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Friday, April 17, 2020

Rubio says it is China's Chernobyl

Marco Rubio told it like it is on Fox News last night. COVID-19 is Red China's Chernobyl.

Asked about the outbreak of the Red Chinese Disease, he said, "Well, I think it’s one worth paying attention to. It would be a dramatic, earth-shattering revelation if, in fact, it turns out to be the case. And that would be the case for two reasons.

"Number one, it’s one thing that someone became infected in the lab and may have infected some other people. That’s concerning that the same safety standards there are not high.

"But another thing completely is that a government, when they learn of it, would actively attempt to cover it up as they have if that’s the case. You know, from the very beginning of this crisis, the Chinese have been less than transparent.

"If something happened like that in the United States, there would be, because we are an open society and democracy, there would be almost immediate accountability and revelation about it at some point. And there would be a big price to pay for covering that up legally and politically. It could be a tremendous global scandal, one of the most outrageous things to happen in the modern history of the world if that were to turn out to be true."

The senator is correct. Red China has cost the West trillions of dollars. It should be shunned. All imports from Red China must be quarantined because we cannot be trust Chairman Xi.

I am not alone in this thought.
There is hope. Washington is seeing the light.

Rubio said, "You know, it’s reminiscent somewhat of Chernobyl, which was obviously, that accident a while back and ironically there was the series recently about it and the way the Soviet government reacted to that. If this turns out to be the case, it’s very reminiscent of that.

"You’re already seeing some people in Africa and poor countries saying that China should be contributing to some sort of global fund to help pay reparations for what they’ve gone through. But I think there will be some tough conversations throughout the world about what needs to be done in regards to this.

"But I think no matter what, at this point, no matter what you may be reading, some articles out there by some of these people who think they know it all here’s the truth. China’s reputation globally has already been badly damaged. There are plenty of countries out there that know exactly how China mishandled this, irrespective of whether this came out of that lab or not. They’re not out there talking about it because their economies are not big enough to take China on directly.

"But the damage that China has suffered to its perception around the world is, in many ways, irreparable."

The Soviet Union lasted 74 years.

Red China is in its 71st year.


  1. That last point is the killer.

    Russia's downfall came with the fiasco that was (for them) the Gulf War. Their equipment, doctrine, training, and methods were useless against ours.

    This is another kind of war, but the same idea. The Communist way of dealing with the world has been shown to be defective, to say the least

  2. China had a reputation? Who knew!!!

    1. Well, I think the women do....

  3. I've said this was China's Chernobyl weeks ago. We will see the fall of the house of cards...
    BTW my Chinese friend-who is a young lady from Wuhan-still has not heard from her family. No idea whether alive, dead, in a camp or turned into spare parts..
    China's evil.
    President Trump knows this..

  4. "If something happened like that in the United States, there would be, because we are an open society and democracy, there would be almost immediate accountability and revelation about it at some point. "

    Unless we are talking about an open coup against the elected president of the united states.... those people will skate. Or government siding with enemies for money (see aforementioned China).

    1. JDH - Was thinking the EXACT same thing when I read that...

    2. Agreed, China will probably suffer the same harsh consequences that all the intelligence agencies are suffering now. Barr, Rubio, Durham... maybe even a Graham...take care of your Country!

    3. This is different. Thousands of Americans have died and we are angry. Trump is stalking the Chicoms like a tiger, and when he swipes his paw, all hell will break loose.

  5. Think of China as a shop and Trump as a bull.

  6. One of the worst things China did was to quietly close *interior* flights while still allowing, (encouraging?) *international* flights.

    That might cause a person to suspect that they DID NOT want it to spread in China... but DID NOT CARE if it spread around the rest of the world!

    mfm droid

  7. May the history books show that the Soviet Union had a longer life than Communist Red China.

  8. Blows my mind that people think communists will be honest.


    The entire ideology is built on DECEIT.

    Wake up, you fools in Washington. You've been lying to the public for decades. Perhaps because many of you are communist yourselves.

  9. A fact is that their PPE and other medical supplies purchased by countries were defective. In one case underwear instead of masks were supplied. In normal times that probably written off as a simple mistake in the shipping department, but not now,