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Monday, March 16, 2020

Red China gave Italy money and a virus

Italy is second only to Red China in corona virus deaths, despite Rome being 5,382 miles from Wuhan. Follow the money. The virus did.

One year ago, BBC reported, "Italy joins China's New Silk Road project."

The project was Red China bailing out Italy financially when the European Union would not. German bankers could not. Red China with a billion-dollar-a-day trade surplus from the USA could.

Uganda and Tanzania are among the other nations that have become clients of Red China.

The BBC story said, "Italy's economy is far from booming. The country slipped into recession at the end of 2018, and its national debt levels are among the highest in the eurozone. Italy's populist government came to power in June 2018 with high-spending plans but had to peg them back after a stand-off with the EU."

Red China helped create Italy's crisis, and Communists never let a crisis go to waste.

The New York Times reported last March, "For decades, Italy felt the brunt of the Chinese economic juggernaut that the United States argues poses a threat to the financial and political future of the West.

"China’s government-backed manufacturers, operating on a much larger scale with much cheaper costs, devoured small Italian companies producing machinery, textiles and pharmaceuticals. Chinese knockoffs infuriated its high-fashion brands."

Red China was dumping cheap products to kill industries, thus Red China eventually has a  monopoly. Politicians and think-tank pundits cynically defend this as the free market. But Red China closes its market to foreigners. 

CNBC reported last March, "Italy’s decision to be the first major European economy to join China’s massive investment and infrastructure project, the Belt and Road Initiative, can only exacerbate tensions between Italy and its neighbors."

The story also said, "China sees the BRI as a way to efficiently and easily export more of its goods to lucrative markets; its critics see the initiative as a vanity project that increases indebtedness among its participating countries. They also complain that the BRI gives Chinese companies unfettered access to other markets and economies, but that its own is still largely closed to foreign investment.

"At the heart of concerns is that the BRI is seen as a way for China to spread its geopolitical influence — an acute concern for a Europe increasingly uncertain of its place in the world."

But now Red China has not only bailed out Italy, it has infected it with the corona virus. A nation with one-fifth the U.S. population has 12 times the infections, and 35 times the deaths.

Foreign Policy magazine sobbed, "The EU Is Abandoning Italy in Its Hour of Need.

"In a shameful abdication of responsibility, fellow countries in the European Union have failed to give medical assistance and supplies to Italy during an outbreak. China is filling the void."

Italy infected Europe with Red China's virus. Let Red China help them.


  1. Chinese bought the Italian leather goods makers. Understand about 200,000 chinese living in northern Italy. Saw report that Wuhan Flu deaths in Italy had average age of 81. China clears out pensiones in the bargain making more room....

    1. Bingo-and the had-note had direct Wuhan/Milano flights.
      Yes, your Pradas are made by Chinese. Or were.

    2. I read earlier today that 310,000 CHinese live in Northern Italy and 30,000 work in the textile industry.

  2. In times of crisis, EU nations abandon the union to protect themselves. Maybe another benefit of this overblown panic will be to crater the EU.

  3. The EU still has to contend with the young Islamist males who aren't really assimilating or ah, bathing..

  4. So Italy's leftie politicians won and allowed this to happen. At one point an "extreme right wing populist" was in charge and did not allow "refugees" to come on shore from NGO boats. They had to divert to Spain. I think the EU sued that guy and got Italy to yank him out.

    David Vance
    Many Italians in Northern Italy sold their leather goods and textiles companies to China. Italy then allowed 100,000 Chinese from Wuhan/Wenzhou to move to Italy to work in these factories, with direct Wuhan flights. Result: Northern Italy is Europe’s hotspot for Wuhan Coronavirus

    1. I was told the US Army actually started the virus. That’s the story and I’m sticking with it. Love, Barack

    2. It seems that the Chinese have snapped up lots of foreign interests. Well, once this settles down, Chinese-owned companies in the rest of the world could be retrieved — just nationalize them and then sell them back to the private sector. The Chinese should be able to understand that, right?


    3. you don't know a fuck about Italy. Most of chinese and leather factories anre not in Norther Italt but close to Florence and take a look an numbers of Covid infected in Tuscany...Same for Milan where is a Chinatown .I don't know where it comes from but not from chinese people, they do not live and have activities in rural areas or in Bergamo area

  5. Italy's leading Euroskeptic, Matteo Salvini, was forced out of the government last September. He'll be untainted by this mess at a time when the EU and immigration aren't going to be too popular.

  6. Maybe I'm being paranoid (although that doesn't mean I'm wrong), but I read the line Red China was dumping cheap products to kill industries and thought, now isn't that what's been happening to the markets, too?

    Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

  7. It was reported that Italy had sold their leather goods factories to China because of their economy and then Italy brought 100,000 workers in from China (Wuhan area) to work in those factories to produce the goods at a cheap rate. This has been reported...any wonder northern Italy IS the Hotspot...makes sense to me.

    1. and had flights from Italy to Wuhan-even after the breakout..

    2. many of those Chinese went home on holiday for Chinese New Years? Can you say
      "vector" boys n girls?

    3. "Italy brought 100,000 workers in from China"

      Actually, I suspect that they were brought in not by Italy, but by China. Judging by what I've seen in southern Africa, that's how China operates - when they do a "project" they bring in all their own people to do all the work... nothing for the locals. That gives them complete control - and when the host country can't pay for it, they've got them in a debt trap.

  8. As of today, there are 69 confirmed deaths in the USA of which 42 were in Washington State. There have been six (6) deaths in New York State. The data is at the JohnsHopkins website. Are we driven by the scientific data or is there another dynamic.

    1. Nice work, and it is a good example of what I have told others recently: a) Facts without Context/ Compares = Fear the Risk, or b) Facts with Context/ Compares = Understand the Risk. That is why I pulled the data noted below together.

      1) Influenza Virus Deaths: USA

      • 2019-2020: 22K (season not over)
      • 2018-2019: 60K
      • 2017-2018: 80K
      • 2016-2017: 38K
      • 2015-2016: 23K
      • 2014-2015: 51K
      • 2013-2014:
      • 2012-2013: 56K
      • 2011-2012: 12K
      • 2010-2011:
      • 2009: 12K [H1N1-Swine Flu Pandemic]
      • 1968: 34-100K [H3N2-Hong Kong Flu Pandemic]
      • 1957: 70-116K [H2N2-Asian Flu Pandemic]
      • 1918: 675K [H1N1-Spanish Flu Pandemic]

      2) Coronavirus – SARS-CoV2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) – Deaths: USA

      • 2019-2020: 69 (6,705 deaths worldwide) **as of March 16, 2020

      3) Coronavirus – MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) – Deaths: USA

      • 2012-2020: 2 cases, 0 deaths (862 deaths worldwide)

      4) Coronavirus – SARS-CoV (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) – Deaths: USA

      • 2003-2005: 8 cases, 0 deaths (774 deaths worldwide)

      5) Coronavirus – “Common Cold” – Deaths: USA

      • No data

    2. Thanks both. I continue to ignore the media and gubment bureaucrats. Just waiting for baseball and hockey to return, and the markets too recover.

  9. You are bang right about Applebaum. GULAG IRON CURTAIN, and RED FAMINE are 24 karat. Her online stuff is 200 proof hideous. A great paradox, which I hope doesn't keep people from reading her books

  10. Oh I see, so in other words China is the pimp and Italy is it's whore and now has the disease from the pimp.


    1. ignorant stupid you do not a fuck of what's going on in northern Italy I've just answered about where geografically chinese people owns activities and factories and it dopes not match with provinces highly infected. Here people is dying, ICU are full, doctors are dying and EU is not helping us on the contrary they stop the supply of masks addressed to us..use the brain before writing

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