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Friday, March 13, 2020

Highlights of the News

Don't worry about me. I'm protected.

ITEM 1United Press International reported, "Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said Thursday that Ankara and Russian military officials have worked out most of the details of a cease-fire for Syria's northwest Idlib province.

"Turkey and Russia have largely reached agreement about joint patrols in the battle-scarred province under terms outlined a week ago, Akar said."

So President Donald John Trump withdrew our troops from the battlefield. Deep State experts said it would lead to genocide. Instead, peace broke out.

Once again, Trump was right.

ITEM 2: Republican Congressman Ken Buck wrote, "Instead of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), we should rename it to the Federal Initiative to Spy on Americans Act, because that’s exactly what this unconstitutional surveillance program does.

"Our government should not spy on Americans. They should feel confident their privacy is protected and that neither the government nor any agent affiliated with the government are abusing Americans’ constitutional rights. That’s why I oppose H.R. 6172, the USA FREEDOM Reauthorization Act.

"When your house has foundational problems, you don’t slap a new coat of paint on the window shutters and say the problem is fixed. Instead, you call in experts to understand the problems, mitigate the underlying issues, and fix major structural problems that threaten to topple the entire house."


I only know this guy from his recent Molon Labe video and this piece. I like him.

ITEM 3: Mark Hemingway reported, "Just days after news of the infamous Trump Tower meeting drew the attention of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, the translator present told the FBI there was no talk of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, according to recently released documents.

"This exculpatory evidence – which backed accounts of Donald Trump Jr. and other campaign officials in attendance – was not mentioned in Special Counsel Mueller’s final report two years later. And the silence in the interim occurred as sinister theorizing on cable TV and in the press helped shape a public impression of the June 9, 2016 meeting as central to collusion.

"The new documents record that on July 12, 2017, four days after the New York Times first disclosed the meeting, relying on government leaks, the FBI interviewed Anatoli Samochornov, a freelance translator with long ties to the U.S. government who had been engaged by the Russian side. Elaborating the day after its initial report, the Times used more leaks to report that Trump Jr. had agreed to the meeting because he was told that a Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, would provide damaging information on Hillary Clinton."

President Donald John Trump knew about this.

This explains why he has no use for Jeff Sessions, who allowed this Mueller BS to happen on his watch. His recusal was cowardice.

ITEM 4Fox News reported, "The Democratic Party is in a very dangerous position at this point of the 2020 presidential election, CNN's Van Jones warned Tuesday evening.

Van Jones asked, "You have now an insurgency that’s about to be defeated. What do you do with the people that you defeat?"

He went on to say, "You've got young people who are graduating with a quarter-million dollars in debt, you've got young people with a lot of pain, and they had a champion. And, they thought they were going to be able to surround the divided establishment with their movement, crush that divided establishment, and move forward."

And he said, "Now, what do you do? Last time Bernie Sanders got beaten, there was an assumption that all his people were going to fall in line and vote against Trump and there was not enough care for the concern and the pain of his base."

Not my circus, not my monkey, but since when did that stop me from laughing?

Someone will figure out how to make money on this. The proliferation of candidates in modern presidential politics raking in millions informs me someone will mount socialist third party campaign. If a mayor in South Bend can raise $82 million, why not run?

I suspect Hollywood celebs will find a socialist Evan McMullin to send money to.

ITEM 5: The Daily Caller reported, "A Missouri lawmaker said he has never experienced so much vitriol and hate as he has faced after introducing a bill against drag queens reading to children in public libraries.

"Republican Missouri state Rep. Ben Baker’s bill, which seeks to ban Drag Queen Story Hour in public libraries, has been met with opposition from local librarians, the American Library Association, Drag Queen Story Hour defenders and LGBTQ proponents. More than 100 people gathered Saturday at a rally organized by drag queens to protest the bill at the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City.

"The lawmaker told the Daily Caller News Foundation that he has received thousands of emails from people roused by the American Library Association’s political action committee Every Library and received death threats over social media."

Why are librarians pushing LGBTQ on children? We have gone from acceptance to promotion.

ITEM 6: CNBC reported, "The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment insurance fell last week for a second straight week, an indication that the corona virus had not yet hit the labor market in a major way.

"The Labor Department said Thursday that applications for unemployment benefits, a good proxy for layoffs, dropped by 4,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 211,000. Claims had fallen by 4,000 in the previous week as well.

"Applications for unemployment benefits are being watched for any signs that the virus has started to trigger major layoffs."

The best economy in 50 years continues.

ITEM 7: The New York Post reported, "Toxic masculinity may literally be hazardous to men’s health.

"While movies may make the macho lifestyle seem alluring, a new study has found that hypermasculine males could suffer from a host of health and social issues as they age.

"'Our study shows how toxic masculinity also has detrimental consequences for the men who subscribe to these ideals,' says Michigan State University sociologist Stef Shuster in a statement. The study was published in the journal Sex Roles."

Clint Eastwood, Chuck Yeager, and Bob Dole humbly disagree. Of course, Kirk Douglas can't. He just died. At 103.

It is getting to old age that is the problem for Hold My Beer-Americans.

ITEM reported, "The National Instant background Check System checks for February 2020, have broken all the previous records for the month, with 2,776,380 checks. This signifies very little because more than half of the NICS checks are for carry permits and carry permit rechecks.

"Illinois and Kentucky perform hundreds of thousands of permit rechecks every month, skewing the system, which renders the total number useless for estimating gun sales."

I am crushed.

These checks are good for Clarksburg, West Virginia, which make those checks. And the carry permit checks are encouraging. And Ammoland found a use for the numbers.

It reported, "Instead of total NICS checks, we now calculate a much closer approximation of total gun sales, consisting of NICS checks done for handguns + checks for long guns + checks for other guns + 2.5 x checks done for multiple sales on the 4473 form."

Sales were up in February 17% over last year. That's good to know. An armed society is a polite society.

ITEM 9: NBC reported, "Two Russian reconnaissance aircraft flying off the Alaskan coast were intercepted by U.S. and Canadian jets.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, said in a tweet that the two Russian TU-142 maritime reconnaissance aircraft were intercepted on Monday after they entered the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone.

"The Russian jets came as close as 50 nautical miles to the coast of Alaska and never entered United States or Canadian airspace.

"The aircraft entered the zone north of Alaska and flew in international airspace over the Beaufort Sea, according to the organization.

"The Russian jets remained in the zone for about four hours and were escorted by NORAD fighter aircraft the entire time."

Weird. It's as if they want a Cold War do-over.

ITEM 10: The Hill reported, "Justice Sonia Sotomayor is recusing herself from a Supreme Court case over the issue of faithless electors — Electoral College representatives who disregard the will of voters in presidential elections — because of her friendship with one of the parties involved in the lawsuit."

That is nice. Besides it is a dumb case. Of course the Constitution allows faithless electors. We are a republic, not a democracy.

ITEM 11: Fox News reported, "Engineers crack 58-year-old enigma, make quantum breakthrough."

The story said, "In 1961, scientist and Nobel Laureate Nicolaas Bloembergen had suggested that the nucleus of a single atom could be controlled using only electric fields. Now, the engineers at the University of New South Wales Sydney have achieved just that."

They made a quantum leap. But is the cat in the box alive or dead? Asking my friend Schrödinger.

ITEM 12: The New York Post reported, "Sarah Palin shocked fans of The Masked Singer Wednesday night when she was revealed to be the show’s losing contestant, Bear.

The former Alaska governor and one-time vice presidential nominee was unmasked and booted off Season 3 after performing 'Baby Got Back' by Sir Mix-a-Lot in her colorful costume.

"Bear’s identity stunned host Nick Cannon. 'This might be the most shocked I’ve ever been on this show,' he said."

"Baby Got Back"?

But it is still better than getting your son a million-dollar-a-year no-show job in exchange for a billion dollars in U.S. foreign aid.

ITEM 13: The Daily Mail reported, "Drinkers will be raising a glass to Rishi Sunak after he stepped away from increasing booze taxes in the Budget today.

"The Chancellor said he was abandoning a planned rise in duty on spirits and would freeze the rates on beer, cider and wine as well.

"The announcement was one of a slew of announcements designed to help Britain's under-pressure High Streets and pubs as they struggle against an expected major corona virus slowdown in the economy.

"The duty freeze is only the second time almost two decades that the Treasury has avoided using drinking as a way to boost its coffers with a rate rise.

"Mr. Sunak told the Commons: 'Pubs are at the center of community life but too many have closed over the past decade.'"

Let us toast Rishi Sunak, the only grownup in England.

ITEM 14: The Corona Virus is now the least of his worries now.
Live by the bomb, die by the bomb.

ITEM 15: Corona virus knows better than to mess with us.

West Virginia is the last to get everything. We just started working on our backups for Y2K.

ITEM 16: Eat your heart out, Babylon Bee.
It's America's Parody Account.

ITEM 17: Basketball may be cancelled but there is plenty of smack talk.
ITEM 18Ace of Spades reported, "How About a Solid Two Minutes of the Media Saying China's Corona Virus or Wuhan Virus Before a Medley of Them Lecturing Us That We're Racists?"

The TV channels are falling in line. I suspect Chairman Xi put his foot down.

Hey, he got Disney to ban Winnie the Pooh in Red China.


  1. Replies
    1. You ready, sis? This new paradigm is right up your, uh, alley. No rallies, no audiences, nothing but compliant snowflake reporters to pleasure you aurally. This is where we Release The Kraken!

      (Checks, finds empty bottle)

      What? You drank it all? In 45 minutes??!! YOU FOOKING LUSH!!!

  2. In 1632 series WV is first to go to Europe Germany.

    Have you read any of it?

  3. Kudos for waiting until Item 14 to mention Wuhan. Every other news outlet is running on Corona Only for the time being.

    My local channel even came up with some scary graphic screen crawl and even scarier sinister Exorcist tones to play alongside the school cancellations.

    My bank is closing at 11am today, cause it's well known the Wuhan sleeps til noon. Yep - close early on payday. That'll go over big.

    Prediction: I don't know how exactly they will pull this off but the Left will graduate from claiming calling Wuhan 'Wuhan' is racist, to actually proclaiming the disease itself is racist. Stay tuned.

    This just in: Today Show - 'Hanks and wife BATTLING covid' lol!

  4. The market is poised to fall yet again.

    Why don't the markets think Donald Trump is up to managing this crisis?

    1. Um...because its not a crisis?

    2. Because a recession is here as the entire recreation and travel industry is shutting down. Disney just shut down for the rest of the month.

      Restaurants are next they won't close but nobody will eat there. Education suffers too. That's a quarter of the economy right there.

      Manufacturing is very hard hit too as we cannot export because China quit importing. The Left coast ports are 80% empty so we have no ships to load up our exports on.

      The only person who can stop this is in heaven. Trump is toast unfortunately as his stupid tweets about this virus will by summer time be on ads everywhere.

      His only prayer is for the summer to kill off the virus and the coming job losses will end by November.

      Who Biden chooses as VP will be telling as I don't expect him to survive. He is the bait I just wonder who will be the switch.

      Kamala 50%
      Hillary 30%
      Amy 20% she is from the rustbelt

    3. "Why don't the markets think Donald Trump is up to managing this crisis? "

      That the stupid hypocritical dishonest troll thinks it knows why the market acts as it does, again shows how it has no critical thinking skills. Which, of course, is why it trolls. And why it is, as its cult leader stated, full of sh#t.

      Go away you idiot troll. You waste space and time with your buckets of diarrhea. Get a life, and do fix your TDS, as it is aiding you in falling for hoaxes.


    4. Why don't the markets think Donald Trump is up to managing this crisis? 

      Too many morons going all chicken-little screaming the sky is falling.
      Too many media outlets pushing panic and terror because it's good for ratings.
      Too many TDS addicts cheering a pyrrhic destruction of the country before admitting to even one beneficial thing this president has done.

      So now we're watching people freaking out, panicing in the streets, dogs and cats living together over another strain of virus that really isn't a blip compared to seasonal flu.
      300 million U.S. population, a thousand some cases and less than 100 deaths?
      Do the math. So looks like Trump's managing things pretty well.

    5. I am sure George Soros has dirty hands concerning the dropping market. King of short selling. America hater. Evil man.

    6. Get out the Kleenex you Koolaid drunks! The sky is not falling the market is. Duh.

      Just wait until the economic stats arrive next month you better have tons of kleenex! Even toilet paper is getting scarce lol.

    7. -Too many TDS addicts cheering a pyrrhic destruction of the country-

      And like clockwork, there's nony to prove my point.

    8. Hate is all dotard Democrats have.

    9. Who knows where it goes from here -- but djia +872 at 1:37. Actually looks like its setting a bottom.

  5. #3 - Jeff Sessions. I'm on the fence as I am a big Steve Bannon fan. In a PBS interview available on their Youtube site, Bannon supports Sessions and encourages him to hang in there...'no matter what'.

    1. I am most disappointed in Jeff Sessions and thought he was one of the good guys. Maybe he is a good guy, but he sure messed this up.

    2. I am also a Bannon fan but Sessions set us back years. He is a coward and an asshole (pardon my language Don). Trump was in a pickle and couldn't get rid of him. Default or design - pick your poison.

  6. Silver Linings Playbook: According to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS made $655 mill in ad revenue from last year’s March Madness. Hasta la vista, amigos. NO BAILOUT FOR CBS!!!

  7. #3

    > His recusal was cowardice.

    Or worse.

  8. #4 I suspect the Deep State/Democratic Party machinery is holding some very unpleasant facts about Bernie. You will know this is true if Bernie dances onstage at the DNC like a trained monkey and supports whoever else is nominated.

  9. Another silver lining: Wuhan hangs in there long enough to force a cancellation of the Nov election. Trump default. Yay!

    1. Trump should get 2020 by default. Dotard Democrats broke the system. They deserve nothing.

  10. Item #8 "An armed society is a polite society." -- Robert A. Heinlein

    I'm glad to see Heinlein's reputation has long withstood his death. At his best, Heinlein was the best.

  11. #2 Ken Buck wrote "Drain the Swamp: How Gov't Corruption is worse than you think" (2017). Worth reading, although by now we realize we'll never grasp just how bad it is.

  12. Item #16 Way back when I was still in my forties, my brass group (I was the bass trombonist) was hired to be the pep band at a woman's volleyball game at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. As I recall, they were competing against the team at my alma mater, Penn State.

    Nebraska won handily. They had three women who were 6'5" or taller. Shortest woman on the team was 5'8". She looked like a pygmy.

    It was like being in second grade again.

    But there were plenty of fans there.

  13. Don, what's not in the news very much is the oil fight going on between Russia and SA. It's devastating to the fracking industry but cheap gas and jet fuel is a welcome boost to those who need fuel to work. If oil drops to $20 a barrel and stays there lots of terrorist regimes like Iran are going to be hard hit. Venezuela is hanging on by a thread. This will kill them.

  14. cdr164dn,
    Except here in Kalifornia.
    Lowest I've seen is $3.13.

    1. Oregon is worse, because we can't pump our own gas.

    2. I feel your pain, but yesterday my sister filled up with gas at $1.67/gal here in the outskirts of Dallas. I was jealous, I filled up a few days ago and had to pay $1.82!

      Why does anyone stay in CA? Nevermind, I don't want to know!

    3. Last time oil prices really dropped, the Communists up in Sacramento increased the gas taxes to eat up the savings, saying it was to fight global warming and we wouldn't miss it anyway, since we were already paying the same price for gas before the drop.

      President Trump, please visit us again!
      (the last visit was successful, but afterward the Dims and the media assured their snowflakes that those visits were just a one-shot, President Trump would never dare do that again...)

  15. Re: Item 2: I think the FISA renewal might pass more quickly if those who voted for it also specifically renouced their own 4th amendment rights on the basis of Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. On the other hand, if you don't want to be spied on by a supposedly de-politicized FBI and DoJ, why is such spying on other Americans OK?

  16. #5 I will never, never support our local libraries again as they are part of that progressive stupid insane movement, two of our libraries proved it last year, this is in Spokane WA. We are not near Seattle but it sure seemed like it at that time.


  17. Item 4. This so-called movement of young people for Bernie was M.I.A. on Super Tuesday. Only 13% of them voted. The rest couldn't put their devices away and take the time. They'll all stay home rather then vote for V.P. Abra-Cadaver.

  18. Item 5: "Why are librarians pushing LGBTQ on children? We have gone from acceptance to promotion."

    While I tolerate the alphabet soup, will never celebrate it.