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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Concede the WH, take Congress?

The Democrat Party decided in February to kill the campaign of Bernie Sanders once and for all. Everyone else dropped out except Biden and Warren. She split the lefty vote with Sanders while Biden got everyone else's votes. It worked like a charm until they realized they were stuck with a dementia case as their candidate

Democrats aren't worried. They are hoping for a repeat of 1972.

Oh sure, Dick Nixon murdered George McGovern's presidential ambitions. Nixon was the first president to carry 49 states.

But Democrats held on to the House and the Senate, even gaining two Senate seats. And that was what mattered to them. It allowed them to work with the deep state to force Nixon out of office in less than 2 years.

Biden should do better than McGovern, But the real deal for Democrats are the House and Senate races.

The New York Times reported, "Joe Biden Starts General Election Nearly $187 Million Behind Trump."


Donald John Trump made money irrelevant in presidential campaigns in 2016. The hag had twice as much money, and he carried 30 states.

Buried in the Times piece was this: "The current cash gap at the presidential level is especially striking because down-ballot Democrats in key House and Senate races have been out-raising their Republican rivals. From competitive Senate races in Maine and Arizona to longer-shot contests in Kentucky and South Carolina, Democratic candidates out-raised their rivals in numerous Republican-held seats across the country in the first quarter of 2020."

That is one huge red flag for Republicans. Money is TV ads, and TV ads elect people to the House and Senate. With President Trump's big campaign rallies unlikely to be held in the fall, Republicans are at a big disadvantage.

Perhaps social media will be the difference. President Trump used it well in 2016 but 4 years later, Democrats have learned how to use it and the oligarchs in charge of them all hate Republicans.

I am not saying Republicans have lost or even will lose. I am just explaining the Democrat strategy.

We shall see how it works for them.


  1. This is a very good point about control of Congress for the next 4 years.

    By the way, Trump showed money wasn't the only thing you need to win an election - and Bloomberg put the capper on it! $1 BILLION in 4 months to be President of American Samoa (as you so aptly put it ...)!

    (Actually I strongly suspect that in 15 years or so we'll read some Hollywood star's biography and discover Bloomberg's quixotic "run for President" was just his way of winning a bet: "Oh, yeah, well I bet you can't flush $1B down the toilet in just one quarter!" "Sure I can!")

  2. Biden should do better than McGovern, But the real deal for Democrats are the House and Senate races.

    Gropin' Joe will be a basket case by September.

    As for Congress, the Demo brand is so tainted, I can't see them holding the House.

    Remember, the Demos had a lock on both Houses 32 - 80, except for one term.

    1. All true. Mr. Surber is right about dem strategy though. I think we lost the House due to Ryan and his Congress' broken promises, weakening republican turnout, and we have a shot at getting it back due to Congressional pushback against the impeachment farce. But we'll see.

    2. What weakened republican turnout was weak minded republican voters.

      Weak in their typical manner of waiting for their leadership to do what only voters can do, vote for MAGA.

      In this they are as much wimps as democrat voters are idiots.

      Just when MAGA needed them, mid terms for legislative elections, the republican voters wimped out on our MAGA President.


      For MAGA, turnout should be 100%.

      Period. Exclamation point.

      This is our obligation.

      As Americans.




      All the marbles now.

      Anything less and we will have fucked ourselves.

    3. What weakened republican turnout was weak minded republican CANDIDATES.

      Fixed it for ya. Let's face it: Dishrag Dumpy ain't gonna cut it any more. The Pubbie Party--aside from Trump and maybe 20 others--consists of Little Sisters and Bumps on a Log. No ideas, no excitement, no........nuttin.

      Who wants to vote for THEM?

  3. I don’t trust the cheating Dems one bit. Presidential and congressional races both.

  4. The Democrats used vote harvesting in California to flip several GOP seats blue. I expect them to use this tactic everywhere it is not illegal.

    1. The democrats have been using vote harvesting for years. This is the first time it became legal. Previously they found uncounted ballots in the trunk of a car or in a closet.

    2. Democrats will have plenty of time to file lawsuits seeking mail-in voting by judicial fiat due to the Chinese flu. Then there is the Democrat party's tried and true ballot fraud, where containers of ballots are "found" in the trunk of a car or in a closet. And who can forget the "we need to keep polls open a few more hours because of the long lines" emergency filings in local courts so they can bus in people from other areas, just to make sure.

    3. Republican voters are so lazy.

      So slow to MAGA that it was a miracle tbat the clinton beast got schlonged.

      Alas, the lazy republican voters returned to form two measly years later and, thus, the house was lost and the senate barely kept mi!dly MAGA.

      What will it take, to inspire lazy republican voters to get off their lazy asses and MAGA with tenacity, resolve and dedication?

      If not now, then when?

      If not for MAGA, then for what?

      Quit your whining, bitching and such.

      What the fuck are you, democrats?

  5. Silly Don, since when did Republicans concern themselves with winning? There's no money in that, it's easier to be the outsider.

    1. Hear, hear. The republican party is the McClellan of Civil War generals. THey never ever have enough troops to fight and are always outmanned so best skedaddle back to Washington D.C!

    2. The Republican Party is the republican voters.

      No way to pretend it is not.

      The voters are the source of republican weaknesses.

      Still stuck in last century poltical thinking, political voting and pathetic turnout because of what? Incumbent pansy politicians did what they do? And that's a "reason" to not vote in the mid terms?

      The republican voters got all bunched panties and what then happened? Oh, yeah, lost the house to fucking pimp pelosi and cheating chuckie. How WTF can republican voters get.

      Our MAGA President carries the weight on his shoulders, like Atlas, and what did republican voters do, pissed away the mid terms, like it did not matter.

      The republican voters have met the enemy, just like Pogo.

      And are still lazy as they have ever been.

      Prove me wrong.

      Ya got 6 months + a week or so.

    3. Enough of your trolling!

      Both Reagan and Trump won with DEMOCRAT votes. The Pubbies simply are NOT a majority in the swing states and haven't been since Ike.

      That's why down-ticket Pubbie candidates have to scream the Trump line about immigration, "made in China", and so on. Nobody really gives a crap about their pals the Bankers--and nobody really ever DID, but every other cycle the Dems put up such a stinkpot that the Pubbie won by default.

  6. Wish Carolina Republicans would replace Burr. He seems like Intelligence Committee deep state material. Go along, put the money in the bank; go along, put the money in the bank. Maybe buy another expensive suit.

    1. If wishes were horses

      You would still have just a pile of horseshit.

      Get off your lazy republican voter ass.

      You vote.

      Or you don't.

      No one can do it for you.

      No one can do it but you.

      Unless you like it being done to you.

    2. Mr. Kipling: I don't live in North Carolina...but good advice, fer sure!

  7. I don't always comment but when I do I Pundit Politics

    Agree with Don Biden is destined to be the Stooge Candidate

    But then again no one thought Biden would deteriorate like this anyway.

    Disagree this is 1972

    Actually this is 1992 with NO Perot!

    One of the things that strikes me is that Political Campaign types always say that a Crisis "Freezes" public opinion for the duration of the Crisis.

    What they are saying is that daily/weekly poling is useless because, people are paying attention to the crisis NOT the campaign speeches. Or latest Press Freakout over "bomshell part XXL".

    Voters don't care. Any answer they give to a pollster is mostly BS.

    This happened in 1992 - Cat 5 Hurricane Andrew hit south Florida in August of 1992. Sure Bill and George and Ross all campaigned a bit... but all campaigns mostly went into neutral.

    On a Historical Note presaging things to come. The Press pretty much went wall to wall with negative coverage of the inept Federal response to the crisis (sound familiar?) This new news organization called Cable News Network had daily "Florida Man" live takes of not having food water or Toilet Paper (again sound familiar?). George the First panicked out of his "dig up dirt to embarrass Ross out of the election CIA project" to actually shower and make money rain in Florida to get CNN to quit airing American's "Help us" pleas. I think ol George had FEMA have emergency supply trailers following CNN news crews to make sure they could not find ANYONE in need of anything by late August.

    Anyway, a curious thing happened in Florida towards the election. Florida went Bush (completely) full electoral win. And the Repubs GAINED Florida house seats in a year they had a measly net 9 seat gain nationwide. (Also the Senate had NO change in seat totals between parties).

    That year the vote totals for President were (and remember George I was an incumbent coming of Victory at Desert Sea/Gulf War I(TM))

    45 Million votes for Clinton
    39 Million votes for Bush part I
    19.7 Million votes for Crazy Ross

    So without Ross you can bet Bush I would have comfortably won reelection.

    But still the above does NOT explain Florida. CNN went wall to wall trashing Bush. Then Bill of the Ozarks LOST Florida?

    One excuse I heard at the time was "due to massive Federal aid and such Florida voters like Bush I more now"

    Future Crystal Ball Tip - Look for all the "News/Propaganda" types to use this excuse when Biden goes down in flames.

    What I'm trying to say is the whole nation except Loopy Left Coast CA/OR/WA (and maybe CO) is ALL Florida circa 1992 this election cycle. Until this crisis is over or mostly over people WILL NOT be paying attention to politics. But after the crisis abates there will most likely be a mildly positive opinion of the Party who had the Presidency during the crisis.

    I think the Senate will move no more than 1-2 seats (most likely to Republican).

    I think Trump wins comfortably with 55+% of popular vote just like Bush II did 2nd time around.

    I don't know what will happen in the House Republicans need net 20 to get Crazy Nancy out of there. And I don't think they can do it.

    ONE More point - 1992 was an election where several states were impacted by the voting rights act (which the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional last year) and by redistricting.

    So Crystal Ball Part 2 is for the Media/Propaganda newsie people to trot out those excuses TOO when the Dems don't do so well.

    And Crystal Ball Part Tres - Trump is a super smart man with super smart people around him. He will most likely KNOW the above. How will he play the next few months to try his hardest to get Crazy Nancy to NOT be speaker next year?

    What Ice Cream will Crazy Nancy try to throw to the masses to KEEP in power?

    That will be the REAL story this election.

    Get yer popcorn this should be fun!

  8. Yep, Biden's got dementia, but Trumpy the Clown wants us to shoot down Iranian "gun boats". Does he even know what a "gun boat" is? Is Iran targeting coastal targets? How does Iran have flying "gun boats"? Trumpy the Clown's adderall is tweeting again.

    1. Oh gawd. It was sooo peaceful for a while. The stupid hypocritical dishonest Chinese troll is back again. "I know mine is, but what is yours? What a juvenile point. But, since we are dealing with a juvenile who sits on his mummy's computer using her internet, in her basement, what else should we expect.

      Go home you turd. No one cares about the diarrhea posts you dump here. Go back to your leftist cult and sit around a laugh at misstatements. That's all you and your cult have.



    2. Little boy plays at being relevant.

      By posting weenie comment on blog.

      Yet, republican voters still have to show that they are worthy of MAGA.

      By not pissing away this election like they did the midterms.

    3. If it's a drone soy bot it's coming down! get it snowflake troll!

  9. Open America Again! Then starting in late summer Trump hits the yuge campaign rallies! The media will hate him for it but no one cares about the fake news anymore!

    1. The pattern has been obscenely predictable.

      1. The democrat run states all have populace most submissive to being obedient to their rulers.

      2. The republican run states all have populace willing to abide by what is practical in helping.

      3. The media is totally whored to democrats.

      4. The internet provides adequate means to be practical.

      5. The song remains the same: Voters determne the results.

      MAGA is not a fluke.

      Nor is MAGA merely a one shot that dropped the clinton beast.

      What MAGA is to be is up to the voters.

      President Trump can carry only so much of the weight.

      Voters have to carry the rest.

      Will they?

      6 months and counting........

  10. Remember guys this isn't our first rodeo. The Left/MSM has been tryinig to take Trump down for 3 1/2 years. The plot is always the same. I used to get worried that this time they got him but after the Impeachment fiasco I'm not going to get worried about it. Trump has got this. He knows he needs to keep the Senate and gain the House. He's always a step or two ahead of us so I'm sure he's got plans and also contingencies. A month from now he'll go on offense and that will include Congress. Count on it!!!