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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Red Chinese Disease blacklash begins

Whether this was by design or accident, Chairman Xi and Red China unleashed COVID-19 on the world, and now the world will make them pay for their multi-trillion dollar deception. Britain became the first to deliver economic sanctions against the communist country.

Chairman Xi and WHO lied about the seriousness of this disease.

He shut down domestic flights with Wuhan, but kept the flights to JFK. New York City is now the epicenter of the Red Chinese Disease.

The payback should be to quarantine all trade with Red China. Tariffs should be infinite.

England has begun the payback.

The New York Post reported, "The UK is moving to drop Huawei as a vendor for the country’s 5G cellphone network in a major blow to Communist China over poor coronavirus transparency.

"Prime Minister Boris Johnson, now recovering from COVID-19, gave the Chinese company a role in 5G infrastructure this year, squashing opposition last month by 24 votes in the 650-seat House of Commons.

"But now, concern about the Chinese Communist Party’s inaccurate reporting on the corona virus has lawmakers crafting plans for a retreat."

Putting a world leader in ICU was not a swift move by Chairman Xi.

President Donald John Trump had begged Johnson to drop Huawei. He refused. Now he sees the light.

Brits and people elsewhere in the world have torched Huawei 5G towers. News reports say they act on a rumor that the towers spread the disease because journalists think the saboteurs are rubes. But the fact is, people do not trust Red China.

We thought Red China would be like Japan. But no, it is a communist country.

Journalists side with the enemy.

The Guardian reported, "Huawei phone owners will be left out of a global COVID-19 contact tracing initiative because of a bitter feud between the US and China.

"Last May, the US banned companies including Google from sharing technology with Huawei. This Chinese telecoms company has since launched phones, including the P30 and Mate 30, without Google services.

"This means its newer phones will not be able to use a tracking tool created by Google and Apple, which is intended to be rolled globally. 

"The joint Google-Apple software makes it easier to use Bluetooth wireless technology to track down people who may have been infected by corona virus carriers."

Boo Hoo Hoo.

Apple needs to leave Red China. Now. Close the stores as well. Money from Red China is blood money.

They all do.

Zak Doffman of Forbes is among the journalists siding with Red China. He pretends that Huawei is independent. Why would Chairman Xi give up control over such a dominant player in the world when his plan is to take over the world?

Nevertheless, Doffman wrote, "Huawei now looks set to be caught in the backlash as global political pressure mounts on China over its handling of the global corona virus pandemic. Huawei had already warned that 2020 would be its toughest year yet, with survival our first priority, and that situation has now worsened — significantly.

"Huawei is now almost entirely reliant on the Chinese market for growth — last year, sales in its home market soared 36% to account for around 60% of total revenues. Huawei is also reliant on China to wield its diplomatic broadsword against countries wavering over their 5G decisions, pour encourager les autres.

"Talking of swords, this symbiotic relationship between Beijing and its number-one favorite tech giant has become somewhat double-edged. The U.S. blacklist, with its consequent impact on international sales, has removed Huawei’s international hedge. It cannot risk annoying Beijing, it needs to toe the political line."

Boo Hoo Huawei.

Cutting off Red China is not racist; it is paramount to survival. We must do it now before COVID-20 comes along.


  1. "Bitter feud" is I guess their analysis of whatbhappens when Red China unleashes a virus on the rest of the world...

  2. Trump didn't believe China would go down without a fight, he just didn't figure they would allow a disease to be their method. China is in a very bad position and the ones that will pay the price are the Belt and Road "partners" who cannot now afford to pay China back. This will be interesting to watch.

  3. Nixon went to China. Now it’s time to nix China.

  4. Trump wa sright -again i'll bet Boris had along time to think about Huwei
    and what they were trying to do.
    also:to quote Don: ""The joint Google-Apple software makes it easier to use Bluetooth wireless technology to track down people who may have been infected by corona virus carriers." `
    And undesirables,Deplorables, and Potential Troublemakers..

  5. Don, you keep writing "Chairman Xi". I take it you mean Chairman Xitler?

  6. Forbes Magazine is owned by a Chinese company which is a front for the CCP same as Huawei.

  7. Why is Walmart investing $450 million IN WUHAN over the nest 5 years?
    Why id Governor Newsom spending millions in a contract with a CCP company to provide PPE masks?

    We are swimming in "Blood money"

  8. let's not forget a pat on the back for Japan for offering money to its companies to di dI Mau from China.

    let them simmer in their own batShi tsoup.

    smells great.


    1. dee-dee out,with all haste. See how Japan just bought and occupied an island which will be a brand new Japanese-American Base? China needs to feel the squeeze.

  9. The US should just shut down everything with these communists they are not to be trusted just shut them down see how they like that.

    1. Chairman Xi and WHO lied about the seriousness of this disease.

      He shut down domestic flights with Wuhan, but kept the flights to JFK. New York City is now the epicenter of the Red Chinese Disease.

      ....why shut down domestic flights with Wuhan unless he knew the serious nature of the virus. Keeping the flights to JFK was therefore malicious, deliberate and in full possession of the facts.

    2. shutting down domestic flights with Wuhan but not the USA was an act of pure contempt.

  10. "The Yellow Peril"


  11. The Huwei threat was huge. Hopefully we dodged a bullet.

  12. the name of the virus is thus, use it every time

    Chinese Communist Peoples virus

  13. Whether deliberately or through ineptitude, the Chinese communist party unleashed the COVID-19 virus upon the world. Its failure to alert the international community followed by calculated obfuscation as to both the origin and seriousness of their failure is beyond is socially and morally reprehensible. The Chinese communist party is responsible for profound loss of face in open view of the community of nations. They have shamed themselves and the Chinese people. They must be held culpable and fully liable.

  14. So this fellow at Forbes, Doffman, writes:
    "...with survival our first priority..."
    Our? OUR?
    What, exactly, is the relationship between Doffman, Forbes, and the CCP?

    1. The same as most American media companies: Deeply embedded in China as the world's largest market for profit. The American Media is nothing more then a gigantic war-profiteering organization. Very ready to sell-out America to the highest bidder.

  15. We are at WAR. China has been for over a decade.. Democrats are just to stupid to realize when they sell America to our enemies.

  16. Don, the UK has more reasons to distrust China than you list:

    "The UK government’s new testing chief has admitted that none of the 3.5 million antibody tests ordered from China are fit for widespread use.

    Professor John Newton, who was appointed by health secretary Matt Hancock to oversee testing, reportedly said the tests were only able to identify immunity in people who had been severely sick with coronavirus.

    The tests did not pass the evaluation stage, and he was quoted by The Times as saying they were “not good enough to be worth rolling out in very large scale”."

  17. Why is this news? Has the UK forgotten who they are dealing with? It is high-time we family work together and protect ourselves. China isn't our friend. They hate us and seek our destruction and complete dominion over us. Never!!!


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