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Saturday, April 04, 2020

Making Red China pay

Red China lied about COVID-19 and helped its spread. Many people are upset with Red China right now and a few politicians say Red China must pay. No one says how.

Allow me.

1. Resume calling it Red China because that is what it is. Red China is the largest communist nation in world history. Communism did not die on December 25, 1991. The Soviet Union did.

2. Restore the Two Chinas policy. Make Taiwan the equal to Red China again. President Trump has moved in that direction. Giving Red China Taiwan's place in the United Nations was a huge mistake.

3. End the trade agreement. Red China lied. The trade deal died.

4. Raise the tariffs to a minimum of 100% on all products and services and 1,000% on products related to defense.

5. Quarantine all cargo ships delivering goods from Red China for 14 days.

6. Quarantine all travelers from Red China for 14 days. Who knows what new diseases they carry?

7. Revoke all student visas from Red China and deport them immediately.

8. Order American companies to end all operations in Red China including air travel and retail stores.

9. Ban companies from licensing deals with Red China.

10. Make Red China sell American companies it owns such as Smithfield bacon.

This will disrupt the economy?

What economy?

We are all in our houses for fear of spreading a virus that Red China unleashed upon the world. America made a big mistake in electing the Bushes, Clinton and Obama. The 4 of them allowed the communists to take over our economy. Americans are dying because of their complicity.

The bottom line must be to cut off all ties to Red China because it is an evil communist nation.

Gavin Clarkson wrote in the Washington Examiner to push for litigation based on Red China not informing the World Health Organization of its disease.

He wrote, "a Florida law firm has filed a class-action lawsuit against China in federal court alleging liability under several legal theories, including negligence, infliction of emotional distress, ultrahazardous activities, and public nuisance. While the legal theories put forward are certainly valid, that lawsuit will have to overcome the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. While FSIA immunity can be surmounted, I have proposed a simpler mechanism to #MakeChinaPay for its damages to America."

And Clarkson said, "The Department of the Treasury should electronically confiscate all U.S. Treasurys currently held by China and make it illegal for China to buy, hold, or sell U.S. Treasurys going forward. These prohibitions would apply to any subsidiary or agent of China’s Communist Party. Treasury bonds are no longer held in paper form but are recorded electronically at the Depository Trust Corporation, so this can be done with just a few keystrokes."

Litigation and confiscation are nice. We should pursue those avenues and others. Clarkson is running for the U.S. Senate in New Mexico.

But bear in mind, that is a lengthy process that can be undone by some future Obama who loads a plane with trillions and sends it to Beijing in the middle of the night.

Ending business as usually -- indeed, turning the clock back 50 years to before Nixon visited Red China -- is the first step. We used Red China to get the USSR. President Bush should have ended NATO and cooled our relationship with Red China, especially in light of Tienanmen Square.

Had we, America would be a net exporter of goods instead of the World's Wimpy promising to pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.


  1. I see no problem with treating Red China as we treat Cuba.

  2. I love your ideas. However, the Deep State and Globalists are in league with Red china/WHO/UN to take over. They all want to run the world like Red China runs its country, with them/"Elites" ruling over the Deplorables. We are truly in a fight for our FREEDOM.

  3. As I sit on the porch reading this I'm watching my normally sane neighbors disinfect their mail before bringing it in the house.

    What were we talking about again?

    1. Isn't that weird? Someone we know said they had a pan with a quarter inch of bleach in front of their house. So you could step in it and kill germs on the bottom of your shoes before coming in to the house.

      I mean it's a sad way to die but enormous numbers of people get the virus and very few die. Even if you are quite old.

    2. When Death taps you, you will not give a flying fuck about the what, where or how.

      Only the when will matter.

      The why and the Who you know as The Will of God.

      All else is mere swiftly passing nothing.

      Humans overthink, (and, thus, vex themselves), everything.


    But, as an alternative, I’ve started thinking about this: Ronaldus won the Cold War - with the Rooskies - without firing a shot. If such as “unthinkable” thing were to happen AGAIN - i.e. a Mao-sized revolution led by a Chinese Mr. T, a free market capitalist in the purest sense - how fast should we lower the gloves? 3 months? 6 months? A year? Two years? Longer?

    Democracy is more powerful than any virus. And things are MUCH WORSE over there right now than even the WaPo is letting on, so much so that the LibCommies will soon start howling for humanitarian aid to Red China. I kid you not.

    HCQ works, numbers outside the big cities are butt trifling - “rejoice, we conquer.” This sharonavirus was a HOAX. Done, done, on to the next one, Mr. T.

  5. Remind me. What did China get in exchange for giving hooker loving coke-head Hunter Biden $1.5 billion? I'm sure if we dug deeper we'd see additional billions to Obama's, Clinton's, GWB and daddy Bush too

    1. The rest are all small-time Democrat hustlers, but the Bushes didn't need the money.

      They really believe in the globalist thing.

      Sad to say.

  6. Agree. Always thought Bucketmouth did nothing right and turning our backs on Nationalist China was one of the worst.

    Go back to Red China and Nationalist China.

    PS CDC says 0.2% to 1.8% of All US Deaths Since February are related to the Sino Sinus Syphilis.

    Divide that by about 4 and divide that by about 8 (for all the deaths where the co-morbidity was the real cause) and you've probably got the real figure.

    But, even if it is 0.2% to 1.8% of all deaths, time to open the country for business.

  7. "But bear in mind, that is a lengthy process that can be done by some future Obama who loads a plane with trillions and sends it to Beijing in the middle of the night." Don't you mean UNDONE?

  8. "Ending business as usually..." Change to usual

  9. We need to go back to treating Communist China as though they were the biggest threat to humanity on the planet, possibly within the solar system.
    It is my opinion that the Wuhan flu was an engineered virus. Looking at how fast it spread gives me pause. Yes, it is mild for many who get it, but it also kills as deadly as the flu but with swifter spread making it a very dangerous bug. now suppose that they re-engineer it where it is coupled to something like Ebola, fast spread, severe sickness, and massive fatalities.
    The Bible says we will see pestilence in the last days. Bio weapons are a thing that fits the bill.

    As for products related to defense, REQUIRE they all be made in the United States like we used to do. Aw heck, outright ban all products made in China. We have been screwed over too many times. ban then, just ban them.

    1. The globalistas got schlonged by the election of MAGAMAN.

      Red China is the globalistas' head of the snake.

      Having failed spectacularly in their feeble attempts to thwart MAGA, this is their desperation play, intentional bioterrorism.

      All actions impeding MAGA are enemy actions.

      All actors in these are enemies of America.

      Cold, hot, luke warm, there are always those at war with America. This is a constant.

      Whether enemies within or outside of our national borders, always are those at war with America.

      MAGA has brought these enemies of America out into the field of clear visibilty, as only MAGA can.

      The covetous, being incapable of achieving the greatness of America, seek to destroy America.

      Fuck 'em.



      And Full Measure.

  10. Absolutely should be done, absolutely will not be done.

  11. "As of October 2018, foreigners owned $6.2 trillion of U.S. debt, or approximately 39 percent of the debt held by the public of $16.1 trillion and 28 percent of the total debt of $21.8 trillion.[50] At the close of 2018, the largest foreign holders were China ($1.13 trillion), Japan ($1.02 trillion), Brazil ($313 billion), and Ireland ($287 billion)."

    One word... Ireland?!!

  12. Dr. Birx: "Spain and Italy are moving through this."

    Maybe this is why, Doc:

    "In Italy, nearly half of all doctors reported prescribing the drug hydroxychloroquine...More than 70 percent of Spanish doctors are giving the drug to coronavirus patients, as are 41 percent in Brazil, 39 percent in Mexico and 28 percent in France."--Daily Mail

    1. I wondered why the Trumpster kept bringing it up over and over today. Setting the stage to move the needle towards more HCQ.

    2. With the deaths in the US continuing to increase, I wonder how many doctors are prescribing HCQ? Or, are they deterred by the nyt articles?

  13. Compel them to state Made in Red China on anything they sell to other countries.

    Just like we used to see Made in Occupied Japan.

    BTW: China was Made in America.

    Were it not for the treachery of this government they would still be a filthy backwater.

  14. President Trump has been on this since day one. I'll leave it in his capable hands to deal with. It seems to me these kinds of posts are just wishful thinking that has no effect on actual policy. Why should we punish China when they're doing such a good job of it themselves? Why get into a pi$$ing match and force nations to take sides? Let's see, the disloyal opposition in America, the EU, ME, and Africa will be taking China's side. WHO and the UN have already taken China's side.
    Let's keep to the task at hand and it has nothing to do with China. The biggest threat to America is the disloyal opposition who would rather see America fail than Trump succeed. We need to keep focus on re-electing our President. He's the only one who can sort out China. And that goes for all the political hacks who are making noises. What have they ever accomplished that would make anyone think they could take on China? They've been making money hand over foot from China. They're all bought and paid for by the global plutocracy and China.

    1. Gee, randy, quite the contortionist there in that single, long run on comment paragraph!

      Red China + Globalists + Democrats + Rinos + Swamp Mutts + Socialistas + whothefuckever the shoe fits = the same fucking thing.

      Chewing gum and walking without stumbling is not that difficult, is it?

      And, yes, there are some who need the K.I.S.S. equation: Keep It Simple 4 the Stupid.

      The thing is: No MAGA voter is stupid. Not one.

      Not even the ego driven yet to be solid MAGA voter, vexing over imagined value of their own "ethical", "idea-logical" and/or "philosophical" vanities.

      Reality, randy.

      Reality = MAGA

      Only the maschochists will not vote to reelect MAGAMAN.

  15. Remember the days when the only good commie was a dead commie? Boy, am I getting old.

  16. dont you need penicillin, ascorbic acid, and PPE from china?

    1. No.

      No need anything from Red China.

      Aka, we need nothing from Red China.

      Red China needs us.

      Red China is the dog that bites the hand that feeds it.

      That is not a dog I am gonna feed.

  17. We should call it the Chinese Empire (Chinese Slave Empire) and address its ruler as Emperor Xi Jinping. Xi became defacto emperor when he made himself "Chairman For Life" and China's ambitions are to rule the World, directly or indirectly.

    J in StL

  18. Excellent post Randy. When I posted a couple days ago about having the Australians unload that Chinese ship now and worry about retaliation after I was pounced on by many of the pie in the sky posters here.

    Get REAL people. This IS another blown up hoax. Virus is real but it’s like a phone call to Ukraine or Balsy Ford. Joe is now the nominee. Trying for national mail in vote. Etc.

    Ooh let’s call them RED China. So what? Our economy getting back and Trump 2020. Pissant me all you want but get your FOCUS on the real target or the libCOMS will win this while we rearrange deck chairs.

    You too Don. I’m disappointed in you. Be a journalist again and get the real story here. This is another phase of the coup. Report it that way.

    Red China!? JHC!

    1. Laugh, old lady, laugh.

      That is all you got the brains to do.

      Now, as you chew your cud, make sure you are sitting, so you don't trip over your feet.

  19. No argument from me, Don. I've been preaching for 40 years that shipping our manufacturing to a Communist shithole so we can buy cheap shit in Walmart was dumb.

  20. "America made a big mistake in electing the Bushes, Clinton and Obama. The 4 of them allowed the communists to take over our economy"

    America hasn't has an American president since Ronald Reagan. That's why they hate Trump. Because he puts America first. Isn't it funny how the so-called right and left put us on the same path. That's why the Bushes and the Clintons and the Obamas just drool over each other. All globalist con-artists. Thank you for putting the truth out there. The four of them sucked on stilts. For many things but first and foremost for SELLING US OUT TO THE COMMMUNIST CHINESE.
    Reagan was instrumental in tearing apart the Soviet Union. The next for helped build up communist China. What does that ell you about them. Both Trump and Reagan were/are opposed to communism. The other 4 not so much. That's why they are globalists.

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