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Monday, April 27, 2020

New Hampshire bans surfing

The headline said, "Police cracking down as surfers make waves amid beach closures."

The dateline was Manchester, New Hampshire.

The once-conservative Union-Leader reported that police are enforcing the draconian and unconstitutional edict by Governor Sununu (the Son King) that because of the COVID-19 panic, no one can go on the beach.

There is no proof -- scientific or otherwise -- that walking on the beach gives you COVID-19. But the state that has abandoned its motto: "Live Free Or Die."

The story said, "Rye Police Chief Kevin Walsh has threatened to charge surfers who continue to defy no-parking rules, as well as the executive order issued by Gov. Chris Sununu last month. He said they could be charged with a violation under a town ordinance and face a $62 fine."

Too bad.

They surf in snow in New Hampshire.

Rather than ignore a few diehard surfers who harm no one, Chief "Wiggums" Walsh is out Barney Fife-ing on tickets.

The story said, "Rye has issued 223 parking tickets since March 1. Most recently, Walsh said 18 tickets were issued from April 13 to April 18, and 20 were handed out on April 19 alone."

People who are sworn to defend the Constitution are ignoring it, which is far worse than a few sons of beaches who ignore the ban on surfing.

Hampton Selectman Chuck Rage is chairman of the Hampton Beach Village District and is working on plans to reopen the beach.

Rage said, "I feel for those guys. We’ve had some of the most incredible surfing out there."

If everybody had an ocean across the USA that everyone would be surfing like Californ-I-A -- because surfing is freedom, something too many people have forgotten.


  1. Who in their right mind surfs in New England in April?

    Who in their right mind surfs in New England?

    1. Very large surfing community on the Oregon coast. North Pacific.
      they wear insulated wet suits. Yet there are Great White sharks.
      My Next door Neighbor made national news when a GW took a chunk out of his surfboard. BTW know a few surfers-they tend to be a libertarian lot and little regard for authority a lot like Airtanker Pilots. That's why I got along with them..
      Time to post a Gasden Flag on the beach..
      Or a pile of seaweed in Sununu's office..
      Better yet the contents of bilge of someone's lobster boat..

    2. I'd tell the cops, "Look forward to seeing you at my jury trial." - Gary B

  2. Ah yes...Chris Sununu. Son of John Sununu, famous anti-Israeli and changer of Bush pere’s mind on Read My Lips. John Sununu was a Never Trumper before Mr. T was even a thing politically. THAT’S where Chris got that Farking Sellout gene from.

  3. Speaking of Tanker pilots-my old Captain's family knew the Bushes from their time in Texas-when 41 said "Wead my Wips" He knew that wasn't gonna happen.. I'm glad Trump mashed Jeb!

  4. Here in south Florida many communities STILL have not opened the beaches, probably because jerkwater cowardly RINO DeSantis and the leftist Democrat fascists that run the counties aren't going to rescind their emergency orders until they run out at the end of April.

  5. Here is a song that should be on everyone's lips as this folly drags out.


    1. To add another link that constitute our protest/s against infringement on two of our sacred rights...Signed, A mid Atlantic surfer/2nd Amendmenter. ZB

    2. ZB.

  6. Steely Dan wrote about this pandemic decades ago:

    1. It's hard times befallen
      The Soul Survivors
      She thinks I'm crazy
      But I'm just growing old with Covid-19

      Plus Trump recommending rinsing our system with a cleaner like Cuervo Gold

    2. You must be a fan of Prof Reynolds also!

  7. If "Hampton Selectman Chuck Rage, chmn Hampton Beach Village District" had a PAIR, he'd use City funds to pay those Surfer Tickets, and run for Governor....

  8. I wouldn't be too upset with New Hampshire and their ironic logo. They haven't lived up to it for many years now. Much of southern NH is to Boston what Long Island is to NYC.

  9. New Hampshire has awesome surf. I've been a surfer since 1965 and the 14 mikes of NH's coastline has some great point breaks and reef breaks. What it doesn't have are police officers who care for their town and citizens. It seems that is becoming more obvious on a daily basis across the entire country. It's not a good look for police depts and breeds resentment across political spectrums. Well surfers are my tribe and I feel for them. Organize and vote the bastards out of office. Protest at the PD stations. Do what it takes fellow tribe members. Surfing is life.

  10. They must have taken the words 'support and defend the Constitution" out of their oath.

  11. "Sir,
    By recent intelligence from the city of New York, there are the strongest appearances of a general evacuation. Where the force of the enemy will be next directed can only be the subject of conjecture; but it is generally supposed, if they operate again any where in the United States, it will be against Boston and the French fleet. Should this event take place, your influence near the seat of war will enable you to render more essential service there, than where you now are. With a view to this, I am to desire you will forthwith proceed to join General Sullivan at Providence. General Hand will succeed to your present command, to whom on his arrival at Albany you will be pleased to communicate every thing necessary for his information and government. I am Sir Your most Obedt servant."--Gen. George Washington to Brig. Gen. John Stark [written in Hamilton's hand].

    In New Hampshire, our President quoted New Hampshire's famous motto, "Live Free or Die", written--and lived-out-- by Gen. John Stark. It sounds almost foreign to our modern ears, we who grew up in the cocoon of Liberty provided by our Founders, our forefathers and mothers and again by our parents and grandparents.

    But Liberty is always to be defended, as we see in our times of Globalist greed, Deep State sedition, Big Tech censorship and manipulation, One-Party Academia and Media and hooded stooges bent on oppression, to name but some of the tyranny afoot.

    Of his volunteers:

    “They were men who had not learned the art of submission, nor had they been trained to the arts of war; our ‘astonishing success’ taught the enemies of liberty that undisciplined freemen are superior to veteran slaves. … As I was then, I am now, the friend of the equal rights of men, of representative democracy, of republicanism, and the declaration of independence—the great charter of our national rights—and of course a friend to the indissoluble union of these states. I am the enemy of all foreign influence, for all foreign influence is the influence of tyranny. This is the only chosen spot of liberty—this the only republic on earth….These are my orders now, and will be my last orders to all my volunteers….look to [your] sentries. Live free or die—Death is not the worst of evils.”--Gen. John Stark, a stalwart at Bunker Hill, chosen by Washington over higher-ranking officers for the Battle of Trenton, praised by Madison and Jefferson, victorious over Burgoyne at Bennington, coined the New Hampshire motto in this toast on the 32nd anniversary of that victory in 1809.

    Serfs, UP!