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Monday, March 02, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: The Associated Press reported, "China’s manufacturing plunged in February by an even wider margin than expected after efforts to contain a virus outbreak shut down much of the world’s second-largest economy, an official surveyed showed Saturday.

"The survey, coming as global stock markets fall on fears the virus will spread abroad, adds to mounting evidence of the vast cost of the disease that emerged in central China in December and its economic impact worldwide.

"The monthly purchasing managers’ index issued by the Chinese statistics agency and an industry group fell to 35.7 from January’s 50 on a 100-point scale on which numbers below 50 indicate activity contracting.

"A sub-measure of imports plummeted, highlighting the shock waves spreading through China’s Asian neighbors and other suppliers of components and raw materials to its factories, which assemble most of the world's smartphones, toys, home appliances and other consumer goods."

And there is this.
The Tienanmen Square deal in 1989 was the communists would give Red China economic freedom and prosperity in exchange for human rights. The promise to the West was you give us economic prosperity, we will give our people human rights, um, eventually.

Two forces of nature may end all this double-dealing: the corona virus and President Donald John Trump.

ITEM 2: War is easy. All you need is approval from Congress.

Peace is hard because first you have to fight a war.

Thank you, Afghanistan veterans.

ITEM 3: 9 News reported, "Colorado said goodbye to a World War II veteran today with a procession all throughout the state and into Kansas and Nebraska. Donald Stratton was one of the three living survivors of the attack on the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor. He was 97 years old when he died two weeks ago.

"'It is emotional,' said Mike Watson, a member of the patriot guard with the American Legion. "It’s like my helmet is filling up with tears. You get so emotional."

"Thousands stood on overpasses and the side of the highway as the procession made its way through the state.

"'To be one of the 344 survivors after the USS Arizona is attacked in Pearl Harbor and come back and continue to serve your country, how many people can say that in their lifetime. That is the ultimate,' said Mikel Burroughs, a member of the American Legion. 'I wouldn’t miss this for anything because we’re all warriors. Donald Stratton was a warrior. It comes down to respect always and warriors forever.'"

Only two survivors of the Arizona are left? But wasn't it the other day we buried Frank Buckles, the last survivor of World War I?

Praise these men when they are alive and struggling with PTSD. And yes, line streets and overpasses when they are gone to show the other men and women from the other wars that we care.

ITEM 4: Patience, dear reader, patience.
Gab and other attempts failed. Maybe this will work.

Anyone got a trillion bucks to buy Google?

ITEM 5: Now for some real Trumpenfreude.

Flashback to the February 11 Hollywood Reporter, which reported, "Harrison Ford Calls Trump a 'Son of a Bitch.' The actor made the remarks during an appearance on ABC's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' to discuss his latest film, 'Call of the Wild.'"
Intersectionalists with their own pronouns don't read Jack London.

Deplorables do.

ITEM 6Breitbart News reported, "Morning Consult did an extensive, in-depth poll looking at trust, and it found that trust in President Trump is more than twice that of the news media.

"The question was, Do you trust X-Brand 'a lot to do the right thing?'

"The media ranked a dismal 16 out of 20, with just eight percent saying they trust media 'a lot to do the right thing.'

"Trump landed right in the middle of the pile in 12th place, as 20 percent said they trust him a lot to do the right thing, which more than doubles the media."

It is a pretty sad day when only 27% of Americans trust Oprah a lot.

ITEM 7: Politico reported, "Joe Biden notched his first election win Saturday in this first-in-the-South state on the strength of widespread support from black voters — a triumph that he's hoping will propel him on Super Tuesday and then into a one-on-one race against Bernie Sanders.

"Biden’s win was announced as soon as polls closed at 7 p.m., based on preliminary results and exit polls showing him with a staggering lead. The victory puts the onetime front-runner back into serious contention for the party’s nomination against Sanders, who leads the crowded field and likely came in second."

Gropey played Obama nostalgia to the hilt four years after Hillary failed to cash in on her husband's presidency. Breadline Bernie praising Castro did not help. Maybe Biden is the Comeback Cadaver.

The Washington Post reported Comrade Sanders raised $46 million in February. That shows there is a lot of money willing to get any Democrat elected. Re-electing the president won't be easy. Have confidence but keep fighting. Ghouls don't die.

ITEM 8: The Daily Wire reported, "Far-left billionaire activist Tom Steyer’s campaign announced on Saturday that the candidate was dropping out of the presidential race after failing again in another Democratic primary.

"'The news came after Mr. Steyer, 62, failed to capitalize on his investment of millions of dollars in South Carolina, where he had pinned the hopes of his campaign,' the New York Times reported. 'Despite spending more than $175 million on adverting throughout his campaign, Mr. Steyer did not earn any national pledged delegates in Iowa, New Hampshire or Nevada, making South Carolina something of a make-or-break state for his continued viability.'"

I only mention him because he got rolled by consultants. 15% of that ad money (at least) alone was pocketed by them, not to mention the polls they ran, and the relatives they put on the payroll.

Consultants are the tailors in The Emperor's New Clothes.

Remember, the experts maintained that Donald John Trump was not serious in 2016 because he did not hire their political consultant buddies. He spent $66 million to get elected president. Uncle Tom and Mini Mike have already spent 10 times that amount and have zero delegates to show for it. 

The gay mayor also dropped out. Democrats are too homophobic to vote for him.

ITEM 9: The Washington Examiner reported, "A majority of Republicans want Utah Sen. Mitt Romney punished for voting to convict President Trump on one of two impeachment counts.

"The latest Zogby Poll said 58% believe that a penalty 'should result in some retribution, such as limiting his future role in the Senate.' Just 27% want no punishment, said the analysis shared with Secrets on Friday."

At the RNC convention this summer, rescind his 2012 nomination as a warning to other two-faced traitors.

ITEM 10: Reuters reported, "The Supreme Court this week gets its first chance to consider new curbs on abortion rights with President Donald Trump’s two conservative appointees on the bench as it examines the legality of a Louisiana law that could force two of the state’s three clinics that perform the procedure to shut down.

"The court, with a 5-4 conservative majority, is scheduled on Wednesday to hear arguments in an appeal by Shreveport-based abortion provider Hope Medical Group for Women seeking to invalidate the law. Chief Justice John Roberts may be pivotal in deciding the outcome, with Trump’s appointees Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch also in the spotlight.

"The clinic sued to block the 2014 law, which requires that doctors who perform abortions have a difficult-to-obtain arrangement called admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the abortion clinic. A federal appeals court ruled against the clinic and upheld the law.

"The Supreme Court struck down a similar Texas requirement in 2016 when conservative Justice Anthony Kennedy, who retired in 2018, joined the four liberal justices to defend abortion rights. Trump has tightened the conservative grip on the court with his 2018 appointment of Kavanaugh, who replaced Kennedy, and his 2017 appointment of Gorsuch."

A young couple sent me a picture of the sonogram of their baby -- one month into the pregnancy. It is a dot less than an inch long. They not only are picking out the baby's name, but his or her (too early to tell) nickname as well.

That dot is not a clump of cells. That dot is a baby. Let's end this madness of killing babies.

ITEM 11: MSN reported, "Attorneys for Nick Sandmann intend to file complaints against five additional media outlets, a status report filed earlier this week says.

"The report states that lawyers for the Covington Catholic High School senior intend to file lawsuits against Gannett, ABC, ViacomCBS, the New York Times and Rolling Stone.

"'All of the future defendants listed above have published or republished statements made by Nathan Phillips and others that Nicholas blocked or otherwise restricted Phillips’ free movement and would not allow Phillips to retreat at the National Mall on January 18, 2019. Nicholas reserves his right to file complaints in this Court or any other court against any other potential defendant not listed above, subject to the applicable statute of limitations,' the document reads.

"Sandman is the high school student who found himself at the center of a controversy after his face was depicted across social media during a 2019 March for Life trip, which coincided with an Indigenous Peoples March."

Oh the humanity.

What about their right to lie about a minor, placing his life in danger, just so they could get back at the Orange Man?

ITEM 12: The Hill reported, "A federal judge ruled that Ken Cuccinelli, who previously headed the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), was unlawfully appointed to run the agency.

"D.C. District Judge Randolph Moss, an Obama appointee, decided the Trump administration violated the Federal Vacancies Reform Act when Cuccinelli, the current deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), was appointed to lead USCIS in June 2019.

"He also ruled that Cuccinelli’s policy that accelerated the screenings for immigrants seeking asylum should be eliminated, according to the ruling obtained by The Hill."

Obama judge. His ilk ignore the law and the Constitution to attack the Orange Man. They are part of Obama's Resistance. Can they be impeached for sedition? Asking for a friend called the United States of America.

ITEM 13: Isn't this a Third Amendment violation?
Asking for a friend called the United States of America.

ITEM 14: But Flavor Flav is the only one I know.
Becoming a public enemy of Public Enemy is pretty badass.

ITEM 15: In The Donald We Trust.
Cernovich is asking for a friend called the United States of America.

ITEM 16: Even Facebook isn't buying it.
It's the President Trump Said Hoax hoax.


  1. Item 10:
    Pro "choice" people justify the termination of human infants in the womb by dehumanizing them, characterizing them as "blobs of tissue." Yet every viable human fetus is genetically a member of the human species. To destroy them while they are helpless to survive on their own is akin to pulling the plug on a patient in a coma whose prognosis is that they WILL recover within nine months. Both can be expected to become functional members of the population, if only no one decides that their recovery/gestation is too much of an inconvenience to those responsible for them.

    Moreover, a human fetus incorporates a unique combination of genetic traits from both parents, and those traits include a personality. The field of behavioral epigenetics reveals that:

    "In large part, personality is genetically inherited; it can be observed at the genetic level and it can occur for consecutive generations."

    This means that that "blob of cells" is already a "person" in the sense that it has a genetic destiny to develop a specific, unique personality. Further experience, even in utero, will of course modify and influence that personality. But to kill that viable, genetically human individual, possessed of a nascent personality, is no more moral than if that child had already been born. ='[.]'=

    1. If Margret Sanger's war on Dark skinned people hadn't happened
      we wouldn't need Illegals(I don't think we do any way)
      Trump is building up the Minority communities by giving them work, Not the Dem plantation...
      BTW I agree on the personality being formed by genetics.I have traits from both sides. I wasn't around them all that much,either...

    2. "Pro "choice" people justify the termination of human infants in the womb by dehumanizing them, characterizing them as "blobs of tissue."" Dehumanization is among the first steps in rationalizing every genocide; see Holocaust.

  2. Riffing on multiple updates above: You’re a former newsie, Big D...what sort of chance would a class action lawsuit have (styled The People of the United States v. CNN, Comcast NBC, et al) for actual/compensatory damages, mental suffering, and punitive damages involving gross negligence, misrepresentation, and fraud over coverage of “The Novel?” Seriously, my 85 year old mom-in-law’s health has taken a turn for the worse these last two weeks, and my theory is that it’s all of this overblown, overhyped bullshite from the MSM. Reader opinions also welcomed.

    1. Doctor, Doctor give me the news/ I’ve got a bad case of fearmongering you

    2. "..fearmongering youze." [I'm from Jerzee]

    3. I agree this whole line of Bravo Sierra from the MSM is "project get Trump for incompetence." sponsored by ACME corp.
      the Dems want open borders.How is that supposed to help.Coroavirus is now in N.Mexico. BTW Years ago i had the Victoria type A flu which is -ready for this- a
      Coronavirus. relative.Sick as a dog for
      two weeks,but recovered.This is a bad flu like illness but not the end of the world as disparately the Msm and Dems want it..
      lass action suit would be a good thing..

    4. Rich, everyone now knows you ain't from Joisy.

  3. congrats to don for the American thinker article praising his take on Chris Mathews being sent to the liberal gulag.


  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Re Item 14. Assuming this is legit news, no way I'd stand for this on my property. I would find a way to make it intolerable for these parasites to be there. Maybe have an extremely smoky bbq right next to their tent. Watering the lawn...oooops! Got in your tent?? Maybe dog sit a friend's Rottweiler? And, finally, tell the idiot police officer that if he dares arrest me for exercising my Constitutional rights on my own property, I will sue him personally for every penny he's got as well as press criminal charges for violating my civil rights.

    1. Or, with cooperation from your neighbors, set up that new ultra sound system, find the most irritating music available, and blast it from, say 9 am to 10 pm. until they leave for quieter spaces.

  6. 14- You know you've arrived when you have a spat with Flava flav.
    13- That's L.A. cops throwing up their hands and surrendering.
    I recommend the guy offer to move them to better digs- like Nancy Pelosi's posh estate.

  7. 3: Stratton was on a couple of the History Channel shows about Pearl Harbor, talking at length and movingly about it.

    Doubtless, it was tough for him.

    4: This is what Insty is always advocating.

    6: Look what came in last.

    7: Gropin' Joe is still as Corn Pop as ever, so the Demos will still have to find their Great White Hope to beat Bernie and lose to Trump.

    12: No. Overturned next stop.

    13: No. Secession may be coming to CA if private property isn't secure.

    14: Because they're still alive and will vote overwhelmingly for Donald Trump.

  8. >>> RE#11 Richard Jewel left this World to the front of the line for his angel's wings, and still is surely smiling down on Nick, thanks to Lin Wood...Nick couldn't be in better hands. ZBest

  9. #3 Thank you to all veterans, I had tears in my eyes while reading about Donald Stratton's funeral and the wonderful people who honored him in those states.

    #7 "Maybe Biden is the comeback Cadaver" was funny and true.

    #8 Proof that the old adage is true "A fool and his money are soon parted", but the best part is Steyer redistributed his own money along with the other fools who supported him, this is what the Dem's have wanted all along.

    #11 You go young Sandmann and win those suits, you will soon own the media.

    #13 Next will be forcing the home owners to open their doors to the homeless, just as was bdone in the Soviet Union, it is the Communism way.


  10. Amazing - PDJT is the youngest male left in the presidential race.

    Cadaver Slow Joe and Heart Attack Bread Line Bernie are not the pictures of health - reminiscent of Rodham four years ago. Maybe Fauxcahontas is waiting for mother nature to decide the race in her favor.

  11. Can California just please leave now, and save every non-Californian a lot of trouble?

  12. Don,

    Your photo of the 48-star flag is very old-school!

  13. I found something fun. I searched to see if you have covered it but didn't turn up anything for "Smithfield". A story from November 2019 about China importing a LOT of American Pork, via the Chinese-owned Smithfield company - and paying the tariffs Bejing attached to US pork. So Li's tariffs have backfired on China, and American pork producers are happy. It was a Reuters story, Nov 5, 2019, titled "At Smithfield Foods' slaughterhouse, China brings home U.S. bacon "