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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Outrage of the day

What could be more outrageous than abortion mills remaining open in the COVID-19 lockdown?

Birth tourism remaining open. For women from Red China. Rich women at that.

The city of Orange, California, have yet to shut down JR Motel, which caters to rich women who give birth in the USA to bestow American citizenship on their progeny. The Orange County Register reported the city may get around to closing the operation down by the end of the month.

Any other business in America would be shut down immediately, but for some reason, JR Motel is exempt.

Did I mention its customers are rich?

On December 17, the Register reported, "The JR Motel in Orange has no sign, takes no reservations and hasn’t paid any city hotel taxes.

"The motel openly caters to Chinese nationals as a maternity facility, a practice known as birth tourism. But that’s not the use permitted for the site, at 428 E. Lincoln Avenue. City officials in Orange are looking to revoke the motel’s permit, something the motel’s owner says is driven by discrimination.

"The dispute, coming nearly five years after federal agents cracked down on three birth tourism operators in Southern California, suggests the practice of companies selling well-to-do foreigners on the idea of traveling to the United States and giving birth to American babies has not been stopped.

"On Monday night, the Orange Planning Commission voted to schedule a public hearing sometime early next year to decide whether they should revoke the conditional use permit for JR Motel.

"The vote came on the same day of a high profile birth tourism case in California, when the federal government won its first prison term against an operator of a birth tourism company in Irvine. The operator admitted to violating federal law by helping her customers to mislead federal officials on visa applications. The underlying business model is not illegal."

City officials finally got in on the act.

The Register reported, "City officials in Orange ordered a small motel operating as a birth tourism lodge to shut down by the end of the month.

"Council members on Tuesday night revoked the JR Motel’s conditional use permit, saying the owner did not operate the facility for its intended use.

"The JR Motel doesn’t have a sign or take reservations from the general public. Instead, it caters to well-off Chinese women who come to the United States while pregnant with the intention of giving birth to a child who, by law, will be an American citizen. Though the practice isn’t illegal, city officials said such long-term residency at the motel fits the category of a boarding or lodging house, and the location, 428 E. Lincoln Avenue, is not zoned for either.

"City officials said the JR Motel has violated numerous building, fire and safety codes. The owner remodeled the building after receiving city approval in 2015 to run a motel, increasing the number of rooms and making other changes."

To be fair, the 10 pregnant women staying at the motel cannot be tossed on the street. There is no place to send them because there are no flights to Red China.

But make no mistake. Red China is gaming us. We get COVID-19. Their rich kids get citizenship.

And many a palm was greased along the way to make it so. We do not like to think America is a banana republic but 8 years of Obama showed we are.


  1. There is NO law that says "anchor babies" are legal. It is just allowed by historical, misguided precedence. It should be stopped.

    1. There is a law that says they are NOT legal citizens: the US Constitution. "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof".

  2. That law that allows "natural Born" citizenship was to enable slaves to become real citizens. As eventually NAtive American (Inidians) too.
    This is a case of the Slavers taking advantage over the enslaved...

  3. Wait a minute... didn't President Trump order the embassies to stop processing visas for pregnant women in conjunction with the ChinaVirus travel ban? Could have sworn I read that somewhere.

    Congress can turn off the fake "citizenship" given to babies of foreign nationals in an instant by merely applying the same standard to all people who have citizenship in any other country (including "dual citizens") that they apply to diplomats & their staff. It could probably be done by executive order. In fact, it's likely the INS or whatever they call themselves these days, could turn it off with a simply regulation and definition change.

  4. True. The American Indians were not given citizenship under the Constitution because they held citizenship in their tribes. They could be naturalized, and those who chose the US citizenship over their tribes were not moved in the "Trail of Tears" or other displacements.

    After the "tribal sovereignty" became mostly moot, Congress gave the tribal members birthright citizenship.

    The same principle could and should be applied to every foreign national.

    1. This was supposed to be a reply to Douglas DC April 16, 2020 at 1:32 PM

    2. Well that is what happened to my Grandmother's family they were land holding plantain Indians, Grandma was born outside the boundaries of the Eastern Cherokee lands and could not claim tribal status. So, in effect through much manipulation of family history,"Black Dutch and Black Irish" was the saying. There was some Catawba in the line, too.. wife's Cherokee on both sides ,
      and she was getting set to do the paperwork to get Tribal status in Oklahoma -then she had her stroke..

    3. "Plantation" spellcheck error-that's my story and I am sticking to it..

  5. In circumstances of birther citizenship I stand in favor of post birth abortion.

  6. A banana republic???
    Banana Republics spy on and try to destroy their political enemies. Obama Biden Clinton would never do that!! Would they?s/

  7. It reminds me of a very old Ann Lander's statement many years ago: "No one can take advantage of you without your permission." What follows from that is the admonition that you can vote your way into socialism, but you have to shoot your way out.

  8. What could be more outrageous than abortion mills remaining open in the COVID-19 lockdown?

    In the US the right of a woman to murder her baby is sacred.

  9. "City officials in Orange are looking to revoke the motel’s permit, something the motel’s owner says is driven by discrimination."

    Good thing the Hitler didn't claim the National Socialist German Workers' Party was a religion.

    We wouldn't've been able to fight on the European Front because that would've been criticized as being Naziphobic.

  10. “ On Monday night, the Orange Planning Commission voted to schedule a public hearing sometime early next year to decide whether they should revoke the conditional use permit for JR Motel.” NEXT YEAR!?!?!?!

    They must have been paid a lot of money to look the other way. Now that they’ve been caught, they fldraf their feet so another way to beat the system can be implemented.

  11. It's all about the Benjamins. U.S. Citizenship is now a commodity. - Elric

  12. I expect PRESIDENT TRUMP to end the anchor baby issue in his SECOND TERM! It will anger the usual miscreants, but they will be irrelevant and reduced to nothing more than the nitwit on the corner yelling at cars!

  13. This all goes back to US v Wong Kim Ark, where SCOTUS ruled that Wong, who was born in the US to parents who were Chinese nationals. The key point is that Wong’s parents, although not US citizens, were legally present in the United States and had made a home here and operated a business. The Wong decision also pointed out that Wong’s parents were private individuals and NOT representatives of the Chinese government.

    These provisions do not apply to illegal immivaders who punch out a baby after illegally entering the country and they certainly do not apply to so-callled “birth tourism.”

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