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Monday, March 23, 2020

Press wants Cuomo to run. Too bad

Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo wisely passed on this presidential campaign, choosing instead to bide his time waiting for the office to be open in 2024 when the pendulum of politics is more likely to swing Democrat. For all their bravado about polls and the like, Democrats realize President Donald John Trump is a once-in-a-lifetime politician whom they cannot defeat.

Sacrificing Biden on the altar of presidential politics makes sense. He's the closest they have to a Bob Dole to take one for the team and not hurt the party down ticket. Democrats need to keep the House.

The problem is Biden is coming apart at the seams. Too many voters have had a relative go through what he is enduring for this not to be an issue. Running him in 2020 is elder abuse. You can only hide the guy for so long. And a televised debate would likely end in calamity.

Maybe Democrats plan to have him name a running mate, drop out, and have her head the ticket.

Another run by Hillary would be a bigger disaster. Her refusal to accept her defeat in 2016 gracefully does not sit well with President Trump's supporters. They may take it out down ballot.

Cuomo might not be able to sit this one out. The press already has launched the Draft Cuomo effort.

The Associated Press reported (for lack of a better word), "Cuomo emerges as Democratic counter to Trump virus response."

The AP gushed, "Cuomo’s daily briefings that have become must-see TV. Twice this week, the White House’s own corona virus briefing was delayed until Cuomo concluded his own update, providing vital information to a public largely shut in at home, televisions anxiously tuned to cable news."

The AP swooned,. "Meanwhile, an unexpected online fan club has popped up, full of adoring Twitter posts during the governor’s briefings and one Jezebel article Thursday titled 'Help, I Think I’m In Love With Andrew Cuomo???'"

The AP slobbered, "It’s a remarkable show of affection for a governor who has long been more respected than loved, one who is in his third term in an overwhelmingly Democratic state yet has never been embraced by the party’s liberal base, who at times have grown frustrated with his centrist approach. He has twice toyed with running for president but never launched a campaign."

The AP is run by a gaggle of Cuomosexuals.

The heart of the story was this paragraph: "Still, his very public tactics have positioned him as the Democratic counter to Trump even as the party begins to coalesce around Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Biden, who has a nearly insurmountable delegate lead in the Democratic contest, has largely kept a low profile limited to short speeches, remarks and other events live-streamed to supporters who are being advised to stay home for the foreseeable future."

The Biden campaign cannot pull off a simple podcast. It does not help when the candidate walks off camera in the middle of an answer.

Cuomo had played nice and was complimentary of President Donald John Trump.

That just changed.

Just The News reported, "New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday called on the federal government to take over the country's response to the spread of the deadly corona virus, arguing the existing state-by-state methods has resulted in a shortage of critical medical supplies and skyrocketing prices for them."

The governor demanded that President Donald John Trump force companies to manufacture ventilators. Cuomo said, "If we don't we'll lose lives."

Cuomo may be tempted but I trust he will resist. Better to have to battle Newsom in 4 years with a good shot at winning than the presidency than go on this kamikaze mission.

The press looks to Cuomo for relief because they know that far from derailing President Donald John Trump, the national health emergency and the likely recession are boosting his chances.

How do we know this?

Always ignore the polls and follow the actions.

John Nolte of Breitbart News reported, "America’s increasingly unstable and dangerous establishment media are calling for a full blackout of President Trump’s daily corona virus press conferences.

"Think about that for a moment.

"For the first time since World War II, for the first time in nearly 80 years, Americans have no idea what their country will look like a year from now, and the corporate media want to impose a full blackout on the daily briefings the American president is making to the American people.

"There’s a lot of jokes out there about the hypocrisy of how this demand is coming from the same media that had a tantrum over the White House canceling the daily press briefings. But this time we’re talking about something so much more than hypocrisy.

"We are currently in the middle of global pandemic, a state of siege that, in just two weeks, has shut down our economy and locked many of us up in our homes, either by government decree of just plain old fear.

"In a time of national crisis, the left-wing fascists in the media want to use their corporate monopoly to put a stop to the president of the United States communicating directly with the American people who elected him."

Andrew Cuomo may be vain (a requisite for public office) but he ain't insane. He sees an American press corps that is actually afraid of putting the president on television because they know it will re-elect him.


  1. Just cleaning it up; could not preview it.

    The great saviour.

  2. Not happening.


    Cuomo looks like a hit man.

    waiting for the office to be open in 2024 when the pendulum of politics is more likely to swing Democrat.

    After what the Demos have been doing?

    Get ready for a long time in the wilderness. I said '16 was just like '68. We've had the economic swoon and the Demos own it.

    He's the closest they have to a Bob Dole to take one for the team and not hurt the party down ticket. Democrats need to keep the House.

    Not after last night.

  3. Cuomosexuals!! Love it.

    And the media continues to lower themselves, lower than the Dead Sea.

  4. Cuomo did an exploratory bid a while back (can't remember 2004 or 2008?) and bailed quickly - I don't think he could survive any serious vetting. The impression I got back then was the oppo research file was already 3 inches thick. It's only gotten thicker.

    Cuomo is not a complete incompetent; he's worse. He strikes me as someone who knows how to gain prosperity (e.g. the concepts of StartUp New York) but has willfully chosen policies that harm the populace in aggregate. He has raped upstate NY. It has been like the 1930s up there for decades. Drive an hour west of Saratoga and you will see what I mean.


    1. Your characterization of what has been done to upstate NY is a remarkably apt one. I have had to travel from NYC to Cooperstown for a professional conference twice in the last five years and the emptiness I have seen, the absence of any industry is very striking.

  5. As you watch what unfolds the next few days, keep this uppermost in your mind:

    LibCommies = Party Uber Alles

    OMG please Jill intervene NOW!

  7. We need hospital beds
    We need respirators/ventilators
    We need masks
    We need face/eye shields
    We need x, y, z.

    OK, how many do you have now?
    How many are not in use?
    How many in your warehouses?
    How many have you ordered that are in the pipeline?

    Seems that there are a lot of politicians claiming they need stuff, but are not indicating how badly they need that stuff. Neither are they saying how much they have now or what unused capacity they have now.

    Future requirements are based on what prediction models?

    1. in Puerto Rico, she complained of lack of supplies while standing in front of a loading dock where, as far as the eye could see, were shrink wrapped pallets of...


      never mind not calling out the national guard with a hurricane in the hood. never mind encouraging a Teamster strike.

      the dogma must be delivered. that's all that matters. weasels pandering to cameras.


  8. Mario wouldn't run against Bush 1. That's how we got "slick Willie"