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Monday, April 20, 2020

Save $767, watch your world collapse

11 months ago, National Review said, "Trump’s insistence to the contrary notwithstanding, most of the cost of tariffs is paid by American consumers (through higher prices), not by the countries being sanctioned. For instance, it is estimated that the president’s latest round of tariffs on China will cost the American family an average of at least $767."

$767 a year.

For a little over $2 a day, you could walk outside. Stores would be stocked with toilet paper. Murderers would be in prison. Diehl's would still be closed but only because it is a Monday. It would have been open on Sunday.

The price of saving the editors and staff at National Review a couple of bucks a day is enormous.

Easily $10 trillion dollars. That's the equivalent of 10 million millionaires losing everything they own.

The writer of the National Review piece was Michael Tanner, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute. He wrote the Inclusive Economy: How to Bring Wealth to America’s Poor.

The policies of one-way trade with Red China turned President Donald John Trump's 3.5% record-low unemployment into a Hooverian 35% in less than 30 days.

Tanner wrote about bringing wealth to the poor. His policies brought poverty to the middle class.

In blasting President Trump's call for sanity, Tanner wrote, "Studies show that the lower your income is, the harder you’ll be hit by tariffs. Tariffs imposed by Trump last year have already cost poor families 0.33% of after-tax income, as opposed to 0.28% for wealthy families, and hurt single parents even more than they hurt families."

Oh no! This will cut their after tax income by 33 cents for every $100. That's a nickel more than the rich will pay. To the guillotines!

The after tax price paid for adoption Tanner's policies is $33 per $100.

OK, that's a figure I made up. But if one-third of American workers lose their jobs, then one-third of the wages in America are gone. Poof.

All because we opened our country to Red China. Businesses moved their factories to Red China to escape the very labor and environmental laws many of those CEOs championed.

Fake conservatives cynically labeled this hollowing of the American economy free markets. They lectured us on how it works.

But here is how it works, we give Red China $3 trillion over 8 years, and they give us CIOVID-19.

Tanner wrote, "If that wasn’t bad enough, there is little doubt that an extended trade war with China will damage the broader American economy. Some economists estimate that Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods and China’s retaliatory tariffs on American goods will cost the U.S. economy $62 billion in lost output. One research group, Oxford Economists, fears that if the trade war expands and tariffs on both sides are extended to the full range of traded goods, it could reduce U.S. GDP by more than 2%, and even push the U.S. economy into a recession. The Trade Partnership, an industry group, warns that anywhere from 900,000 to 2 million jobs could be at risk if the trade war drags on, roughly eight jobs lost for every job saved. Very few of those lost jobs are held by 'elites.'"

Shutting down trade with Red China would cost us 2 million jobs.

Trading with the communists just cost us 35 million jobs.

We could have paid $767 a year for 20 years and had an economy.

Instead, we went on the cheap and lost everything.

Liberals and fake conservatives sold us out. I had better stop this post now before I get angry. Never write in anger.

And never trust National Review.


  1. You are just now getting angry? I've been angry for weeks, watching our Constitutional Rights being swept away.

  2. Uh, ALL cost are ONLY paid by the END consumer.

    1. Not when communist countries manipulate prices by subsidizing their industries

    2. The Red were eating the tariffs as they were trying to keep market share. It didn't work, and WuFlu is making sure Mao II loses the mandate of heaven.

    3. Watch the memes on Chinese social media. When you see Winnie and 'Where's Trump' and other anti-Xi posts not being taken down, he's got days left at best.


    4. But but but...the NBA was making YUGE inroads in Wuhanville! What’s good for LeBron is good for Main Street, right?

    5. So we save a few bucks by moving factories to China. But we also lost jobs. So now we have less income to tax and more unemployed to feed.

  3. "Tanner wrote, " extended trade war with China will damage the broader American economy. ... will cost the U.S. economy $62 billion in lost output.

    Oh! I'm shaking in my boots! $62 Billion in a $20 TRILLION economy. That is 0.3% of the economy.

    Put another way that is 60 cents out of every $20 in the economy. Noticeable but NOT devastating.

  4. Tanner wrote "...some economists estimate...". Well I bet some economists estimated something totally different that would shed a bad light on his article, so he chooses to dismiss those estimates.

    I will listen to common sense and not some bookish wonk who doesn't have to be right to be famous.

    How many economists does it take to screw in a light bulb? Ten. One to screw it in and nine to disagree.

    Maybe not everything can be made in the USofA, but I don't have to buy made in Communist Red China.

    1. I'm waiting to see a headline like: Economists got it right this time

      Anything closer than 5% and being that close more than 80% of the time over 10 years and you've got my attention.

      How many "forecasting" careers have been made on getting it "right" ONCE?

  5. "Maybe not everything can be made in the USofA, but I don't have to buy made in Communist Red China."

    Particularly the vast majority of our medications. o_O

    1. We truly live in a global economy but we can try.

      Check out Natural News or Dr. Group for NOT made in China Vitamin C and a few other items.

      For more serious prescription drugs, find a local Compounding Pharmacy and ask them where they get there ingredients. You might be able to get your Rx with non-Chinese ingredients.

      Or you could just work REALLY hard to stay healthy and eat local. Not easy or cheap, but might be possible.

  6. Never trust National Review. National Review is assh*le.

  7. "And never trust National Review."

    hat can't be said enough. Neo con artists.

  8. its a blow, but who cant take a shot to the jaw once in a while, consider this a boxing ring, its far from over. Hopefully we learned something this time!

  9. It's not just the jobs themselves, but other jobs, entire industries, that support those 1st jobs.

    Sad thing is, while some jobs were coming back to the US, most are just moving to another Asian country.

    I do not think it's even over cost of labor that much. Ford and GM seem to like to have plants in Mexico (low wage/low worker protection) and Canada (high wage/high worker protection) equally.

    The cost of container shipping and tariffs/duties should negate any labor cost advantage, but from shipping companies, like the Chinese state owned Cosco making shipping rates extremely low to "free trade" government making tariffs/duties non-existant, the cost of labor then becomes larger in significance.

    Trump is trying to change all this, but we are talking a half of a century of government policy that mostly promoted the hollowing of our manufacturing and the loss of millions of US jobs.

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