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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Don't exempt the press

Gil Duran is the California opinion editor for The Sacramento Bee and the former Press Secretary for California governor Jerry Brown. He wrote a hysteric column, "Will Californians let corona virus kill their grandparents to please Wall Street? Hell no."

Duran wrote, "President Donald Trump is now floating the idea of letting COVID-19 kill more Americans in an effort to boost the stock market. Against the advice of experts like Dr. Tony Fauci, Trump and an extreme group of Wall Street figures are publicly suggesting that we should scale back our efforts to contain COVID-19.

"They believe a spike in the corona virus infection curve is better than a drop in the Dow Jones. This vile proposal – which could result in the deaths of millions of Americans, many of them elderly – should outrage every one of us."

What a phony.

Such a hypocrite.

He is so opposed to business as usual in the face of the pandemic that he is cranking out more propaganda to peddle to the masses and churn out profits for his newspaper's corporate owners, McClatchy.

The very thing he accuses the president of falsely is what this Duran dude is doing. While restaurants, hotels, factories, and movie theaters close across California, it is business as usual at the Sacramento Bee. A worldwide pandemic be damned.

If California really wanted to flatten the curve instead of flattening the economy, McClatchy would be ordered to shutter its virus magnet presses and take a month off.

Small businesses across America have shut down. Why not the Sacramento Bee? What makes it so special?

Instead of informing the public, it runs lies like Duran's column.

Duran wrote, "Had Trump listened to intelligence reports and acted sooner, we would not be in this situation. Instead, he listened to Fox, ignored science and put us in this grim situation. Now, he wants us to sacrifice American lives to cover up his mistake and appease Wall Street."

What a load of garbage.

President Donald John Trump slapped travel restrictions on Red China on January 31.

While Democrats were playing with impeachment, the president was preparing to take on COVID-19.

Far from helping, the national press is openly blocking efforts to restore sanity in a time of crisis. There was the hoax about the president calling it a hoax, there was the lie about him cutting CDC funding, and there was the lie that he recommended people eat fish tank cleaner tio ward off the virus.

Stephen Kruiser wrote today, "As the world has descended into corona virus panic, the scum masquerading as journalists in this country have been working overtime to plumb new depths of irresponsibility.

"Rather than accurately share information with a nervous public during a rapidly-growing pandemic, the American MSM has decided that any lack of veracity in the name of discrediting President Trump is justified."

Comcast and AT&T through their MSNBC and CNN subsidiaries cut the president's last press conference off midway.

We should not exempt them. Newspapers have not been essential since the 1950s. The public largely ignores them. 500 newspapers and magazines endorsed Hillary.

28 endorsed Donald John Trump.

Who became president?

Local TV stations can provide the news faster, more accurately, and without making a person break the quarantine to fetch the paper. The local TV stations don't seem to have a political agenda.

To use Duran's own argument, McClatchy chose profits over people in remaining open. Grandparents may die, but by golly the Sacramento Bee will still publish because without the Bee, who will keep the citizens of California's capital city misinformed?


  1. Keep digging, Gil. Dig faster, Gil. You and Katie Hill will have plenty of stuff to drink over in November, Gil.

  2. My personal "comprehension arc" started with I) Research the coronavirus & influenza virus (please see below), then moved to II) Envision likely Next Steps (please see below). I am now contemplating III) Upcoming tough decisions.

    Yes, we are all in this together - but a 'one size fits all approach' for a problem of this scale & complexity, will do more harm than good.

    It strikes me that Geographic and Demographic factors need to be a bigger part of the planning.

    Perfect world, executives at the local, state and federal level are in sync.

    And if they are not in sync, then the reality that decisions have consequences needs to become part of the planning too.

    I. Research

    The key things that I learned are:

    1.The 2003 SARS-CoV epidemic was not a big event for the USA (8 cases, 0 deaths).

    2.Outside of the USA, SARS-CoV had a high fatality rate (9+%).

    3.We (USA) have very little collective experience with SARS on a large scale – unlike the Influenza (flu) virus.

    II. Envision
    Something like this seems likely:

    Step 1: Let the Medical/ Science team dominate the planning – and be the “face” of the response (absolutely, positively has to lead with a medical response first – and that is not politics).

    Step 2: Learn from what is happening, avoid the ‘paralysis of analysis’, cut red tape, sell a vision (Trump strengths).

    Step 3: Leverage new knowledge & public understanding of the risk – and growing appetite for inclusion of economic needs – to give the Economic team a more visible, complementary role (Trump & team uber-strength).

    I’ll add, there is no way Trump can predict how this SARS event will play out – but that doesn’t mean he can’t plan for success on both a Medical and Economic front. That is why he is talking about ’15 Days’ –trying to plant the seed that this will come to an end.

    Once Trump senses we are ready to move from ‘Fear the Risk’, to ‘Understand the Risk’ – he is going to impress us all over again.

    • Facts without History = Fear the Risk
    • Facts with History = Understand the Risk

  3. McClatchy needs the money - recall they entered bankruptcy process the day after the Sandman suit was granted discovery.

    1. Nancy Pelosi's Corona-ulus bill had $ to bail out McClatchy pension plans.

  4. If the Bee is so worried about old people, why haven't they said anything about Garcetti ordering that anybody who violates his illegal lockdown will have their power and water turned off.

  5. I for one am glad the media is reporting this way. They are speeding up their demise. The only ones who believe them are the ones who will never change their minds anyways.

  6. I bet the MSM is hoping the economy will tank so they can, from the post of the virus being contained, blame Trump for the economy. They are terrified he will do both.I worry about lo information viewers who limit their knowledge base to this garbage

  7. Such a fragile little cult, so afraid of scrutiny.

    Remember, the fish tank cleaner will keep you healthy. Dear leader said so.

    1. What a desperate, pathetic, out-of-arguments sore loser you are.

    2. Sorry Nonny, you are a victim of fake news. Despite the fact that some media misquoted PDJT as saying fish tank cleaner will keep you healthy, an investigation reveals that he said no such thiing.

      The fish tank poison that killed the husband and sent the wife to ICU isn't the drug that President Trump mentioned. The drug and the combination of drugs that have saved lives, that are entering widespread use in New York City today and have shown real potential in other places is a combination of HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN. This combination of drugs has been used for years all over the world to treat other diseases (notably malaria) and is universally regarded as not life-threatening. For such uses, chloroquine has been long approved by the US FDA which has also long approved Azithromycin for pneumonia and has recognized that doctors can use the combination for the CCP flu as an "off- label' drug.

      The killing compound is chloroquine phosphate – which is something completely different. As you said it is a fish tank cleaner. It is sold in packages with warning labels.

      The error seems to have originated in Axios and has been reprinted in other places. If your news source didn't report this story correctly, you should wonder why. I have some idea of how difficult journalism is in normal times and the difficulties are worse now. Even so, no news organization can afford to make mistakes like this. Nothing kills their credibility faster.

    3. "Everyone has a purpose in life, if only to serve as a bad example to others." Certainly describes nonny here.
      If you're going to use veterinary medicines for human consumption, use the dosing tables for hogs. Physiology is similar enough. Did the Darwin Award candidates even consider concentration and dosing?

    4. "Who needs Tide pods..."

      You and your leftist cult does.

      I am so disappointed that the idiot that took the stuff that stated it was NOT for human consumption, wasn't the stupid hypocritical dishonest troll. Sounds like something it would do.

      STFU and go away you idiot.


    5. And here's some more news for Nonny:

      An interviewer asked Dr. Anthony Fauci the following:

      "If you're a doctor listening to me right now and a patient with coronavirus feels like they want to try [hydroxychloroquine] and you're their doctor, you're not Anthony Fauci the guy running the coronavirus task force, would you say 'alright, we'll give it a whirl'?"

      "Yeah, of course, particularly if people have no other option," Fauci said. "These drugs are approved drugs for other reasons. They're anti-malaria drugs, and they're drugs against certain autoimmune diseases like lupus. Physicians throughout the country can prescribe that in an off-label way. Which means they can write it for something it was not approved for."

      In other words, when asked, "Would you, as a doctor, prescribe this for your patient?" Fauci said "yes."

      Do you see this reported anywhere? And why not?
      March 24 edition 50:40 ff

    6. Only Cult 44 Democrats eat caca and enjoy it.

  8. "and ordered New York Times & Washington Post to stop printing newspapers and start manufacturing toilet paper."

    Isn't that what they're already putting out???

  9. The Sacramento bee is a dying publication that will be gone in a few years anyway. They had their lunch money taken away when Craiglist took over classified ads for free. They might as well be making buggy whips. The only way they can get attention is by posting unhinged garbage like this Op-ed. As little as 15 years ago they would never dream of posting something this unhinged.

    1. The Bee's best reporter was Mark Twain. It's been downhill ever since.

  10. The MSM is a sad but vicious group who diabolically try to undermine our Country, I wonder who pays them for this?


  11. "The local TV stations don't seem to have a political agenda"

    Sorry, respectfully disagree. They parrot the words of the major news networks, sometimes just using the same videos etc. they are nothing more than syndicate puppets. I stopped listening years ago when it became apparent they did not do anything different than the majors.

  12. As a snowbird from MI who spends non-winter in Chattanooga and Phoenix, I do like the local TV fro local news (weather, traffic, crime, events and such), but ignore their parroting the party line about the rest of it.