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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Trump prepared for virus in August

President Donald John Trump prepared for the corona virus by firing 4 tweets on August 23, 2019.

They were the tweets not heard by the media world. In them, he ordered companies to seek suppliers outside of Red China.

Under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977, passed by a Democrat Congress and signed into law by a Democrat president, the president has broad powers “to deal with any unusual and extraordinary threat, which has its source in whole or substantial part outside the United States, to the national security, foreign policy, or economy of the United States, if the President declares a national emergency with respect to such threat.”

This was far from unique. Presidents used this authority 54 times in 40 years.

CBS reported in August, "The law, which was first used by President Jimmy Carter during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis to sanction Iran and freeze its assets, has been used in 54 national emergencies, 29 of which are ongoing, according to CNN. [In June], Trump threatened to use the law to place tariffs on Mexican imports in an effort to stem illegal border crossings."

This was buried in Paragraph 9 of a reported headlined, "White House insists Trump has authority to block American companies from doing business in China," as reporter Kadia Tubman cast shade on the president's action. Democracy dies in darkness, doncha know?

President Donald John Trump's tweets served as a notice to companies that he would use these powers. Thus, he gave American companies cover for moving operations out of Red China.

This gave him leverage in trade negotiations with Chairman Xi. This also gave Apple and other companies cover for seeking new vendors; he set no deadline. Finally, this gave America protection from some catastrophe hitting Red China.

And it has.

Now some people are seeing the light.

Carrie Sheffield wrote, "Whether it’s America’s dependence on Chinese pharmaceuticals, possible shortages due to a recall of 9 million hospital gowns supplied from China, or a lack of medical masks raised by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, Americans are grappling with whether they should diversify their supply chain away from less reliance on China."

She also wrote,"China expert Gordon Chang told Just the News that the bipartisan United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), signed by President Trump in December, should help alleviate trade reliance on China by bringing additional trade closer to home."

The facts back her up. She wrote, "In January, China was the United States’ third largest trading partner at $40.5 billion, according to federal government figures, behind Mexico ($49.2 billion) and Canada ($47.9 billion). American Enterprise Institute scholar and China expert Derek Scissors agreed that USMCA offered an opening for the U.S. to rely less on China."

The president's actions have reduced Communist China's ability to bring down -- either by design or accident -- the economy of Capitalist America.

Madison Gesiotto, an adviser to the Donald Trump campaign, made this case in The Hill.

He wrote, "The reason for disengaging from China in the first place was to protect American workers and businesses. While the corona virus could not have been predicted, there is always a significant risk from overdependence on any single country, especially an authoritarian one that will routinely break the rules in its quest to get ahead. The corona virus merely happened to be the crisis that demonstrated once and for all why the “free trade” status quo that was rooted in past decades was so dangerous to our country.

"Incidentally, the corona virus also validates the border security agenda of the president. Closing the country off to travelers from areas affected by the outbreak is one of the most effective steps that we can take to limit its spread within our country, and Trump wasted no time in implementing that safeguard. He was roundly criticized by the left, which was primarily concerned about the possibility that restricting travel from China could promote bias against Asians, but at this point pretty much everyone can agree on the importance of knowing whether people entering the United States from overseas might pose a security threat to American citizens.

"That sounds an awful lot like the argument that Trump makes about the need to secure our borders against rampant illegal immigration. We need to know who is coming into our country so we can keep dangerous people out of our communities. The president of course had no idea or advance knowledge of the corona virus. Trump just has a well crafted policy agenda that is equally well suited to protecting our country from the corona virus as it is to creating a strong and growing economy that generates lasting and broad prosperity that reaches all American individuals and families."

Globalists pitched a peachy keen world in which we would move our factories to those third world countries and lift them up, while we went to college and got even better paying jobs with our degrees in black studies, women's studies, and communications. Those who lost their jobs on the assembly line or mining coal could just learn to code.

That world never was. And the corona virus has made that clear how dumb that idea was.

Stocks are down, but not out. Under Hillary, well, thankfully we will never know.


  1. He's been at this for a long time now. I remember how impressed I was at his speech in November 2017 in Vietnam to an assembly of CEO's and heads-of-state. He said he didn't blame anyone for taking advantage of the USA except prior administrations for letting it happen. For those who got the message, they've had plenty of lead time between then and now.

  2. The trade gap between the U.S. and China remains at an all-time high and has widen by more than 20 percent since Trump took office. For a brief period of time, the gap actually shrunk by billions under Obama, the only president since before Reagan to do so.
    Trump's tweets are nothing more than false bravado and re: the corona virus, Trump needs a boogeyman to hide his ineptitude, especially now that reports are surfacing that he has ordered cover ups and secrecy around his admin's plans (or lack thereof) about how to deal with this. "Oh but Trump said no traveling to China weeks ago." How is that working out for everyone as a means to prevent the virus from spreading in the U.S.?
    As for becoming too dependent on China, tell me Don if your investments which you like to brag about would be so fruitful if your holdings were all based on U.S. companies doing all its business dealings strictly in the U.S.? We are dependent on China because of good ole greed. I'm not mad - my big pharma investments, which Trump vowed to curb by putting the hammer down on the pharmaceutical industry, are doing just fine thank you very much. See, I like capitalism too.

    1. Of course the so-called trade deficit was down under Obama - the economy (and demand) was stifled.

    2. Aw shut up you idiot loser troll (but I thrice repeat myself). You have proven over and over you are, as your leader slow joe said: "full of sh#t. Keep dumping your bucket of diarrhea, and you show your stink.

      Grow up idiot. And while your at it, get a life. Quit being a lonely loser, begging for unrequited attention.


    3. Slowing trade with China does not mean only investing in "U.S. companies doing all its business dealings strictly in the U.S." It's telling that you came to that conclusion. Try putting your finger under each word as you read it. It may help if you move your lips. But don't keep your mouth open, you'll probably drool on your hand.

  3. Not sure if these numbers help...
    but maybe

  4. Most never trumpers and democrats refuse to listen to anything PDJT said or says. They are paying the price now. The US will certainly benefit in the long run from this panic.

  5. "He was roundly criticized by the left, which was primarily concerned about the possibility that restricting travel from China could promote bias against Asians..."

    From the same bunch trying to limit the number of Asian Americans admitted to American colleges on merit.

  6. We could solve two problems at once. We could encourage building businesses in Central America that would help those countries and relieve our border crisis while at the same time shorten supply lines and shift reliance away from freedom' enemy, China.
    For some businesses there is no point in building here, we will soon have a labor shortage as our economy grows and employable people move from mediocre jobs to better ones. Instead of bringing in foreign workers, build some products in Honduras or Guatemala.
    We need to be wise though and not be reliant on any one nation for anything. Multiple sources with at least a large percentage being local.
    How much has China benefited from our trade? That same benefit in Central America would help us rather than strengthen a kingpin of totalitarianism.
    The USMCA is helping Mexico and Canada. Lets keep it up and Make all of America Great Again. Wouldn't it be awesome to live in the best neighborhood on earth?

    1. Thanks again Don for shining a light on the things the media refuses to cover.

    2. We used to make 7400 series logic chips in Honduras.I Think the criminal environment engendered by thugs, ran them out. At present, it is dangerous to do business in Honduras and El Salvador. An acquaintance was forced to abandon a house, furniture and two cars because of gang threat.