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Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Red China backlash begins

The Twisted Sister movement has begin. Dock workers in Australia are refusing to unload cargo ships from the communist country.

We're Not Gonna Take It.


Breitbart News reported, "Upwards of 60 Australian longshoremen were stood down Tuesday after they refused to unload a container ship from China.

"The Xin Da Lian docked at the DP World terminal in the Victoria state capital of Melbourne after leaving Shanghai on March 17. Union organizers claim the ship may be contaminated with corona virus and should instead be held in quarantine.

"The Maritime Union of Australia says the vessel is in breach of the federal government’s 14-day corona virus quarantine period after visiting a Taiwanese port on March 19 during its voyage Down Under, local outlet reports."

The company is pissed. Its chief operating officer Andrew Adam said, "The union is not allowed to unilaterally declare a vessel unsafe. They are not allowed to create their own set of rules."

What an idiot.

I say union leaders would not be doing their jobs if they did not protect the safety of their members.

The story said, "MUA national assistant secretary Warren Smith said it didn’t want to see a repeat of Sydney’s Ruby Princess cruise ship debacle where the vessel was allowed to send all its passengers ashore without screening after it had docked."

Smith asked, "What’s the difference with this ship?"


We quarantined cruise ships in this country.

Quarantine Communist China's cargo ships to this country. I hope American longshoremen are willing to do so because they would save lives.

This might hurt Chairman Xi and cost -- as snooty South Park mocks them -- "jerbs"?

This Kung Flu -- Chinese Virus -- Wuhan Bat Disease -- call it what you like (I prefer COVID-19) jeopardized the livelihood of every restaurant worker, theme park worker, and hospital worker in the world.

I realize there may be vital supplies aboard these ships but Red China sent bad COVID-19 tests and masks around the world.

Why would we accept these defective products anyway? Let 'em rot and rust.

As for the union, remember who started the collapse of the Soviet Union: Lech Wałęsa, a shipyard union leader.

We're Not Gonna Take It.



  1. As much as I am fighting this conclusion, I'm beginning to see the Point that he COVID-19 Virus may be at least modified. However,the release was an accident-and the ChiComs covered it up-and it ran away from them.
    Apparently the Bat DNA was not
    a local Wuhan Bat, but from the Horseshoe bat-that is not found in the area and no one eats them... Someone at he Lab, in my opinion dropped a beaker in an "OOPs" type accident and like Chernobyl it was covered up until the cascades of failure started running..

    1. Red China does not have accidents.

      Red China is perfect in everythinh Red China does.

      Red China makes only one mistake: Fucking with MAGA.

    2. So, Sir think it was something similar to The Pepsi Syndrome? Sounds as plausible as anything else!

    3. Z-can't use "China Syndrome" now can we? I was working for a civilian contractor in the Hanford are when Hanoi's little but of agitprop came out..BTW Bloomberg has an article: "US Intelligence sees China covered up reports of Corona virus."
      Calling Captain Renault..

  2. Lets just hope this type of reaction grows and grows. And I don't care if you want to call me xenophobic. P.S.- "calling a spade a spade" is not racist. It is a reference to playing cards.

  3. Massie is a smart guy. You're not.

  4. This is silly of you Don. This time. Social distance but unload the damn thing.

    Long term for whatever reason if the supply chain starts breaking down it will NOT be pretty.

    Reprisals later. Foodstuff safely now.

    1. Who knew old lady laughing was Red China mole????

    2. China Virus is as good an excuse as any to sever the supply chain involving these pirates, and starve the Party. I'm hoping for a counterrevolution there, like in Hong Kong.

    3. Boycott and blockade China until not another human walks on the soil thereof.


  5. I hope this movement grows too.

    And the rest of the song lyrics fit too - the first for the longshoremen To the company and the Chicoms , the second to the elites.

    We've got the right to choose and
    There ain't no way we'll lose it
    This is our life, this is our song
    We'll fight the powers that be just
    Don't pick our destiny 'cause
    You don't know us, you don't belong

    We're not gonna take it
    No, we ain't gonna take it
    We're not gonna take it anymore

    Oh you're so condescending
    Your gall is never ending
    We don't want nothin', not a thing from you
    Your life is trite and jaded
    Boring and confiscated
    If that's your best, your best won't do

  6. Re: Anonymous-
    YOU DA MAN!!!
    Folks have to learn the hard way I guess.

  7. Dee Snider and Trump Family sing "We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore":

  8. Shite, I’d blow the fookin thing up. The RedCommies were pro LY lookin for that daily double - infect Taiwan and then Oz. Bastards. Trust has been breached. Send the fookers to the penalty box for a game misconducts.

  9. Deny, deflect, defend.

    This "war on drugs" nonsense is just deflection.

    The My Pillow moron was more on topic than this foolishness.

    1. Obummy, Obummy

      You fooked up, you rummy

      And all that you got

      Was MAGA!!!

      8 years of obamanation indoctrination.

      8 years of democrat crap.

      And the result?


      You dummy........

    2. Why can't dotard Democrats understand we have a president who multitasks?

      Drug abuse is rising because of the coronavirus.

    3. "Deny, deflect, defend."

      Yeah, about that. Stupid hypocritical dishonest trolls like you, and your leftist cult, fully understand those three words. You live, eat, and sleep them. Just as the fellow leftist cult you members, the leftist media, are now trying to claim that Trump ignored the Kung Flu, when it was YOUR cult that did the very thing they blame Trump for.

      So, here's a tip for you stupid hypocritical dishonest troll. STFU and go away. Quit wasting space here and join your leftist cult to wish for more deaths from the Kung Flu and an economic collapse. You hate this country because of who is POTUS. You and your cultists are sick from TDS and apparently there is no cure for you.

      It will be fun watching your cult suffer all the more when Trump gets reelected due to your cult's efforts to stop him. Bwahahahahah!


  10. Victoria is under the rule of a hard-left Labor government. As a former Victorian myself I am surprised at how that state again and again votes in leftist governments that simply f*** the place over.
    The government's response isn't mentioned in the article so I assume the union is acting with their tacit support. You can never throw too many spanners into the works.
    Meanwhile, here on the other west coast, mining magnate Andrew Forrest is earning high praise for spending AUD$160 million on medical equipment and supplies from... wait for it... China.
    We need the supplies, sure, but from China?
    That's Chip Diller territory. Thank you sir, may I have another?

  11. I will never buy food from a Chinese restaurant again.


    They can all go to hell.

    1. Not to worry, it's not even real chinese food.
      Real chinese food would include bat-drop soup, pan-fried dog, and to enhance virility; black market steamed tiger penis.
      Btw, you notice how they opened up the 'wet' markets in Wuhan?

    2. We are all in on Thai and Indian. Learned to cook it at home. The rare times we eat out, never Chinese. Been this way for years.

      Hope all is well with Don. Almost 9am Central and no “Highlights of the News”. I will be strong and get through the day.

    3. Yeah, me too, Schlongy. Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone...

    4. never eat Chinese food again?
      that seems extreme.
      two thoughts:
      those who own Chinese restaurants here in the US are more likely to be either those descended from rr workers, gold miners, or others who got here before my Irish kin. or Taiwanese. very few from red China, and if so, they managed to escape the chicomms.
      would you refuse to buy a Cuban sandwich in Miami because Castro emptied his prisons in the mariel boat lift?

      and I like Thai food as well, but many Thai and Viet restaurants are run by American Chinese who got in on the rush to sell same ingredients for twice price when popularity took off.

      and they are all cogs in the underground rr for illegals.

      peons breaking free to escape the Chicomms.

      heck, my Grandpa, like many of the Irish, changed his name over silly kings warrants once he got here in 1929. didn't own a car until 52. but he married, paid for a house, 7 kids survived childhood. 3 did not. he rode the bus to the factory. got home and rode his bike to the Catholic church to do gardener work to pay for kids school. took prunings home to landscape his own yard.

      why penalise those that probably hate the chicomms worse than you do?

      and now they have another shame to add to their burden.


    5. Good points, H2O. I was talking about Big D’s silence thus far this morning.

    6. He was also silent much of yesterday.

      I was a little concerned when he stopped publishing on Sundays, so I'm a little concerned something's wrong.

    7. Hey Moron, It's not really Chinese food.

      Just like Corona beer has nothing to do with the corona virus.

      Remaining ignorant is a choice. Do better.

  12. Australian Dock Workers doing what they do best. Read up on they did in the early days of US Marines trying to deploy for war from Australia and New Zealand during WWII. SSDD

  13. Yep I have Chinese friends here in NE Oregon-a big community, that is NOT
    from Mainland China but for the last 130 or so Years -American. Names like Fong and Wong and Lee are common in the Phone books around here.
    La Grande had a big Chinatown-Until the Demcorat Business Man's Klub
    burned it to the Ground. Still find artifacts and coins from that era in people's back yardds in North LaGrande.