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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Press finds a COVID-19 cure it likes

The Arizona Republic gushed about a new treatment for COVID-19 called extracorporeal membrane oxygenation therapy after it saved Enes Dedic, 53.

It was a miracle. The treatment wasn't FDA-approved or clinically tested. It just worked after everything else did not.

More importantly, the treatment was not praised by President Donald John Trump, so the story did not cast shade on the process. It simply reported the facts as interpreted by the reporter, Alison Steinbach.

Her story said, "ECMO works by helping oxygenate blood outside the body so blood doesn't need to transfer through damaged or filled lungs. Instead, tubes carry blood from the body to an external artificial lung that removes carbon dioxide and adds oxygen, at which point an artificial heart pumps the blood back into the body.

"It's a last hope treatment, as the mortality rate on ECMO is around 40% – 'extraordinarily high for almost any medical procedure' – according to Dedic's doctors.

"After 10 days in a medical coma on ECMO, Dedic woke up responsive and soon was able to FaceTime his wife."

Bravo. Great.

Now compare that to the past four weeks of garbage reporting about antimalarial drugs to treat COVID-19. Once President Donald John Trump said this could be a game changer, the American press decided to do everything they could to undermine the public's confidence in a treatment that is used successfully around the world. 

And by American press, I mean the Democrat Party.

Consider this story from CBS.

It reported, "President Trump on Tuesday met with a handful of recovered corona virus patients who traveled from all over the country, including from states with stay-at-home orders, to meet with him. Some of them had taken hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug the president has been touting.

"Mr. Trump asked the patients to discuss their experience with the drug, if they took it. Some patients have anecdotally said it has helped them, although clinical trials about the effectiveness and risks of taking the drug have yet to be completed."


Everything the press reports is anecdotal.

The story said, "One of the participants at Tuesday's roundtable was a Democrat state representative, Karen Whitsett, who credited the drug at least in part for her recovery. Mr. Trump joked that surely she won't vote for former vice president 'sleepy' Joe Biden for president.

"'Had you not brought this to the forefront of the HQ, of being able to put this out here, I wouldn't be here today to even have this conversation with you and to be able to talk about the needs of Detroit and talk about this people who really need this,' Whitsett said during the meeting.

"The president said that if anyone other than him endorsed the drug, people would back it, rather than question it. Mr. Trump has told reporters he doesn't personally have any investments related to hydroxychloroquine."

Our president is most correct.

As usual.

I am glad Dedic survived. They tried hydroxychloroquine on him. It did not work. But thousands of lives were saved by hydroxychloroquine. That is the bigger story, one too big for the mites in the Washington press corps to cover.


  1. 40% mortality rate, not clinically tested or FDA approved. But not endorsed by PDJT. so of course the media loves it.

    If this was my last chance, of course I’d take it. But the hydroxychloroquine would be my first choice, and the first choice of most Americans, except the media. I reccomend extracorporeal membrane oxygenation therapy for them as the first option.

    1. Didn't the President pass the Right to Try law that made this possible? Wait until the press learns this tidbit...

    2. It's much more expensive, has to be administered in a hospital, with scarce equipment and skilled staff to run it.

      The hydroxlchloroquine, OTOH, is cheap, can be given BEFORE the patient get that bad, and has - despite the press reports - few side effects, when used in short=term illness.

      Naturally, the Leftists want the first treatment to be the default.

  2. How many hospital beds would be needed to have people in there for 10 days and how many artificial hearts would be needed. Will artificial hearts become the next ventilators?

  3. A lot of the experience with choloquine boils down to 98 - 100% success.

    There are always people who won't respond.

    My wife has a condition (charge normalization) that many remedies (eg, Celebrex) which work for everyone else don't work for her.

  4. I note the statement in the CBS story about "many of them with stay-at-home orders." The media can't help themselves.

  5. ECMO machines are very rare. I think NY state has like 20. Not something that would be available in a real pandemic, and assume you need trained operators to monitor the machines. Whereas hydroxychloroquine works for bulk of folks. Just way out there on the bell curve if you're counting on that to save you.

  6. Governor Cuomo wants 10K ECMO's delivered to him by the end of the week. Free of charge including shipping. And if POTUS doesn't, it's because Trump hates granny and wants her to die. / sar


  7. Tars, no need for sarc button on last comment.

    1. In this day and age there are people who would consider such an outlandish demand not only reasonable but a mandatory response.


  8. I don't always comment, but when I do I unmask Anonymous Authors

    Anonymous Unmasking update

    So Trump Critic 'Anonymous' has been unmasked

    It's (spoiler alert) "Victoria Coates"

    read all about it here -

    Technology is VERY surprising to the DC Intelligentsia. They (as a group) don't really understand that YES they too can be outed and profiled.

    AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning) algorithms are very unbiased as fact checkers and informants. Unlike Clinton era's Primary Color's Anonymous where textual fingerprinting algs were in their infancy. THIS Anonymous was outed by Trump within months.

    ONE of the many reasons why Angry remains Anonymous (well mostly, Don can dig if he has a yen).

    Anyway. Technology progresses and what was difficult in 90s is relatively easy in 2020. Trumps Anonymous got booted to Energy. And SHE knows why. I'm sure of it.

    Hot Tip to any Govies that try to pull another Anonymous Stunt. THIS President DOES have money and power at his disposal. He CAN call in very expensive EXPERTS to find out who is disloyal. Might want to keep that in mind if you want to go writing a book or other stupid idea.

    I REALLY REALLY LIKE this turn of events. It's not often that a Deep State(TM) pol gets shown the door. In fact, I can't remember another example. (well this Quickly)

    It's a kind of "heads up" to the cloistered Pol Think Tank group that "yes this President is different".

    There are many things I admire about the Trump Presidency. But it's mostly the small things that make BIG impressions to the Bureaucracy that I admire.

  9. Trump should endorse socialism, abortion and taxes. Democrats will immediately oppose all three.

  10. I can hardly wait to see the results of the South Dakota state wide test of the HCQ-AZT treatment for both as curative and prophylactic. I suspect a lot of Lamestream Media jerk wads are going to be eating a few boxcar loads full of crow.

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