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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

We need press briefings without the press

In the high school of life, we have these grade schoolers sitting on press row. They smirk at the the world. We are all rubes, say the people who blindly follow the Democrat Narrative of the Day.

The presidential press briefings are a ratings smash because President Donald John Trump puts on a good show. He is large and in charge. Obama needed a teleprompter. His staff had to tell him what to say.

The Donald writes the script and directs the action. He surrounds himself with experts and idiots, and remains at the center of attention the whole time. Doctor Fauci works for him. Doctor Birx works for him.

The idiots sit on press row. They mock him in tweets while he talks. They disrespect him in questions. They exaggerate and obfuscate in their reporting. They think the public doesn't notice their attempts to sabotage his efforts to save hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Just who the heck do they think they are kidding?

We see what they see, and their reports are blatantly false. Vox ran a story by Aaron Rupar, under the headline, "Trump says 200,000 Americans could die from corona virus, because he’s done 'a very good job.'"

His actual quote, buried in the story, was, "You’re talking about 2.2 million deaths. [The original estimate.] So if we can hold that down, as we’re saying, to 100,000, it’s a horrible number, maybe even less, but to 100,000, so we have between 100 and 200,000, we altogether have done a very good job."

Americans see the drama of the race to save lives -- and the sarcasm of the press.

 Professionals are moving heaven and Earth to get medical equipment to hospitals, develop tests, test treatments, reduce the spread of disease, and save the nation.

The press is clowning around. At one press briefing, four different reporters in four ways asked the president if calling COVID-19 the Chinese Virus is racist. This is a big game of Gotcha to them. They are about as serious as a bubble bath.
The My Pillow Guy was there because he stopped making pillows to make masks.
I am sorry someone interrupted Joy Reid's hours of zombie television viewing to acknowledge his contribution.

Reporters are showing their obsolescence.

In the old days, a president needed newspapers to get his message out. Then he needed radio. Then he needed TV.

But President Trump has ended that. He has shown he can get his message out more accurately than reporters can. They serve as comic relief, the field mice that a cat plays with until he gets bored and finishes them off.

The press briefings are showing who President Trump is, and who his critics are.


  1. I've got plenty of pillows and bedding, but when all this is over, I think I'll be putting some orders in for My Pillow products.
    Big Thanks to Mr. Lindell

    1. We got two of em and they’re the shiznit. Wash up like a dream. Also, Mike’s story is classic redemption. How’s your spiritual life, Joy (?!).

    2. I waited for a few years before getting MY Pillow. I thought geez it's just a pillow for Pete's sake. The best move I've ever made when I finally bought 2 at Walmart. I had just moved into a new house and bought a new bed and thought what the heck I will give them a try. Never slept better and never had a pillow so comfortable and able to keep it's shape. Bravo too to Mr. Lindell for not only turning his life around but for his retooling to make masks.

  2. In the race to the bottom, who will be damaged more during this panic - The media or China?

  3. Reporters should ask why NY was so woefully unprepared for ANY outbreak of ANYTHING.

    Using the model Dr Birx referred to ( doing some ciphering Rick Wilson & Don Lemon don't think deplorables are capable of, shows that NY - the highest taxed state - has .67 hospital beds per 1,000 people. More populous (and low taxed Florida) has .92 beds per 1,000 & PA has 1.12 beds per 1,000.

    NY, in the best of days, is barely keeping up with daily needs. No wonder it's overwhelmed.

    Interestingly, California's number is exactly the same as NY's at .67 beds per 1,000 and, even on normal days, ER waits are as long as 8 hours (been there, done that).

    Instead of gotcha Trump questions, the media should be asking where the money from these high tax, socialist havens is going because it's not improving the lives of the American tax payer.

    1. The money is going toward funding the pensions of their armies of public employees.

  4. You can't help but come away from CNN's & MSNBC's seizing on any negative news to beat up Trump as a tool that must be used by their media owners. You can see their disappointed faces of Brian Williams when they have to grudgingly announce that the hydroxychloroquine medicine Trump said may be a cure is proving effective. They looked as sad as they did on election night 2016. How warped is that? Any good news about stopping the spread of this virus is treated as unwanted news because it helps "Orange Man Bad".

  5. So in the middle of this pandemic, "professional journalist" Joy Reid is binge-watching a television show instead of watching a 5:00 pm Presidential press conference?


  6. A Trump presser without the press would be fine with me. I do love Trump's comments any time he is around the press. Right now he is serious and short tempered...kinda like me! I love it when Trump scolds the press.

  7. BTW Fredo Cuomo is now diagnosed with the Virus. He's I kid you not, operating from his basement. Now what about
    I wonder if he has any Quinine prescriptions?
    Do wish him well and no harm, but this could be a learning

    1. He'll simply learn its dark and moldy down there. And that it's Orange Man's Fault because he should have known in 2017 this was coming and developed a cure then.


  8. As nauseating as it is to watch these ridiculous idiots abuse our president every day at the press briefings, I'm glad it's happening. Most Americans are decent and fair. They will see these preening losers for what they are.

  9. "the field mice that a cat plays with until he gets bored and finishes them off"

    Just sitting here anticipating the BREAKING NEWS headline that shrieks:


  10. I have been thinking lately that I need new pillows. After hearing about Mike Lindell and what he has done for the cause, I bought four "My Pillows" yesterday.

  11. I don't call them the mainstream media anymore. They're the mainlining media.

  12. My Pillow works, first time in my life I can sleep right. Other than that, the press is awful and needs to go away. Not by government decree, just by rotting from the inside out. It's slow, but it's American.

  13. Trump, and the rest of the R's, are doing everything they possibly can to fight this disease.

    Democrats, and the media (BIRM), are doing everything they possibly can to fight the President.

  14. I love My Pillows! We have four plus the fantastic sheets!! Mike Lindell is a great American who will never send his production out of Minnesota!!