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Monday, March 30, 2020

Nominate Biden, blame Bernie

Over at Jeff Bezos's Tax Write Off, Washington Post reporters Sean Sullivan, Michael Scherer, and David Weigel filed, "Bernie Sanders now adamant he's staying in the presidential race. Many Dems fear a reprise of their 2016 defeat." The gist is Biden will lose and it is all Bernie's fault.

The argument is Bernie cost Hillary the 2016 election and by staying in the race, he will cost Biden in 2020.

Philippe Reines, a lackey of Hillary, said in Paragraph 4, "It's the equivalent of a World War II kamikaze pilot. They have no better option than to plow into USS Biden."

Paragraph 17 said, "Although Sanders personally is not waging a scorched-earth campaign against Biden, some of his most visible supporters continue to rail against the former vice president's policy ideas and question his cognitive abilities -- a trend that worries party leaders."

Way down in Paragraphs 27, 28, and 29, readers discover what the real problem is. Ideas. It is not that Bernie is a kamikaze pilot. It is that Bernie is a communist taking over the party.

The story said, "Nomiki Konst, a liberal strategist, was among the Sanders delegates placed on the platform committee. Over two hot days in an Orlando hotel ballroom, their mission was to get as much of the Sanders agenda as possible into the platform. They managed to influence the document with ideas such as a $15 dollar minimum wage.

"'When the California primary was over, we knew he'd lost the nomination, but getting more delegates meant that we had more members of the platform committee,' Konst said.

"Some Sanders allies say their goal is similar this time, and they are publicly urging Sanders to stay in the race to gain leverage over the proceedings."


So more delegates, more planks in the platform and more pushing Democrats off the leftist cliff. That $15 an hour pledge certainly did not win over Michigan for Hillary. And if it doesn't help, why have it in the platform?

That is the real problem for Biden with Bernie. The party is in a transition to being flat-out communist with state ownership of industries. Pelosi offered a stimulus package that included having the government dictate who sits on boards of directors for companies -- in the name of diversity, of course.

Elizabeth Warren sensed that and tried to outflank Bernie on the left. It might have worked too except she is a congenital liar who for 30 years moved up the academic ladder by lying about being an Indian. Her bigger mistake was then falling for President Donald John Trump's trap and taking a DNA test, which she flunked. Voters will put up with a politician lying but getting caught like that shows an incompetence they do not want in public office.

My point is that the Democrat Party are not being pushed lefty by a bunch of young goofballs who will someday realize the errors of their way. Warren is 70, Sanders 78. and Pelosi 80. The latter two are too old to be baby boomers. All of them are millionaires who want you to share your wealth.

Of course, Biden's problems are his corruption, incompetence, and the deterioration of his mental acuity. Nominating Sanders -- still a possibility -- would eliminate two of those three strikes. And as for corruption, many voters believe public money is like holy water; everyone takes a little. Consider Cook County.

But nominating Bernie is the raising of the white flag. Dreams of someone who can out-Trump President Trump dance in the heads of some. Andrew Cuomo is this month's dreamboat for Democrats. Never mind that he's handling COVID-19 so well that his state is the epicenter of the virus in the USA. He gives good press conference, right?

Byron York threw the cold water of reality on those who would ferry Cuomo into the presidential nomination.

York wrote, "So far, 10,118,114 people have voted for Biden, while 7,665,794 have voted for second-place Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, now out of the race, picked up 2,466,729 votes for third place.

"At this point, does someone — Party elders? The chairman of the Democratic National Committee? — tell the 10,118,114 people who voted for Biden: 'Never mind. Governor Cuomo will be your candidate now.' Or does someone tell the 7,665,794 who voted for Sanders: 'Sorry, Biden won't be the candidate, but neither will the second-place finisher.'"

But given that so few voters really are all that enthusiastic about Biden and Bernie supporters will likely sit home (a few will even vote for President Trump) the Cuomo parry might work in securing the nomination.

He would still be toast and unlikely to win the 2024 nomination. That would make it easier for Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom of California.

Democrats are stuck with Biden. Bernie is their whipping boy. Their platform is their real problem.


  1. I'm hoping Joe picks Amy "The Shnoz" Klobuchar as his affirmative action VP. Then Trump takes Minnesota.


    1. First, only one "z" in Bazinga.

      Second, I have to think that Biden will look for a twofer and have Kamala Harris on the ticket.

      Third, does the woman Biden chooses have to pass the Sleepy Joe hair sniff test?

    2. 49-1, baby. I stand by that prediction. Hawaii stands alone for the LibCommie party.

    3. No. She has to have a teenaged daughter who can pass the Creepy Joe sniff test.
      Trump picked Sleepy Joe as being close enough to keep us mindful that the nickname has been for at least a decade Creepy Uncle Joe.

    4. Speaking of Hawaii, why do proglibs have to move in and take over such nice places. And exciting places. And spiffy places.
      Yeah, I'm not just talking about Hawaii, but San Francisco, Seattle, Austin...
      It's not so much what the eat or carry off, it's what they fall in and mess up.

  2. Why shouldn't Bernie stay in? With the increasing loss of mental control of Biden, if Joe falls away, Bernie waltzes in as the last creep standing.

  3. What about the incredibly talented and qualified Stacey Abrams - another two-for like Kamala the Ugandan Giant, but wow, she almost became Governor of Georgia and was in the Georgia House of Representatives. Such qualifications. I am in awe. VP nominee this year, presidential timber for 2024.

  4. I'm convinced, the Dems are sticking with Biden only until he beats Sanders for the nomination, and he gets eased out by the DSC for a different sacrificial lamb. It probably won't be for a "name" like Anthony Cuomo, who is just smart enough to know Trump is unbeatable now, thanks to Nancy Pelosi.

    After the failed impeachment, I was expecting the Dems to lose the House narrowly, but the pork stuffing in a crisis has probably made a solid Republican majority a reasonable probability.

    -L. Farrias

  5. I am in awe that Biden is the presumptive nominee. So tired! Someone said that the nursing home Democrat congressional leadership stifled emerging young talent, but I disagree. They remained because no one challenged them. Buttgig, Klobuchar, Harris, Spartacus and a host of nobodies who couldn't get traction this year and last cycle. Remember the O'Malley boonmlet? Drudge ran pictures of him shirtless in the surf, but the match wouldn't light. They. Have. No. Bench. Cuomo and Newsome will not have national appeal. Who's left?

    1. i have experience with demented people poor joe is on his way to home care whether you are sick and tired he had 2 brain surgeries. cancer, he is heavily medicated he has no clue where he is trump will not debate him to not humiliate him he is a gonner...como is boring and a pro abortion infenticide pro so why is he so worry about the virus killing people he legalize killing killing babies.....period

  6. This is democracy. It's an ugly system.

  7. Cuomo has the pluses of righteous bluster and the ability to sting sentences together that Dems love, but the threat of the vetting process derailed him once already. The list of shady deals and skeevy associates is long.


    1. But Orange Man Racist is corrupt and a racist too! And incompetent! He should have banned travel from China back in November so that his critics could have accused him of racism for three months instead of a couple weeks!

      Sarcasm of course


  8. i disagree with don come on don newson will never be
    president but he is running right now he aised taxes here in california we are sanctuary place he gives insurance to illegals i do not mind that they are human beings but newson needs a new toupee also he is abominable as a leader i live in los angeles i know and the mayor is a schmuck his rabbi must be unhappy with him he said if i catch business open i will cut their water and their electricity wow don we are in trouble l.a. sucks