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Saturday, March 14, 2020

We didn't need an office of pandemics

Beth Cameron, an expert in global health security and biodefense, complained in the Washington Post, "I ran the White House pandemic office. Trump closed it."

Given President Donald John Trump's swift action to restrict travel to Red China and other infested places, the CDC's swift action to develop tests, and the reaction at the state and local level, what exactly would an Office of Pandemics do?

I mean besides get in the way. Created in 2015, the office never handled a pandemic.

A pandemic is an emergency situation that falls on the shoulders of one man: the president. Obama appointed Biden to head in reaction in the H1N1 pandemic in 2009.

President Donald John Trump appointed Vice President Mike Pence to head reaction to this one.

This is how it should work. We should hold someone accountable. Presidents who do not handle an emergency well wind up ex-presidents. Jimmy Carter is Exhibit A. Presidents who get the job done in are re-elected. George Walker Bush is Exhibit B.

But Cameron, now in private employment, railed in the Washington Post against closing her unnecessary office.

She wrote, "When President Trump took office in 2017, the White House’s National Security Council Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense survived the transition intact. Its mission was the same as when I was asked to lead the office, established after the Ebola epidemic of 2014: to do everything possible within the vast powers and resources of the U.S. government to prepare for the next disease outbreak and prevent it from becoming an epidemic or pandemic.

"One year later, I was mystified when the White House dissolved the office, leaving the country less prepared for pandemics like covid-19."

But the nation was well-prepared for the corona virus, unlike the nations of the European Union. The United States has suffered 50 deaths.

Italy has suffered 1,266 deaths, Spain 133, and France 79. Combined they do not have even half the population America has.

Despite hysterical press reports, the USA is doing better than anyone. We have 6.9 cases per million people.

Italy has 292.1, Norway has 183.7, Denmark has 138.8, Switzerland has 131.6, Spain has 111.9, and Sweden has 80.6, all well above Red China's 56.2.

Truman established the CDC in 1946. It has the experience and the credibility needed to handle any health crisis. It has a Center for Preparedness and Response.

I submit that a competing bureaucracy in the White House would have interfered with our efforts to limit and battle the corona virus.


  1. It remains a mystery to some people how the federal government got so big.

  2. Even my lefty lib neighbor has said "Trump's don more to fight this than I was exepcting.I'm actually impressed." Dang near dropped my uppers on that one..

    1. I was on the phone yesterday with an ultra lib New Yorker who said that President Trump actually sounded presidential. I took that as a compliment of the highest order.

  3. Three guesses why Obie set up this silly office. He waited far too long to react to the Swine Flu, then had to belatedly declare a national emergency after the casualties here were sizeable. This office would have been more of his “See What I’m Doing” leaidng from behind...

  4. Wasn't the "Office of Pandemic" a follow-on to Obama's Ebola PR Containment Czar? When Americans BEGGED Obama to shut down travel from Africa and quarantine everyone who came back from there, he not only REFUSED, he let the stupid CDC bring people HERE knowing they had the virus. Then, when Americans were angry that it began spreading here in the US, he appointed a Fixer to shut down the media reports and build the propaganda.

    Obama's Propaganda Fixer is what became the "Office of Pandemics". President Trump was smart to eliminated it, for all the reasons you state, Mr Surber.

    Thank God our President Trump cares more about America than about pretending diseases aren't contagious.

    1. Remember the market crash due to Obama's mishandling of a pandemic? No? Must not have happened.

      Not sure Trump would have done anything if the markets hadn't judged him a failure in his response.

    2. Remember that U.S. media were Obama's lap dogs.

    3. "Remember the market crash due to Obama's mishandling of a pandemic..."

      Now you're just being silly. His lap dog media never reported on it, so how could the markets react?

  5. I googled Beth Cameron. (Warning: Readers who do the same will be exposed to disturbing images.) She looks like a cross between Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Rosa DeLauro. So again I ask: Why are LibCommie women so uniformly and undeniably fugly?

    1. Why? I'd have thought the evidence was in plain sight. No one else will have them...

    2. I'll tell you why.

      Because in times of danger, LibCommie females, they carp and whinge and do little else.

      Been my experience that, in danger's hour, our kind of womenfolks, they pitch right in and help.

      And the Good Lord automatically makes women like that beautiful. It's in the specs.

      "...and let her own works praise her in the gates."

  6. Anybody know how big this office was? Did have staff, operating budget? Or was it a lone wolf with a desk and a phone?

    1. Ungoodthink, Comrade Jack. I have just filed a report with the Ministry of Love.

  7. Some of my consulting work was in emergency preparedness. I hated how many in this field turned a hiccup into a tsunami. Ms. Cameron being just the type that I loathe and have no respect for.

    I have for years told my wife if I die early, it will be from ignoring warnings from government bureaucrats and the media, and they actually being right for once.

    I am ignoring this current panic.

    And bring back hockey and baseball!!!

  8. Given that the testing was delayed by the bureaucratic plans of the FDA and the CDC who centralized the test development and denied private and university labs from developing tests under threat of government violence, the last thing we needed was a White House office wedded to those plans.

    As Ike said, 'Planning is everything, the plan is nothing'. When something like this happens you bring in the field commanders. The people who aren't good bureaucrats but spend their time on the topic clinically and advisory. They can use the plan but they have none of their ego in the plan.

    Henry Fonda as Admiral Nimitz in 'In Harm's Way'

    Admiral Nimitz:
    "Indecision is a virus that can run through an army and destroy it's will to win. Or even to survive."

    Same goes for any government response. Bureaucrats are known for their indecision and need for meetings and consultations before putting out weak-kneed direction. In an epidemic, you need men and women who improvise, adapt, overcome in charge.

    1. The people who aren't good bureaucrats but spend their time on the topic clinically and advisory.

      In the Army they're called Warrant Officers.

    2. A C.P.O enjoys reasonable standards of comfort and authority without responsibility.

      A junior officer has responsibility without authority.

  9. JK Brown: Just what I was going to write. Those bureaucrats who caused this, as in the link, should be fired, period.

  10. Wrong link above:

  11. Wrongthink is doubleplusungood.

  12. You have to compare since first case. The US is about the same per capita as Europe by that standard.

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