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Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Mini Mike proved Trump right

Mini Mike quit today, a rare failure in a very remarkable business career. He may never be president, but he is still a billionaire worth -- as he points out frequently -- 10 times the president's fortune. And therein lies the reason Mini Mike lost.

He thought President Donald John Trump won because he is a billionaire.

President Donald John Trump won despite being a billionaire.

Mini Mike invested a lot of money on a ground game, polling, focus groups, and television commercials.

President Donald John Trump did none of that. He kept his campaign staff small. He did no polling or TV ads for his first six months. Instead, he tirelessly campaigned, holding rallies that grew larger in size and capturing the headlines night after night. His rise in the polls contrasted with Jeb!'s fall.

Critics complain that The Donald received billions in free media. That is a factual error. It is called earned media, and buddy, he earned every second of airtime because he made news. He's been making news for 40 years. While the rest of the pack were busy raising money in 2015, President Donald John Trump was busy raising Cain.

Mini Mike made a big deal about self-financing his campaign.

President Donald John Trump initially made the same mistake. Then he realized, the guy giving you five bucks is going to vote for you come hell or high water. He got Hillary had the big donors. The Donald had the small donors. Who won? It takes a helluva salesman to get waitresses to donate to a billionaire.

Mini Mike apologized for things he did as mayor. Then he ran on his success as a mayor.

President Donald John Trump apologized only once, and that was over a private conversation about women.

Mini Mike pledged to Get It Done. He never said what it was he was doing.

President Donald John Trump pledged to Make America Great Again.

The suspicion is Mini Mike is laying the ground work for Democrats to win the Senate in 2022 and the White House in 2024. Maybe.

Axios reported, "Mike Bloomberg will pay for the nearly 500 staffers on his presidential campaign to continue working through November to support whoever wins the 2020 Democratic nomination, even if it's not him, NBC News reports.

"Why it matters: The former New York mayor is focused on getting President Trump out of the White House, and his vast operation — focused beyond the traditional early states — could provide a strong foundation in key battleground states, like North Carolina and Pennsylvania."

I am curious as to why the Plutocrat is exempt from campaign finance limits. You can spend whatever you want on your own campaign, but not someone else's. The plan is to pretend they are not working for the nominee.

And Mini Mike makes no bones about demanding a Quid Pro Joe for his billion-dollar campaign.

Kevin Sheekey, Bloomberg’s campaign manager, told NBC, "Mike Bloomberg is either going to be the nominee or the most important person supporting the Democratic nominee for president."

It is not about ideology for Mini Mike; it is about power.

President Donald John Trump already had the fame and fortune. But he knew America needed someone to save it from its politicians. That is why he ran. And that is why the politicians hate him.


  1. I've been wondering about the campaign finance laws from the moment he said that. It will be fun to see his meddling upend Bidet. Sanders has already refused his offer.

    1. Me too. I am sure PDJT’s team will raise this issue as well, if it’s an issue.

  2. Yet more winning! And further, I bet losing so bad like this infuriates Bloomy, especially when Trump tweets about it.

    Now, he will double down and use his money (in seedy ways) to defeat Trump vicariously, through another candidate, and candidates (House and Senate). But, he will lose those also. Because very few who will vote, like him. He's shown his fascist side while he was governor of NY. His debate performances were pathetic.

    I love all of the winning. And to think, the stupid hypocritical dishonest troll claimed I am angry. What a dumb fook.


  3. I'm looking forward to a respite from his ubiquitous ads.

    guess he didn't measure up.

    he wanted voters to tell him what they wanted.

    I thought about hillary in jail.

    but rather than being on tape for the hit list, I decided to satisfy myself with the warm inner glow at the thought of her being forced to answer the questions from judicial watch. and her co-co- conspirator that morphed into her attorney.

    oddly enough, the feebs respected that attorney client relationship. no dawn raids trailing Jane Fonda's CNN jackals.


    1. I suspect that the Hildebeast will, under oath, claim not to remember anything about much of anything. She's done it before.

    2. That's it! The most powerful words to speak in any courtroom: "I don't recall". It works like a charm, in the right circumstances.

    3. maybe not this time.

      why did you set up your own server?

      I don't remember.

      and the judge said he himself knew Cheryl mills was a liar.

      he couldn't believe the feeb's immunised her.

      should be fun.

      I've never donated to a politician, but judicial watch gets it done.


    4. Ah yes, the ol Limbaugh chestnut!

      I can’t rememember
      My brain’s in a blender
      It’s jello!

  4. Too clever by half. Bloomy wanted to attach himself to Trump's achievements just like he did to Rudy's - smart. What he failed to realize is that America is not NYC.

  5. I believe you can give all you want to a super-PAC. That's how he dropped $100 million on the Dems in 2018.

  6. Fifty-six men pledged “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor” 241 years ago.

    When I heard Donald Trump '"throw his hat in the Ring" it immediately got my attention: here was a MAN willing to do the same for his (our) country.

    All I knew about him was that I'd heard the name and that he had a TV show which sounded stupid to me (and to this day I have never seen), but he stood up for this country !!!!

    But of course even Clint Eastwood says Trump is "Not Genteel", so we can't have THAT

    -Big Red

  7. It takes a helluva salesman to get waitresses to donate to a billionaire....

    Great insight Big D

  8. He's going to inflict the "consultants" who made his campaign such a rousing success on the eventual nominee? Wow, Trump is going to win in a landslide!!

    1. Based on the D vs. R vote totals by state, yes. HELL YES.

  9. "He thought President Donald John Trump won because he is a billionaire."

    Not quite. He disputes Trump's membership in the club. Red ink doesn't count.

  10. I don't always comment but when I do I violate campaign finance laws

    IF Bloomy were the VP nominee he might be wise to keep campaign staff. I believe his announcement is a nod to that type of carrot to see if anyone comes calling for VP spot. Too bad bloomy is so out of the Dem party that he does not understand that's Newsom's reserved parking.

    I'm uncertain about how this works but I have heard of a few pol staff people being paid through the end of an election cycle, regardless if their candidate makes it past the primary.

    When Bloomy announced I was certain that a few political types were going for "full clinton employment for sad useless operatives wages"

    It's a neat gig to work for 2 months and get paid until November.

    What I find interesting is the rapid collapse to Biden. Granted everyone wanted to write him off. That "could" have been horse race drama done by media.

    But I'm thinking that Biden and Obama made a lot of deals to make the Biden tuesday happen.

    And that all that Butt and Klute support went directly to Biden.


    1. No collapse. The orders were given and the apparatchiks did as told. Right now, it's a horse race, depending on which delegate count you see. If Occasional Cortex is the party, Bernie's her guy.

      And Gropin' Joe couldn't tell his wife from his sister last night. If you think that doesn't matter, that Fake News will gloss over all that, remember the Hildabeast being tossed into her van like a side of beef (bad beef, at that) on 9/11 4 years ago.

      And all those people with cameras in their phones.

    2. I agree Angry, all the sudden people are pulling out before Super Tuesday. The Dems are definitely trying to work their magic by buying off the other candidates. I'm really looking forward to the Presidential debates though. No matter Biden or Sanders, the lunch of theirs, will be eaten!!!

  11. Mini-Mike's campaign theme song was 'Can't Buy Me Love."

  12. The suspicion is Mini Mike is laying the ground work for Democrats to win the Senate in 2022 and the White House in 2024. Maybe.

    We've seen this before and it rarely comes off. Money and fanatical followers can't replace good candidates.

    A few victories, but people outside the echo chamber usually don't get snookered.

  13. Just to add to your post. As the Supreme Court ruled, a contribution to a campaign IS political speech. It is not just money from a waitress to a billionaire. I am raising a family, working 40+ hours at a job, keeping house and enjoying life. I don't have time to work on a campaign. When I donate money to a candidate, it is political speech because the money itself is my voice. I agree with everything you say, Don. Trump understood that every contribution is a vote. Mike was just voting for himself.