign STATE pieces of shit won't be voted out by anyone but the many ones casting votes in each state's STATE elections.


      Who will help MAGA bake the bread?

      Our MAGA President has already done all the work up to this point.

    3. This is Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence. Trump, in saying he has the ultimate authority, has prompted the governors to insist they do. So, he stepped aside and let the governors embrace Federalism as well as own the responsibility and the consequences of their decisions. It was masterful.

    4. Cheeflo demonstrates the boundless capacity of leftards for self deception and mendacity. After 70 years of trampling state's rights in favor of an uber centralized government this wanna be sturmbahnfuhrer accuses Trump of being a dictator. Who is in actual ultimate authority Gov Cuomo? These govs no more embrace state's rights than Pelosi embraces the right to retain your own income save from raids by the state. Trump has highlighted that the Dems would rather destroy America than allow it to prosper. But this country is being pushed towards war. And there can be little doubt who is responsible. After all, you peons and your opinions are not essential.

    5. If Trump fomented domestic rebellion, it would rank among his greatest achievements. - Gary B

  4. I also posted this on the "news of the day", earlier today. It fits here better:

    "It is a bad precedent that we have allowed the gov't to take away our rights/freedom in the name of "safety of the populace". There were ways to protect the vulnerable w/o these acts of tyranny. All the "shelter in place" orders were/are unconstitutional and should have been suggestions/recommendations to the fearful. The Bill of Rights" has been shredded and now the gov't knows it can trample the general populace at will."

    As said in "Hill Street Blues": "be careful out there." I think dangerous times are rapidly approaching. The Libs will not give up their tyrannical power easily. I live in Washington state and Islee has never been reasonable man, let alone a governor or Presidential candidate.

  5. We’re mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore.

  6. Inslee called President Trump "an enemy of the state" when he won. These Democrat governors have become that. Sad!

  7. RestartNOW.IO has some great tools to show just how much damage is being done in each state on a daily basis. Suicide increases, jobs lost, dollars lost each day. Help spread this site to everyone who cares about freedom!

    1. Excellent site, thanks! It's amazing to see how turning the economy back on revitalizes the situation, wherever you are.

  8. Have you noticed the one thing we never hear about is investigations what is really necessary to avoid random transmission of the virus between people. Or how prevalent the virus is in stores, subway cars, buses, public handles and doorknobs?

    There are no documented cases of such transmission from random passerby or from surfaces. But we are maintaining a 360 degree 6 ft bubble to avoid other people spitting droplets into our mouths. We are being told the virus is flooding our hands that we must scrub them raw constantly.

    But where is the science? The disciplined testing and investigation by skilled environmental scientists and epidemiologists? Would not such knowledge aid in choosing the right and refined procedures, processes and limitations to avoid an outbreak at the least cost to the economy? It's been 5 weeks.

    Along this way, we are admonished under threat of government violence to remain 6 feet from all others. To avoid droplets from the spittle they might eject landing in your mouth or nose, or you to them. Yet, the bubble they enforce includes even if the people are back to back, even when there is no physical way for spittle from one mouth to land in the other as one or both people are outside the cone of spittle they emit.

    1. Good post, JK. I’ll piggyback...

      Who HASN’T seen the movie Jaws? OK, good. Then you’ll remember the beach scene after the first attack. The beach has been reopened but nobody wants to go in the water. The mayor persuades some couple to go in. Then, everyone goes in. And then boy gets eaten. And later, some single mom, the boy’s mother, bitch-slaps Chief Brody.

      Who here knows anyone who has died of the Wuhan? Who here knows anyone who has tested positive? And no, I don’t mean Rand Paul or Tom Hanks. I mean YOUR SOCIAL CIRCLE.

      Wuhan is the shark. We are the people on the beach.

    2. It is true that, thank God, thus far none of my close friends or family members have been affected. But it's not just Tom Hanks and Rand Paul either. One person at my rather small church has Covid, and so does the niece of another parishioner. One person at the church I used to attend (I've recently moved) has Covid. And an occasional poster who belonged to a mailing list I've belonged to for years passed away from Covid a few weeks ago. Not in my social circle, no, not really, but I'd seen posts from him. (And, for the skeptics among you, who might say that anyone can claim anything online, he was prominent enough in his home town that his local paper carried an obituary, and others who had known him better than I linked to it.)

    3. But that's infinitesimally small. And we know many people are being listed as deceased from "Covid" when they had comorbidities that equally, or primarily, could have killed them, including possibly your fellow occasional poster. The original poster's/replier's posts are not invalidated by these examples.

  9. When Sir Lazy becomes Stir Crazy, we know the revolution has begun.

  10. Having worked in NYC, where cars are limited for most people, I understand why the subway and bus service was kept open, however to my knowledge the city did not institute at the same time masks required. And cutting the number of trains was stupid because it increased the normal packing of people in the cars. But were the stay at home orders in place? I do not remember NYC time lines being put out but I am sure the slow reaction in NY and NYC will be discussed at length somewhere in time.

  11. Born an raised in California a REPUBLIC an the damn Commie RAT
    Bas TURDS COMPLETED the Absolute Despotism of a KING .
    Friday at the play ground of my Youth aka Sun Set Cliffs I left the beach at sunset an was Lucky to not be giving a 1000$ dollar ticket by mire seconds as The LEO’S SWEPT IN to quill the FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY by going to the Beach.
    I stood my GROUND in peaceful protest and heckled the LEO’S AS they wrote a Ticket to a Mother an Daughter a very Little Girl for BS.
    I RODE THERE ON MY motorcycle Idled the bike in full choke as the only legal protest available to me until I WAS GIVE THE DIRECT ORDER TO MOVE ALONE OR BE SIGHTED ALSO .
    LEO’S IN COMMIEFORNIA a simple history lesson still applies
    You took a OATH to the Constitution to Protect an Service
    Stating you are FOLLOWING ORDERS and Nullify the First ADMENDMENT And THEN writing and enforcing unconstitutional orders History shows you will be treated soon as the ENEMY WITHIN.

    1. right on sunset cliffs. I've bodysurfer OB pier when the NW swell was breaking over the pier.

      and the skaters will return to old school days in drained pool, pipes, and drainage ditches like Knapp park in the dark.


  12. Open everything no later than May 1! This virus can not be allowed to kill our economy and family finances!!!!!
    Keep America Great!!!

  13. I've asked everyone I know if they know - personally - a Wuhan zombie. In NJ and NC the answer is no, but my cousin's sister's husband....

    1. Here in Brooklyn, unfortunately, we know of many virus victims. Most recover but many have died. I have elementary and high school age children in three different local schools and all have classmates who have lost a parent to corona. People in their 40s or 50s.

  14. Democrat governors and mayors are going nuts with power. The pandemic panic has them turning into King George IIIs. He had an excuse. He was mentally ill.
    What makes you think they don't have the same affliction?
    It's either mental illness or anti freedom mindset

  15. Inslee allows foreign criminals to prey on citizens. When Antifa firebombed an ICE facility, Inslee condemned not Antifa, but the President, for enforcing the laws written by Congresses and signed by presidents. Inslee is the one who is fomenting rebellion.

    President Trump is fomenting the Bill of Rights.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I've seen all those pretty horses in the Rosebowl parade so there are cowboys there. Doesn't anyone have a rope?

  18. Mayor of LA issues new order:

  19. Cuomo/NY is now demanding big $$$$ to reopen the state. That'll spread to the other governors too.

    They apparently think it's a good idea to blackmail the taxpaying subset of voters into paying for getting their jobs back.

    Not sure how well that's going to work out for them. Cuomo might end up curled up in bed and crying in his pillow just like Brian Stelter. Anyway, I sure hope so.

  20. Given the actons of these gauleiters it is time to raise the black flag and hang a number of our politicians. Especially those that view our freedoms and liberties as non-essential.

  21. The madness is centered in NYC, the media is based in NYC, thus we get mass stupid from NYC...

  22. Not to be too contrarian, but George III gets a little too much opprobrium. He wasn't decreeing the taxes or other "Intolerable" acts, he was just doing what Parliament wanted.


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