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Monday, March 09, 2020

Never Trump pins its hopes on Corona Virus

Judd Gregg -- a former Republican senator -- declared, "The corona virus is here, in America."

And he is singing the old Ren and Stimpy song, "Happy Happy Joy Joy," because he believes this is the big one that brings the Orange Man down.

For 4 years, Gregg has openly opposed President Donald John Trump in a manner that transcends political disagreement. In fact, there should be no disagreement because President Donald John Trump has delivered all the things Republicans have said they wanted: conservative judges, tax cuts, and the elimination of unnecessary regulations.

Gregg just hates President Donald John Trump. The political is personal to liberals, and their Never Trump allies.

In a column in The Hill, Gregg said it will bring him down because there is nothing President Donald John Trump can do about it. Bwa ha ha ha.

Gregg wrote, "There really is not a great deal that can be done now. Once Italy became a contagion center for Europe, it was inevitable that the virus would have numerous carriers who would end up scattered across Europe and the United States."

That the virus already arrived in America does not matter. Gregg hopes people die and brings down the economy. That is sick.

He wrote, "The president and his people have mismanaged this issue. The electorate will take note. Two key side effects of the corona virus, beyond the physical, are the general angst it is creating in the nation’s population and, relatedly, the effect on the economy.

"An international economic recession seems likely to follow the shutdown of the second largest economy in the world, China, and the dramatic disruption that is occurring in a European Union that had already been showing signs of slowdown.

"Recession is definitely in the wind."

The Russian Collusion hoax failed to bring the Orange Man down. The Creepy Porn Lawyer failed to bring the Orange Man down. The 2018 stock market correction failed to bring the Orange Man down. The unconstitutional impeachment failed to bring the Orange Man down.

This, too, will fail because of the contempt Never Trump and its allies in the Democrat Party have not just for President Donald John Trump but also his supporters. We are deplorable (Hillary said). We are despicable (Corey Booker said). We are the dregs of society (Biden said).

And how did Gregg put it? He ended his column, "It looks like it is going to be a perfect, political storm, with potentially devastating consequences for the president and his cult of chanters now known as the Republican Party."


Cult 45.

Four more years.


  1. Maxine Waters' HairMarch 9, 2020 at 2:10 PM


  2. This column, with slight alterations, is being published by any NeverTrumper still out there.

    Philip Klein had basically the same screed in the Washington Examiner.

  3. You're projecting. So many had hoped Ebola/SARS/H1N1 would be the demise of Obama. Yet Obama's stock market rise never wavered after the crash turn-around.

    Why don't the markets trust Trump's ability to manage a crisis?

    1. Because the media carried water for the grifter. You still don't get it.

      More people have died in elevator accidents and shark attacks than have from covid-19 in the US in the last three months.

      You should sell into this downturn and put your money where you mouth is.

      Hit me up in November when the market is at 30k and Trump is re-elected over that imbecilic geriatric you put your bet on.

    2. Ah yes. The stupid hypocritical dishonest troll lies again. It just makes lies up; such as this:

      "So many had hoped Ebola/SARS/H1N1 would be the demise of Obama."

      How do I know it's made up? As usual, the idiot troll doesn't back it up. It never does. If that really happened, a simple Google search would find some examples of it, such as a NY Times article, or such. Yet, the idiot troll offers proof. It just drops the false statement in its diarrhea post and then runs. Like it always does. Even after it gets corrected. Because, being a troll means that it never has to admit it was wrong, even when every post it dumps here contains factual errors. The simpleton life of a lonely loser troll. What a waste of a human life.


    3. Yep. I remember saying H1N1 was overblown. Yes, people died but it was another strain of flu. SARS, Mers, et cetera
      This ain't 1918

    4. from 2009 paper: 1918 pandemic " ... aspirin contributed to the incidence and severity of viral pathology, bacterial infection, and death, ... (Aspirin) regimens (8.0–31.2 grams per day) ... the US Surgeon General, the US Navy, and the Journal of the American Medical Association recommended use of aspirin ... a significant proportion of the deaths may be attributable to aspirin ..."
      h/t Ann Barnhardt dot biz

  4. I don't always comment but that may change now

    Never Trumpers are ALWAYS on the wrong side these days - an Update!

    I'm not surprised that a Never Trumper will hope Corona = Recession = No Trump

    But this nitwit forgets the number Uno reason we have people in charge. We have them in charge FOR EMERGENCIES!

    And this is a Break Glass - Do this in Case of Emergency. EMERGENCY now is what we have! Congratulations Never Trumper your day has come EXCEPT you know we NOW don't WANT Trump to fail... get it?

    Anyone notice that Chuck you Schumer and The Fancy Nancy are all quiet like right now?

    It's because we NEED Trump to succeed NOW!

    Politics is the strangest Human endeavor of all time. The Schumers and the Nancys NOW will be all supportive if take charge Trump can save them from a REAL CRISIS.

    Everybody forgets that all the DC types are rich. And Rich people do check their brokerage statements. Everyone in DC noticed the somewhat negative trend of late, and decided to cool the rhetoric a bit until things get back to a point where they are back to being rich and pretending NOT TO BE RICH.

    NO ONE in DC wants to NOT BE RICH so yeah they are cooling the hot talk until the all clear sign.

  5. I recently started doing crossword puzzles.
    "Rem" is a frequent answer for 'Blank' & Stimpy.
    Guess I'll have to Google that.

  6. Coronavirus is going to badly hurt...
    The guy who said open borders are dangerous and stupid?

    I have to marvel at such astute punditry.

  7. So to sum up the NeverTrumpers and Dims: We want lots and lots of people to die from this virus so we can regain power in the U.S.

    Calling them "sick," in my opinion, seems to be pussyfooting around cold-blooded, flagrant evil.


  8. The key chart to watch is called "COVID-19 cases in the United States by date of illness onset" on this page The trend of new infections seems to be down at the moment but this may change.

  9. This will end when the flu season ends. By summer it will be another y2k. By the fall the economy will be humming and the stock market will be back, as it always is from a down market.
    The losers will be those who got scared and didn't go along for the ride.
    The only time that worked for me was 1987. Twice after that I sold, paid taxes and when the market rebounded, didn't end up with as much stock as before because of the tax bite. It takes a strong stomach, but, it is worth it in the long run.

  10. We have a brush fire burning, so who do we want to lead us? PDJT who has led us into one of the greatest economic boom ever or the arsonists who are gleefully pouring gasoline on the fire and opening cheering for massive deaths and a depression. How stupid do this idiots think we are?


  11. I love the irony of the open borders crowd using the China Cough as a political issue.

  12. So says a NH RINO. It's going to be a very looong 4 more years for these chuckleheads.

  13. Just the face that the Never Trumpers are excited about this seems to diminish the much-vaunted dangers of the virus.
    They were wrong about so many other 'this is IT!' moments.

  14. >>> Another cemented reason this newssite is the best...Ren and Stimpy brought into the political metaphoric universe... Mr. Horse: "No sir, I don't like it;" would be his assessment of 'Mudd' Gregg's lame contribution to the subject, at hand. ZB

  15. Yo! Judd Gregg is still alive? DAMN!

  16. He also played footsie with BHO, briefly being considered to become the token Republican in his Cabinet as Commerce Secretary.

  17. Rush is talking about this column right now on his radio station!


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