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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1CNN reported, "Nearly all corona virus patients who needed ventilators in New York's largest health system to help them breathe died, a study found.

"Overall, about 20% of COVID-19 patients treated at Northwell Health died, and 88% of those placed on ventilators died, according to the study. A ventilator is a device that forces air into the lungs of patients who cannot breathe on their own because of severe pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome.

"Other, smaller reports have indicated that patients who need ventilation are unlikely to survive."

Not having ventilators did not kill people. Having them did.

Glenn Reynolds wrote, "We were told that there would be desperate shortages of lifesaving ventilators, but there were no such shortages, and the ventilators turn out not to be all that lifesaving, either."

Enough of this nonsense.

This virus is seasonal and rare is the person who needs to go to the hospital. Less than 1% of the infected die. And antimalarial drugs work. A national quarantine was unnecessary.

ITEM 2: CNN also reported, "More than 200 black women urge Biden to pick black woman as running mate."

They are racist and sexist.

ITEM 3: A reader wrote, "I have been watching very little of the media's coverage of the virus so I may be behind the curve on this. Who did ABC select as their war correspondent to cover the Turkish invasion of Kentucky? I remember seeing the video from the front lines of the brave Kurds fighting back after President Trump abandoned them. Maybe ABC could hire Brian Williams away from MSNBC on the cheap. After all, he can't tell $1,000,000 from $1.95.

"PS: If I were President Trump I would bring this up everyday. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY."

Reminds me of the Johnny Horton song.
We didn't fire our guns,
The Turkish weren't a-coming
There wasn't nigh any as we were told.
We didn't fire once more,
And they started running
From their border down to Istanbul.
Hut, hut, hut.

ITEM 4: Sean Davis reported, "New court documents filed under seal include significant exculpatory information about Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser, an FBI official familiar with the situation told The Federalist on Friday. The new documents, which were filed under seal by the Department of Justice Friday, allegedly include exonerating evidence about Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators about his conversations with foreign diplomats as Trump’s top incoming foreign policy adviser and is currently attempting to withdraw his plea, as well as evidence of malfeasance by the FBI during its investigation of Flynn.

"According to the FBI official who spoke to The Federalist, FBI general counsel Dana Boente led the charge internally against DOJ’s disclosure of the new materials. Boente, who briefly served as acting Attorney General after Trump became president, personally signed off on one of the federal spy warrants against former Trump campaign affiliate Carter Page. The new documents, which were filed under a protective order by DOJ on Friday, will reflect poorly on the FBI, the official told The Federalist. It is not clear when, or even if, those documents will be unsealed and made available to the public for review."

DOJ lawyers have a long history of prosecutorial abuse in political cases because no U.S. attorney goes to jail over these abuses.

ITEM 5: The New York Post reported, "We’re all homeschoolers now. Schools have closed for more than 55 million students nationwide, and at least 34 states have shuttered schools for the rest of the academic year. Just in time, our media and academic elites are coming out swinging against homeschooling.

"The Washington Post and ­Salon have raised questions about the practice lately. More alarming, Harvard Magazine this week unleashed a thoroughly unfounded attack on homeschooling, drawing on the work of Harvard University law professor Elizabeth Bartholet.

"The article cited Bartholet’s call for 'a presumptive ban,' because homeschooling supposedly 'violates children’s right to a ‘meaningful education’ and their right to be protected from potential child abuse.'

"Strangely enough, the article left out the fact that nearly two-thirds of US students aren’t proficient in reading, and that the most rigorous evidence shows that homeschool students tend to fare better academically and socially than do their peers in conventional schools."

Liberals want drag queens to teach children to read.

Unionized drag queens.

ITEM 6: The Associated Press alleged, "Trump approved of Georgia’s plan to reopen before bashing it."


He never bashed it.
The sedition by the press continues.

ITEM 7: A reader who is a funeral director in New Jersey wrote, "I thought you like to see what the state of New Germany is doing to my profession what an outrage! this is not about me as a funeral director but it all about these poor families that have no way to properly grieve with these draconian measures. If you have space to talk about this and help expose these fascists Democrats so we help these families heal."

I totally agree with him. It has been 15 days since the death of our son, Michael. No funeral. No closure.

Don't feel sad for me. Prayer works. Pray for Michael.

ITEM 8: In business news...
I can see where the president is coming from. CNN colluded with Obama to promote the Russian Dossier -- which Obama planted on President-Elect Donald John Trump -- to ignite the Fake Russian Collusion story.

The only Russian collusion was between Democrats and the Kremlin to produce the dossier. Sadly, the perjury to obtain warrants to spy on Donald Trump will go unpunished. Instead of prison, Jimmy the Weasel Comey received a million bucks for a book no one read.

AT&T kept Jeff Zucker in charge.

ITEM 9: Business Insider gleefully reported, "Fewer than half of working Americans will have a paycheck in May as devastating corona virus layoffs persist, economist says."

The story said, "The millions of Americans who have lost their jobs in recent weeks due to the corona virus pandemic will have a devastating effect on the economy going forward as workers are left without pay.

"Losses in April alone could push the unemployment rate to 16%, according to James Knightley, chief international economist at ING. If another 10 million Americans file jobless claims in May, that would push the unemployment rate to 22%, he said."

Democrats succeeded in bringing back the Depression, their goal since we elected President Ronald Wilson Roosevelt. The unconstitutional lockdown of 300 million people who committed no crime is madness.

ITEM 10: Apparently the Virginia Cavaliers are changing their name... the Ewoks.

ITEM 11: The New York Times reported, "Biden Leads Trump in Key States. But Hillary Clinton Led by More.

"While polling shows Joe Biden narrowly ahead in states like Michigan, things looked considerably rosier for Hillary Clinton in many swing states at this point in 2016."

Same plan: offer nothing new and run against Donald Trump because this time it will be different. Just like it was for Mittens in 2012.

ITEM 12: The Star Tribune reported, "An estimated 80,000 to 100,000 em­ploy­ees could re­turn to work Mon­day un­der a plan by Gov. Tim Walz to dial back the state’s stay-at-home order, which was imposed to reduce or delay the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The move is tailored to manufacturers and offices that don’t have face-to-face interaction with clients and weren’t deemed critical industries that were exempt from the stay-at-home order.

"Roughly 20,000 companies in this category now have the option to reopen if they complete and publicize plans to maintain social distancing, worker hygiene and workspace cleanliness, said Steve Grove, commissioner for the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development."

221 COVID-19 deaths in a state of 5.64 million people.

Georgia and other states are opening too.

We flattened the curve. Open the country already.

ITEM 13: The Washington Times reported, "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday that Democrats plan to investigate a claim by Dr. Rick Bright, a top corona virus vaccine researcher, that the Trump administration demoted him in retaliation for his skepticism regarding a COVID-19 treatment pushed by President Trump."

Paging Bob Mueller. Bob Mueller, please report to the courtesy desk.

ITEM 14: Terry Pluto reported, "Cleveland Browns Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta said Alabama’s Jedrick Wills Jr. was the top tackle on their draft board. Teams often say something like that, even if it’s not true. I tend to believe DePodesta. It fits with the 'tackles are tackles' comment made by GM Andrew Berry before the draft.

"The 6-4, 312-pound Wills played exclusively right tackle in high school and college. He was the top-rated offensive lineman in the country in 2017 coming out of Lafayette High in Lexington, Kentucky. He continued to play right tackle at Alabama. With the Browns, he’ll be the left tackle."

They drafted a left tackle who never played left tackle. That's my Browns.

ITEM 15: Fox News reported, "The White House is having discussions about “changing the look” of the marathon daily corona virus briefings, including possibly paring back the length of the pressers and presenting the information in different ways, sources tell Fox News.

"Aides have also suggested staff find different venues for President Trump to appear and talk about federal efforts in responding to the pandemic. Axios was first to report Friday that the president may stop appearing at the daily press conferences.

"The news came Friday after the president held an uncharacteristically short press conference, lasting less than 25 minutes, and abruptly ending it without taking any questions."

"The briefings got stale. And taking questions from blowhard reporters is a waste of time.

ITEM 16: The Hill reported, "The Supreme Court on Friday denied a request to block the Trump administration's "public charge" rule during the corona virus health crisis.

"A group of state attorneys general had asked the court to issue an injunction against the rule, which links a migrant's eligibility for legal status with the likelihood that he or she will rely on public assistance.

"The court had decided earlier this year to allow the rule to go into effect, but the group of state officials, led by New York Attorney General Letitia James (D), had asked the justices to revisit the decision in light of the ongoing pandemic."

Democrats fight harder for illegal aliens and other immigrants than they do citizens.

ITEM 17: The Daily Wire reported, "Now that Georgia governor Brian Kemp has started to reopen the state, one kind of business has jumped back in with a vengeance: hair salons and barbershops.

"Those shops reopened on Friday, as the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) reports. Beginning at 7 a.m., customers started showing up at Peachtree Battle Barber Shop in Buckhead.  One customer stated, 'I certainly don’t want to spread it to anyone so I’ve got a mask, but I’m not really concerned. If you’re cutting hair or you’re a waiter, you haven’t been working, so it helps get the economy started again.'"

Odd that so many TV reporters and anchors don't have this problem. Maybe their hair magically doesn't grow thanks to the First Amendment.

ITEM 18: A reader sent me this.
I like that she open captioned it. My hearing sucks even with hearing aids.

FINALLY: Melania Trump turns 50 on Sunday. God bless her.


  1. Item 4: Flynn's fabulous lawyer, Sidney Powell, has already filed a motion to dismiss stating unequivocally that the general was set up by the FBI and that there was no reason to investigate him. She also accuses the lead prosecutor, Brandon Van Grack, of corruption in the plea deal, an act which may cause him go to jail. Read the story at

    1. Sundance’s work has been brilliant on this story. Naturally, the DOJ disputes all of the breaking news, so good call Big D also.

    2. Sundance is the great unsung hero of the Conservative blogosphere and a Trumplican from the start.

    3. I've noticed that. And she lets Flynn have the spotlight.

      She could have a job in the Next term if she wanted it.

    4. Agree with all. I think Flynn will walk. Sundance has done good work on this..

  2. #15. stop the pressers altogether. nothing positive is coming out of them. its just fodder for the trump hating press to attack and ambush him.

    1. That's half the point of the pressers. Trump's magic power is ripping the masks off the awful people who've pretended to be decent for decades. Offering the press the opportunity to show the World their corruption works.

    2. Well, what do you know. Seems like Trump agrees with me.

  3. A friend at work told me how his uncle died last week (cancer-not Chinese flu)
    The funeral was a drive by and he's got a lot of relatives. It was a surreal moment and his family wants to have a remembrance when this is all over. That is if it's ever over.

  4. The Greta Lee Jackson clip was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time (tears streaming down my face)!

  5. #6 fully believe Gov Kemp is doing the right thing. When other states see that opening salons and barber shops does not cause the entire population to die theyll figure it out and hopefully open too.

  6. Regarding #18 video. I really doubt any celebrity who sees it will even notice the sarcasm.

  7. Item 1: "This virus is seasonal and rare is the person who needs to go to the hospital. Less than 1% of the infected die. And antimalarial drugs work. A national quarantine was unnecessary."

    Item 12: "We flattened the curve. Open the country already."

    • Facts without History = Fear the Risk
    • Facts with History = Understand the Risk

    Keep up the good work DS.

    Did I think Trump was going to pivot after 15 days? Yes.
    • please see below

    When that did not happen, did I think Trump would never pivot? No.
    • please your 'April 6 'Trump COVID-19 panic' column

    Many have pointed out that the press/ Dems, et al will try to “Katrina” him. And some have been pointing out that the USA has no experience with a large scale SARS outbreak (the 2003 outbreak was overseas). Trump understands all that too – and he has proven to be a master planner/ strategist.

    Something like this seems likely:

    Step 1: Let the Medical/ Science team dominate the planning – and be the “face” of the response (absolutely, positively has to lead with a medical response first – and that is not politics).

    Step 2: Learn from what is happening, avoid the ‘paralysis of analysis’, cut red tape, sell a vision (Trump strengths).

    Step 3: Leverage new knowledge & public understanding of the risk – and growing appetite for inclusion of economic needs – to give the Economic team a more visible, complementary role (Trump & team uber-strength).

    I’ll add, there is no way Trump can predict how this SARS event will play out – but that doesn’t mean he can’t plan for success on both a Medical and Economic front. That is why he is talking about ’15 Days’ –trying to plant the seed that this will come to an end.

    Once Trump senses we are ready to move from ‘Fear the Risk’, to ‘Understand the Risk’ – he is going to impress us all over again.

    1. First thing he MUST do is call out the CDC and have them immediately ONLY count ACTUAL DEATHS from Covid-19. This 'assumed infection' and associating pretty much all deaths to Covid-19 is BS!, it's skewing the numbers and causing false panic. FACTS ONLY

    2. Well today marks day 41 of the “15 days to slow the spread”. The media have moved the goalposts from “slow” to “stop”, which of course is impossible without a vaccine. No vaccine will happen this year. DJT is a genius, but it was the economy that was going to re-elect him despite 99% negative press. So the left had to first kill it and now make sure it stays dead until November. Not sure how The President will get out of this situation. I’m hoping, but not particularly hopeful.

  8. ITEM 16: "The Supreme Court on Friday denied a request to block the Trump administration's "public charge" rule..."

    Fixed it: The Supreme Court on Friday denied a request to block the Trump administration's ENFORCEMENT of the public charge LAW...

    This is a law that previous administrations - democrat & republican - did not enforce.

    Keep up the good work DS.

  9. Angelo Codevilla At Amgreatness has an article that Trump needs to lead on this Wuhan Flu.

    Trump is acting like a CEO and delegating to the States, and it’s a brilliant strategy. And he is using Experts, Medical, to legitimize his direction.

    The challenge is the experts are risk adverse, and there is a huge amount of unknowns. And there is so much red tape hindering the response. And a press playing gotcha games.

    1. Codevilla is usually an excellent read. Thanks for the link.

  10. Item #14: I have been a huge football player and fan for over 50 years, and the disregard so many NFL teams have for the OL continues to baffle me. A good -- at the very least -- OL is the foundation of every champion team, or even decent one.

    1. I am glad the Giants took a tackle who has played right (one year) and left (two years).

    2. Gettleman knows what he is doing.

      We took Austin Corbett. With the next pick, the Giants took Willie Hernandez.

      OK, with the very next pick we took Nick Chubb, but Hernandez AND Chubb would have been better.

  11. We didn't just flatten the curve, we crushed it! "The curve" projected at peak hospitals and other health facilities would be overwhelmed. Not only were hospitals never overwhelmed and temporary measures unused, medical personnel were laid off.
    The projected peak never happened. The flattened peak never happened.
    This is proof that we don't really have experts. We have grandstanders. They get the stage and never want to get off.

  12. We are praying for Michael and your family. Funerals help the healing. Hope you can hold one soon.

    Before our Governor limited gatherings to 10 or less (an arbitrary and stupid number), I went to the funeral of a friend’s mother. A huge family, about half didn’t attend. Six of the 12 grandsons (pallbearers) didn’t show. I felt horrible for the family that not everyone attended. I was glad to be there and support them.

    I really feel for families that can’t properly honor the dead and bring some closure.

  13. All schools hate homeschooling and they all give "homework"

    And now that all schools are homeschooling? Do public schools hate homeschoolers any less. No, they hate em even more

  14. Vitamin C has been a significant contributor to the treatment plan in many clinics. This usually includes hydroxychloroquine, so it's not a solo treatment. So far, those with vitamin C included have fared better, and healed faster.

    But our dear goobermnint thinks it's a "fake" treatment. Get the government out of ourhealth care. They are a big part of the problem!!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Talked to my Doc yesterday-about getting an antibody test.
      1. My insurance (supplental) will not pay.
      2. Medicare will not pay.I could have one (a simple jab.) but it cost about 2 grand. So that's out of the question.
      3. also they won't test if I was sick before late January (end of November ) as there is no way that the virus could've been in Oregon before that..for years the official word in Oregon was that Lyme disease didn't exist either -my wife had it..
      Doc agrees with me but I'll have to wait until more studies are done -like Stanford's Then he might be able to wrangle a place for me in a study.. Oh, Well.
      That said I am sorry that your Son, Micheal is not getting a funeral. Wife's cousin is going to have the same issue. -Family is scattered from Michigan to Kentucky to Florida to Oregon

    3. You are correct. In pray for you and your wife.

  16. PRESIDENT TRUMP should tell the word sh*tters to write their questions and he'll read them and answer. Then he should stand at the podium and read a card "Nope - too stupid", "Good Lord - way too stupid" - "Nah, who drove you to the meeting" - "FINALLY one that is not too stupid to answer, but is nothing more than a biased attack" and just continue to look at them and throw them out. Then he should tell them "next time how about some serious questions that could actually help. Thanks - see you tomorrow"!!

  17. I've been praying for Michael and your family right along.

  18. ITEM 7: Don, is there a charity we can contribute to in Michael's name?

    1. Hmm. The Salvation Army is always there and its commander doesn't make a lot. That would be a nice gesture.

  19. #13) "the Trump administration demoted him in retaliation for his skepticism regarding a COVID-19 treatment pushed by President Trump." He supposedly wrote that he supported the use of the medication in some instances. He was reported to be a bad manager and worse. The truth never seems to matter anymore.

  20. #7. Don, I am praying for you and your wife. Mike is beyond prayer. He is in the presence of GOD. For you and your wife, this is a very hard time. I am thankful that you continue to blog and can find release in your daily contributions to making this a better world.
    Greta Lee Jackson is cruel. CRUEL. My sides hurt now. Breathing will be painful for days, even weeks. I may need a ventilator, but those are reserved for Wuhan Flu victims.

    1. Thank you. You are most correct.

      That was a late add, and I am so happy it made people laugh. We need that.

  21. RE# 14 ...Great to see Terry Pluto cited; been a fan of his sports reporting since his Baltimore Sun days reporting on the Orioles when I was a kid, in the late '70's...A shout out to offensive linemen; they were the most generally cool heads at the WVU parties I used to attend in Morgantown, back in my University days, when we'd pile into the car and trek from College Park to our buddy's place on campus there >>> the same could be said of our team's players, as well. ZB

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