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Monday, April 20, 2020

How Trump could pay back Red China

President Donald John Trump is not pleased with Red China.

The Washington Times reported, "President Trump said Sunday that he is not happy with China over the communist nation’s early fumbles in disclosing the novel corona virus, as the U.S. government and intelligence agencies investigate the origins of the virus and whether Beijing initially concealed information about the outbreak.

"Mr. Trump said he wants to get into China to investigate what led to the outbreak from Wuhan. Vice President Mike Pence told the Sunday talk shows that Beijing wasn’t as forthcoming as it should have been and that U.S. officials will make 'inquiries at the proper time.'

"'The virus came along, and I’m not happy. And I let them know,' Mr. Trump said at his daily briefing, adding that the pandemic ruined the good faith he had built with China in a trade deal. 'We’re not happy. This is not a good thing that happened.'"

The president has many tools at his disposal to punish the communist government.

First, he should quarantine all cargo from Red China for 30 days. We can no longer trust that imports from Red China are safe to handle.

Do not let their crews take shore leave, not even the ones with American citizenship.

Second, strip Red China of its Most Favored Nation status. Let it get to the end of the line for trade.

Third, end all direct flights from Red China because while it banned domestic travel to Wuhan, it kept up the Wuhan-JFK flights as well as other international flights. Rudy Giuliani has called the passengers on those planes ambassadors of death.

Fourth, raise tariffs to cover the cost of the damage done by the Red Chinese disease known as COVID-19. Depending on the product, tariffs should range from 100% to 1,000%.

Fifth, give Apple and other companies a deadline of 30 days to close their supply lines to Red China. Nothing made in Red China should be used as a part.

Sixth, move to replace Red China with Taiwan on the UN Security Council. Efforts should also be made to kick Red China out of the World Trade Organization.

Seventh, call it Red China again. It did not change. Red China is still an evil empire built on the bones of 100 million Chinese killed by their own government.

I would not rule out seizing Red Chinese assets in the United States, including the Smithfield pork processors.

In the last 8 years, the United States has given Red China more than $3 trillion via trade surpluses. The time has come to shut off that spigot.

President Trump tried to work with Red China. Instead, Red China engaged in biomedical warfare. There now is bipartisan support to punish Red China. Let us do so.

To those who say cutting trade with Red China off will hurt the economy, I say COVID-19 already destroyed it. We now must rebuild our economy without Red China.


  1. Just make it expensive to buy Chinese (TARIFFS!) They'll fold overnight with no money.

    1. The Chinese are already repackaging goods to say "Vietnam" in order to avoid tariffs.

    2. Yep, been doing that for a long time.

    3. Likewise beware of goods that say "Made in America." Could as well be Venezuela with that. Made in USA. And if it's made in Canada or Mexico, let it say that.

    4. These suggestions are feel-good rhetoric but impractical at best. What T was doing before the pandemic was fine and now all he'll has broke loose and the Chincoms are unmasked to the whole world, except for their own people and those who make a living selling their own country down the river. It will take China a generation to recover. Th

  2. I would create a NATO-like alliance of the South China Sea (actually lets rename it the Southeast Asiatic Sea) countries (I recall there used to be one called SEATO, but really didn’t take hold. Maybe this time. Just as we station troops in South Korea, let’s station some troops and anti ship and anti aircraft missiles (preferably those troops trained to repel amphibious landings) in Taiwan as well.

  3. Replies
    1. Exactly.

      Keep up the good work DS.

  4. How about a nice list of American politicians who have been taking money (bribes) from the murderous world-poisoning Chinese autocrats. Perhaps Joe Biden's son could create the list. He's a creative guy.

  5. The Chinese owners of our pork processing plants are closing them down. Might need a swift kick in the pants to get them opened again, such as the threat of forced sale?

  6. Mr. Suber, I really enjoy your blog and I've struggled with what to say to you after the untimely passing of your son. I'm very sorry for your loss, godspeed to your son and may you and your family heal from his loss. Bless you all.

  7. You know, now the isolationist policies and the tariffs that the USA used until the advent of WWI don't look so bad. Getting away from them have given us the Spanish Flu thru -- lots of others -- to the Kung Flu and our beloved Income Tax.

  8. their economy is cratering-XiPoo has got himself a problem. Big problem..If he goes into Hong Kong as rumored, they will fight. If Xi goes Roman they will go Russian. As in scorched earth...

  9. Declare the US Federal Treasuries that the CPC, government and/or shadow companies own null & void. Or prohibiting their sale, by serial number while a "99 year review" is being conducted is probably the cleanest way. That would account for maybe 1/10th of what they cost us.

  10. 7th: And call Taiwan by its real name, the Republic of China.

  11. Go all the way, and call it Blood Red China. And the virus is called ChiCom 'ronavirus. They own it.

    While the virus is a natural, not engineered, virus, there was no "sloppy handling". They studied it to weaponize it, and released it deliberately, then spread it with Chicom agents.

    Prove me wrong.

  12. Taiwan (aka Republic of China, aka Formosa) gives new meaning to the phrase "The Good China".

  13. Seventh: Sorry, Taiwan is not "China". It is a separate country and has no more claim to Permanent Membership than any other country of 17 million people.

    The Red Chinese Empire should be removed from most world bodies and that would be a good thing. But pretending Taipai is the capital of "China" is not a fix.

  14. We could 'nationalize' Smithfield or other Chinese-owned companies. Socialist/Communists are very fond of stealing, oops, I mean nationalizing other peoples' companies and assets, so how could they complain?

  15. I'd like to see POTUS figure out some way to leverage China's weakness in a way that would lead to peace in the Koreas.

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