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Monday, March 09, 2020

PolitiFact's big fat Corona Lie

PolitiFact continues to spread Fake News like a virus. It's latest lie is a cover-up for Obama's handling of the H1N1 flu in 2009.

The Fake News site reported that it was a lie to say Obama waited until 1,000 people died before declaring H1N1 a national emergency.

It took me 15 seconds to prove PolitiFact wrong.

CNN reported on October 26, 2009, "President Obama has declared a national emergency to deal with the rapid increase in illness from the H1N1 influenza virus."

The story also said, "Since the H1N1 flu pandemic began in April, millions of people in the United States have been infected, at least 20,000 have been hospitalized and more than 1,000 have died, said Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

To be sure, there was a public health emergency declared in April 2009. But no borders were shut down, no cruise ships quarantined, and no restrictions placed on travel. These are all actions that President Donald John Trump took before anyone died in the USA.

Indeed, he put travel restrictions on Red China before any cases were reported here. This was no guarantee against the virus spreading here, but it certainly slowed the spread. Experts say it likely was already here and spreading undetected.

If PolitiFact were unbiased, it would go after false Democrat claims about President Donald John Trump's handling of this emergency.

Let's face it, the media regards President Donald John Trump as a national emergency. When all your sources are Democrats, you must please them.

Dan Diamond of Politico wrote, "Trump's mismanagement helped fuel corona virus crisis. Current and former administration officials blame the president for creating a no-bad-news atmosphere that stifled attempts to combat the outbreak."

Why wait for something to go wrong to blame President Trump?

So Diamond wrote, "Interviews with 13 current and former officials, as well as individuals close to the White House, painted a picture of a president who rewards those underlings who tell him what he wants to hear while shunning those who deliver bad news. For instance, aides heaped praise on Trump for his efforts to lock down travel from China — appealing to the president’s comfort zone of border security — but failed to convey the importance of doing simultaneous community testing, which could have uncovered a potential U.S. outbreak. Government officials and independent scientists now fear that the corona virus has been silently spreading in the United States for weeks, as unexplained cases have popped up in more than 25 states."

H1N1 hit 46 states before Obama declared a national emergency. President Donald John Trump took ownership of the problem from the get-go. I expect in 6 months, the panic will subside as Corona Virus proves to be deadly but not an existential threat to humanity.

In a looking back at H1N1, the CDC said, "From April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases (range: 43.3-89.3 million), 274,304 hospitalizations (range: 195,086-402,719), and 12,469 deaths (range: 8868-18,306) in the United States due to the (H1N1)pdm09 virus."

My guess is the Corona Virus will put up similar numbers. Or not.

I don't recall the stock market paying much attention to H1N1, nor should it have. We had real problems then. A rookie president inexperienced in management had inherited a collapsed economy that he tried to stimulate with a star-crossed $787 billion stimulus. He said it would create 4 million jobs. Unemployment rose to 10%-plus instead.

So how prepared is the United States to handle this emergency?

The experts rate the CDC' response to the corona virus as the best in all the world.
We have the most expensive government in the world.

Occasionally, it is worth it.

We also have the most expensive medical system in the world. It is always worth it. Our hospital bed occupancy rate is 65.9%.

In America, hospital bed waits for you!

We shall see how the Corona Virus plays out. But one thing is sure: PolitiFact will continue to lie about the president.


  1. Don. If the rain hasn't hit West Virginny yet, go for a ride in your mustang with the top down. Nothing but "Obama was worse" posts today.

    Once again Trump is doing his best Nero impression and the result is that Obama and the Clintons make you so unhappy. And relying on a story from fake news site CNN to justify your post. So much losing. So much bitterness. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Project much?

    2. Keep up the good work DS - and that includes passing along the facts - most of us can handle that.

    3. Never let facts get in the way of a good (if manufactured) crisis. Nonny.. Did you even read Don's article..

    4. I note you are unable to address any of the facts presented in the article.

      Put down the blue pill.

    5. Thanks for your response. It is always illustrative to see how someone sucking on the government teat thinks.

    6. Lots of triggering from the snowflakes on the right. Wow. Sorry. You may go back to your safe place now. I'll be nicer.
      When H1D1 hit the US, Obama had test kits up and going in all 50 states within 2 weeks. It's been 7 weeks since coronavirus hit the U.S. and there are but a handful of test kits in only a few states. But that's okay because Trump, Kelly Ann and others have stated that the virus is already contained and will go away when it gets warm. Until then, say hi to Ted Cruz for me.
      So if the media is causing all this, then the media is smarter than: investors who are selling when they shouldn't be; officials quarantining cruise ships when they don't have to; medical professionals who urge pre-cautions that are not necessary. Wow, the media is THAT smart and powerful?

    7. It was H1N1, which was a flu strain. COVID-19 is something quite new and there was nothing similar enough to it so that test kits could be produced quickly.

      By the by, Obama didn't do anything other than blather. Others got the work done had distribution underway before Obama could bring himself to pretend he had some intelligence on the matter.

  2. There will always be a lot of "Obama was worse" posts, because... HE WAS!!!!!

    1. I would note that the Coronavirus variant kits are likely a lot harder to make than a flu antibody based kit. The antibody-antigen was not even known when this new virus showed up...Be safe, everybody. This geezer doesn't want this virus.
      Al S.

    2. Learn the difference between a virus and a bacterial infection. Antibiotics only work on bacterial infections. You need an anti-viral or a vaccine to prevent a virus infection. No doubt ignorance correlates with being a Trump cult member. Don't stay a dupe.

    3. "Some antibiotics may fight COVID-19"

  3. The best not-heard story of this outbreak is the story of the Corona virus tests.
    This story has a 1, 2 punch.
    1) CDC contaminated some of the material used for their tests, so it has false readings.
    2) the Obama administration had instituted a new rule that commercial labs couldn't used tests that weren't approved by the FDA, a process that usually takes at least weeks, if not months.

    So when the CDC screwed up, they couldn't just go with a test from one of the commercial labs.

  4. I don't always comment, but when I do I don't drink Corona Beer

    Love how the new lib meme is Trump as Nero (you had a comment above alluding to it). Problem is that Millennials have no classic education. So they will never get Nero or Violin or Trump playing a violin as meaning anything. It's a true Ok Boomer meme that will greatly miss the mark.

    Don you are wrong about the Coronavirus

    I have held off of discussing Covid-19. Mostly because just like Trump I hoped the worst case scenario would not happen. But it's happening. And it's happening in South Korea and Italy right now.

    Angry has been tracking Covid-19 when it was an obscure rumor out of Wuhan of some deadly Viral Pneumonia in December. Back then I though "oh neat another SARS".

    Then Chairman Mao-Xi shutdown Wuhan a city of 12 million. SHUT IT DOWN. That caused me to think about what the Chicoms were seeing that scared them like that. Now we are getting a true picture of infection rates and death rates far higher than China's manipulated data indicated. We NOW FINALLY know what scared the Chicoms chitless.

    Italy is very first world folks. What can happen in Italy CAN happen everywhere.

    UPDATE - The Market is YELLING is anyone listening?

    Here's what happened. When Chairman Mao-Xi shutdown Wuhan due to his escaped Bioweapon virus (which it is unfortunately). Across China there was a drop in vehicle traffic. This drop in vehicle traffic led to decreased demand for gasoline and diesel fuels. Which in turn caused Chinese refiners to reject shipments of crude oil.

    Slick New York commodity trader types said "oh neat a greed opportunity". So the slick New York types bought up all that crude "knowing" that demand would rebound in places like Europe and US. And these slick New York types could bank a good spread.

    Welp demand did not recover like they thought. AND now with Italy probably going to lockdown like China these Slick New York types suddenly realized that they were LONG crude oil when demand for Summer driving may be much less than what they thought.

    So the liquidations began Brent is now at around 30ish? Brent North Sea Crude should be considered Europe's Car Crude. Because most Brent is used for European consumption.

    Mr Oil Market is screaming that European driving will be HALF what it was in 2019. That's HALF the vacations, HALF the Truck Driving, HALF the cruises on the Danube. Essentially HALF economic activity in 2020 vs 2019.

    Bad no?

    It gets worse. If Brent is at 30ish that means that West Texas Intermediate will be in 20s. At that price point you will blow up every mid major oil company in the US. Every oil service, every oil job not at a top 10 oil major just went poof this morning.

    Mr Market is a Beast but usually knows what's up better than we do.

    A few things to realize.

    - China Oil demand has NOT recovered from the shutdown
    - China is still dealing with whatever is going on so there was no V shaped recovery
    - Slick Oil forecasters in London looked at Italy demand and had an "oh Chit" moment when considering if all of Europe goes like Italy
    - The stock markets are only NOW coming to grips with the idea of HALF economic activity right now, stocks will go lower.

    I'm sorry this happened folks.

    But unfortunately the oil market is a different beast than stocks or bonds. Oil in a Tanker or being refined IS a physical entity. You can't just put gasoline in a storage tank and magically turn it into Bitcoin waiting for more demand. If that gasoline is not burned in a vehicle of someone doing something economically productive. THEN you stop the refinery making more gasoline. THEN you stop the tanker bringing the refinery NEW oil. Then you have Oil producers dropping prices due to less demand because you know bills to pay. It's a log jam that pretty much locks in 3+ months of bad economic news.

    I can't stress this enough folks. There is no good news in Brent going in the 30s. None at all.

    1. May be that Oilpatch slump is the price we pay for bringing down Iran. better now than October-BTW I feel that the Oil prices will recover quicker than anticipated-because of the Demand increases when COV-19 is slowed down considerably as are most viruses by good weather.Also it isn't immune itself to mutations usually due to the inter mixing of viral DNA. We'll see...

    2. GamerGuy, I didn’t think I’d have to be talking YOU down off the ledge too, but, OK...

      1) What can you control? Well, your vote, for starters. I find it impossible to believe that Trump’s base will desert him over this, unless he has done something TOTALLY STOOPID - like conspiring with the Chinks to release the damn thing. ONLY A LIBCOMMIE would do something that STOOPID. And honestly, given the shite I’ve heard about stuff like Hillary’s server, the DNC leak, DiFi’s chauffeur, and Huawei...I wouldn’t put it past those bastards. I honestly wouldn’t. THEY DON’T GIVE A FLYING FOOK ABOUT THEIR PEOPLE. Did Stalin?

      2) WE FOUND OIL. And it’s OURS, dammit. If West Texas (or Bakken or whatever the fook) has to make a market for U.S. only consumption, so be it. Americans are not going to stop driving. The country’s too big, it’s too imbued in our culture, and which would you rather do: Fly with 198 possibly infected people or drive with your bosom bud(s) who you know for a FACK ain’t infected?

      3) Investment-wise, if you haven’t learned your lesson after 2008, more’s the pity.

      It’s almost as if Mr. T KNEW this was coming three years ago when he started the America First movement. Close the borders, make stuff here, end foreign entanglements. We are gonna be fine. Keep your head up, man!

    3. Rush Limbaugh this morning is saying the oil price crunch and market drop are ALL about the oil war that the Saudi's are waging on Iran and Russia. To our benefit, gas prices (and he pointed out jet fuel as well) should drop for quite a while. Oil companies here won't tank, they'll hunker down, mothball fracking sites if need be, and wait for the recovery.
      As for the virus and testing, the tests we're looking for are PCR (polymerase chain reaction) genetic testing, not antigen-antibody testing. PCR testing is very specific, exquisitely sensitive, and as availability ramps up, we'll see a lot more incidence of the virus in question. Many of us may already have had it, if not that nagging, recurring "cold", then maybe even asymptomatic cases. If it is a bioweapon though, then all bets are off. It could be that the "flu" is just a carrier for something much more deadly--an AIDS malady that a very transmissible but mild flu is just the vehicle. I hope not.
      As for hospital beds, best hope you don't need one. The medical center I worked at red-flagged admissions almost daily...on a good day. It's not the number of beds, it's nurses to staff them. This country cannot handle a serious epidemic--read Aesop is you want the really pessimistic scoop:

    4. ...meant to add about the virus: Something scared the piss out of the Chi-Coms in Wuhan, and that's what gives me the heebie-jeebies. What aren't we being told?

    5. Trump himself tweeted the Nero meme. Just too stupid to even know who/what it it.

    6. Mr. Market has been known to react in ways that make no sense, and will react when there is no evidence. The markets, like it or not, are emotionally driven.

      I've lived in Italy, it is not a top 1st world country. Naples, as one example, often swims in trash, and it takes nothing to get a wild cat strike started almost anywhere in the country. Public sanitation is the engine of public health, and if it doesn't exist, or is spotty, you get what is happening in Italy. China is far, far worse than Italy.

  5. I always buy when things are on sale. The market is in the middle of a great sale. Take advantage before it is too late.
    Got ET at $6.50 this morning. Closed at $7.37. Dividend yield is >16%
    Unfortunately, other than being on sale, that was my only bright spot today.

  6. >>> No one wants to approach the problem in a real way, 'cepting Israel...All international into the U.S. has to be halted; including planes, trains, automobiles, illegal crossings, and lastly, by boat/ship. It is draconian, but continuing to have international travel has brought it here...Ceasing the travel into our border will reduce the amount of new cases. ZB

    1. A Taiwanese Virologist has made the claim that the origin of the virus is the US because we have all 5 strains of the virus. The problem with such an opinion is that it neglects that the US is often the ultimate travel destination. I would be surprised if we didn't have all 5 strains here.

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  10. its really good concept and witten works for politifaccts big fat corona lie i appreciate you do this job its really great


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