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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: A reader sent me a note, "Facebook is NOT ALLOWING the sharing of your recent post re a coalition of Southern governors. I copy/pasted the post to Gab."

The banned post -- Mocking the South for re-opening -- shows Facebook has no room for facts.

ITEM 2: Another reader explained the Live Science story, "Trial of Chloroquine to Treat COVID-19 Stopped Early Due to Heart Complications."

He said, "Chloroquine has been used to treat malaria for over 50 years. The dose at which toxicity occurs is well known and symptoms include heart problems."

The tested dosage was 1,200 milligrams daily.

The recommended dosage is 800 mg (620 mg base) orally followed in 6 to 8 hours by 400 mg (310 mg base), then 400 mg (310 mg base) once a day for 2 consecutive days; alternatively, a single dose of 800 mg (620 mg base) has also been effective.

So basically the study proved that if you give a patient more than the recommended dosage, you will have problems.

ITEM 3: CNBC reported, "A doctor who was removed as head of the federal agency that is helping develop a vaccine for the coronavirus said he was ousted because he called for resistance to widespread adoption of a drug promoted by President Donald Trump as a treatment for COVID-19.

"Dr. Rick Bright also said that he believed he was removed from his post because he insisted that 'the billions of dollars allocated by Congress to address the COVUID-19 pandemic' be invested 'into safe and scientifically vetted solutions, and not in drugs, vaccines and other technologies that lack scientific merit.'"

Bright told the New York Times, "Rushing blindly towards unproven drugs can be disastrous and result in countless more deaths. Science, in service to the health and safety of the American people, must always trump politics."


The antimalarial drugs have been around for 70 years. We know the side effects and what the maximum dosage should be. Doctors around the world are using it to treat patients.

Small wonder they canned him. He suffers TDS.

ITEM 4: Christian Toto reported, "Crenshaw Destroys Maher: Why Late Night Avoids Conservative Guests."

It was a nice piece about Congressman Dan Crenshaw, the Moshe Dayan of the Republican Party.

Toto wrote, "It wasn’t pretty. Still, Maher deserves credit for inviting the representative on his show in the first place. And that’s what’s most important about the exchange. Maher previously invited Andrew Breitbart, Buck Sexton, Steve Bannon and Ben Shapiro on his program."

Here is why conservatives trump lightweight liberals: our ideas are tested. The liberal media is so pervasive that 1. conservatives are aware of the liberal argument, and 2. liberals never hear the other side and are not prepared for the counter argument.

Bubbles can suffocate a person.

ITEM 5: International Business Times reported, "Trump's Hydroxychloroquine Caused More Deaths, Study Reveals."

This was Fake News that Matt Margolis destroyed.

He reported, "It was a small, non-peer-reviewed study, not a clinical trial."

"The patients were not representative of the entire population."

"The most severe cases disproportionately received the drug."

"Other studies and anecdotal reports suggest it helps."

"The study concluded that controlled trials are still needed."

The media lies because President Trump promoted this regimen and they hate him more than life itself. I got censored by Facebook. Why not these liars?

If President Trump cured cancer, the media would run stories saying don't use it because it might give you acne.

ITEM 6: The Washington Examiner reported, "Joe Biden’s presidential campaign spent nearly $11,000 on gourmet ice cream that is also a favorite of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's.

"The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign spent $10,600 on Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams between May 2019 and March 2020. The ice cream was listed as donor gifts, according to Federal Election Committee data.

"Pelosi has taken a lot of heat since last week when she joined James Corden on his late-night comedy show and showcased her freezer packed with ice cream. Among the selection were pints of Jeni’s Splendid."

Sundaes will never be the sa-aa-ame!

ITEM 7: John Nolte reported, "Until there’s a vaccine, the corona virus isn’t going anywhere, so what could be safer than seeing a movie at the drive-in from the confines of your own automobile? Man alive, I miss the drive-in. I’ve missed the drive-in for going on 30 years. I bet Hollywood’s missing the drive-in right about now. We could all be going to the new James Bond movie tonight. Oh, that’s right, some of you don’t know what I’m talking about. Believe it or not, between Memorial Day and Labor Day — at least up in the Midwest where winter happens — we used to watch movies from the comfort of our own cars."

Who watched the movies?

ITEM 8: Newsweek reported, "Nearly 2,500 employees at one of Michigan's largest health care systems learned on Tuesday they would be furloughed, due to particularly dire financial circumstances related to the novel corona virus outbreak.

"Beaumont Health, which has 38,000 employees serving eight hospitals in southeast Michigan, announced that most of the 2,475 members who were temporarily laid off filled administrative roles unrelated to the care of patients afflicted with COVID-19, the illness caused by the corona virus strain, according to a Stamford Advocate report.

"The company also permanently eliminated 450 positions and initiated salary cuts to top executives."

Let the record show that we bankrupted hospitals across the nation because New York City feared COVID-19 would overrun hospitals.

Allow elective surgery and save the American medical industry. Colonoscopies save lives.

ITEM 9: Fox News reported, "President Trump said Wednesday that he's instructed the U.S. Navy to 'shoot down and destroy' any Iranian gunboats harassing American ships, in the wake of a tense encounter in the Persian Gulf."

This is not a good development.

Iran and Red China seem to want World War III.

ITEM 10: The Hill reported, "Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has committed to choosing a woman as his running mate. But an Obama family confidante on Tuesday said there’s “no chance” that woman will be Michelle Obama.

"Valerie Jarrett, a former Obama White House senior adviser, took a hatchet to the recent speculation that the former first lady would consider joining the Democratic ticket with Biden, who served as her husband's vice president.

"'The reason why I'm being so unequivocal is that there just simply has never been a time when she's expressed an interest in running for office,' Jarrett said in an interview with The Hill. 'She’s not demurring here. She’s not being hard to get. She doesn’t want the job.'"

Translation: Jarrett won't give her permission to run.

ITEM 11: The Hill reported, "Democrats are pushing Joe Biden to select his running mate sooner rather than later, saying this would give him more time to raise funds and unite the Democratic Party ahead of the general election fight against President Trump.

"Presumptive Democratic nominees typically announce their pick before the party’s convention. But with the corona virus pandemic sidelining the campaign and pushing back the Democratic convention from July to August, Democrats say an early pick could boost Biden."

And by boost, they mean boot him off the ticket.

He served his purpose. Now to get him to exit, stage left.

ITEM 12: Weasel Zippers reported, "Cuomo Asked About Protests Over Lockdown: “'If You’re Running Out Of Money, Become An Essential Worker.'"

Flashback to Babylon Bee on April 2, "Man Glad To Know Job That Fed His Family, Paid His Rent Is 'Non-Essential.'"

Who cuts the governor's hair?

ITEM 13: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, "A little more than a week after endorsing Republican President Donald Trump for re-election, Democratic state Rep. Vernon Jones announced Wednesday that he would not complete his term — triggering a special election.

"'Turn the lights off, I have left the plantation,' the controversial ex-DeKalb County CEO said in a statement. Jones said he was not switching political parties but would work for Trump’s re-election.'"

The money quote was "I intend to help the Democrat Party get rid of its bigotry against black people that are independent and conservative. I endorsed the white guy that let blacks out of jail, and they endorsed the white guy that put blacks in jail."

Jones is not alone.

ITEM 14: Will Biden pick the one politician in America that makes him look smarter?
Racist? One year ago, she said, "You don't run for second place."

ITEM 15: Axios announced, "Axios is among the small businesses that qualified for a PPP loan to protect existing jobs and help weather the coronavirus crisis.

"Why it matters: We are in the somewhat unique position of being both a media company, which covers government and business, and a job-creating small business with a national presence. So we wanted to be fully transparent about our thinking."

Funny how it is a big, bad, independent press until the government starts handing out money.

ITEM 16: The Mix Net reported, "Ellen DeGeneres has had a reputation for being a relatable, kind, and generous person. At least, that’s how she portrays herself on her talk show. But, that facade has crumbled during the corona virus pandemic. The crew of her talk show are claiming they are being stiffed as Ellen continues cashing checks.

"The money grab, of course, is not Ellen’s first misstep recently. Just the other week, Ellen was lambasted for comparing being quarantined in her mansion to being in prison.

"As millions of Americans have lost their jobs and don’t know how they will pay for food or their rent or mortgage on a family home, Ellen is living large in a multi-million dollar Beverly Hills mansion. Rightfully, the award winning host was hit with accusations of entitlement and being out of touch."

Gee, someone with a mansion is out of touch with the rest of us.

Go figure.

We need a Newsweek cover story of her, with the headline, "Yep, I'm Rich."


  1. Item 10-But an Obama family confidante on Tuesday said there’s “no chance” that Michelle Obama will be woman.

    Fixed it for you.

    1. Heh. Heh heh. Ha ha ha. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    2. It's possible she'll be drafted to join the ticket if it looks like Joe has a chance. If the Trumpster is still looking good, she'll wait until 2024. A loss on her record now would kick her out of contention later.

      9) The Donald might be baiting them to try something stupid. Like he said yesterday, he's knows more about Iran's situation than they do.

  2. People have died from drinking too much water all at once. The NIH has been added to the Deep State list. Pretty fooking sad.

  3. #3 Dude has been in the process of being demoted for a year. Demotion finally completed so he hooks up with the law firm that ripped Christine Blasey Ford of Cavanaugh raped me fame. They put out a press release.
    Not suspicious at all.

    1. Repped (represented) not ripped.

    2. That little harpy from CBS tried to praise Bitten while trashing Trump at Wednesday press conference. POTUS shut her down but good.

  4. Item 4: As I often say...As a conservative, ALL of our games are road games.

  5. Item 7: 2017 documentary, At The Drive-In, highly recommended. Crazy for Swayze, baby!

  6. Big D, this was top notch stuff again today. God bless you, brother.

    1. Hear, hear!

      Big D's Highlights have become my daily newspaper.

  7. ITEM 4: Dan Crenshaw, the Moshe Dayan of the Republican Party.

    HA HA HA !!! Love it!

  8. Item 12- just a peeve of mine (it's too soon to make it a pet), but who's to say what is or isn't an essential job?
    If it puts food on the table, pays the mortgage or rent, and it's legal then it's an essential job. And that includes everything from policemen to poledancers.
    Even morally bankrupt jobs like journalists are essential if for no other reason than to give us someone to laugh at. (Right Tater?)

  9. ITEM 8: "Beaumont Health, which has 38,000 employees serving eight hospitals in southeast Michigan, announced that most of the 2,475 members who were temporarily laid off filled administrative roles unrelated to the care of patients..."

    The rise in administration positions, that have nothing to do with the delivery of what ever service hired them, is one of the contributing reasons for the rise in costs of health care and education. Hopefully, those admins won't get rehired. Costs should then drop. Should.

    ITEM 9: Stupid hypocritical dishonest Chinese troll replies: "But drumpf said shoot down boats. Boats aren't shot down. What a dummy." This is the diarrhea drivel we get from leftist dummies. What did Gump say about stupid?

    ITEM 10: "Translation: Jarrett won't give her permission to run."

    Good. Mrs Obumbles, like her husband, has absolutely no qualifications to run a government as heavily beurocratic as the federal government now is. It takes someone with Trump's experience to attempt to clean it up and put it back in line. Mrs Obumbles will be nothing more than her husband was, a puppet to the deep state. She needs to stay far far away from the POTUS job.

    ITEM 14: "Will Biden pick the one politician in America that makes him look smarter?"

    LOL! Now, that's an accomplishment, as it is really difficult to make a doofus like Biden look smarter. I underestimated the idiocy of Abrams!


    1. 8 - a lot of the bloat came from compliance activities. The regulations can suffocate a hospital and their staff. On the other hand, my consulting activity was enhanced by helping hospitals comply.

      EMT’s some places are not resuscitating or taking people on critical condition to hospitals. Some people are scared to go to hospitals so they are dying or suffering at home. So admissions are down as well. We helicoptered someone out who had suffered a stroke. If admitted within an hour, he would have been within the Two hour window where magic can be performed. The helicopter crew finally got the third hospital called to take the patient.

      14 - the brilliant, fetching, overly-qualified Ms. Abrams would be a great running mate. What a choice!! Go for it Slow Joe!!

      6 - I now have a great song going in my head.

    2. 9. I know Ron White says "you can't fix stupid."

  10. #2,3 & 5. Mr. Surber. Between you and POTUS press conferences, these fake news stories get shot down quickly. Well done.
    #8. I want to get to my dentist and chiropractor. teeth need cleaning and my back hurts!
    #9. Aircraft carriers. USA-10, China-1. Bring it ON
    #12. Cuomo want us all to learn to code
    #13. Jones the truth teller.
    #14. Looks like Toots Abrams is trying to drop 50-60 anticipation of the V.P. nod. Only 100 more to go!

  11. Item 6 pun. Spanky and Our Gang thank you I'm sure!

  12. If Donald Trump is my president, then he should act like it. A president should lead during a crisis instead of give inane happy talk and hope in false cures.

    The leader of the free world just said this, “No one likes to hear it, but we are not in the end phase of this pandemic, but at the beginning. We will continue to have to live with it for a long time.”--but then Angela Merkel has nail clippings with better information than the Orange Crybaby.

    1. What color are the bunnies in your world?

    2. OK what are you proposing/Run around with our hair on fire and yell
      "We're all GONNA DIEEE! ? while this is nowhere near the reality either. BTW the Germans have kept their deaths down as they ave been actively applying the Hydroquinine protocol like DR.Raoult said..

  13. #5) One report was that the patients were given 1200 mg not the max recommended 800 mg from 70 years of experience with this medication. If true. does that qualify for involuntary manslaughter? A test to prove the medication is dangerous? I know that sounds very cynical, but what can one believe nowadays.

  14. Heh.

    Bin Laden thought if he killed Obama that the US would be thrown into chaos because Biden was totaly unprepared to be president.

    This comes from documents seized from Bin Laden's compound and now declassified.

  15. Item 13: The Jones about-face is interesting and I have to wonder what it's about. I lived in DeKalb Co Georgia when Jones took over. The first thing he did was fire every white department head. They sued him and won but we, the tax payers, paid for Jones legal fees and the judgement penalty.

    Meanwhile, the county - that had been the well run and low tax half of Atlanta went downhill fast.

    The Atlanta area has the biggest black middle class in the US. There must be something going on among those voters for Jones to suddenly be a Trump supporter. He's as racist and corrupt as any politician ever was.

  16. Item 7: "Who watched the movies?" Well, I was a kid so....

    Item 10: Other Translation: They know they'll be shellacked, so they don't want to ruin her brand.

  17. 2. If you want to create problems you can.

    3. All people in the resistance should be canned. There are probably plenty more to go.

    5. I noticed early on that the doctors who had success with the HQC protocol said "treat them early." Then, the doctors who don't want it to work, treated them late and said "see, it doesn't work." If you want to create problems you can.

    10. She doesn't want to be tied to a loser, even with the chance of becoming president under the 25th Amendment.

    12. cuomo's equivalent to "learn to code."

    14. While biden is stupid, dementia trumps stupidity.

    16. And, she didn't even display her freezer full of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.

  18. "ITEM 2: Another reader explained the Live Science story, "Trial of Chloroquine to Treat COVID-19 Stopped Early Due to Heart Complications."

    The real problem with hydroxychloroquine treatment for Covid-19 is that it has been around (for treating malaria, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus) for sixty-some years, it's cheap, and big pharma and the medical community cannot make any real money from using it. The much preferred course is proprietary, expensive, new drugs.

  19. Item 7. Grab your stinkass mosquito coils and see how many people you could shove in your trunk!!! Florida nights were muggy as hell but no one cared. I went to the Filmland Drive In six nights in a row to see Blazing Saddles!

  20. 9: Iran and Red China seem to want World War III.

    Wag The Dog.

  21. #7. It wasn't until I got married that I found out they showed movies at the Drive in. Old joke. I can remember the signs, "$1 2 or a carload." Those were the days. - GOC

  22. The exchange between President Trump and a newsie about Dr. Bright was wonderful. The newsie talked about Bright's gifts and couldn't answer what they were when Trump asked her.

  23. It just occurred to me that all these TV newscasters and politicians hair seems to be trimmed unlike my roots which are growing out and my husband's "Clara Bell" hair sticking out perpendicular to his head. I thought hairdressers were non-essential. Who's cutting their hair?

  24. #4 "Here is why conservatives trump lightweight liberals: our ideas are tested. The liberal media is so pervasive that 1. conservatives are aware of the liberal argument, and 2. liberals never hear the other side and are not prepared for the counter argument.

    ""Bubbles can suffocate a person."

    They sure did suffocate Bloomberg. As Bob McManus wonderfully said about the Mighty Mite in the legendary shout-a-thon fraudulently billed as a "debate," "it was obviously that no one had given Bloomberg any guff for the past ten years" (paraphrased).

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