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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Highlights of the News (welcome back, hope)

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: The Aviationist reported, "The U.S. Air Force has deployed a C-130J Hercules transport from the 86th Airlift Wing from Ramstein Air Base in Germany to Italy’s Aviano Air Base in the ongoing coronavirus relief mission. The U.S. aircraft arrived on Mar. 20, 2020, and joins other relief aircraft in the region, including a number of Russian Aerospace Forces Il-76 transports that departed Russia earlier today.

"Photos released by the USAF show Airmen from the 721st Aerial Port Squadron loading pallets of medical equipment on board a Lockheed C-130J Super Hercules transport.

"Part of the cargo deployed to Italy in the U.S. relief mission is the En-Route Patient Staging System, or ERPSS. The system can support the medical transport of up to 40 patients in a 24-hour period. It is equipped with 10 patient staging beds for treatment of patients."

It is a 21st century Berlin Airlift.

Some angels have wings, others just wear them.

ITEM 2: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
Fear strikes out.

ITEM 3: The Washington Post guessed that COVID-19 will kill 100 Americans per day.

Pencils down. Books under the desk. Time for a pop quiz.

1. This will increase the daily death toll by
A. 100%
B. 13%
C. 01.3%
2. This is the equivalent daily death toll of
A. The 7 biggest causes of death.
B. Cancer.
C. A little over half the flu deaths.
ITEM 4: Breitbart News reported, "Joe Biden’s new foray into regular video updates about corona virus stumbled out of the gate as the teleprompter malfunctioned and he called the sitting Massachusetts governor by the wrong name.

"Biden was speaking behind a podium when he began verbally stumbling around, as if he wasn’t sure what to say, or was buying time.

"'Beef up the number of responders dealing with the crush — these crush of cases. And, uh, and in addition to that,” he said, looking down at his notes, before he waved his hand upward under the podium to conceal it.

"'And in addition to that we to, um, make sure that we, uh, we are in a position that we are, well, let me go to the second thing. I spoke enough of that,' Biden said, before trying to move on from the blunder.

"Biden called the current Massachusetts governor Charlie Parker, a jazz saxophonist from the 1950s."
He's been Sleepy, Creepy, Sleazy, Gropey, Sloppy, and Slow. But this Seven Dwarf -- Forgetful -- is the worst.

ITEM 5: The Cure is not just a rock band any more.
America's No. 1 priority is saving Florida Man.

This is who we are as a people.

ITEM 6: Banner Health reported, "A man has died and his wife is under critical care after the couple, both in their 60s, ingested chloroquine phosphate, an additive commonly used at aquariums to clean fish tanks. Within thirty minutes of ingestion, the couple experienced immediate effects requiring admittance to a nearby Banner Health hospital."

The Associated Press headlined its rewrite of the story, "Arizona man dies after taking medicine touted by Trump to treat COVID-19."

President Trump told us to eat fish tank cleaner???

ITEM 7: Democrats voted against a COVID-19 relief bill unless they get more than 1,000 pages of their way on unrelated things such as voter ID (they oppose), quotas on corporate boards, and the green new deal.

The president should use executive orders to get around this blackmail.

And if Democrats want to sue, let them.

Vote Pelosi out by voting a straight ticket Republican.

ITEM 8: Poca, West Virginia, never banned them.
Then again, you cannot poop in our streets and there is no needle exchange. Being backward has its advantages, especially when the sophisticates lose touch with reality.

ITEM 9: Clyburn gets a pass on his political opportunism for being a civil rights icon.
Democrats beat him up in Selma in 1965, and now use him as a shield.

ITEM 10: Looking for proof that we have turned the corner and are getting COVID-19 under control.

Look no further.
Democrat gamesmanship will cost them the House in November. They think this works, but they also thought Hillary had it in the bag in 2016.

ITEM 11: Amy L. Howe reported, "Until 1979, every jurisdiction in the United States allowed mentally ill defendants to assert what was traditionally regarded as an insanity defense – that is, to argue that because they did not understand that their actions were wrong, they cannot be held criminally responsible for those actions. Since then, five states, including Kansas, have abolished that defense. Today, by a vote of 6-3, the Supreme Court ruled that a state’s failure to allow a mentally ill defendant to raise such a defense does not violate the Constitution.

"The ruling came in the case of James Kahler, who in November 2009 shot and killed four members of his family: his estranged wife, the couple’s two daughters and his wife’s grandmother. At Kahler’s trial on four counts of first-degree murder, the prosecution’s expert testified that Kahler could have formed the kind of premeditated intent to kill required for a death sentence, while an expert for Kahler countered with testimony that at the time of the shooting Kahler had been so depressed that he could not help himself. But Kahler could not defend himself by arguing that he was insane: In 1995, Kansas had abolished the traditional insanity defense, replacing it with a new law that allows defendants to argue only that they could not have intended to commit the crime because of their mental illness. Kahler was convicted and sentenced to death."

Kagan sided with the 5 constitutionalists. She is the left's Souter.

ITEM 12: People wondered how Red China could build so many hospitals so quickly. Here is how.
Bravo, New York, New York.

Senator Javits would be honored.

ITEM 13: The truth.

The half-truth.

And nothing but the lies.

They had a deal until Nancy blew into town. Thank goodness no one takes the New York Times seriously.

ITEM 14: Imagine no Democrats.

No celebrities, too.

ITEM 15: Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.
I never thought I would quote Emily Dickinson either, but here we are. I trust the thing with feathers isn't a feather duster or a shuttlecock.

ITEM 16: Thank goodness curling is not a summer sport.
More medals for us to win.

ITEM 17: Tom Bragg covered sports.
No sports, no job.

The local newspaper was sold at auction in bankruptcy court Two years ago. The new owners struggle.

But the days of waiting till the paper came out to read the box scores ended long ago.

ITEM 18: Republican Senator Rand Paul had to have part of a lung removed because a Democrat ambushed him, which puts Paul at risk for COVID-19. Paul tested positive for COVID-19

Christine Pelosi is a daughter of Nancy Pelosi.

When you vote Democrat you enable the parents of fascists like Christine Pelosi to have power.

Oh, and Twitter had no problem with the tweet because it was a Democrat encouraging violence against a Republican.

UPDATE: Via comments, Twitter suspended her briefly and she deleted her tweet.

ITEM 19: The best sibling rivalry since the Smothers Brothers.


  1. The media and congressional democrats are doing everything possible to make this panic worse. Despicable people.

    Democrat governors wish they could be as horrible, but they are forced to act with PDJT.

  2. Hey LibCommies: The window is rapidly closing for you to tell lies about who got and/or died from The Novel. Former college basketball stars, Harvey Weinstein, Kenny Rogers, Klobuchar’s husband. Lie your fooking asses off to keep the panic stoked. Your lives are a lie. Garbage people tell lies constantly. You are Garbage People.

  3. “I feel the earth move under my feet
    I feel the sky tumblin down
    I feel my heart start tremblin
    Whenever Trump’s around...”

    New prediction from Prognosticator Otto: 49-1 for Mr. T. Hawaii, like the cheese, stands alone. Vermont gets its cheese split into three portions and Donnie Two Scoops takes the cheese. The son of Mario The Pious is found to have hidden or handed out CQ cheese to the well connected, like all Italian mafia do, and retreats to Biden’s Basement. And Cali, with even woke Ho Lie Wood tools like Brad Pitt chafing under Gavin The Wonder Boy’s lockdown order through the end of 2020, simply capitulates. A fooking rout. A fooking rout.

  4. 8: Don't forget vote harvesting.

    9: No, he don't.

    11: The Short Shortstop was supposed to charm the Conservatives into voting Left. Turns out it's the other way.

    Whoda thunk?

    18: A standard rap of the trolls is only Conservatives are violent, but they have to go back to Charlottesville to find anything.

    We gotcher violence right here.

  5. We are going to find that the governments' over blown response to Corona-19 is going to hurt more people than the virus. It is the little guys that will feel the brunt of this, not the politicians mandating all these heavy handed restrictions. They will continue to get paid and make their corrupt deals while waitstaff, truckers, busdrivers and the many who rely on human interaction for their money starve.

  6. 8. Because some idiot named them "single use" plastic bags, they were banned. We carry groceries home and then use them for trash. Real single use plastic bags are manufactured by Glad and Hefty. Maybe they were the idiots?

    I still believe the pandemic was media inspired. The current estimate on flu fatalities is 50,000 in the US. The current estimate on the chinese virus fatalities is less than 18,000.

  7. I'm so old I remember when Republican Majority Leader / Speaker of the House Newt Gingrinch successfully passed legislation which attempted to empower Democratic President Bill Clinton with a constitutionally-questionable power to "line item veto" ridiculous add-on items in spending bills.

    Can you imagine Speaker Pelosi's reaction to the question of empowering President Trump in a fashion at all similar?

    1. These stupid amendments to the coronavirus bill may cause rethinking a constitutional amendment for a line item veto.

  8. I am old enough to remember when Republican President Ronald Reagan raised the possibility of closing various enterprises like "gay bars" and "bath houses" thought to gather large groups at risk for AIDS / HIV, he was widely criticized for "old fashioned" concepts of public health and quarentine.

  9. New York banned styrofoam last year. And now they have the most cases of covid. Coincidence? I think not! Looking into #StyrofoamShield

  10. I am so old that I remember a time when political activists protested against the government for promoting vaccines. The "anti-Vaxxer" movement argued that the risks of vaccinating EVERYBODY was greater (to the community in general) than the risk that a few people within the community might have to struggle with a disease for a week or so.

    My goodness, how time flies and ideas change.

  11. Re single use bags our Bag lady in Chief- Kate the
    Brown of Portlandia is now considering backing off on the plastic bag ban. Hard fo ther to make decision, I know but someone's gotta do it..

  12. 2 thoughts: Being at Aviano in Italy, the local folk are indeed grateful for this effort. 2nd, love your column and its appearance every day.

    1. My dad was stationed there in the late 1960's. As a boy walking to the school at the base in the morning I was too young to really appreciate the magnificent beauty of the PreAlpi looming in the near distance, especially in spring when there was still streaks of snow on the slopes. I do now.


  13. #4 Could it be that Biden is having minor strokes when he experiences the brain freeze, I watched it happen to my elderly aunt and it was the same thing plus I know she wasn't aware of it happening to her.

    #7 Ahh, the travesty by Democrats inflicted on the American people.

  14. Re Kagan being Souter: some court watchers have pointed out that when the Libs are are the losing side of a 5-4 vote, Kagan (frequently?) votes with the majority so that she can write (or at least influence) the decision so as to cabin it as much as possible.

  15. Christine Pelosi was briefly suspended from Twitter and had to delete the tweet.