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Saturday, April 25, 2020

NYT admits the lockdown is crazy

Bret Stephens of the New York Times had an epiphany. The rest of the country is not like New York City.

His column headline was, "America Shouldn’t Have to Play by New York Rules. A national lockdown is bad medicine and worse politics."

Manhattan has 66,940 people per square mile.

All of New York City has 26,403 people per square mile.

The rest of the nation has 92.9 people per square mile.

24 states are less than the U.S. average.

Why in the name of all that is responsible is Alaska locked down? It has 1.3 persons per square mile.

Sure, Anchorage is at 175 people per square mile but that is less than 1% of New York City's density.

And dense it is. Its mayor encouraged people to go to Chinatown and it still has not shut down its subways. Masks? What are those?

Stephens looked at the numbers. He likely shook his head because the numbers do not justify shutting a nation down.

He wrote, "As of Friday, there have been more Covid-19 fatalities on Long Island’s Nassau County (population 1.4 million) than in all of California (population 40 million). There have been more fatalities in Westchester County (989) than in Texas (611). The number of Covid deaths per 100,000 residents in New York City (132) is more than 16 times what is in America’s next largest city, Los Angeles (8). If New York City proper were a state, it would have suffered more fatalities than 41 other states combined."

He left out much-maligned Florida, which has suffered 5 deaths per 100,000 people, and much-maligned South Dakota, which has suffered 1 death per 100,000 people

And he wrote, "Consider a thought experiment in which metropolitan New York weren’t just its own state, but its own country. What would the crisis for what remained of America look like, then? In this slightly smaller nation of a little more than 300 million people, the death toll would amount to about 7.5 per 100,000, slightly above Germany’s levels."

Deaths, not infections, matter.

We should have quarantined the hospitalized and worn masks. Instead Cuomo and other Democratys and anti-Trump Republicans politicized the daggone disease, and crashed the economy.

He wrote, "Americans are being told they must still play by New York rules — with all the hardships they entail — despite having neither New York’s living conditions nor New York’s health outcomes. This is bad medicine, misguided public policy, and horrible politics."

He ended his piece, "Gina Raimondo, the Rhode Island governor, was on to something when, a few weeks ago, she wanted to quarantine drivers arriving from New York. The rest of America needs to get back to life. We New Yorkers prefer our own company, anyway."

Quarantining drivers from New York is unconstitutional?


And ineffective.


  1. It’s not too early for me to take a victory lap on behalf of you and your readers, Big D. Wuhan’s time is done. It’s over. In fact, there was no there there. My wife and have done what we needed to do to keep her 86 year old mother safe. That was OUR task, not the entire fooking country’s.

    Expect a mini-surge of “Orange Man murderer” stories in mid-October, right before the regular flu season starts again. These fookers have become tiresome with their predictability. That will be right around the time the Dow flirts with 30 again.

    Never bet against Donald John Trump.

    1. God Bless, zregime! We are doing the same for my wife's 88 year old mother. Our TASK as well. I've known for weeks that the CFR was lower than people were letting on. Being in NJ, with the trains still going into NYC spreading the infection, I'll still be on lockdown by Gov. Comrade Murphy for another 3-4 weeks. This is tyranny!
      Keep flying the flags of discontent.

  2. And while the real fascists are showing their true colors, Antifa is nowhere to be found. - GOC

    1. Antifa =KKK except Antifa doesn't have to wash--Their sheets.

    2. Who washes their sheets? Their mommies as they live in her basement

    3. Don't even try to defend antifa, it's indefensible. They have NO solutions, NO position, they're just brown shirts.

  3. The politicians are so afraid of being exposed as the idiots they are, that they cannot abandon the original narrative behind the shutdown even in the face of the antibody testing evidence. Unless there is mass non-compliance by businesses the reopening is going to take far too long. Do they think their budgets are going to be fixed by the Congress handing them money? Because I don't think the Treasury can print that much money.

    1. Agree that politicians are in so deep, they can’t change their toon unless there are mass uprisings. I hope there are.

    2. MAKE massive uprisings happen! Governors are mass murderers. Citizen's arrest is perfectly legal when we stop a felony in progress. Physically remove all these Governors from Office all on the same day.

  4. The NYT has had a few cracks in the dam. Ready for it to break and the flood of news will free us from this madness.

    1. No hope. They are in too deep, it's remove Orange Man Bad or nothing.

      They knew almost from the start that Muh Russia was a hoax. Instead of reporting that they aided and abetted the seditious conspirators and still are. They are using tactics from Goebbels and Alinsky to accuse, smear, slander, and vilify and have been highly successful with the true believers and the headline readers that Orange Man is 100X worse than Mr. H. He's the most awful tyrant for not locking down America. Bankruptcy and closure is likely the only way to clean out that Augean stable (along with WAPO, LA Times, and the other uber-marxist papers).


    2. Sundance says the 2nd Civil War is beginning as Blue State LibCommie guvs extend lockdown to bankrupt their states in anticipation of a big bailout. MAKE EM HOWL!!

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  6. New York City is a dirty place.

    I visited Seoul, Korea, two years ago for the first time in over thirty years. The one thing that jumped out at me is how clean everything is there even with ~25M citizens.

    It makes sense that COVID-19 took its toll on a ridiculously highly populated city that lives in squalor like New York City. NYC makes it easy for COVID-19 to get around.

  7. I hope Don is right in earlier post, that New York might take years to recover.
    We Just need to quarantine all new Yorkers so those liberal pussies don't escape to conservative states and infect us with their big government politics

  8. my county has 31 people per sq mile.
    my state has 17 deaths.
    I'm going to remain calm and carry on.
    and no one had to fill the skate park with sand.


    1. Citizens turned half it into a dirt bike track.

      The efforts to keep people from skateboarding dwarf the effort to protect the border or maintain law and order.

  9. How soon will "law and imprisonment" break down? That will be the next big story--that restaurant/bar/barbers are simply opening up without permission from the Karens.

  10. ER Docs Urge "Open Up Society Now" Because "Lockdowns Are Weakening Our Immune Systems"