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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

My plan to re-open America

My plan to re-open America is simple.

First we pray. A national day of fasting would be a nice throwback to Lincoln, and a reminder of from whence all blessings flow.

Then we re-open Waffle House. It is the last place to close before a hurricane hits and the first to re-open. reported, "The Georgia-based diner icon, beloved for its breakfast food served in abundance across the South and in other states, is known for being open around the clock, even in times of extreme weather and natural disasters. Waffle House locations are so rarely closed that even the federal government takes its cues from the chain as a barometer for disaster recovery. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) uses an informal metric called the Waffle House Index to determine the severity of a storm and how much disaster relief will be required.

"'If you get there and the Waffle House is closed? That’s really bad,' Craig Fugate, the former head of FEMA, has said in the past, according to the Wall Street Journal."

Waffle House shut down 418 restaurants 3 weeks ago. 1,574 remained open.

Start the recovery by letting Waffle House and the dining rooms of the fast food joints re-open. Let managers manage their restaurants. The people will decide whether it is safe by going out to dine.

At the same time, re-open the hospitals. Let the elective surgeries return. In the wake of the COVID-19 scare, hospitals laid off workers because governors banned elective surgeries. What a mess. Anticipating a pandemic, thousands of hospitals wound up with empty beds.

Let them fill those hospital beds. The people will again decide if it is safe.

Have the courts re-open and end work-from-home for government workers.

At the same time, take off all restrictions on all businesses. Let the governors of each state that shut down decide. They can re-open their entire state or do it county-by-county. But we have to get back to normal.

Baseball should shoot for a Father's Day opening. The NFL and college football can begin training camps around then in preparation for a full season. As for the NBA, I only care about it when LeBron James is with the Cavaliers. Otherwise, I don't care. But the NBA and NHL should be good to go by fall.

The best case scenario just a few weeks ago was 200,000 deaths. Now it is half that. But computer models are all garbage in, garbage out.

Will more people die of COVID-19 if we re-open?

I don't know.

But I do know more people will die from cancer if they do not see their doctor soon. And I also know our nation will die under this solitary confinement.



  1. Mine is to flip the sign so it reads, "OPEN"

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  2. “The people will decide...”

    Big D, that is an idea so totally bat shite crazy that it just might work.

  3. I would sell the NBA to China or at least add a team from Wuhan.

  4. "But computer models are all garbage in, garbage out." In the computer biz, we call this GIGO.

    But inside the computer modeling/forecasting sub-community, there is another GIGO - "Garbage In, Gospel Out".

    This kind of GIGO occurs when recipients of forecasts present forecasts to others as things cast in concrete, with all the warnings about assumptions and data removed.

    This kind of GIGO is far more dangerous than the original one. Thank God President Trump understands this.

  5. Nah, let the NBA wither and die on the vine.

    They can play in Red China if they love the Commies that much.

  6. Only problem with the ‘let states decide’ approach is that the governor of my state (MN) seems to have a lust for tyranny. Gotta remove them incentive for staying shut (aka federal $$) in order for this to work.

    1. My condolences. You are in one of many states where the Governors have gone wild.

  7. In the Deplorable part of Oregon, we have barely stopped working-shops are open business running, car dealers dealing shopping for a new mower yesterday, I was at the local Farm Store. Nursery open , Tractors, lawn and garden equipment, feed pet supplies all out and running. No Plastic barriers, a few reminders of social distancing-but that's about it..
    Oh and they are using plastic bags. No Chinese made germ carriers.
    We are not dead yet-despite the best efforts of the Demofuehers..
    (I just had a vision of Kate Brown in a huge black helmet...)

    1. Oh sure rub it in, you lucky bastard. And Oregon no less. I bet even the head joints are open.

  8. Bathrooms are closed in restaurants?
    Welcome back all those communicable diseases indoor plumbing and water treatment plants have solved

  9. Baseball can abbreviate their schedule by eliminating interleague play.
    And the All Star game.

  10. My suggestions for Texas, where I now live:
    1. No government entity may collect internet sales tax from out-of-state customers. In-state customers only pay state, and not local, sales taxes.
    2. Students 16 years of age may take high school equivalence test, and be given letter indicating they will graduate with their graduation class. Currently, students are prevented from testing out of high school until after their graduating class graduates. A student who tests out of school will cost the local district lost money from the state, but the state will save by not having to dole that money out.
    3. Decriminalize school truancy.

  11. Let the people decide? Ha! In the words of Bill Clinton, January 1999:

    "We could give it all back to you and hope you spend it right... But ... if you don't spend it right, here's what's going to happen."

  12. Good plan! Do just that. Those states whose officials will not open up their states, impeach/remove from office by whatever legal means there is that state and ban them from ever holding office in that state again.

  13. People in my state have HAD IT with the lockdown bullhockey. Big protest tomorrow at state capital and others this weekend. enough already!! Some will get the crud, some won't... its life! Think of all the $$ hospitals are losing each day without elective surgeries also. SPEAK OUT folks!

  14. Trump just mentioned Waffle House as one of the industry leaders working on plan to open economy... So it's over!

  15. One of the first things to close in our town was mine and the wife's favorite Waffle House. When we heard we went out in the yard and looked for signs in the sky. We were sure the end of the world was at hand.