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Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Anti-Trump reporters trapped themselves on COVID-19

Having watched the impeachment backfire on them, the Washington press corps moved on and opened the next package from Acme.


To be specific, hydroxychloroquine, an antimalarial drug that has been successful elsewhere in the world in helping people recover from this terrible disease. The instant the president mentioned its potential as a game-changer, the press corps hated it as passionately as Blaine Edwards and Antoine Merriweather were about "Little Women."

The initial skepticism by reporters is defensible, I suppose. Never mind that if Obama said it they would label any doubt racist. But 3 weeks later, the time for hesitation's through. It works. Other nations are fighting for it.

The Daily Mail reported, "India's Prime Minister is considering relaxing his blanket ban on exporting the malaria drug Trump hailed a 'game changer' in fighting COVID-19 after the President made a personal call."

The story said, "India produces the drug in large quantities but the country on Saturday banned its export 'without any exception.'

"Local media is now reporting that Mr. Modi is considering whether to reverse the ban, following a telephone conversation with Trump, and could make a decision on the issue as early as this week.

"It is not yet clear whether hydroxychloroquine is effectively able to treat Covid-19 patients. Typically used to treat auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, researchers believe it could also work as anti-viral medication."

Now then, if antimalarial drugs did not work against COVID-19, why would Prime Minister Modi hang on to it so tightly?

But Washington reporters only aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, and they hammer away at what they call the Trump-touted drug. As evidence grows that it works, reporters are casting shade on the president's motives for saving the lives of millions of people.

The Daily Beast reported, "The Bureau of Prisons Just Bought a Ton of Hydroxychloroquine, Trump's COVID-19 Miracle Drug."

The story said the bureau purchased $60,000 worth of the drug. The bureau houses 150,000 criminals. If anything they should buy more.

This is part of another media segue. The New York Times invested 2 weeks in pooh-poohing its possibilities. Now that Cuomo and other Democrats realize it works, the Times is making the president out to be a war profiteer.

The Washington press corps has trapped itself again because it never gave the president the benefit of the doubt. Reporters today always assume that they somehow know more than the president does, even though he commands 17 intelligence agencies and several health agencies.

The press was wrong about Russian collusion and impeachment and every other inconsequential news story in between, but the White House reporters press on with their latest Gotcha. See, you put these rockets on your skates and you will catch the president because this time it is different.

Most Americans are in quarantine and waiting to get on with their lives. Many are unemployed and not allowed to show their face in public except to pick up groceries or take-out.

Americans see these reporters going about business as usual. Their only sacrifice is not being able to go to a bar after work. Not lost on the public is that the reporters are hellbent on blasting away any and all hope of this nightmare ending.

That is not a very good look.

The third-rate reporters at the White House may get their jollies by mocking the president, but the rest of the nation views them with disdain.