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Monday, April 13, 2020

Media roots for COVID-19 over hydroxychloroquine

The truth about COVID-19 is out there. The press won't report it. Readers are going around the press.

A reader sent me a COVID-19 press release from Sermo, "the largest global healthcare polling company and social platform for physicians," which reported what treatments for COVID-19 doctors are using.

It said, "The top three treatments that doctors most reported prescribing were Azithromycin (50%), Hydroxychloroquine (44%), and bronchodilators (36%)."

It adds up to more than 100% because doctors are using more than one drug.

Sermo said, "The treating physician percentage for Hydroxychloroquine went up across the board globally. COVID treaters reported having prescribed or seen Hydroxychloroquine prescribed increase by 11% (from 33% to 44%) week over week and Azithromycin increase by 9% (from 41% to 50%).

"Italy had the highest increase in having prescribed or seen Hydroxychloroquine prescribed (from 50% to 71%). Reported usage in New York nearly doubled (23% to 40%), week over week."

There is an important development in fighting COVID-19. Sermo said, "Plasma from recovered patients is perceived as more effective than Hydroxychloroquine (52% of COVID treaters felt it was very to extremely effective vs Hydroxychloroquine at 38%)."

So plasma is preferred, but hydroxychloroquine also is used and may be more readily available.

The reader asked, "Is there one major media maggot on the planet willing to report this?"

There are a few media outlets reporting some of this, but the main spin is hydroxychloroquine is voodoo medicine pushed by President Donald John Trump.

Given the widespread acceptance by treating physicians of hydroxychloroquine, it is irresponsible and dangerous to cast shade on this life-saving treatment. The American media could not care less about informing the public. Journalists serve only to spin nowadays.

NPR reported, "Concern is mounting after a doctor at a Texas nursing home started giving the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine to dozens of elderly patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and tracking the outcomes in what he's calling an 'observational study.'

"Use of the drug to treat corona virus infections has set up a heated debate between the Trump administration and leading health experts over its efficacy against COVID-19.

"President Trump has been an enthusiastic champion of hydroxychloroquine, calling it a game-changer. But some of the nation's most respected health officials have said there is insufficient evidence showing that the 80-year-old drug, which is typically used to stave off malaria or treat lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, is a viable treatment in battling the new virus."

NPR has taken vapors over an observational study.

So how did that work out? The story said, "In total, 87 people at The Resort tested positive — 56 of 135 residents as well as 31 staffers. One patient has since died."

Only 1 out of 87 died.

The doctor who did this, Robin Armstrong, told NPR, "To be clear, no one is worse than when they started. From my perspective, it's irresponsible to sit back and do nothing. The alternative would have been much much worse."

NPR then politicized a medical miracle, reporting, "Armstrong, who is a prominent GOP activist, called Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. He says Patrick reached out to Texas state Sen. Bryan Hughes, also a Republican, who knew someone on the board of the New Jersey-based company Amneal Pharmaceuticals. The company, which makes and distributes the drug, has donated more than a million tablets nationwide, including to the states of Texas and Louisiana."

This is garbage reporting because no mention was made of French Doctor Didier Raoult who took this drug off the shelf and using it with a Z-Pack began saving lives. This triggered the use of this regimen across the globe.

A fair and balanced report would have mentioned this success elsewhere. Reporter Vanessa Romo should have done her homework and learned this is not some Republican conspiracy. This is not voodoo medicine. This is a promising treatment for a new disease.

Stories such as this rubbish inform me that NPR's staff hates President Donald John Trump and wants him to fail, even if it means tens of thousands will die. Most of the media is like NPR.

An observational study is science. As Yogi Berra said, "You can observe a lot by just watching." People laugh. It's true.

The media/Democrat/Red Chinese attack on hydroxychloroquine is Russian Collusion on steroids as they seek to discredit a cure for the virus unleashed on the world by Red China.

Gregory J. Wallance wrote in The Hill, "President Trump has been promoting the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a way to end the pandemic. He claims the drug could be one of the 'biggest game-changers in the history of medicine,' while saying “I’m not a doctor. But I have common sense.' He even mused about taking the drug himself, as though it were a vaccine.

"Trump seems oblivious to either the medical or political risks to him personally from the drug, which he claims has no harmful side effects. 'It’s not going to hurt people. What do you have to lose?'

"Actually, Trump could have a lot to lose if he swallowed hydroxychloroquine. 'You could lose your life. It’s unproven,' is how Dr. Patrice Harris, the president of the American Medical Association, answered Trump’s rhetorical question.  She explained that the drug, while generally safe as a treatment for malaria and certain inflammatory conditions, can have potentially harmful complications. These include sudden cardiac death, loss of vision and psychosis."

This writer portrayed a cure as a poison.

He wants people to die so we get a Democrat president.

He wrote, "Recall that following the Spanish Flu of 1918-1919, the Democrats lost the White House by a landslide in the 1920 election. Already, 56 percent of Americans do not trust Trump to give them accurate information about the pandemic. If his over-hyped drug turns out to be a lot less than a game-changer, and causes harm, even his own loyal supporters may question Trump for misleading them about a miracle cure in the midst of a devastating pandemic."

He also wrote, "The steady, focused leadership of governors such as Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) has not been flattering to Trump."

Cuomo's state is now the epicenter of COVID-19 in America.

They keep dismissing proof that this regimen works as anecdotal. This is the same media that promotes global warming as triggering earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes.

The media hates President Donald John Trump more than life itself. This may re-elect him despite a pandemic and a recession.

Conservative columnist Charles Vavruska contracted COVID-19.

He wrote, "At 10:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 25, while still in this waiting area, my doctors gave me the bad, but unsurprising, news: I had tested positive for COVID-19. Within an hour, they put me on hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, which appears to enhance HCQ’s therapeutic effects.

"Thursday morning, March 26, the doctor confirmed that I was taking the anti-malarial HCQ and Zithromax together. 'The Trump Treatment?' I asked. 'Yes,' she replied. 'The Trump Treatment.'

"That night, doctors transferred me to a room. I already felt better, just 19 hours after I first took the HCQ and Z-pack. Once in the room, which I shared with another man, everything was calm, and the care went from great to excellent."

Within a week he was home and cured, although still resting.

Hydroxychloroquine won't kill you. The media will.


  1. Time to quarantine the press? Non-essential at this point. Lock, er keep them at home like everyone else....

    1. Actually, I think social distancing oneself from the American media is a better way to put it.

  2. They expected the FDA to completely squash the use of HCQ and let the kung-flu take it's course.

  3. Millions in malaria areas take HCQ every year.
    Come. On.
    How dangerous can it be?

    1. 50 years ago I took it monthly for a year and a half.

  4. Why is Peter Navarro not using the DPA to force NYT, WAPO et al to turn over all the supplies of their newsprints for the next 18 months over to the MY PILLOW guy as raw materials for toilet paper manufacture to ease current shortages.

  5. There is a story/joke about the deacon who tried to help the drunk find lost house keys. The drunk is searching near a lamp post. The deacon, after some while of fruitless searching, asks, "Are you sure you dropped 'em here?" Drunk says, "No, but I'm sure I'll never find 'em if I lost 'em out back in the dark."

    The US stockpiled a boat load of anti-malaria drugs. We don't have any stockpile of specific anti-novoCorona drugs. Maybe an anti-malarial is not what we need. But we have no hope at all if we don't use the resources we actually have.

  6. Fortunately people are demanding the Cholorquine Rx now. Also most physicans don't really care about media lies or poliitcal posturing. The drugs are safe as short term treatments so no good lawyers are not going to get involved. In fact this is no doubt part of the media plan: to provoke malpractice lawsuits. Perhaps as this dies down and the results of treatment become more apparent the media will become defendants in class action for promoting the withholding effective care. One can hope.
    The drugs have to be given early. It is possible high risk individuals would benefit from chronic prophylaxis with HCQ and Zinc. That is a study worth doing.

    1. There are undoubtedly many leftist lawyers hoping a praying that some people will die from taking Hydroxychloroquine so they can sue for billions while blaming Trump.

      It's kinda like the anti-vaxxers deal - yes, vaccines can cause fatal reactions. But if the disease causes 1 in 1000 to die and the vaccine kills 1 in 1,000,000 people who get it, the safe bet is get the vaccine.

  7. Churches are non essential, but politicized news services are.
    Welcome to Bizarro World.

    For me, it's not the wu-flu that worries me, it's the complete bastardization of it by politicians and the media.
    Dr. Faulty can't make up his mind what to do from one day to the next, Deborah Birx demanding all deaths be counted regardless of preexisting conditions to over inflate the case numbers.
    Piglosi and Schitt turning this into yet another impeachment.
    And the whole damn economy is shut off for an over amped flu virus that can be dealt with hcq, azithromycin, and ivermectin.
    But it's not over yet. The "experts" will tout all the 'dangerous side effects' to why you shouldn't be given any of these drugs.

    If that's not enough, then there's all the non-wu-flu b.s. like Up-Chuck Grassley signing on with a bunch of democrats and rinos complaining about Trump firing the backstabbing IG.
    It's all just more bogus excuses to play political games.

  8. The studies were there since 2005.

  9. I read NPR's story yesterday, and it made my blood boil. It started with an editorial headline (COVID-19 Patients Given Unproven Drug In Texas Nursing Home In 'Disconcerting' Move), and ended by listing all of the health code violations the nursing home had received in the past. They never got around to mentioning that the treatment seemed to be extremely successful.

  10. Are they 'manipulating the math too' From the article:

    "Sermo said, "The treating physician percentage for Hydroxychloroquine went up across the board globally. COVID treaters reported having prescribed or seen Hydroxychloroquine prescribed increase by 11% (from 33% to 44%)"

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but an increase from 33 to 44 is a 33% increase NOT 11% increase.

    1. Yes. As a White House correspondent once said, reporters know about as much about fashion as they do math. (Look at how they dress sometimes)

    2. I miss the smokin hot Helen Thomas :-0

  11. Rush Limbaugh asked last week: "Are you getting sick of the word 'anecdotal' yet?" When the 'anecdotal' evidence from thousands of practicing physicians, among their many, many thousands of patients becomes overwhelming, the backlash to the Fake News Media is going to bite them. It's going to be fun to watch.
    We have lefty friends whose steady diet of PBS has them saying "Don't take the Trump poison!" My reply is simple: You have every right as a patient, when you're dying of the virus, to refuse any and all treatment if you choose. But don't you DARE tell me not to try any and all legally prescribed treatments! I want it early on if I get this bug!

  12. Aw Don, you silly goose. Dontcha know that fish tank cleaner will kill ya? That's what the stupid hypocritical dishonest chinese troll posted. Several times!

    Say, what happened to that dufus? Maybe it contracted Kung Flu and took fish tank cleaner in the hopes of getting cured? I wouldn't put it past the mentally challenged idiot.

    What ever happened, good riddance stupid hypocritical dishonest chinese troll.


  13. Sir, be careful with those statistics. An increase of 33% of doctors prescribing to 44% is not an 11% increase, its a 33% increase.

  14. I like that they are attributing this to Republicans. I wonder if they considered the possibility that the drug actually works and people will be grateful to the party who accelerated the effort.

    1. Nah. They don't give any credit to the party that freed the slaves either. History will be rewritten that it was the anti science Republicans that caused all the deaths and Cuomo Fraudsi and Birtch who saved us

  15. Prepare military tribunals to root out the traitors working within the media and also the tyrannical elite-class owners of those media.

    For the guilty I recommend various hard-labor terms from 6-months for minor hired functionaries to life with no parole for the wealthy owners and with total confiscation of all wealth, visible and hidden, to be used to root out traitors in other areas within the USA... including all levels of government.

  16. A status report on the use of HCQ has been missing from the Presidents daily briefings. They've covered the mask and PPE issue to death and it's been mainly fixed. The beds/ICU issue is gone as well. Time to start releasing some accurate date on the use of treatments to all of these patients. Of the 20,000 dead, how many were given what treatments? How many recovered after using HCQ or other treatments. The MSM is not going to ask the question because they won't like the answer.

    1. 100% agree.

      Keep up the good work DS.

  17. It's not just the media, it's the politicians. Note how Gov. Cuomo is hamstringing the use of HCQ in New York.

    1. The Michigan Governor is privi g to be one of America’s worst.

  18. "The truth about COVID-19 is out there. The press won't report it. Readers are going around the press."


    I'll add that I am supportive of the push for more testing - that has been an incredible success story - and the coverage is warranted.

    But it strikes me that an effective treatment is what we need now, to open up the country/ economy now. Not more, or better, testing.

    In 2009 H1N1-Swine Flu swept the globe, it was a pandemic too. The USA had an estimated 60.8 million H1N1 cases, versus 525,000+ Wuhan Flu cases to date. And the USA had 274,000+ hospitalizations, and 12,000+ deaths.

    Per the CDC, "...seasonal flu vaccines offered little cross-protection against (H1N1) pdm09 virus infection." So what was the difference.

    One key difference was we knew how to treat the flu, even if we could not prevent the H1N1 flu. And even if we did not have treatments specifically developed to treat H1N1, they were good enough to help the vast majority. Isn't that what we are seeing with 'The Trump Treatment.'

    Did the shelter-at-home strategy keep the ICU' from being overwhelmed? Yes. But it's time to build on that success. So focus, focus, focus on treatments that keep the hospitalizations down, and turn us lose again.

    Sorry for your loss DC, and keep up the good work.

    "He even mused about taking the drug himself, as though it were a vaccine" I have spent a fair amount of time in countries with a high malaria risk (Africa, Asia) - and have always taken my malarial drug as a prophylactic. Idiots.

    Wonder what the Chinese are using. When I was in Papua New Guinea, my Ozzie guide alerted me to a drug used by the natives: Artesunate. He swore by it - uses it to treat his malaria bouts - said it is used throughout Asia, by mostly non-westerners.

  19. Someone (i wish I could remember who said it so I could give credit where credit is due) said the MSM is treating Hydroxychloroquine like Trump nominated it to the Supreme Court.

  20. Long before Dr. Raoult there was Louis Pasteur. He administered his rabies therapy to exactly one patient before pronouncing it safe and effective. He was right.

    Then there was Paul Ehrlich. He created Salversan to treat syphillis, coining the word chemotherapy to describe it. As "Microbe Hunters" described it, the side effects of Salversan killed its tens while syphillis killed its thousands. Ehrlich was hailed as a hero.

  21. Stanford is doing a "herd Immunity test in California.They think that the Flu that this early was Corona virus. this is an antibody test and I think i may have had it at the end of November-I had 'the flu" and ended up in the ER.I'd love to take the test-they claim it is a simple blood draw.

  22. Anyone interested in why may work should read this article in the Jewish Press:

  23. "The media hates President Donald John Trump more than life itself."
    If President Trump said pedestrians should stay off freeways... there'd be a hell of a mess to clean up.

  24. The media and anti Trupers want to convince everyone that this cure is worse than death. People won't buy that.

  25. The Spanish Flu in 1918 did not cause a Republican landslide in 1920. It was hectoring lecturing Woodrow Wilson and his overreaching tyrannical (for the time) policies and determined attitude towards keeping American entangled with foreign nations is what buried the Democrats and kept them in the minority for the next decade.

    Woodrow Wilson was the original proponent of government by experts. He was also a racist bastard who segregated the DC workforce and a firm Eugenicist.