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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

If George Stephanopoulos can ignore the government, so can we

George Stephanopoulos claims he has COVID-19 -- without evidence.

Instead of staying at home to treat his disease, the man is be-bopping around the Hamptons in shorts, without wearing his mask.

Just who does he think he is?

Chris Cuomo?

Fredo is another TV anchor who claims he has COVID-19 -- without evidence.

Despite his claims of being so wracked up with illness that he was having hallucinations, Fredo be-bopped around the Hamptons on Easter Sunday.

If the media is not going to take the quarantine seriously, why should anyone else?

The New York Post reported on Stephanopoulos. It quoted an anonymous neighbor, who said, "For somebody who reports on the pandemic every day, and is broadcasting guidelines about safe social distancing, George didn’t really seem to care.

"He was on his own, walking through the lanes and past East Hampton Guild Hall, on his cellphone the whole time, yakking with his mask around his neck.

"He tested positive, his wife tested positive, why can’t he follow the local mandates to wear a mask in public, why can’t he just stay home?"

Apparently, the First Amendment is all the protection they need.

I mean, if they even have COVID-19.

My problem is not that Stephanopoulos is outdoors. If you are not ill, you should be able to go outside, provided you keep your distance.

But he claims he has COVID-19 and is asymptomatic. That makes him a carrier, so he should protect others by staying as far away from other people as possible.

But his network and CNN keep airing these sanctimonious Stay At Home PSAs. If their disease-ridden anchors won't stay at home, why should we?


  1. I’m a free man and an adopted West Virginian. NO ONE, least of all LibCommie Karens, can dictate my activities.

  2. "If their disease-ridden anchors won't stay at home, why should we?"

    We shouldn't. And I don't.

    I remember way back when hurricane Opal hit my area, and I stupidly evacuated. We were not allowed back on the beach areas (bridges were roadblocked), but the press was, and they lectured about how unsafe it was. Meanwhile, they were filming people's homes and their contents, transiting on roads with downed power lines, and near open gas lines. I still remember a petite little female reporter standing by a wrecked home on stilts who was shaken when it shifted behind her during reporting. Oh, if only that house fell on her delicate little arse. The residents finally had enough on the turd day and a huge crowd of them came to one of the bridges to "persuade" the sheriffs to let them by. Smartly, they did, and the other bridges were opened for residents. That is what it takes to stop the tyranny.

    I feel bad for those who were forced out of work. They should have had a choice. But big government at all levels doesn't favor individuals having choices. Unless it's one of the elitists who run the government, lobby it, contribute to it, or report/opinion on it. Seems like we've gone back to royalty who are "chosen" to rule us. 'eF 'em, I say.


  3. Back in my aerial firefighting days, one way to clear the Pilot's lounge (well then more of a shack) was for some action newsies to show up and start asking stupid questions. One in particular was this young woman who showed up on the ramp in a nice suit and hairstyle.The DC-7 is powered by four Wright R-3350 engines they are radial 18cylinder that drool oil when shut down-we have drip pans for the engines. She and camera drone cam eout to interview me and the captian -who somehow disappeared. As I was laying the drip pans down. she stood right under #4 which was just shut down, and I said-"Move!-you are going to get..." Too late a big gob of oil drooled on her and her suit. Two things.: One we paid for her cleaning bill,and Two it shut down the interview-which was worth it..
    I have very little regard for modern media types..Steponallofus is a good example.

  4. I despise the liberal media. I despise gubment experts telling me what to do when they don’t have a clue. I haven’t changed much of my day to day and my wife has had to change a little. Those I am with most haven’t either.

    I miss baseball. I miss hockey. They better not screw up the college football season.

    Georgie and Fredo probably claim to have the Red Communist China virus as it gives them a Badge of honor to pin on their concave chests.

  5. The allure of the Hamptons must be remarkable. I have no idea, never been there.

    XOXOXO to Douglas DC and Schlongtavious... and D Surber.

  6. let's not forget steponaphallus was the only one hillary didn't fire of the 11st batch- no doubt because he was in charge of quelling Bimbo eruptions.


  7. Love the way Don uses the media's "with out evidence" dig. Which is exactly what they deserve. We only have the word of Fredo and Stephanagulpus that they even have the Wuhan flu. Why would anyone believe them when they are out yukking it up, visiting family are strutting their stuff in the Hamptons. They sure don't act like their sick or on deaths door step.

  8. Why they are claiming it? To be able to later proudly wear the "Purple Mask" medal, symbolizing those who were "wounded" in fighting this "war".

  9. Ya know, though, taking a walk, alone, hurts no one and spreads nothing unless you touch things.