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Thursday, April 02, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is our president.

EXPLANATION: Internet service went down last night before I could post this. Only 6 items were complete. I apologize for the late and short posting.

ITEM 1: PJ Media reported, "Ned Lamont, the Democrat governor of Connecticut, claimed on Tuesday that the U.S. Strategic National Stockpile of medical supplies is now empty and alleged that the state is now on its own in securing ventilators and masks to fight the coronavirus pandemic without the help of the federal government.

"'It was disturbing today to find out that the national strategic stockpile is now empty. We did get 50 ventilators, for which I am very thankful,' Governor Lamont said.

"'For now we are on our own. For now, we are doing the best to scour the globe for PPE (personal protective equipment) as best we can.'

"This, it turns out, was not true. President Trump was asked about Lamont's claim during the Corona Virus Task Force press briefing, and he explained what's really happening.

"'It's not emptied, let me explain something. What we're doing [...] rather than having it brought into the stockpile, where appropriate [...] we're trying to have supplies sent directly to the states,' Trump explained. 'Because we don't want medical supplies coming into warehouses all over the place and then we take them from there and bring them to another warehouse. So we're having them brought, ideally, from the manufacturer directly to the hospital or the state where it's going.'"

That is how a businessman does things.

Lemon Lamont joins Cuomo and Democrat governors in Michigan and Nevada in mouthing off instead of doing their jobs.

ITEM 2The News Times reported, "Connecticut residents suddenly out of work as a result of the corona virus pandemic might not see their first unemployment payment until the first week of May, Democrat Gov. Ned Lamont said Tuesday.

"Lamont reported no fresh new surge in claims for unemployment benefits, after the state saw roughly 100,000 file after his March 10 declaration of a public health emergency in response to the outbreak of the novel corona virus.

"The Connecticut Department of Labor had reported a processing delay of two to three weeks due to staff being overwhelmed by processing applications while working remotely on outdated computer systems. On Tuesday, Lamont said families should tighten the belts for up to two weeks beyond the DOL’s initial projections."

Like I said, Lemon Lamont needs to stop mouthing off and start doing his job.

By the way, when he ran against Joe Lieberman (and lost) for the Senate, I noted that Ned was to the manor born. He never had to collect unemployment in his life, which by the way is an earned benefit. Employers must buy unemployment insurance to cover this.

ITEM 3: A new Marquette Law School poll of Wisconsin found Biden up 3 points.

Its final poll in the 2016 election had Hillary up by 6.

Donald Trump won Wisconsin.

Media reports do not mention that. I do.

ITEM 4: For once, we have an excuse to skip church.

Everyone should. Passover too. And cover the Orthodox Easter a week later.

ITEM 5: Law360 reported, "Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had been sticking to her twice-weekly workout schedule at the Supreme Court’s private gym amid the coronavirus pandemic, but those lessons are now reportedly on hold due to D.C.’s stay-at-home order that took effect Wednesday.

"Bryant Johnson, Justice Ginsburg’s longtime personal trainer, told Law360 Tuesday that the 87-year-old was maintaining her routine of planks, push-ups and other exercises with him in the justices' private gym inside the Supreme Court building. But as of Wednesday, the sessions were put on pause due to Washington, D.C.’s orders to stay at home except for essential activities, Johnson told New York Magazine's The Cut in an email.

"According to a Tuesday interview with Johnson, Justice Ginsburg had still been attending the workouts during the corona virus pandemic, with the two taking precautions to wipe down equipment, wash their hands and keep their distance. Johnson said that he had also canceled his appointments with his other clients and was only working with the justice."

We cannot go to church but this witch can go to the gym twice a week.

ITEM 6: Breitbart News reported, "Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson said Tuesday the Trump administration and the coronavirus task force are together working every day to stop the pandemic. He is confident they are making good progress to that end, including the development of medication to treat the virus that could change the trajectory of its spread in the coming weeks."

Doctor Carson told the news service, "The big message is this will pass. We will get through this."

Laughter isn't the best medicine. Hope is.


  1. Glad you are ok Don, haing some internet problems too. but due to weather (We had 1in of snow and sleet and freezing rain this Am.)

  2. Have you tried turning on your cell phone's mobile hot spot when your internet is out? Come on Boomer, a lot of us can't start our day without you. You're like coffee to me! (And I'm a boomer too... Just being funny)

    1. Another Boomer here. Okay, so about a month ago I ditched the flip phone and got an old iPhone SE – just updated to iOS 13.4; then, last night, turned on ’Personal Hotspot’ in Settings, selected iPhone Wi-Fi in the Cisco Mobility Client in Windows and ran our VPN through the iPhone into work. It’s a little slow but it works real good - for about an hour. Okay, so looks like there are some wrinkles to work through. But, bottom line: now is the time for us to be creative, innovative, get out of our comfort zone, and push through barriers to accomplish what we set out to do.

  3. Glad you are ok, you are important to many

  4. Better your server going belly up than you, Big D.

    Regarding item 4,
    1 Peter 2:5
    You yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house...

    I think we can handle Passover & Easter just fine from home this year.

  5. Gotta admit, I was a little concerned when no highlights this morning. Glad you're good.

    Item #1 - a big plus to delivering straight to hospitals is likely a big reduction in pilferage. Harder to steal from a hospital loading dock in desperate need than a quiet gov't warehouse.

  6. Re: ginsburger

    Well, at least she isn't still getting full body, full satisfaction massages from Pierre......

    Or is she?

    1. Look, I am working really REALLY hard not to get sick. Crap like this getting into my imagination is not helping. Ew.

    2. On the plus side, Don Surber is still alive.

      On the minus side, Ruth Bader Gollum is also still alive.

      But DJT is still leading our country, so I'll call today a win.

  7. We were all a little worried.

  8. Item 5
    Power has it's privileges.
    The ones in power will use the wu-flu as an excuse to keep control of the markets and people and turn this country into a socialist hell.
    Already seeing dems in dc and the california governor calling for so-called reforms.
    That sh#+ scares me far more than the wu-flu.

  9. RBG is not a witch. She happens to be a very nice person. Just ask Clarence Thomas. She just has different political views from you.

    1. RGB has made public statements and here rulings show a true evil/mean side regardless of political views

  10. Thanks for the comments and emails

    I am not dead. My Internet service was.

  11. Whenever anything goes wrong here in CT the pols blame it on 'outdated computers'. Here's a thought...shut down the 75 or so lottery games running right now and use those computers (and State employees) to help out on the unemployment front.

    1. When I worked as a tax examiner at IRS many years ago, we were told that in the event we really screwed things up, set everything back to the taxpayer's numbers and blame the error on the computer.

  12. Glad and relieved that's all it was, and you and yours are well.

  13. I very much look forward to reading you every day.

  14. Item 5: She's a millionaire. RBG can spend some bucks and put gym equipment in her own damn house.

    The arbitrary and capricious application of rules & standards perpetually displayed by those in power really grinds my gears.

    Then they laugh at us when we're uncivil enough to notice.

  15. So, Mr. T up six in Wisconsin, eh? Good news, you bet!

  16. Glad you are okay and good to see our daily dose of Surber.
    6. With the success of the quinine, Z-pak and zinc, I am surprised the fatalities are still racking up. Is that because some people were too far gone, or, because that method of survival is not being fully adopted. I know if anyone in my family comes down with chinese virus, I will be looking for a doctor that would prescribe that protocol. Any side effects are certainly better than dying the way they describe.

  17. Glad to have 6 items. Beats zero. And glad you’re ok.

    1&2 - I bet voters in CT lament Lamont.

    5 - The elites don’t care about anyone but themselves. I bet they were lying about wiping off the equipment.

    6 - Dr. Carson has been good at HUD with the oportunity zones. Getting things done under the radar while PDJT takes the heat.

  18. Whew! Worried I was and glad you're ok.

  19. Re: Item 4. No Ds in WVs House of Delegates or Senate, or none were willing to stand for broadcast of Easter services?

  20. I am relieved to hear that you are OK Don. A lot of people were worried about you, myself included.

  21. Whew! given the times we live in, I too was worried. Happy you are okay.

  22. Glad to hear it was just an internet glitch.
    My mornings can't really start without the Highlights!

  23. Mr. Surber,
    The shakes have finally subsided.
    Thanks for the fix!!
    Glad you're doing well.

  24. Laughter is medicine for the body.
    Hope is medicine for the soul.

  25. Item 4: "... and Passover too"

    Sorry Don. No can do for observant jews. No active use of electronics allowed during the holy days of Passover.

    1. In this day and age of smart TV's, Siri, and Alexa, I think there just might be a way to have the TV activate itself. Thus, no "active use" of electronics during the holidays.