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Friday, April 17, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: My wife and I got to see our grandchild half a world away.

Six months before he is born. (Wife says the baby is a girl. We shall see.)

Never forget that no matter what happens, we live in an age of miracles.

ITEM 2: Yahoo News reported, "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released to the public a letter to her Democratic colleagues Tuesday in which she charged President Trump with missteps in handling the corona virus pandemic that 'caused unnecessary death and economic disaster' in the United States."

Without evidence.
Is telling people to visit Chinatown during a pandemic unleashed by Red China a crime?

Asking for a friend named America.

ITEM 3: Fox News reported, "CNN is under fire for allegedly publishing "Chinese propaganda" in a report that cites a media outlet controlled by the Chinese government.

"On Monday, ran an article about China People's Liberation Army (PLA) supposedly having a foothold in the spread of the corona virus in a branch of its military, running the headline, 'China's PLA Navy is controlling corona virus and aircraft carrier's deployment proves it, report says.'"

AT&T owns CNN. AT&T is sucking up to Chairman Xi and the communist government of Red China. Sad.

A reader called it XiNN.

CNN sucks up to dictators. Always remember CNN lied to protect Saddam Hussein.

ITEM 4: ABC reported, "A day after President Donald Trump said he was putting a hold on U.S. funding for the World Health Organization amid the ongoing pandemic, White House corona virus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx echoed the president, saying that 'someone had to have known' that human transmission was happening, whether China or the WHO, and signaled many lives could have been saved it been known earlier.

"'I think once this is over, we'll be able to look back and see, 'did China and the WHO say and do everything to alert the rest of the world to the nuances of this virus' -- because when it first explodes someone had to have known that there was human to human transmission,' Birx told co-hosts of ABC's The View Wednesday."

As the tide reverses on COVID-19, the administration goes on the offense. WHO already got its payback by not paying them a dime.

Chairman Xi will get his.

Never Bet Against Donald John Trump.

ITEM 5: Time magazine reported, "New York City emergency-medicine physician Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell sparked controversy when, two weeks ago, he posted a You Tube video claiming that ventilators may be harming COVID-19 patients more than they’re helping.

"'We are operating under a medical paradigm that is untrue,' Kyle-Sidell warned. 'I believe we are treating the wrong disease, and I fear that this misguided treatment will lead to a tremendous amount of harm to a great number of people in a very short time.'

"Weeks later, claims from Kyle-Sidell and like-minded doctors continue to spark impassioned debate within the medical community, with some doctors moving away from the use of ventilators and others defending the current standard of care. What’s clear, though, is COVID-19 patients on ventilators aren’t doing as well as doctors would hope — and health care experts are scrambling to fix it."

The story said, "Doctors like Kyle-Sidell argue these numbers are so high because physicians are ventilating patients as though they have a condition called acute respiratory distress syndrome, when they in fact have a different type of lung damage that may not respond well to mechanical ventilation."

Antimalarial drugs seem to work. Hydroxychloroquine may indeed be the game changer.

ITEM 6STAT News reported, "A Chicago hospital treating severe Covid-19 patients with Gilead Sciences’ antiviral medicine remdesivir in a closely watched clinical trial is seeing rapid recoveries in fever and respiratory symptoms, with nearly all patients discharged in less than a week, STAT has learned.

"Remdesivir was one of the first medicines identified as having the potential to impact SARS-CoV-2, the novel corona virus that causes COVID-19, in lab tests. The entire world has been waiting for results from Gilead’s clinical trials, and positive results would likely lead to fast approvals by the Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory agencies. If safe and effective, it could become the first approved treatment against the disease.

"The University of Chicago Medicine recruited 125 people with COVID-19 into Gilead’s two Phase 3 clinical trials. Of those people, 113 had severe disease. All the patients have been treated with daily infusions of remdesivir."

Kathleen Mullane, the University of Chicago infectious disease specialist overseeing the remdesivir studies for the hospital, told STAT, "The best news is that most of our patients have already been discharged, which is great. We’ve only had two patients perish."

Hydroxychloroquine has drawbacks. Remdesivir may avoid that.
Also, never forget, a patented medicine makes more money than an out of patent drug like hydroxychloroquine

ITEM 7: The Jewish Press reported, "Scientists are paying close attention to the way COVID-19 attacks the hemoglobin in the red blood cells of those who become ill with the novel corona virus. Hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen through the arteries.

"Iron in the hemoglobin, binds to the oxygen and facilitates its transport from the lungs via the arteries to all the cells throughout the body. When the body detects too much iron, the body’s cells release a protein called ferritin to absorb the excess iron to prevent iron overload."

This is a long read but worth a reader's time.

Given how novel this novel corona virus is, I suspect it was indeed produced in a laboratory.

Given how Red China kept it secret, this is looking more like biomedical warfare. I do not say that lightly.

ITEM 8: Politico reported, "Coronavirus ends China's honeymoon in Africa. Beijing has spent billions to win friends and influence politics in Africa. But the virus is threatening to upend years of careful work."

The story said, "While nobody expects China to lose its place as Africa’s biggest bilateral lender and trade partner, analysts and African diplomats say there is a distinct possibility of lasting damage. Reluctance from China to endorse a G-20 decision to suspend Africa’s debt payments until the end of the year has exacerbated the sense of frustration, they said."

The world now agrees on one thing.

Red China is going to up its bribes to African politicians.

ITEM 9: The Washington Examiner reported, "Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine was one of the first governors to start closing down his state when the corona virus hit, but now he's offering one of the first economic reopenings in the nation.

"DeWine, a Republican, announced Thursday that Ohio will begin to reopen some of its businesses on May 1. The governor has a stay-at-home order in place until May 1 and opted not to extend it as he begins to roll out his plan for relaxing some of the social distancing guidelines.

"The governor noted that the state will have to adjust its behavior until a vaccine, which could take up to 18 months to develop, is ready. While new trends such as wearing masks and social distancing may stay in place, he warned that leaving the economy shuttered could lead to other public health crises such as drug abuse or homelessness."

Buckeyes are getting back to work. This is a good development. Let every state open up already.

ITEM 10: Fox News reported, "President Trump on Thursday hosted phone calls with dozens of bipartisan lawmakers, including every Republican senator -- except Mitt Romney.

"The president asked the lawmakers to serve on a panel to discuss how to move forward with reopening the economy, called the “Opening Up America Again Congressional Group.”

"'The president announced that he will soon provide guidance to America’s governors to determine their ability to reignite the economies in their respective states,' the White House said in a news release."

It is not a snub.

Mittens voted to kick President Trump out of the White House over a phone call. Why would someone so high-minded and principled want to go to a White House presided over by one of Those People?

Don't trust Mittens. Mittens is China.

ITEM 11: I stopped counting at he paid hookers to pee in Obama's bed.
The press will never regain respect until it stops swallowing everything the Democrat Party excretes.

ITEM 12: The Washington Post reported, "Chanting 'lock her up,' Michigan protesters in MAGA hats mass against Whitmer's corona virus restrictions."

They want the state to re-open. The Democrat governor wants it closed.

The Post began its story, "If all roads in Michigan lead to the state capitol, conservative protesters on Wednesday made sure they were closed.

"For miles, thousands of drivers clogged the streets demanding Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ease restrictions and allow them back to work. They drowned downtown Lansing, Michigan, in an cacophony of honking. They blared patriotic songs from car radios, waving all sorts of flags from the windows -- President Trump flags, American flags and the occasional Confederate flag."

Well, she wanted the state closed. So they closed the roads. One at a time.

ITEM 13: Just the News reported, "Senators send letter to FBI Director Wray after declassified footnotes exposed new missteps in probe of Trump campaign.

"Two Republican Senate committee chairman demanded Thursday that FBI Director Christopher Wray turn over new materials from the bureau’s bungled Russia collusion probe after newly declassified evidence raised new questions about agents’ failure to vet a key informant.

"In a letter to Wray, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs chairman, and Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the Senate Committee on Finance chairman, expressed concerns the investigation was tainted by Russian disinformation.

"The FBI's Crossfire Hurricane investigation filed inaccurate FISA warrants while probing whether people affiliated with the Trump campaign were involved in Russian attempts to meddle in the 2016 election, according to the Department of Justice Inspector General."

Obama colluded with Russia to spy on The Donald.


ITEM 14: The Wall Street Journal reported, "A push to shift U.S. military resources to Asia to counter Chinese influence is drawing new support in Congress, where a leading lawmaker wants to compel the Pentagon to invest at least $6 billion per year in the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command.

"The legislative effort seeks to mirror the dedicated funding stream provided for years to the U.S. European Command to counter Russia. That funding, known as the European Deterrence Initiative, has been the envy of China hawks who believe the Pentagon should dedicate at least as much in funding and resources to counter China as it does Russia.

"The Pentagon has directed nearly $30 billion to efforts to counter Russia over the past seven years, while Defense Secretary Mark Esper last year called the Asia Pacific region the priority theater. The Pentagon budget in the current fiscal year is more than $700 billion."

An ounce of prevention remains better than a pound of cure.

ITEM 15: National Catholic Register reported, "Published, peer-reviewed clinical trials have shown stem cells have reversed stroke damage years after the injury, helped spinal-cord-injury victims regain lost movement, helped heart attack patients recover, cured sickle cell anemia and reversed a wide range of diseases, including multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes and lupus erythematosus.

"Advances with ethically sourced adult stem cells have already helped more than 1 million patients, according to a recently published review paper by David Prentice, a research director for the Charlotte Lozier Institute and a former professor of medical and molecular genetics at Indiana University School of Medicine.

"He calls adult stem cells the 'true gold standard of regenerative medicine,' while nearly two decades of media hype and the infusion of billions of research dollars on stem cells culled from human embryos have produced exactly zero published reports of validated success in a single patient."

Rush Limbaugh was right. Michael J. Fox was wrong.

ITEM 16: That's all they can stands, they can't stands no more.
California without cars is like West Virginia without hills.

ITEM 17: Democrat Elder Abuse continues.


  1. I read a story yesterday (might've been on newsmax) where Red China's cashing in on allthe predatory loans it made to BRI trade countrys. Since their economies were shattered by the wu-flu, they couldn't pay back their loans to china, and china stands to collect over $360 billion.
    Kinda makes one wonder if it was economic warfare.

    Item 16. Good for them.
    Reminds me of a line from Star Trek: "If you can't take a bloody nose, go back home and crawl under your bed. It's not safe out here. It's a wondrous place with treasures to satisfy desires gross and subtle, but it's not for the timid."

    1. was it Dennis Miller who said,
      "life is tough.
      wear a cup."

      I might add, no Mr. Biden. that's not an approved mask.

      just in case he thought...never mind.


    2. China loaned in order to seize infrastructure in BRI countries. They knew the dictators would steal the loans and not pay them back. China's problem right now is getting troops to those countries to protect the seized assets. Even if they manage to get the soldiers there (over thousands of thousands of miles of ocean), fighting a guerrilla war that far from home is a logistical nightmare. Hell, the French couldn't even win a war like tha in Algeria just across the Med even when they employed China-level ruthless tactics.


  2. Sir, Borepatch found a 'rant' about how ventilators are treating the wrong thing. I sent it to my friend to show her Daughter who is an ER nurse in NJ, and posted it on FB. FB 'factchecked' and asked if I really wanted to spread possibly false information anyway.
    In today's miracle world, information (real and fake) gets around really really fast. [PS: May your grandchild be born and grow healthy]

    1. Saw a Dr interviewed by Lou Dobbs yesterday claiming that the use of "Proning" works better than ventilators. No idea what Proning actually is......

    2. Proning is having the patient to lie on or sleep on their stomach. Not I think it works by allowing fluid to drain out of the lungs better. A blogger I correspond with on TheGlitteringEye who is a doctor claims it is very effective, and although we are politically at loggerheads I tend to trust him when it comes to medical stuff, especially since his facilities seem to be at Ground Zero (NYC and suburbs).


    3. Saw that segment too - was a Las Vegas Dr that got the idea from colleagues several other hard hit towns. Proning is where you have the patient lie on their stomach - prone - and it relieves pressure on heart & lungs & that it appears to allow lungs to de-congest better than whatever is the current practice. Said this was an obscure ER technique, but seems very beneficial for congested lungs of China Virus victims.

    4. We used to prone ARDS paitents about ten years ago. Really seemed to work well at the time. Some study came out and said that it was not effective and we stopped using the technique.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. My wife's cousin on her Palmer side, is in an ER in Rochester Michigan,
      She has the virus.The retirement home she was in has more deaths than the state of Oregon.
      She's not expected to make it. she has a bunch of overlying health issues
      Pray for her.
      Pray that justice will be forthcoming to China. Xi's regime not only murders the own they are murdering US too..
      An article about that from NR on Lucianne this Am.They knew and it was a lab accident. though I wonder about the USS TR and crew..A little Germ Warfare..? We are not done with them..

    2. I am so sorry for you and your family

    3. Praying for a miracle.

    4. Praying as well. You and your wife deserve a break.

  4. Item 4: " because when it first explodes someone had to have known that there was human to human transmission,' Birx told co-hosts of ABC's The View Wednesday."

    Well, of course. They're mass murdering communists, they don't care about people deaths.

    Item 15: Well, it was really all about the baby killing, not getting stem cells.

    Item 17: It's too bad for him, but his humiliation is well deserved as he's been doing far worse to us throughout his career.

    1. Absolutely right on Biden. While I feel bad that he's now a blithering idiot, he's done way too much damage to our country in his 40++ years in government.
      And never forget how he slandered the innocent truck driver that accidently killed his wife and child. While a tragic loss, he kept the lie going that "The truck driver decided to drink his lunch that day" he even used that lie in the VP debates, decades afterwards knowing it was a lie. What a P.o.S!!

    2. His whole crooked career was based on plagiarism, lying, etc...of course - he was a democrat (unlike his RINO weasel Sen'tors...). Was ALWAYS wrong on his foreign policies, I guess he was ALWAYS being paid off. And to be a letch now, you must know he's always been a letch when he had all of his full crooked faculties, as limited as they were. Ol' lunchbox Joe, takin' the Acela to&from DC...

    3. Thanks Trump's owner, as I've learned something new about Biden. I feel no pity for the man whatsoever, as his arrogance, and his disdain for not only his constituents, but also the American people, not to mention his corruption, have been well recorded over the years. He deserves what he gets, because Karma is a beeyoutch!


    4. ^^ I do certainly hope that the evil perpetuated on us by people like Biden, McCain, Ted Kennedy, Hillary etc. get their Karma in the afterlife. As a Catholic, I'd hate to think they could get forgiveness at the end and I have to see them (assuming I get there too) in Heaven

  5. Don, how wonderful for your family's good news and a baby on the way! Many blessings to you all.

  6. Don,

    Very insightful comment about bribes to African Leaders!


    1. That was what the Pasris climate accord was all about-bribes to African leaders.

    2. Also need to expose the bribes to Congresscritters. Both houses, both parties (plus the few dishonestly-named independents).

  7. #13 - recently some of the redacted portions of these reports have been un-redated, and we can now see that there was no legitimate reason for them to be redated in the first place. They were were obviously not there to protect "sources and methods", but to protect the lying lairs who lie. I can only conclude that Barr is just stalling. Fire them all. Charge them criminally.
    Disband the FBI. Tear down the FBI building. Salt the earth. It's the only way to be sure.

  8. Chinatown Pelosi did not know

    Showing off a freezer full of luxury ice cream, while people are swarming food banks - Marie Antoinette level cluelessness

    1. She can't help it, what with living in an "80-year Liberal bubble"

    2. I hope somebody has a guilotine shined & oiled up, that would be perfect to stop all her nonsencical babble

  9. #7 - not that new if you've been paying attention to the quickly-censored "alternative" analyses: Consider this article - - published 4/5 then deleted from Medium (*). And this was not the first I read of this, it's just the first one I found in my personal archives. I think it was discussed even earlier on zerohedge.

    (*) As you know several very decent but non-media-narrative-following posts about WuFlu on were taken down by them. Which is why I cancelled my membership.

  10. That CNN clip of Gropey Joe is a 20 second commercial for Trump. You can see Cooper and Gupta cringe-smiling, thinking "c'mon Joe, you can complete this sentence. You can do it! Oh, so close..."

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  12. Dear Don,
    "To everything
    There is a season
    And a time to every purpose, under heaven"

    Ecclesiastes and The Byrds

    My deepest condolences for your loss and heartfelt joy for your upcoming grandchild.

  13. 7: Been saying this from the start.

    Dry run

    9: DeWidiot has had OH on lockdown for a full month. If he thinks he can keep dancing around with a minor bug. he is in for a rude awakening.

    Let my people go!

    12: This is what every Democrat governor faces if they try to get cute.

    Trump laid a beautiful trap for them.

    16: One presumes NY, NJ, PA, and IL are next.

  14. #13. No, Obamaa- colluded with Ukraine and they are blaming Russia. Biden's ties show the links. They pressured them over threats to withhold aid while the conflict over Crimea was heating up. Russia is rotten and never trustworthy, the perfect patsy for a pansy.

  15. ITEM 2: Every time I read something like this, it becomes apparent, that there are real bonuses for voting for Trump. Not one of the idiots who were in the GOP primary against Trump would pull a move like this.

    ITEM 10: LOLGF Mittens. I get angry at myself every time I thing how I wasted my vote on him and that king RINO Ryan. The fact that Mittens turned on Trump after all the support Trump lent him during his Senate campaign, shows who the real petty idiot is. So, with that, I say, Suck it Mittens. Suck it good. Suck it hard.

    ITEM 12: "If all roads in Michigan lead to the state capitol, conservative protesters on Wednesday made sure they were closed."

    I just love how the WaPo assumes ALL of the protestors are conservative. I bet at least half or more are Dumbocrats. Plus, the WaPo words it in a way as to ascribe bad motivations to conservatives. Again, there is the predictable parody I talked about yesterday.


  16. I read that there were in fact NO confed flags there. And why would there be. Another media smear vs ordinary Americans.

  17. "The press will never regain respect until it stops swallowing everything the Democrat Party excretes."

    U.S. media died on Obama's lap.

  18. #13. On and on it goes, drip, drip, drip. And yet NOTHING gets done. No convictions, no jail time, not even a single indictment. They must be laughing all the way to the bank.

  19. The circle of life. Congrats on the grandchild Don.

  20. The pee tape is real. But Trump isn't on it. When BJ was in Russia getting his $500K payoff, Putin put him up in the Presidential suite that Obama had previously occupied. Putin is the one who supplied BJ with the prosties and he has the audio and video to prove it.
    Russia never meddled in our election. Why would they risk it? They already had Hillary bought and paid for, and everyone knew she was a lock to get elected. and the corrupt and incompetent IC didn't need Russia's help in making up lies.


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